#10 So You Want To Be Wise? Pt.2

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Timothy: Let’s continue to talk about how to become wise. You won’t like it but you love it if you pick up your cross and follow Jesus.
Intro: Welcome to the Consider Podcast where we turn our minds to consider wisdom, madness and folly. Join the host Timothy and Jacob on a quest to have God enlighten the mind according to verse 25 of Ecclesiastes chapter 7. So, I turned my mind to understand. To investigate and to search out wisdom and the scheme of things and to understand the stupidity of wickedness and the madness of folly. Ecclesiastes 7:25. The Consider Podcast examining today’s events and Paulorrow’s realities at www.consider.info.

Timothy: Before we get into how God makes us wise, let’s stop and do a what I call a CDM moment or common discussion moment. Let’s look at Ezekiel chapter 22 verse 26. We’re going to look at a lot of different issues as time goes on after we’ve kind of laid a good foundation here on the Consider Podcast. So, we’ll be talking about justice, injustice, entertainment, events, individuals, things that are kind of publicly out there. But everybody needs to understand that there is a vast difference between when we’re looking at pure sound doctrine in God’s truth and when we’re applying that particular doctrine or scripture to current events. One is extremely holy. The other is common even though in the Lord common things are powerful and holy.

For instance, if we were looking at injustice or some legal aspect. There’s always that aspect when you might learn something new or some things come in. Not always. Sometimes Lord is very clear on his pronouncements, his truth, and what he’s saying about those events. But Jacob and I, we talk about a lot of different topics. I mean, a wide range of topics from folly all the way to serious things going on. The Lord has taught us that there’s a difference between the common things we’re talking about and the holy things that we’re talking about.
Today, the pastors and the churches, there’s no difference. It doesn’t matter what you wear or how you do your hair. It’s all just on the same level and they do violence, literal violence to the word of God. They have to torque it out. They have to twist it. They have to ignore parts. We’ll go into this more later. But Jacob, why don’t you go ahead and read Ezekiel chapter 22 verse 26, and this is our common moment scripture.

Jacob: “Her priests do violence to my law and profane my holy things; they do not distinguish between the holy and the common; they teach that there is no difference between the unclean and the clean; and they shut their eyes to the keeping of my Sabbath, so that I am profaned among them.”

Timothy: On the Consider Podcast we will teach there is a vast difference between common things that we do in our life and the most holy things of God, right? Now let’s look at New York post article and it’s an individual by the name of Scott James who was executed, because he killed a couple of elderly individuals. And we’re going to look at his last words and again this is a common thing, because I don’t have all the depth, I don’t have God giving me any type of like real this is judgement. You got to stand on it. There are plenty of those. This is an examination of this before the Lord to kind of continue to hear from God. Okay, what is the truth and what’s going on? But I want to point out particular thing. Jacob, why don’t you read the first two paragraphs there?

Jacob: Scott James Eizember, a 62-year-old man who murdered an elderly couple 19 years ago was executed by lethal injection in Oklahoma on Thursday. I’m at peace, Eizeember, said with an intravenous line in his arm according to the Associated Press, my conscience is clear completely; I love my children.”

Timothy: What I want us to notice there that everybody thinks their conscience is clear, and you look at the emphasis upon the family that no matter what they do or I love my family. Goodness, Hitler loved his family. People all the time can say I love my family. “And his conscience is anything but clear.” So, he’s going to his death with a delusion that his conscience is completely clear. There’s no humility, there’s no brokenness, there’s no repentance of saying I’m sorry I kill those people. There’s nothing that shows he has Godly sorrow. In fact, he’s just living a delusion and going to his death. So, all of this quote unquote focusing in on the family clearly has come from a wrong angle has not come from the message of the cross.

So, just because, Paul will even say, “Just because my conscience is clear that doesn’t make me innocent.” And certainly saying, why I love my children. Jesus said, “You know how to give good gifts to your children.” But he says, “Though you are evil, you know how to give good gifts.” This is not how you get a conscience. This is not how we’re supposed to die and certainly he has not shown anything that we’re remotely suggest that there is any type of sound doctrine or holiness or forgiveness there.

Now this is again we would normally spend a little more time on this, but I’m kind of introducing again the common discussion moment, so the people understand there’s a difference between the two things that we’re talking about even though we might blend those in in our conversation. You need to learn to discern. Well, that’s a common point versus a holy moment point. Jacob, do you have anything you wanted to add to that?

Jacob: Oh, I was just going to, when we talk about things that are very common or worldly or news stories like this, I think the whole goal though is still what is the heart of Jesus. And you’ve already pretty much said it but then I’ll even think of it in regards to my own life, right? And so, whenever we’re talking about common things, we’re trying to seek out whether we’re talking about this man, how would the Lord judge this man or what scriptures apply. And then the whole goal though is to still look at oneself and say, okay where do I need to change, where do I need to repent, where do I need to grow? And that’s the whole goal of the comment is to actually still sort of like it carry or hopefully it would carry over.

Timothy: Exactly. We should walk away going well what delusions do I believe rather than look at this guy with discuss. Because a lot of people would say, oh he’s not forgiven in fact that’s where they want to go. But we don’t ever back up and go, Lord, what lies do I live? What things do I believe that justify me? There’s not that as we’ve talked about in our last part one of this show. Offering our bodies as a living sacrifice so that our minds can be transformed so that he can clean up our conscience so he can clean up our thinking. So, he can open our eyes so that we can see and our ears so we can hear.

Let’s continue to talk about how God makes us wise. And so, we’ve seen so far that it’s merely through rebukes, and we’re going to look at exactly what Jesus did with the disciples and a few scriptures that talk about rebukes within the church. But I want to offer a great word of caution here. Unless you are well grounded in the message of the cross, unless you really understand what it means to hate your own life, to hate your own opinion and following Jesus Christ. I’ve seen this rebuking aspect destroy a lot of situations. In fact, I’ve seen it destroy whole churches, not churches I was a part of but they start putting this into action. They start rebuking one another because they want to strive for holiness or righteous. This is a few years ago.

I don’t know of anybody that actually does much of this anymore. But the end result is they just wind up destroying everybody because since men don’t hate their own judgments, they can’t have the judgments of God or they don’t hate their own opinion. Then they’re just rebuking with their opinion, and then you get all of this interaction going on and this frustration happening within a church and great destruction can happen. We see this in people that we call self-righteous. They go around rebuking people or telling them they’re going to hell or whatever it is and it’s just coming from their own opinions and their own thoughts. They don’t know anything about the message of the cross. They haven’t experienced it and so the destruction is great.

So, I’m going to remind people of John 12:25. “The man who loves his life will lose it.” If you love your opinions, if you love your judgments, if you love your condemnations or your flattery, you will lose your life. While the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. When I get up, well, every day or even before I get up. The goal is to hate my opinions, hate my Bible study. Hate all of those things that are my thoughts so that I’m able then to love other people as Jesus loved other people with purity and with righteousness. The beauty of this of course is Jacob hates his own life and we won’t look at it today but he also hates me and I hate him. We push out with great zeal any favoritism or any thoughts of our own opinions or we stumble in it and we have to wrestle it out and there’s an iron sharpening iron.

But we start at that position and we do what John 12:26 says, “Whoever serves me must follow me.” As we follow Jesus into truth. As we follow Jesus into wisdom. As we follow Jesus into love then I’m able to serve Jacob or to serve anybody. And I’m not telling you everybody’s going to appreciate you serving them in this way. They crucified Jesus for his life of serving other people. But don’t try to live anything we’re looking at today or in the last show unless you’ve got this down or at least starting. I don’t mean you have to be perfect in living it. You have to be fully surrendered to the concept to the doctrine, to the idea. You have to be laying yourself before God because a lot of mistakes are going to be made. I’ve made tons of mistakes. Well, in fact many times I thought I made a mistake but it wasn’t a mistake then other times I thought I was correct but I did make a mistake and so it’s a whole wrestling process.

John 12:26, “Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me.” So, there’s a blessing of the Holy Spirit. There’s a blessing of understanding the word of God. God will honor people that come to him to get straight to the cross so that the rebukes are life giving rebukes as we looked at last time. It goes on to say in John 12:27, and the reason I’m going one verse down is because remember in verse 26 we just read, “My Father will honor the one who serves me.” Okay where’s Jesus leading? Where’s Jesus going to lead myself or Jacob or people that I fellowship with. He’s going to lead us. God is going to lead us to a place where our hearts will be troubled.

The reason most people want a smiling jack. Jesus, is they don’t want to go through the turmoil of having a heart that is troubled. Because it’s the cross Jesus is going to lead us to and people want to be comfortable. They want to sit in the pews. That’s why the workers are so few. “Now my heart is troubled. What shall I say?” Jesus says, ‘Father, save me from this hour.’ You know save me from this church. I’ve been called a cult leader. I’m literally the worst cult leader in the world. But that said, save me from all of these things. No, that is why I came. This is the very reason, the very hour, and the very purpose for which I came. And that’s the only way that we can glorify God.
In John 12:28 Jesus says, “Father, glorify your name!” So yes, getting wisdom involves a lot of rebukes. A lot of struggles. Much suffering.

Wrestling through a lot of things. Learning to distinguish between the common elements of life and the holy things of life. There’s a lot that goes on that will take your life completely and you will lose it. My final warning again before we go into this is, do not try to live a life of rebuke unless you’ve got John 12:25-28. Solidly put in your heart by the power of the Holy Spirit and have begun to walk and to follow Jesus in this because as a double-edged sword, he’s going to come for you first. Jacob, is there anything you want to kind of add to, because even as the church that we were a part of it’s normal to make a lot of mistakes and normal to be a lot of sin.

There’s a lot of opinion that get gets mixed in. Everybody’s in a huge learning curve. That’s why humility is so required. It’s when people become stubborn in their sin and they don’t want to give up an opinion or a thought or something they think is right or wrong. It really doesn’t matter and they begin to rebuke everybody else or they’re the self-righteous people or the self-righteous moments when they don’t see those things and as leaders, you have to step in and go, okay, stop. You’re destroying other people. I don’t know. I guess I’m just kind of throwing it back at you to kind of confirm and say, yeah, that’s a reality.

Jacob: Yeah absolutely. I think that, I mean you before anybody can accept a rebuke like you’re talking about. You have to accept these scriptures; they have to be planted in your heart. And then of course you have to, because these very scriptures are would be demolishing the pride in people’s lives. Because the number one reason people won’t accept rebuke or accept an instruction is because there’s some sort of pride. They’re still holding onto their life. Their flesh. Like you’ve their somebody’s opinion and until that has dealt with then you won’t be able to accept anybody else’s rebuke. And then I think a lot of people too want to puff themselves up spiritually, so then you start rebuking other people but again it’s their own opinions, it’s their thoughts, it’s their ways. It’s not the Lord’s way of doing, it’s not the Holy Spirit that’s moving to to purify somebody and that happens all the time.

Timothy: Even under best case scenarios everything you said into that by the way. We’re in a learning curve. In our pride, we want to get John 12:25 and go, okay, now I’m ready to go live it. That’s not how it works. Jesus sent the disciples out and they’re stumbling and they’re falling all over each other. They’re arguing with each other. The way that we learn these things is by following Jesus. So, Jesus will come to you as a young Christian go say, yeah, go to that person and rebuke them or bring a rebuke. And by the way, there’s all kinds of different levels of rebuke. When you go to them, you might find out that you’re completely wrong or 99% wrong, but 1% right.
The part of the struggle is learning to grow up as a church in these things and that just takes time. That’s why you have to have a life of humility that comes from the Holy Spirit, because there is a lot of wrestling interaction heat. There’s also, and this is all deep love. Don’t get the idea this is a bunch of people running around with a legalistic kind of. This is not righteousness by prosecution or prosecutor coming in and saying, oh, you didn’t keep this particular aspect of the law. This is love coming at each other, but it is a very dynamic and difficult thing as all things are in Jesus. And if you keep having faith and moving forward, the maturity eventually will come. I’m certainly not at the same level I was 30, 40 years ago. Anything you want to add to that, Jacob?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Okay. Well, let’s move on to Mark chapter 7 starting in verse 26. Scripture says we’re supposed to walk as Jesus walked. I think I’ll keep hammering that down. Which means then as I’m not a pastor anymore. I’m retired. Deuteronomy says that Pastor’s supposed to retired 50. So, we all have this idea of what we think preachers should be. The example that they should set. So, let me ask you a question. When’s the last time you hired a pastor, have a pastor that turned to some older woman who was sick and feeble in need and called her a dog? I can remember so many things that God would work and do that doesn’t look loving on the service of things. And so, I’d get challenged from well whatever 5, 10, 15 different viewpoints or whatever. And they want you to more love. But let’s look at the love of Jesus Christ. And would you hire a preacher to do this? Would you have them be a part of your church? Would you want to hang around that?

Mark chapter 7 verse 26, Jesus is showing us how to live. “The woman was a Greek born in Syrian Phoenicia.” I can’t pronounce this stuff that well. “She begged Jesus to drive the demon out of her daughter.” So, a woman comes to you. She’s begging you to cast out a demon or begging you to meet a need, and you to her and you say, “First let the children eat all they want,” he told her, “For it is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs.” I’ve gotten in a lot of trouble for the clarity with which I speak the truth or the things that I need to say to people to bring them to righteousness. So, you can imagine that if you’re surrender enough the Holy Spirit to say whatever the Holy Spirit wants you to say. You have to be dead enough to hear from the Holy Spirit to speak, and you turn to someone. A woman like this, suppose she was in the hospital. She said, help me, give me help. And I go, no, I’m not helping a dog. Would you call me a Godly man? Would you say, oh there’s a holy man? Of course, not.

But Jesus is saying, what is best for that woman and that’s the whole nature. Love is not self-seeking. Most people will talk about love because they’re getting something from the deal. Flattery, attention, whatever. Jesus Christ don’t like that. He will tell you and do and say whatever is best for you to hear, which means he’s trying to purify sin, he’s trying to all the way to your heart. He’s trying to divide bone from marrow so he’s going to say some things that are just going to cut. You come to Jesus Christ in your prayer. When’s the last time Jesus in your prayer closets called you a dog? You see we’re not open to that kind of Jesus. And if you can, by the way, I’m got this is just a side track. But if you can’t handle my rebukes. If you can’t handle the considered podcast, you’re not going to be able to handle the real Jesus in your life.

So don’t even come to me and saying oh well I have Jesus in my life and I’m saved and it’s all this smiling jack Jesus stuff and you’ve never had Jesus call you a dog. You’ve never had him rebuke you in a way that just shattered you and drove you to rise up in faith. See, a lot of people just don’t rise up in faith. So, she doesn’t get all defensive. The need drives her beyond herself and this is what Jesus after. He’s trying to get a faith out of her that is not self-centered. And so, she pushes forward. She admits she’s a dog. She admits she’s less. She admits she’s less than nothing. This isn’t just zero. She doesn’t come back and go, hey, guess what? I’m just like everybody else for all human beings and you’re supposed to be loving. She doesn’t get, there is no defense whatsoever and you’re telling me that’s what you walk in. You’re telling me that’s the humility.

Show me a congregation that gets close to this. If I were to stand at the pulpit and call everybody out there a dog, let’s press on. “Yes, Lord.” she replied. And she has more than just a, yes Lord. You just got to love her it’s more than, yes Lord, a lot of people okay, I’ve read the scripture I know it and you’re doing an intellectual kind of thing yeah if I sinned. Yeah, I probably do sin so you say, yes Lord, because you got no choice. You want something from Jesus or you want to get out of a situational rebuke, so you agree. Yeah, I sinned but it’s insincere. She’s not insincere. She not only does she say, “Yes Lord”, but she moves beyond what he said. She acknowledges that she’s a dog. “But even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs.”

Wanna be blessed in Jesus Christ? Wanna become wise? Wanna be filled full of knowledge. You want his heart? You want those promises of God that have to do with wisdom? Then be prepared to be called a dog. And not just by Jesus but by anybody Jesus sins or circumstances. He might even send Balam’s donkey to rebuke you. Those who surrender to like this will be blessed. Her daughter was healed and she had an encounter with Jesus Christ as written in Holy Scripture. It’s a lovely story. Any comments Jacob?

Jacob: I just think that Jesus is always concerned with the eternal, people’s souls. And so, like you’re saying in love he’s going to say and do the things that will get people to repent. But how much nowadays people are not, I mean even Christians, right? People call themselves Christians are not concerned with the eternal. They’re just concerned with here and now. Which is the worldly mindset. And so, then you know what I mean?

Timothy: Yeah. Oh, they’ve been lied to for one thing if you’re saved.

Jacob: Sure.

Timothy: If it’s a done deal then I don’t need any rebuke because it’s a selfish attitude like well let’s just say even that we’re true. It’s still a selfish attitude.

Mid Point

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Because it’s like, well, I’m getting in so I’m just going to ignore the rebukes. I don’t care. As long as…

Jacob: I don’t get in. And then of course I don’t care about other people around me. I don’t care about my children. I don’t care about all these other people because whoop-de-doo I’m in.

Timothy: Yeah, you bring up a good point. Can you imagine, there’s a people that might observe or rebuke or something that they hear or a sermon or whatever and the person there is responding but how many other people are listening to all this and they’re going to go away and grumble about this Jesus. And they can say, oh this church isn’t loving and it’s a cult and it’s all these bad and terrible things and then it gets exaggerated and then guess what? You’re getting crucified before you know it.

Jacob: And we’re also speaking to the I guess yeah, the lie, right? That Jesus is all inclusive and acceptance of everyone and he own came to love and yet he’s calling people dogs. He drives out money changers. The love that he’s concerned with is that your soul doesn’t burn in hell. That’s, even logically though like what would you rather have? You want to have your sin on earth and you’re going to burn in hell or have your flesh dealt with and you then get to go to heaven. But that’s, I feel like that’s even watering it down but I don’t know.

Timothy: Clearly most people in the world want their lying smiling jack Jesus.

Jacob: You’re happy, they’re content, Or they’re ignorant or all of them.

Timothy: You can murder a couple old people and have the ivy going into you and you’re going to die with a smile on your face.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: So yes. Let’s go to Luke chapter 9 verse 41. And now we’re just going to kind of look at several different ways Jesus responded. He says, first imagine we’re to follow Jesus. Everybody with Christian at least oh yeah supposed to follow Jesus. Okay. Alright, then tell me when you’ve heard Jesus say this to you or Jesus had you say it or you’ve had to repent because he told you this. Look at what he says. “O unbelieving and perverse generation.” When’s the last time Jesus turned to you and you heard the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus say to you, you are an unbelieving, perverse individual. Jesus replied, “how long shall I stay with you?” I felt deep conviction, deep rebukes, and that sentence there that terrifies the wrong word because I’m just using human language very poorly. “How long shall I stay with you?” Meaning, I want Jesus Christ above everything. You can’t cut me any quicker to my soul and my spirit for Jesus to turn to me and say, Tim, how long do I got to stay with you. And how long do I have to put up with you?

As he leads us into things that we just don’t have the faith for. We want the smiling Jack Jesus. We go into situation we just don’t have the faith and we wanted Jesus as, oh it’s okay. You’re fine. Everything’s hunky dory. I love you blessed you know be you’re in me. He goes, “You’re an unbelieving perverse generation. How long shall I stay with you? And how long shall I what? Put up with you.” Think about this, disciples are hearing this people following are hearing this this is not how you build a church. Can you imagine if I was doing a resume and on the resume I’d put, what are your qualifications? Oh, that I’m willing to call people a dog, that I’m willing to turn to people that come to visit and say, oh how long do I have to stay with you? Do I have to hang around in this house? You’re just a perverse individual and kind of walk out of the room? Yeah, I don’t see any offers coming in.

In Luke chapter 24 verse 25 again Jesus said to them, “How foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken!” so really, you’ve been in your quiet time, you got your Bible open, you’re reading through scripture and going, yeah, wow and you’re having a little struggle believing in and I know what you’re feeling. Jesus patting you on the back and he’s encouraging you, and all the brothers and sisters around you going, oh, it’s okay you in faith. We all stumble. We all have problems. Oh really? And how long is that going to go on? Forever. We come to Jesus. You’re in your Bible study. You’re in life. He’s putting situations before you. You don’t believe a certain thing or an event that he’s doing or situations around you and he’s going to turn to you. He’s going to say, “How foolish you are? If you responded to my rebuke, I would have poured out my heart.” We don’t respond. We don’t want Jesus to say it to us. We don’t want other people to say, we won’t even say it to ourself. We won’t even ink on paper say it to us. How foolish you are.

There are, well I couldn’t list the number of times I’m shaking my head. How foolish, how foolish I am, how slow of heart I am, how long it’s taken me. I’d love to be able to start all over again with what I’ve gained so far. I just couldn’t change fast enough. I couldn’t surrender quick enough. I was slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken. Old Testament, New Testament, everything that has been spoken, how slow we are. There are people that have spent decades in churches for whom this will be a new message. How’s that possible? They read the same Bible I do. They probably even maybe pray more than I do and this is just kind of the first time they’re hearing about the nature of rebukes or the sufferings of the cross are bringing. How’s that possible? We’re just slow of heart. There’s just simply no excuse. You don’t need me. You should be able to just open up scripture. Surrender before God and do these things.
But fortunately for you God has arranged it so that an individual can tell you to test your pride and your arrogance. You can say one of two things. Yes, I’m slow. Yes, I’m foolish or I don’t want to follow a man. Okay, well fine. Then go into the mirror. Look in the mirror and go and look at yourself and say I don’t want to follow man. Stop following yourself and you’ll move along maybe perhaps in Jesus Christ. Anything else Jay Jacob?

Jacob: Just feel free to jump in. I saw this short clip online recently and it was a pastor and he was saying, I don’t remember. I’m not like quoting right, but he full on it was one of these of course we should like be acceptive of everybody, and hey, if you drink this week or did some things. Pretty much like, hey you’re, what do you call it? He wasn’t saying, you’re okay. He wasn’t saying those things, but at least you’re here at church that was the whole point. Like you had a rough week and things happen and he listed things like drinking or partying. But at least you came here today, and that we should be sort of accepted or like it’s going to different people are at different speeds. But when’s the last time yeah, any pastor turned to these people and like wow you people are slow.

Timothy: Or how about I’m sure four or five people in the congregation stood up and rebuked the pastor for being so foolish and slow apart, right?

Jacob: No. Well, and this was like a little interview clip or whatever. It wasn’t from the pulpit.

Timothy: Oh, I understand.

Jacob: But obviously yeah.

Jacob: Well, this pastor still has his job. It was a big church. I don’t even know the church. But it’s a big church. Yeah. So how many of the talk to him afterwards. And be like excuse me.

Timothy: Yup. Yeah. You wouldn’t, well I know from experience. You don’t last very long.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: In Mark chapter 3 verse 5, we’ll read this again. Again, imagine yourself, you’re following, you shouldn’t have to imagine. But imagine you’re following yourself, you’re with Jesus and a situation arises and so Jesus, look at what he says. This is a Jesus, you’re following. “He looked around at them in anger.” If I’m a Godly man, if I’m filled with Holy Spirit, if I’m dying and dead to self, both those things are happening, the Holy Spirit’s going to work. Hello, anger. And not just anger but deeply distressed. Now you can see why my reputation is trash because so many times the people that you rebuke don’t repent, and so then they go out and go, oh, he’s angry and he just calls me names and all these things. That’s not, now Jacob you can confirm this. I don’t normally walk around in anger and deeply distressed.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: So, it’s what’s needed for the other person. They’re just some people that God always works in anger toward them or always a distress because that’s who they are. And so, when they say, well, he’s always angry or he’s always distressed when I’m there. Well, that’s a true statement but what they won’t say is, well, that’s because my heart is hard and because I will not repent. It’s always somehow my fault.

Jacob: I don’t know if you go into it later, but there’s where Paul talks about, right? Like, which would you rather become at you at with like a rod or I think maybe some version say a whip or in love. And I think because there’s plenty and that’s where Jesus did both. And just like you’re saying. Like what is that individual need? And yeah.

Timothy: Amen. “He looked around at them in anger.” He’s looking. You can see it in his eyes. And he’s looking at everybody. I know I have a, if you get angry normally in your You may not mean your flesh but the Holy Spirit’s even working. You’re not looking around to people because you don’t want them to kind of see it. But Jesus is like, he’s in the light. Those eyes are flashing and he’s distressed. There’s a rich love here. He can’t believe how stubborn and slow they are. He’s telling them the truth about who he is, but he’s not doing this with the blue-eyed Jesus walking around doing, you need repent or bring the child to me and I’ll do it. None of that. He says, “He was deeply distressed at their stubborn hearts.”

You can just take that doctrine that says, only God knows my heart and let’s expand that a bit, because that’s true. But you need to contemplate and think that God reveals your heart to his servants. We’ll get into that much later on. So, Jesus said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” He stretched it out, and his hand was completely restored.” Jesus will always work the good but sometimes that good comes with anger, distressed, and it always comes with declaring the truth. Let’s go to Mark chapter 8 verse 12. Jesus is a man of a lot of emotions. There’s a lot of days I just kind of collapse in bed because there’s a whole range of emotions that the spirit of Jesus is working and the body just wears out.

It says in Mark chapter 8 verse 12, “Jesus sighed deeply.” I’m laughing. Somebody comes into your office and their need and it’s a stupid need. As far as I can see it’s a stupid need, meaning that you should be past this. You should have matured whatever and so there’s just, okay. Or people can be with problems especially in the church and by certain point. They should have been mature enough to handle it but they’re not. They’re still stubborn, slow of heart. So, they bring a problem. Okay, fine. Bring it to me and I’ll deal with this. So, there’s this sighing quality like look, grow up. Get on with it and stop your whining. He sighed deeply and said, “Why does this generation ask for miraculous sign? I tell you the truth, no sign will be given to it.”

It’s the emotion we’re looking at here. If you want to be made wise, you better be listening to when Jesus sighs. When you go into prayer and you go, Lord, I want this or how about this or give me a sign on your will. Be sensitive enough to the Holy Spirit and dead enough to what you have to have that you can sense Jesus sighing deeply. There are many times when I’m slow at stuff or I’m praying for stuff. Even Romans says, we don’t know how to pray. So, it’s a real struggle process. Some things I get right on target because I’ve matured. Other things I don’t. And you can just sense, it’s not this giant size rebuke and it’s not threats of hell and it’s not all this brimstone, it’s not anger and deeply distressed. But he sighs deeply and I know when he sighs deeply, I miss the mark.

I don’t like that, but I love it. There’s a real security. There is a peace that comes that if I go in before the Lord, he’s going to tell the truth. That there are many times I just praise God, because he’s a God worthy of worship and I can go in and he’s fully protecting me. He is sign tells me everything. He doesn’t have to say another word. I got, okay, got it. Got it. I’m not being defensive like I got it. I got it. I’m saying, you’re right. I need to repent and I go further and further into the humility of Jesus. He sighed deeply and said, you want a heart that’s sensitive enough that Jesus doesn’t have to finish the sentence. You just you, you fellowship enough with Jesus Christ. You fellowship enough with the Holy Spirit. Exactly why he’s sighing. And so, you just give up the fight and press on with what his will is. Anything else on that Jacob?

Jacob: No, and then of course he cites deeply and then he didn’t give him what they wanted. How many, that’s the other Christian thing is literally it’s being taught in churches that you should just get whatever you want. And then that I know I always talk about I since I have kids, right? I sort of constantly have this analytical of how to raise children. So again, if we’re God’s children, he doesn’t give us what we want. And that’s probably true the bulk of the time, all the time, really.

Timothy: Well, yeah. Technically, we don’t get anything we want.

Jacob: Technically, we don’t get.

Timothy: it has to all come from the new nature.

Jacob: Yeah. But yeah, he sighed deeply and then he’s like, well, too bad, you don’t get it. And actually, I love it only because I don’t know if you’re going to do it. Mark 8:13. So, he says, yeah, you’re not going to get it and then, he doesn’t explain anything. He just leaves. Then, he left them, got back into the boat and crossed to the other side. He’s just like, no and leaves.

Timothy: I’m glad you brought that up. I wasn’t going to go there because there’s so many scriptures, but there’s a whole lot, that’s our relation. There’s many times God just goes, “I’m out of here Tim.”

Jacob: Exactly. He’s just like, you know what?

Timothy: You’re on your own today.

Jacob: Yeah. You’re just going to have to figure this out. Nope. And get some humility, right? Let go of your flesh. Let go of whatever you were wanting to do, right? Because they wanted a sign. This is ooh, and they’re like, well no, you’re not going to get it. So, get over it.

Timothy: Amen. I can relate. Could you go and pray? Okay, Lord should do this and do that and some things he gives signs on. It just depends on what his mood is and I’m putting that in quote. What is the perfect will kind of thing but there as I’m mature, it’s like why are you asking me that because that’s like baby talk way back when? You should know what you need to do or you just kind of need to trust me. There’s still the wrestling process out but I like the fact you brought up verse 13, because what it shows is Jesus leaves their presence.

Jacob: Yeah. And I mean he crossed to the other side. I mean he’s like I don’t know not days away, but it’s not like you can just like go over to his house down the road. He’s gone.

Timothy: And while we’re sulking because we didn’t get what we want and trying to figure it out. He’s over off somewhere else.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: While we’re meditating on. That’s why scripture says, “Don’t grieve the Holy Spirit”. It’s very easy to grieve the Holy Spirit. So, if you say oh this is difficult. Yeah, it’s difficult. It’s called a narrow gate and a narrow road for a reason. So yeah, expect Jesus decide deeply and just leave you to yourself and when you get an attitude change and an attitude shift, he’ll be back. He’s a good father.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: He very is.

Jacob: Which is, and then that’s how it’s like, well, that’s how many lessons unfortunately the generations continue to get worse and worse because we don’t raise our children like this. Like you were saying earlier, like if you can’t, like if you can’t handle a rebuke from some a person a human, then never going to be able to handle a rebuke from God. And that’s how many now years and years and years have we not even on, I mean for Christians we obviously should be raising our children according to the Bible. But even just basic morals just basic discipline basic telling children, no does not happen. And I think that’s and so what a disservice now it’s no shock that nobody wants to follow Jesus, because they weren’t raised that way at all.

Timothy: No, and they think any type of sighing or shaming would be another way to put it. I think what the current words are, everybody considers that the greatest almost a criminal act.

Jacob: Everything, yeah.

Timothy: If I were to sigh, then, I could be sued for sighing.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: We’re supposed to be positive and reaffirming. Yeah. Satan is pulling a good number and judgement begins with the house of God and everybody’s looking and all the world’s coming to an end. Well, yeah, that’s true but he’s starting with the church and you can why. They don’t even want to sign Jesus. Do you really think in the kids cartoons, there’s a sign Jesus. I haven’t seen one yet and everybody is like these vegetarian Christians. They’re weak and they’re anemic and they’re not strong. They’re not even on milk, they’re just still on vegetables and so this is new introduction. Let alone for it to really happen and I could get maybe some people to agree with this. I don’t know. Years ago, you could but then if you actually do it. That’s a whole different other ball game.

So, if you’re thinking about being a pastor, I encourage you not to do it. If you’re encouraging to be a preacher, don’t go do it because expect to live a life alone with few workers. It’s just not a friendly environment. Everybody wants movies about people who’ve suffered or books about people that suffered but the doctrine shallow and it happened 30 years ago and it’s just kind of a worthless thing. There’s no purification going on today. We’re wasting our time in our Bible studies. We’re wasting our time with our Christian movies. We’re just flat out wasting our time and Jesus’s side so many times. He’s quit sighing and he’s completely somewhere else and they don’t know where he’s at anymore.

We’re going to have to continue this in the next podcast. We’re going to continue to talk how to become wise. If you want to become wise, then accept the anger of Jesus, except being called dogs, except being told that you’re being foolish, except the Jesus that will sigh deeply at you, and you might consider accepting a few things that are being said in the podcast so that Jesus Christ can get to you.

Outro: This has been the Consider Podcast at www.consider.info where yesterday’s folly is today’s madness. In the beginning, the unrepentant sinners words are folly. At the end, they are wicked madness. Ecclesiastes 10:13. Judgement begins with the house of God. Therefore, let everyone who loves the Lord with an undying love pick up their cross and walk the talk. As Peter the wrote. “Therefore, prepare your minds for action. Be self-controlled”. First Peter 1:13-14. The Considered Podcast, examining today’s events and Paulorrow’s realities. www.consider.info.


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