#19 Renounce and Righteousness this is Godly Repentance

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Timothy: We continue to talk about repentance there’s two aspects to repentance renounce and righteousness that’s God’s meaning of repent. Welcome to the Consider Podcast.

Video: There is no such thing as repentance without risk. Repentance without risk is idolatry. The individual who attempts to repent without risk is striving to create a Jesus they will like. Jesus then becomes an idol in their “Christianity”. Like the defendant in a criminal case, they declare themselves “not-guilty” when they are, in fact, guilty of crimes. They do this in the hope that they will be found not-guilty. It is on at sentencing they tell the truth to the world. That they are sorry for their sins and crimes. Such sorrow is seldom accepted by the world, but never by a Holy God.

At some point on the Consider Podcast, we will be discussing the idolatry of Saul. But for those who would like to do their spiritual homework ahead of time, the full event can be found at first Samuel 15:10-to-26. Note well that Saul did finally beg for forgiveness. But it was too late. His heart had become hardened to the impurity of self-love.
First Samuel15:26. “For rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, he has rejected you as king. Self with its pride, arrogance, excuses, whitewash and impurity must be put to death. Be given the blessing of repentance, the sinner, you, must throw aside all pretense and risk stepping into the light with repentance. Crucifixion with Christ means that you are naked, exposed, helpless and utterly seen by the world in heaven. Thoughts of self-preservation and dignity (pride) must be hated, rejected and renounced.”

Acts 3:26. “When God raised up his servant, he sent him first to you to bless you by turning each of you from your wicked ways.” Want to honestly be blessed and refreshed by the peace of God, then repent with Godly sorrow. Sick and tired of the easy breezy “Christian” clamor about forgiveness, then repent with risk? Worn out attempting to keep the “peace” in your heart that is always fleeing, then honestly repent before God and man. Desire to have your sins wiped away. To be forgiven of the mistakes sins and crimes committed, then repent.”
Acts 3:19-20. “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, and that he may send the Christ, who has been appointed for you- even Jesus. Those who come to the Lord any other way will be rejected by his salvation and forfeit their priesthood in Jesus."

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Timothy: And before we get into what we’re going to look at today, it’s time to put Jacob on the spot. Jacob, how many sermons have you listened to that I’ve preached?

Jacob: A lot. I couldn’t quite put a number on it but years’ worth. So, couple hundred?

Timothy: Couple hundred? Let’s see you’ve videotaped many sermons, right?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: And you’ve audio taped even more, right?

Jacob: Yes. Or have been involved in.

Timothy: Yep, editing all kinds of things. You’ve done books, tracks, all kinds of stuff right? You were kind of like moved all the way around. I’d have to say you probably don’t even remember but you probably listen to at least a couple or lot more that.

Jacob: At least yeah.

Timothy: So, should I be insulted? You ask me yesterday, I think it was the day before you go, yeah, dad, have you ever done any sermons on Judas? So, what I want to do here is emphasize something and really praise God. Because you’ve listened to lots of sermons. You’ve read books, tracks, lots of discussions, prayer meetings. Let me go down the list. But I’m watching God open you up to his scripture where he’s speaking to you, and making it real and alive. And when he does that, there is no contest between hearing my sermons and God actually making them alive. So, I’m just kind of emphasizing that again and so anyway I’ve preached at least three sermons.

Jacob: Oh yeah, I know. Yeah.

Timothy: So that was kind of my point. It’s like yeah, had you never preached on you never did that and it never, oh yeah, I’ve tons of sermons. The difference is it’s not me talking now. It’s God actually convicting you about Judas or coming in and digging. I know I kind of put you on the spot so you’re being conservative in your answers.

Jacob: Oh yeah. Well but I know what you mean that I only the Holy Spirit can really make things alive. And then well yeah, the joke of like oh have you ever preached on this? And usually, I’ve asked that on more than one occasion and usually the answer is usually it’s yes or it certainly has been covered but yeah, I don’t necessarily remember it and then yeah.

Timothy: Well, first Corinthians, go to first Corinthians 12 verse 3 and then we’ll kind of move on from that. But I’m actually rejoicing and praising God because that’s the whole goal. Certainly, we all know the major slander that I’m a cult leader. I’m trying to get everybody to follow me when it really, it’s 100% the other way. Trying to get people to go before God and you’re experiencing God is done the discipling and the breaking and the shepherding and brought you to place where you’re finally listening to him begin to speak to you. So rightly, so I rejoice your, what you’re really saying is dad your sermons are worthless I don’t remember any of those. And you need to do that again, you need to speak on those again because you’ve never talked about it. That’s actually a very good thing, and I rejoice fully in that.

In first Corinthians 12:3, it says, “Therefore I tell you that no one who is speaking by the spirit of God says, “Jesus be cursed.”” And we kind of know that, right? But here’s the flip side, “And no can say Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit.” On the surface of things that that doesn’t look true. You can get old churches to say Jesus is Lord. You get a lot of people to say Jesus Lord. Supposedly, Elon Musk of course was cornered and said Jesus was Lord. So, you can do those outward things. What Paul is saying is nobody can say it with life or meaning or in truth except by the Holy Spirit.

You can become a religious Christian. You can hear if not thousands of sermons, but it is until God begins to speak to you by way of the crucified life that it really takes on depth and meaning and you can feel him digging in your heart and going through your spirit and plowing up unplowed ground and going for the darkness that might be there or it’s just time to grow up and mature. So, no one can really say Jesus Lord except by the power of the Holy Spirit. Now I guess you had a few things and we haven’t discussed them at a time. So, Jacob’s been with that in mind he’s been coming at me going, well, you haven’t really covered the specifics about John the Baptist. Yeah, you haven’t really dug down on that. Okay. Go for it, Jacob. What do you got?

Jacob: Well, so it’s hard to stay on track whenever you like a good meal. Well, you can be a glutton at the table and eat too much, right? But like a good meal you want more. So, when we talk about things on the podcast or in private and then it brings up other Scriptures and then so it’s actually hard to stay on track. Even with what I was, when you were like, okay well, hey bring some stuff. So, we haven’t discussed some of the nitty-gritties. There’s only one place in the Gospels. It’s in Luke out of the 4 Gospels that gets into some of the nitty-gritty of John the Baptist. Some of the specifics. And the reason why we haven’t fully I think like kind of super covered it or we kind of had but a couple podcasts back, there was the example of a pastor and the kid comes to the pastor and he’s literally saying like, do I have to give up my marijuana to be a Christian? And the pastor never tells him yes and so, how backwards and opposite that is. Because right here in Luke, when we go to John the Baptist, he gives people specifics to give up or to stop doing. That’s where I just feel like we haven’t sort of really covered some of the nitty-gritty before we kind of move on.

Timothy: Okay, what scripture you at?

Jacob: Okay, so Luke chapter 3 verse 10. Because after John goes over some stuff then the people say in Luke chapter 3 verse 10. “What should we do then,” the crowd asked. I’ll just kind of read through a few verses. Is that okay?

Timothy: Sure, oh yeah, absolutely go for it.

Jacob: “John answered, “The man with two tunics should share with him who has none, and the one who has food should do the same.” Tax collectors also came to be baptized. “Teacher”, they asked, “what should we do?” “Don’t collect any more than you are required to,” he told them. Then some soldiers asked him, “What should we do?” He replied, “Don’t extort money and don’t accuse people falsely– be content with your pay.”” So, these are three groups of people. There’s sort of the generic who doesn’t specify. We have the tax collectors and then we have soldiers. And so, I kind of want to just go over these few verses to get down to some of the nitty-gritty. And because it’s a total false lie to not turn to this kid from the story and be like, yes, you will give up your marijuana and a whole bunch more.

You just mentioned the whole like follow a man. Like there are things in the Christian life that you will do that you will give up. There will be specifics and in order to level the past all that kind of stuff that we talked about last week, there are going to be nitty-gritties in each individual’s life that they will have to give up.

Timothy: What’s also interesting is and I’m cutting you off just a little bit at the moment is it was the kid coming to the pastor with the specifics.

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: In here, you see they’re generic like now they’re so convicted. They’re probably seeing all kinds of things. Well, then what should we do? It’s really coming from a hopeless standpoint of like yeah, we’re undone. It was the same words actually in Acts 2:38 where they go, “What must we do to be saved.” It’s the same thing.

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: What should we do then? And the sad part about it is and this has happened many times as I shared the gospel. Somebody will come to me and so do I have to give up this. And God will have me totally ignore that issue and really go to a central thing that’s deeper in their heart. They don’t want to give up. So, the kid was bargaining. He probably knew yeah; I need to give a pot. It’s not good for me. He’s at least convicted there. But if the pastor had been listening by the power of the Holy Spirit, he probably would have come in on something that’s even more Directly cutting. And so, the kid was never offered live. So, I don’t want to interrupt you too much. Keep going. So, what you got?

Jacob: Well, so but this is where it so you brought up the scripture in Acts. Day of Pentecost, it says that the people were cut to the heart and they turned and asked what shall we do? And well we’ll just go there real quick. We’ll read it, huh?

Timothy: Sure.

Jacob: Acts 2:37.

Timothy: It’s interesting. Too in in Acts they’re cut to the heart versus John the Baptist even though it comes with a tremendous amount of changes and things. It’s not a cutting to the heart. The Holy Spirit comes in and does that.

Jacob: Correct, and that’s where well I guess one thing it’s going to be a question but it’s sort of something from my life. So, in John the Baptist the Holy Spirit the counselor had not been sent. There was still not the Holy Spirit. In Acts, the Holy Spirit had been sent. Jesus had risen. So, there is that Holy Spirit that can just cut to the heart because in Acts Peter doesn’t say, oh well, you guys need to go home and level pass and he didn’t actually really do the John the Baptist’s stuff. He went straight to repent and be baptized.

Timothy: Well, the reason he didn’t do the John the Baptist because John the Baptist would have still been fresh in these people’s minds.

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: What’s Interesting is if Jesus’ ministry was 3, 3 & ½ years whatever they say. So, let’s put John the Baptist at 3 to 4. The events of John the Baptist’s head being cut off. His rebuking Herod all those things would have been fresh on their minds. Plus, they’d have heard Jesus’s ministries that had been talk about his sermons. So, it wasn’t like they just jumped in and that that’s part of the problem the church today. There’s not enough John the Baptist in the Church or enough of that message going out. So, we kind of go we think the salvation calls the first conviction and it’s really just John the Baptist. Somebody just shows up to church and they go, yeah, I need to clean up my life. That’s just an outward that’s just the level of church it’s not the holy spirit yet.

So, we don’t prepare people for God to get to them. So, the church really for its most part. Think about it in your own life, the preaching, the sermons, the rebukes, the love, the encouragement, all those things were poured out to you were really a preparation for this moment for God to begin to work by the Holy Spirit to tell you, this is what you must do. And the church just doesn’t do that. They’re too eager for numbers or they want to be accepted.

Jacob: Yes. So, I feel like those sometimes like in my life you still almost kind of like go back to some John the Baptist basics. Some like leveling of Hills’s and mountains and paths being made straight. That’s what I feel like is kind of happening to me like as your eyes are opened up to scriptures, it’s like, oh, there’s like still stuff that needs to be worked on.

Timothy: Well, that’s still true even in my own life.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: It may even not be the huge hills and the deep valleys. It’s certainly not that. God’s changed me so much. They’re a lot lesser but they’re just as serious. That’s what people don’t realize. They tend to look at their life and go, well, that doesn’t look too bad. But once you the Holy Spirit working, the least little infraction, if you look at a woman lustfully you’ve committed adultery. That actually becomes very real and the battle becomes more intense as you mature and as you grow up, because he was given much is demanded. So, God doesn’t let me get by praising. He doesn’t let me get by with nearly what I got by with a lot earlier. In fact, he just keeps coming at me, and at this point I’ve learned to rejoice in. So, that’s always going to be there.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Paul will say in Corinthians he goes to the Corinthian church, “We’ll be ready to punish every act of disobedience once your obedience is complete.” Think of your own children as they grow up that you don’t immediately start a young child and go, well, you need to use the potty. No, they use a diaper. They’re trained in that. But then if you’ve got a 10-year-old that’s wearing diapers you you’re going to rebuke at. It’s the same concept. We’re going to be growing up in Jesus Christ and so the demands get greater and you better not slip back. That’s part of the problem. So, but your whole daily life is one of pulling down mountains and filling in valleys and making rough ways smooth. Each year is different. I’m older in age. So, the paths that are rough are different now that have to be smoothed out when I was 20. So, that’ll Never cease. It’ll just grow in power if you humble yourself before God.

Timothy: And that’s exactly kind of what John the Baptist in Luke 3:8. He’s talking to the Pharisees at the time. But he says, “Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.” So, isn’t that kind of what you’re talking about? Like we always are going to be repenting and there should be this fruit that then should start to come out of it. Whereas the Pharisees were just dead because it was just law and rule on rule. But if we move into the crucified life by the Holy Spirit, there’s that continuing repentance but then there should also be fruit, right?

Jacob: Correct. When we started, the botPaul line was that repentance, the true meaning of repentance is to renounce and righteousness. You can go out and search the web. I got tired of hearing it in sermons. Repentance is 180-degree turn. I mean, it’s like that’s not even saying anything. It’s more than that. It’s renouncing sin and pursuing righteousness at best and I’m talking about best. You might get some renouncing of sin for one thing you got to kind of put up a good show, but there’s a difference between renouncing and pursuing righteousness and that never stops. I haven’t stopped pursuing righteousness. If I do that, remember the sermons? Stand still and you’re dead?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: It’s that kind of thing. If you’re not running and no runner says, okay, I’ve trained enough. I’m never going to train again but I’m going to run a marathon. You keep up the training. You keep going on and on and facing new challenges. Look at Proverbs chapter 28 verse 13, and we can come back to more if you have that. It’s not a problem but it’s along with what you’re saying. In Proverbs 28:13, it’s very clear. “He who conceals his sin, does not prosper.” With all the talk about prospering in the church, it’s a wrong kind of prosper because it’s always focused in on seems material wealth or getting ahead or getting answered prayer. But people don’t grow in Jesus Christ, because what? They don’t confess their sins and renounce them. “He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.”

So, what’s the difference? It’s like what we talked about in the pro-life movement. A woman can confess between her friends and the church and the whole bit that she murdered several children by having an abortion. That’s a confession. Renouncing is a public thing. Where you’re renouncing in front of everybody. It’s kind of like Paul. He could confess in privately. Yeah, Lord I had letters to go get Christians and torture them and try to get them to blasphemy. That’s a confession unto God and you can share with men. But a renunciation of those things, that’s speaking very clearly. That’s out in public. Everybody knows what is it that you renounce that you’re no longer doing.

Mid Point

And so, the reason people so many times do not prosper in overcoming sin is because well, they barely confess but they certainly don’t renounce them and so they don’t get the power from God to change. We really think that God’s a fool that we can somehow look at the scripture and go I don’t have to do this. Yes, you do. If you want to overcome, if you want to prosper, you do. There’s no other way. That’s where the power is. That’s where the blessed life is. That’s where the refreshing is. Same thing John the Baptist is saying, “Begin to produce good fruit.” So, confessing sin is one, renouncing is another. So, it’s renounce and pursue righteousness and that is the correct. That’s God meaning of repentance anyway.

Jacob: Yeah, and that’s exactly, I mean that’s I just wanted to I don’t know, just like make sure it was like crystal clear I guess as we’ve gone through. This is that exactly what you’re talking about like there’s multiple steps there’s multiple ways and that John the Baptist, even John the Baptist is not just this onetime thing as we move forward in the message of the cross. There’s going to be this constant repentance. There’s going to be specific things, and I just wanted to Make sure we hadn’t specifically touched or even mentioned those verses in Luke and that’s all really. I just wanted to make sure that we were, there’s going to be those nitty-gritty things.

Timothy: Well, I’m glad you did. One reason we don’t go into a lot of highly specifics is because this is a podcast.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: And there’s just too many pigs out there.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: They’re going to trample on it or they’re only going to pop in on a podcast. Catch 20 minutes and go what’s he talking about? He’s crazy. He’s a cult leader. He’s brainwashing. They’re just going to go flying and Jesus is not a soundbite religion. One of the things and I’m glad you brought it up actually is you’ll notice in everything John the Baptist does, there’s small things. It’s like a domino. People have these huge things like I don’t want to be an alcoholic. Okay, well that’s a big thing. But with God it always, he who’s faithful with little be faithful much. He was dishonest with little will be dishonest with much. And this is the hard part. I can especially remember this as young Christian. Man, the conviction you’re trying to you’re giving up these big things and you’re trying to and you’re wrestling them all out and then then the conviction comes and goes, yeah, but deal with the little stuff and that will be taken care of.
So, you consider, you got two tunings. How much smaller and specific can you get? Well, go share one. So, you don’t even hear that in the church. When’s the last time just for practice, let’s say, the pastor stood up and go, everybody right now that has more than one shirt, go give them away. I’ve never seen it happen.

Jacob: No. And I guess that’s the other reason why I was so itching to like, yeah, talk about some like little things because it’s not taught in churches today. I know in Sound Doctrine Church how many times the whole goal was to model after the first church which was having all things in common. So, John the Baptist it’s like the first step, right? Like oh hey, he’s having to tell people share your clothes and share your food because even then, well I guess back then they weren’t doing it and people certainly don’t do it today.

Timothy: Well, so back then, I mean there’s a cutthroat Roman occupation giving away another tunic would have been a massive sacrifice. Most people I’m guessing would have just had a couple, but you can see how it also applies to everybody. Nobody can say, well, we all have more than one. And you go down to just consider the soldiers which really were the police at the time. Don’t accuse people falsely. Can you imagine the ramifications that if every policeman in the United States did not falsely accused on any level. Didn’t alter the facts a little bit. Didn’t change a little thing. I mean just simply went into court or on a report just stated the absolute facts not going any further one way or another. What would be the ramifications of every policeman doing that?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: There’d be shock waves.

Jacob: Shockwaves.

Timothy: Prosecutors wouldn’t like it. Judges wouldn’t like it. I know in the state of Texas you like this. I actually review now some prosecutor association I got into dialogue with him because everybody thinks Texas is this free nation or free state, but it’s not. They have under books as many states do that policemen don’t have to tell the truth. It’s up to the defense to draw out the information. I’m going, that’s insane. If a policeman is making an accusation and you’re going into court, shouldn’t have to be required by law. I mean it just should be something that duh, that’s what you do, That the report should have all the information, every ounce of things nothing left out, nothing added, no exaggeration, no one policeman supporting another policeman don’t falsely accuse.

So instead, no the great Supreme Court of Texas said that, nope it’s up to the defense who of course doesn’t have the money, doesn’t have the power and how do you know what questions to ask if you don’t the information to ask the question. Are you just supposed to go, are you lying, are you leaving something out? And so, I don’t know what $500 an hour, I’m supposed to babysit that policeman up there and say, you’re supposed to tell the truth. You can tell I’m getting worked up on this stuff.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: So, Luke 3:14, “The soldiers asked him which were the police, “And what should we do.” “Don’t extort money.”” Well, what do you think happens when the defense has to come in and spend all that time and all that money to only get par facts only to find out later you were lied to. I mean that’s extorting money or the lovely one is you’re traveling along the road and you get pulled over and the dog sniffs and they take your money out of the car and somehow you just never get it back but you’re not charged with the crime. Nothing has changed. And yet everybody seems to want to support the police instead of calling the police to repentance.

Jacob: Yeah. When was the last time that any preacher ever went over this verse and be like, okay, you’re in the crowd. How many policemen are there? You know there’s plenty of policemen in churches, right? And they raise their hands. “Don’t extort money and don’t accuse a people falsely.” Yeah. When’s that ever been done? No wonder they killed John the Baptist.

Timothy: Oh totally. And just tell the policeman, you have to tell the complete truth. You don’t exaggerate. You don’t try to please your buddies. You just flat out tell the truth and there’s not badgering, trapping people. You have to be a mini lawyer to be pulled over these days and that doesn’t even work anymore because the Supreme Court, I think most people begin to realize are stripping you of all rights whatsoever. Let me give you a current example of this kind of whitewashed. Remember that link that I gave you? Let’s go into a quick look at that.

Jacob: Okay.

Timothy: This concerns the Nashville shooting where the girl who wanted to become a boy went in and she killed a bunch of and shot them. So, there’s this article and it says, “Franklin Graham”, which is Billy Graham Association, “Issues a powerful statement”. So, this this is going to be powerful that we’re going to look at. This is what the title says. “Franklin Graham issues a powerful statement after Christian School Massacre.” Okay, so what’s so powerful about what he’s going to say. “The evil certainly wasn’t in the weapon but it was in the heart.” What? So, you read on down through there and this is what Graham said. “We’re surrounded by evil in this world”.

What, that’s powerful? What this shows is just how weak the church is that. We’re not even close to John the Baptist, what? This is quote, “We’re surrounded by evil in this world.” Oh, that’s powerful let me read on. “And that’s what we saw walk into that Nashville Elementary School yesterday evil,” Graham wrote. That’s not powerful, that’s just obvious. There’s no how did this poor girl get into a position where she got so confused about her sexuality and began to hate Christians and then walked in with a gun.

Let’s get into some of the offense of the cross of what needs to change. Then of course Grant goes on to say and I know where this is going. “I want to praise the law enforcement officers. And first responders who rushed to the covenant school at 10:13 Monday morning not knowing what they would encounter.” Okay, so we’re praising the police because they showed up and killed this girl. He goes, “I want to applaud their bravery and I thank God for each one of them”, he stated. I need to take a breath because I want to go are you nuts? Go to James chapter 2. Any comments so far on that while we go to James?

Jacob: No, other than yeah, a stark contrast from even a John the Baptist message. You could say John the Baptist’s comments were powerful but not this.

Timothy: No.

Jacob: That’s like a lame porter. That’s like, he sounds everybody’s going to say oh yeah that was an evil thing that happened that day.

Timothy: It was pathetic. All it really is an attempt to look good to the world because you want to be on the side of the police.

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: And I don’t know some type of mushy like yeah God’s in charge. It doesn’t answer anybody’s questions. It doesn’t deal with the D part of what is going on here. These aren’t answers. In fact, it goes on just to say at the end yeah, we got to trust God and he’s going to come back and make everything clear. It’s like that does not deal with the pain and the suffering and the root cause of the sin and what’s going on. It reminds of James chapter 2 verse 6. Where James says, “But you’ve insulted the poor. Is it not the rich that who are exploiting you? Are they not the ones who are dragging you into court?” Who is dragging us into court? It’s the police. It’s the prosecutors. It’s those that are rich in power. And we’re sitting here trying to please them. They need to be called to repentance.

Let’s see. Did any of these police officers show up to homes where the government agencies are coming in to strip away the or the authority of the family? Or any of the police showing up to protect the social services that comes in, and so confuses a child on sexuality and where they’re at, and so destroy men in their home and the responsibility that would have kept a home in peace? Yes, it’s the police that do that. They are the source of that with these police would not protect an abortion clinic. What are you doing saying that the police are somehow on our side? They need to repent just as they did in John the Baptist Day. Now, so why does he do that? Any comments before we press on Jacob?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Okay, let’s go to Galatians 6:12 and let’s see why we have this compromise. Galatians 6:12 says, “Those who want to make a good impression outwardly are trying to compel you to be circumcised.” All he’s really saying is that they’re trying to do something outward to look good and that’s what we’ve got going on here. It looks noble to go. There’s evil in the world and well, obviously, it impresses some people because that was the headline in the article and then, of course, the police feel, oh yeah, all pride. Oh yeah, we did all the things. And it’s the police that are serving the prosecutors that are stealing our rights to even preach the gospel. “Those who want to make a good impression outwardly are trying to compel you to be circumcised.” The only reason”, and here’s the answer to why this is going on. “The only reason they do this is to avoid being persecuted for the cross of Christ.”
If you come in with the spirit of John the Baptist is the Holy Spirit leads. If you come in preaching the full gospel message, what’s going to be the result? The police aren’t going to like you. The prosecutors aren’t like you. The judges aren’t going to like you. The public school isn’t going to like you. Those that are trying to change the gender of children aren’t going to like you. You’re going to have a lot of people that don’t Like you but God will be pleased because you’re calling every man and every woman to repentance. But the reason they don’t do that of course is because they don’t want to what?

Jacob: Be persecuted.

Timothy: Be persecuted.

Jacob: And persecuted for the cross of Christ. Because yeah, a lot of people will, there’s some people that will say, oh this gender stuff is bad or this is bad or whatever. And then people may not like them, but it’s not for the cross of Christ. It’s not the message of repentance. You know what I mean? It’s just like people’s opinions or their agenda or the Conservative Movement.

Timothy: That is correct. That’s part of the problem. It’s easy now and this is part of Satan’s deception is he’s attacking anything that even has the Christian label on it. So, you can walk around going on being persecuted, but it’s not persecution because of the full gospel message or the offense of the cross or because you’re even living. It’s because Satan’s just stamping out anything that has the word Christian on it. Has nothing to do with really the righteousness in Christ. So, Satan doesn’t mind. If you think all righteous and ready to go and preaching the full gospel. He doesn’t mind sending some trouble your way, because you’re living a lie and a delusion.
Let’s go to Acts chapter 26 verse 20. And we’ve talked about this before so I’m only just going to kind of mention it in passing as we move forward. Acts 26:20, Paul says, “First to those in Damascus, then to those in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and to the Gentiles also, I preach that they should repent and turn to God.” You’ll notice again there’s the renunciation and there’s a repentance. There’s always this kind of this twofold aspect to repentance. “I preach that they should repent and turn to God.” So, you’re repenting of your sins than pursuing righteousness. And it’s not just enough to go there and then he says, “And prove their repentance by their deeds.”
You need to offer proof. One reason King County prosecutors think they’re Christians. A lot of them do and think they’re on this holy calling is they never deal in evidence. That’s very clear from the really the corruption they have placed within the Police Department and the things that they did to us and all things is evidence clearly didn’t have anything to do with it. And so, I can see why it’s easy for them to think that they’re Christians because they don’t try to prove anything. It’s ironic that we as Christians who are on the narrow road following Jesus Christ require evidence. And those that are not no evidence whatsoever. It’s just they believe these things. They feel these things and so it must be true. But Paul says, “They must turn to God and then prove their repentance their deeds.”
Anyone who comes to me and says, I’m a Christian. I follow Jesus. Well, there’s always you know what? Prove it. I’m not just going to accept it because you say so. It’s interesting when the hate crime had kicked in and began to really take off steam. I had a lot of people they didn’t even know why they were there. Reminding me in Acts, the mob was there, but most of them didn’t even know why they were there. So, I got calls and I got messages and blah blah blah. And so, I got one out of Canada. And they were, I don’t know what they were doing. I think they were trying to lure me into some conversation.
Well, yeah, that’s what they were doing and so they said, oh yeah, you you’re really doing a great job and everything and I’m hating my own life and hating my father, my mother, my wife, and children. I’m really following Jesus on the narrow road. And so, I wrote back and said, okay, sounds good. Tell me how you’ve been doing that. And I never got a response back. So, if it’s all just a bunch of words and just a bunch of talk then you can get a bunch of people agreeing with you or arguing with you but the minute you stand up and go you know what? Prove it. Dynamics change mightily. Usually, they come after you to persecute you. Anything else as we move on to first John 5,1 Jacob?

Jacob: Nothing other than Acts 26:20’s echoes John the Baptist repentance which is at the time of course the Holy Spirit hadn’t come but the people had to come to John. They had to listen to him preach. They then were baptized and then he was give giving them specific things deeds to do. And so, in the same verse you’re repenting. You’re turning to God and then there’s going to be those specific things those deeds that you’re going to do to prove that you have been repenting.

And John the Baptist is just the start and even among most some of these people I don’t know how many. But it says in John 666, “Most turn back and no longer followed.” So, even if you warn people even as you sit down and declare the full gospel and the cost that’s associated with it still a lot of them are just going to turn around and no longer follow because it becomes very very real. This is not like you just get saved and then you’re getting in we’re saved to become disciples. And as you follow Jesus, you’re getting ever closer to the cross. I don’t expect things to get easier as I move toward going home to heaven. I expect them to get tougher. I have more strength but yeah, he’s not going to let up. He’s not going to go, Tim, you done a great job. So, just cruise on in. Even John who died on the island of Patmos and got the revelation from God for the Book of Revelation was on the Idle of Patmos. He was isolated. Nobody was around him. No church. Drudgery all day long I’m sure on that island.

We’re probably going to need to stop at this point because first John 1:5 deserves a little more attention than we can give at the moment. So, let let’s go ahead and head on out.
Outro: This has been the Consider Podcast at www.consider.info where yesterday’s folly is today’s madness. In the beginning, the unrepentant sinners words are folly. At the end, they are wicked madness. Ecclesiastes 10:13. Judgement begins with the house of God. Therefore, let everyone who loves the Lord with an undying love pick up their cross and walk the talk. As Peter the wrote. “Therefore, prepare your minds for action. Be self-controlled”. First Peter 1:13-14. The Considered Podcast, examining today’s events and Paulorrow’s realities. www.consider.info.


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