#30 Cult Asserted Truths

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Timothy: There’s a new dangerous cult out there, a lot bigger than the cult that supposedly. I have. Welcome to the Consider Podcast.

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Video: At this point, we’ve pretty much all seen the video of the city biking. It’s truly amazing to me how fast the narrative changes. It’s truly amazing to me how fast the narrative changes. I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again, White women are one of the most dangerous groups in the United States and abroad. At this point, we’ve pretty much all seen the video of the city bike incident between the black guy and the white woman. The black guy claimed that he bought the bike, the white woman claimed that she bought the bike. It was a tug of war match. But notice how white people were laying and wait for some little nugget of information that was going to absolve this white woman of taking accountability for the harm that she put these boys in. Whiteness is a cult and they will always come to the defense of their cult members.

This evidence that people are now getting on here to push to say that this white woman is innocent actually doesn’t prove anything at all. But it does prove the lengths that some of y’all will go to protect white women. It’s wild to me how people still see black people as one of the most violent groups. When actually the most violent among us has the inability to hold their community members accountable for the ways in which they harm other people. Know who you are. It’s truly amazing to me how fast the narrative changes.

Timothy: Before we discuss the fact that “whiteness is a cult”, statement by this woman, let’s stop and pray for her. Jacob, let’s go ahead and pray. Father, we do pray for this woman. We know what it is father to be so filled with ourselves and bitterness and hatred that we’re not able to rationally understand the truth or see the truth and in our sin, father. We’re all full of strife against one another, and we pray father that she might be filled with your love. A love that produces the truth, sees things clearly and can overcome all evil with good. We pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

Jacob: Amen.

Timothy: When I first started preaching obviously, I don’t want to repeat the book “Eu De Cult.” So, this is just going to be a hodgepodge of kind of times and together. You essentially had Jim Jones who most people I think recognized the name. Does that true Jacob or do I need to expound on that a little bit?

Jacob: Most people recognize the name Jim Jones. I don’t know if everybody does. Probably our audience would know him.

Timothy: Correct. Yeah. He took a group of people down to South America somewhere and they would routinely drink Kool-Aid and then eventually he put poison the Kool-Aid and there was kind of a math death. So, there was a hysteria that happened because of that. And Satan certainly got a lot of mileage out of that event even though it’s so minuscule compared to really what takes place out there. What we’re talking about here really is the fact that now things have increased and it appears that everybody’s in a cult, everybody is divided up. The hatred scale is really escalating. And in many ways, the world has learned from the church. I’ve been labeled a cult and a cult leader, ever since I started.

I mean when I just was just a bay behind the pulpit kind of thing. Jim Jones had just happened; the group didn’t like what I was preaching. I think I mentioned in the book that I talked about the fact they needed to love their Baptist neighbors, and that just didn’t go well and then one thing escalates to another. Made the mistake obviously of serving Kool-Aid at some point, so everybody, you know the hysteria kicks in. And what I’ve seen is that time and time again once this circular motion begins to happen and the hysteria hits in, then everything is seen in a completely totally negative light. No matter what it is. You can innocently serve Kool-Aid, but all of a sudden that makes you part of a cult.

Now we’ve seen words like “cult” like coming on the scene, radicalization, extremist. Everybody is being labeled these vicious attack words. And the reason they do that of course is one is of course laziness. To call some or something a cult or a cult leader, you don’t have to discuss anything. There’s this kind of emotional baggage or emphasis that comes on the word and people tend to shut down and then everything’s looked that way and that’s why people a lot of people who’ve left or a lot of people who just oppose me over the years. Call it a cult because they don’t want anybody talking to me. Because the other facts might actually be presented. We’ll get into that here in a little bit today, but I hope everybody kind of realizes here everybody’s going to be put into a group here eventually.

You’ve got Democrats calling Republicans extremists. You’ve got minority groups calling all white people. All white people a cult. Now the ramifications of that are huge. If anybody knows anything about South Africa and all of the things that have gone on there to try and correct the backed history of prejudices knows that everything’s falls apart very quickly because what happens is the hatred among the people that have been oppressed is just transferred to the people they’ve overcome. So, you’ve got the exact same situation.

My point here today is to state that once the word cult enters in or extremist or radicalization or the new one that’s really detestable is cult like. Meaning you’re not actually saying they’re a cult, but it’s possibly a cult. So, it’s evil suspicions maximized. And this poor woman once you get involved in this box. Once you’re in this dark hole, everything looks the same. I mean I think of down south before the Civil War if you view minority groups or the slave as ignorant dumb and stupid, then everything is interpreted as ignorant dumb and stupid. It is this hatred that Jesus died for. He wants to put his in us and then you’re able to overcome whatever injustices have come against you. Whatever prejudice, whatever hatred is going on, because we ourselves were just as prejudice, just as self-righteous, just as blind in his mercy he forgave us. And that’s the hope that everyone who’s been pulled in by their sin their refusal to repent and their hard hearts would repent and then God is able to put their love his love in them. So, that flows out to other people. Anything on that Jacob so far?

Jacob: No, I think whenever the word “cult” if you look at like Miriam’s Webster dictionary, I just wanted to touch on how and you’ve kind of talked about it though. But also like the word “cult” has been so watered down. Everybody can agree that we shouldn’t all drink poisonous Kool-Aid. Everybody knows that. Okay yeah, you’re not going to go commit suicide. Nobody’s suggesting that. But like the word “cult”, one of the second on number two on Miriam’s Webster dictionary. It says, “Great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work.” And then it has parenthesis (such as a film or book).

So, I just it’s we’ve talked about before a little bit how like Jesus was called a sect, a cult, the first Christians where you talk about that in your book. And then how nowadays, like it used to be if because that’s exactly what in some ways right, a Christian is. A great devotion to a person idea object or movement. Well, yeah if you’re 100% for Jesus and then obviously we’re going to look at other scripture leaders then it’s not a shock that someone would call you a cult and accuse you and then you’d be like, oh okay, that’s almost a good thing. You’re doing something right.

Timothy: Well, it is a good thing and I know the definition’s gone through changes, but it used to say an exaggerated devotion to. I think that’s what you read actually to a person or I have an exaggerated devotion to Jesus Christ. I love God and strive to love God with all my heart, all my mind, all my soul, and all my body. So, if you want to go for that word “cult”, well, then I, on that level, I have to plead guilty. But as far as being a cult leader or establishing of cult, we’ve often joked in the past that if it were even remotely true, I’m the world’s word cult leader that ever existed.

Jacob: Sure.

Timothy: I have no following. Everybody hates him and they all might hate each other and despise each other or have different things but they’re all in agreement that I’m wrong. So, the last thing that in fact anybody who follows what I preach or what I teach that is the message of Jesus Christ or would have visited the church when it was still around. It was the complete opposite of what a cult is. In fact, we should have been held up a model for how not to become a cult. There was nothing. In fact, it was anti cult. Meaning you had to seek the living God, you had to go back and carry the weight and load. And that really was the core of the problem. Everybody wanted me to be their Holy Spirit. Everybody wanted me to pick up their cross for them or carry their sufferings or get them out of it and I wouldn’t do it. I refuse it. Look, and so I go back, you go back and seek God, you go back and endure the suffering, you go back and do these things and a lot of people just became tired of it.

So, you had a couple things going on Number one, over the years as I preached the gospel and I’ve done that in a multitude of different ways and directions. There was this wealth so to speak of hostility that would be built up because the message is clear, it’s solid, and so there was this natural opposition that happens. Just read your New Testament. People want to know whether I’m a co-leader or not or whether Sound Doctor was a church at some time. Just try living what I’m saying. You don’t have to fellowship with me. You don’t have to be a part of anything that’s going on here. You don’t have to call me, friend. You go out and you go live this and you’re going to find out real fast that the first word that’s thrown out is the word “cult”.

In fact, I think we’ve talked about this before. Somebody should go home and go, yeah, you know what? Mom, dad, grandma, and I’ve decided to hate my own life. I’ve decided to have all things in common with other Christians. I don’t know who they are. I don’t know who that church is and I’m going to love God with everything. In fact, I’m going to push out every love I have for you grandma and every love I have for you dad and mom so that Jesus can fill me with his selfless love. What do you think the initial knee jerk first reaction is going to be?

Jacob: They think they’re going to throw out either a Kool-Aid word or a cult word. Oh, but well that’s a K and a C, but what Kool-Aid are you drinking?

Timothy: Exactly, and that’s going to be what colder who are you talking to? What church you going to? It would go down the line. The basic foundation would be it’s bad, it’s wrong, it’s evil, not whether Jesus said, it’s true or not. So, you had this whole huge base that just kept growing. In fact, when King County prosecutors decided to do their nasty bit. There was letters, there was things in there people running it saying in those letters. I’ve never visited. I never went and saw what’s going on. I’m not saying these things are presents, and then they just listed a whole list of evil suspicions. That was considered useful. That was considered worth putting in the file.
So, once you have like this woman that views all white individuals as being in a cult. The mindset sees everything about that. You’ll notice with it when she’s talking, you can’t even come back and argue out the facts because you’re in a cult. You’re brainwashed about being white. So, there’s no point in her even listening to what you have to say. So, everything gets tuned out, except the hatred or the animosity or the opinion or whatever she wants to hear. And no matter what you say because you’re white or because you’ve been labeled being in this white cult. Everything within a shadow. You don’t have to listen to anybody, nothing has to be justified. I don’t have to debate with you. It’s just a full-on accusation.

People want to believe that I’m a cult leader. People want to believe that somehow the church was cultic or cult like or on its way to being a cult because it absolves them of what? Having to live the gospel themselves. And so, you can just tune out everything else. No matter what I would say, good, bad, and between. Well, it didn’t matter because I’m a cult leader and they all know already that I’m guilty of everything. Go to Proverbs chapter 29 and read verse 27, because all of this is easily explained. People would just do a casual reading of the New Testament. They would see what’s going on. But again, since I’ve been labeled a cult leader and since I’ve been labeled as manipulating or being called like, you don’t have to listen to anything I say, right? So, when I say, go read the Bible, oh you’re being manipulating, you’re brainwashing people. There’s no way out.

Do I go ahead and preach? Yes. Do I go ahead and them. Yes, I do what God calls me to do because I love them enough to want them to repent, to see the truth. Has nothing to do with joining a church because I’m not starting a church. I’m not establishing a church. I’m not even part of a church. You don’t even have to talk to me or fellowship. I mean, if you’ve sinned against me which there are plenty of individuals that better start thinking about repenting very quickly. But let me give you a fast, quick Proverbs 29 verse 27. Jacob, go ahead and read this and this will answer all your questions.

Jacob: “The righteous detest the dishonest; The wicked detest the upright.”

Timothy: How much clear can you get? There is a huge wealth, it’s the cross. There’s a cross between me and everybody else. I’m on this side or I’m being crucified with Christ let’s say. They’re down there on the ground doing their thing. And we detest each other. The righteous detest the dishonest. I hate those and I don’t mean hate like in the violent worldly and do harm to somebody. I detest those who are dishonest about the gospel of Jesus Christ when they say, oh, I love God or I’m a Christian too or all the things that they go through and they’re being dishonest to themselves and to other people and to those around them I detest that how could you not detest Jesus detested it if he puts his image in us there’s going to be a detesting against those who are dishonest with the gospel. And in like return what does Proverbs 29:27 say, “The wicked detest the upright.”

So, all you got to do is back up. Look, anybody who believes, I want to slow down here. Anybody who believes that I’m a cult leader or that I established some type of cult or cult like has been massively, massively on a fundamental deep way lied to. That’s the botPaul line. Not only was there nothing cult like about my life or the church. It was the opposite. It would have cured all men from following another man. You see most people follow man anyway. Who they follow is themselves. So, it’s just a stupid argument to say I don’t want to follow a man. Well, I don’t want to follow man either. I don’t want to follow me. I only want to follow Jesus Christ. But most people that say that what they mean is, I don’t want to follow anything you say because I want to follow me. If you stripped away all the lies and the that’s what that would really say. Jacob, anything on that?

Jacob: Well, I think we’ve kind of talked about it before. I was just going to go to John 7 verses 17 it says, “If anyone chooses to do God’s will, he will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own. He who speaks on own does so to gain honor for himself, but he who works for the honor of the one who sent him is a man of truth; there is nothing false about him.” And I think when you’re talking about like if you, and we’re talking in past tense. There is no more sound doctrine church, and like you said if accusations of you being a cult leader and like controlling people, then yeah, they’re the worst cult leader ever. Because there is no one, who, what are you controlling?

And so, it comes down to you were speaking, okay John 7:18. “He who speaks on his own does so to gain honor for himself.” You never tried to gain honor for yourself. And I’m going to, I would like to say a few words and kind of speak slowly so like I don’t want to get super worked up and just gloss over. “He who speaks on his own does so to gain honor for himself.” I have been around you most of my life, and I’ve never seen you try to gain any honor for yourself. I’ve only ever seen you which is the next part of the verse. “But he who works for the honor of the one who sent him is a man of truth.” So, I can attest to you only speaking for Jesus. You only pointing people to Jesus. And we could sit here and expound on the different ways that that came out.

I think there’s like the common stuff like people, I mean people look at like Benny Hen and Gospel, the big TBN guys and so then of course they’re after the money. And then you hear stories about oh the preacher that slept with the secretary or whatever. There’s like the big things and those of course are garbage, right? That was never you, but then you get down to the nitty gritty like you were just talking about, which is everybody’s just avoiding the cross. I was thinking about in just the chapter up in John chapter 6, and we’ve talked about this in the podcast before is John 66 is the verse where a lot of the disciples turned away. And right before that in John, it talks about the disciples say, “This is a hard teaching.” It come to Jesus and actually they don’t go to him, they’re just murmuring. But they’re like this is a hard teaching.

Whenever something is hard, whenever somebody doesn’t want to do something, they attack. So, if you’re pointing them to Jesus, you’re preaching the message of the cross. People hear that message. Maybe they even do start to live it, maybe we’ll give them, maybe they started and then they go, this is a hard teaching, this is hard. And it is hard. So, then instead of being honest and at least just being like, well, I don’t want to do this anymore right? You go, I don’t like this. I’m going to leave, but no they turn and attack. Because if they call you a cult or a cult leader or people will attack whatever they don’t like, then like you just mentioned before they can be absolved. Okay that’s false. I’m going to spread false lies, false rumors, false accusations so that then I don’t have to live it and I can get underneath from it and live in this delusional world. Does that kind of make sense? Does some of that make sense?

Timothy: Oh, all of it sense and in fact one of the main reasons of course they do that, there’s several reasons actually. Number one of course when you leave Jesus Christ or fall into sin, Satan takes over. He influences and moves things along and that has to do with bitterness and hatred. So, you certainly see that. You don’t see Godliness among those who have for decades slandered and pursued, everything I preached and taught and most of it was all done underground. They think I don’t know who they are, which is of course absurd. But so, Satan’s in charge, he’s moving those things along and so the righteous detest the wicked and the wicked to test the righteous. It’s fundamental and Satan knows how to inflame that. The other part is exactly what you’re saying, the gospel can get tough. Now the ironic thing about it is when King County prosecutors in Seattle Washington State decided they’d like to do a hate crime smackdown for their own selfish gain. Things were too far out of control compared to where things that are today, right?

I mean years ago, people would have thought, right now, this looks pretty minor. If I lay out all the things that went through and we don’t have time to go through all the corruptions these people went through, it is minor compared to what’s going on across our nation. So, we were just at the forefront of what is coming and really, that is my major concern. The church is completely unprepared. I mean, like oppositely prepared for what’s happening. Otherwise, there would be a massive amount of preaching and truth going on a deeper level other than some type of conservative value or some white kind of preaching thing going on.

The church fell apart, I mean I can’t address every question somebody has because for one thing once the call label’s there it doesn’t matter what I say. It’s all bogus. But go to second Timothy chapter 4 verse 16.

Jacob: Real quick before we go on. Okay, before we move on. John 7:18, at the end of the verse. It says, “There is nothing false about him.” I want to still talk a little bit about how there is nothing false about you. I have lived with you, I’ve been around you, I have listened to the sermons and I will attest that there is nothing false about you. False is a lie, false is hiding in darkness. False is which is what cult leaders do of course is they say, what’s the old saying? Like, “Do as I say not as I do.” That’s not you. And I’ll tell a little quick story because I think this is just how much I know you. So, when I was younger when I was a teenager, we had gotten a security camera and it was the old style with VHS tapes. And so, it was like my little job to sit there and swap tapes. I think it was like once a week or something.

And even to this day you and I are involved in each other’s lives so much that I see your security cameras. Right now, today and I don’t know how much you ever check or log in, but you can see the security cameras where I live. And I just want to tell that one little, that’s just the little physical example that for those that think maybe I’ve been brainwashed or I’ve been influenced or like no. Like literally if there was something false if you were preaching give up your life for Jesus and then you have like a Ferrari in your garage, right? Or if you say you need to give up everything for Jesus and I don’t know. You picture like a Benny Henhouse with like rich ornate gold statues or I don’t know weird stuff, right? But like it’s not there I see your security cameras. Like from a young age, I’ve been watching you And I just want to emphasize John seven eighteen. There’s nothing false about him. There’s nothing false about you and I know because I’ve watched you continue to watch you.

Timothy: And for that we need to praise Jesus Christ as we talked before about the discipline that he puts us under. Those who claim to be teachers will be judged more severely. One reason that I’m not a cult leader. I don’t have time.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: God is so busy crucifying me and me trying to work out my salvation with fear and trembling. All the things that are associated with here in scripture. I literally do not have time to run a cult. We’ve been accused to, well I’m not going to go until that. And by the way, just for the record I don’t look at your security cameras. And I’m glad you watched mine to keep an eye on me. Just for the record. That’s how unconcerned I am about all that. It’s like, I’m too busy every day getting up trying to run the good race straining toward the goal. If people would just live this. They’d understand real fast. It is impossible to be a true Christian and be a coal leader.

There’s just isn’t time for it nor is a motive. I mean if I preach as a double-edged sword. If I preach you got to hate and despise Well, the Holy Spirit’s going to come back on me three or four times harder than on anybody else. He’s going to seek to purify and plus I’m just afraid I don’t want to fall into sin for lots of reasons because I love Jesus Christ and others. So, I welcome the discipline and I welcome the purity. That’s why Jesus says, you don’t know the power of God so you don’t understand any of this. If they knew the power of God, they would be able to testify and say, yeah, this is true. This is true and there’s nothing cult like about this on any level.

Let’s go to Second Timothy chapter 4 verse 16, because and this is kind of one of that I’ll deal with a little bit people go, well okay, so you claim not to be a cult leader but you don’t have any followers. So, there must be something wrong somewhere. You see it’s kind of a no-win situation when you’re in a cult or when you’re accused of being in a cult. I remember with the King County prosecutors again and they’re corruption, no matter what you did you were guilty and guilty beyond, look and not legally guilty. They made you guilty about everything because they had no case, so that’s how they do things. It’s called a tabloid prosecution. Where they bring in everything that’s unrelated but you can’t bring anything that’s unrelated. But the prosecution can bring in everything that’s unrelated to the act of crime.

The next time you hear, oh the courts are overloaded, we got too much going on. That’s a bunch of bunk. They know how to stretch everything out. If every prosecutor were command and directed by serious laws and judges. To only present what the actual crime involved, cases will move much faster but the last thing I want to do is help them get streamlined. Because I just taken it corrupted.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: It’s because who they belong to. Again, I’m going to pull myself back because there is a lot to discuss on that whole level. So, don’t anybody go, well, the prosecutors wouldn’t have done that. There was something there. No, it’s the other way around because there wasn’t anything there. They went for all those things in order to destroy. This was a [INAUDIBLE WORD 29:15] prosecution. They were after the church and all the slander and all the things going because why? We get into that some other day.

Alright, so my concern back again is the church just is not ready. They’ve been so lied to with soft easy doctrines with flattering pastors. Really, they’re being manipulated. They’re all the ones that are cult leader. It’s just not a Kool-Aid cult. It’s a cult that flatters or a cult that makes it easier. A cult of the whitewashed.

Jacob: A cult of comfort.

Timothy: I like that.

Jacob: Everybody wants to be comfortable and so nothing’s hard and nothing is the truth of the gospel is not presented. The gospel just has pillows and everyone wants to lay there and do nothing.

Timothy: This is probably the one time the word “cult” actually works because if you have, I like that. A comfort called; everything is geared toward the comfort. It is all centered on the pastor’s comfort, the congregation’s comfort and so on. How do I know this is true? Just look at the response by the quote unquote Christian churches out there. Everybody thinks they’re just repeating conservative news and somehow that’s the gospel. That’s not it at all. Anyway, so we knew some persecution was coming and building. In fact, there was a prophecy not specifically about knowing exactly what the event events that would happen but we knew stopping was brewing. It’s like two, three years before this all took place. God was warning and saying, if you haven’t confessed sin, you won’t stand, if you haven’t sought me, Satan’s going to find the least little chink in your armor and go for it. So, I have no following. The whole church was scattered.

In second Timothy chapter 4 verse 16, that’s just not that uncommon. Paul writes and he says, “At my first defense.” Paul’s arrested. He’s always in trouble with the law, with the Jews, with the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Gentiles, and in this particular case, it was a silversmith who made little idols or charms for the local town and of course, when Paul came in, he was disrupting the guy’s business. So, they don’t go to the Better Business Bureau oh Paul’s destroying my business they accused Paul of other stuff. So, he’s arrested, they come in, they take a hold of him. And it says in verse 16, “At my first defense, no one came to my support, but everyone deserted me.” That kind of thing happens. If you look at the Israelites as they followed Moses out into the desert, constantly coming against Moses because they didn’t like the hardships and the difficult message.

So, what’s my point here? My point is that being deserted, all the apostles deserted Jesus at some point in time. There is an old hymn that says. “Though no one go with me, I will go anyway.” That’s not going to be too uncommon. I hope people realize that everything that the gospel Jesus Christ that I preach will be forced upon them in the coming years ahead. I’ve taught that you have to hate and despise money, as Jesus said, right? But what’s the government going to do? It’s going to take your money. So, it’s going to be forced on you either going to hate and despise money or you’re for the sake of money and surviving or whatever whitewashed you have, you’re going to deny Jesus Christ.

So, the gospel’s going to come in very much into focus in a very real way. Maybe we’re going to find that quote unquote what I was teaching is actually a reality that God does demand. So as all of our money is taken and all of our support is taken for those who stand firm the only way, you’re going to have a little bit of survival skills is if by everybody having all things in common and sharing with one other and helping one another and not being filled with hate and selfishly grabbing onto their life. You see what I’m saying?

Mid Point

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: In the same way, parents are going to betray their children, children, their parents. You’re going to have to resolve that no matter what evil your parents do or don’t do that you will stand firm loving Jesus Christ. This is very real. This is everything that’s been taught in a really shadow 90-second moment, but you get my point. It’s coming fast upon the church and this this wave of radicalization or this demonization of Christians and white people that you’re seeing happening, is not yet persecution for righteousness’ sake. This is God beginning judgement upon the church. He’s going to shake away all of those who have been living a lie or refuse to repent. He’s going to begin to sift the church. And then what’s left from there will be a persecution of righteousness. You’re going to find a massive as Jesus said, “A massive turning away from the faith.” Now I will add in second Timothy 4:16, “At my first offense, no one came to my support, but everyone deserved me.” Even you, right Jacob?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: So, God brought Jacob back. I didn’t pursue him. I didn’t try and contact him. Some would say that’s good or bad. I couldn’t tell you. I just had to do what God called me to do. The point is Jacob had to wrestle these things out with God, because it doesn’t matter whether you fellowship with me or not unless God has called you into that relationship. Your salvation does depend on fellowshipping with me other than if that’s what God wills. Now, I think a lot of people are short changing themselves. They’re going to go through a lot of their hardships, make a lot of stupid mistakes when they could learn and benefit from, hey, don’t go that road or that’s your flesh over here. But I’m probably getting long winded. The point is second Timothy 4:16, Paul says, “may it not be held against them.” So, there was that open door that that opportunity to repent.

Now, that wouldn’t hold true again. If you deserted Paul the second time or a third time and you go down the line, I don’t think the Holy Spirit’s going to say, okay, yeah, it won’t be held against you. So, the church was shaken, people were scattered, the most horrendous of vials. There was a person going around looking for anybody who’s standing firm to destroy them, and you had a choice. You could either cave into that person or you could stand up against them. They didn’t stand. So, you can slander me all you want or you can call me a cult leader whatever. That’s not going to get you by. First of all, suppose I were those things. You still went with somebody who is so loaded down with sin, but it has nothing to do with me. To decide, not to be like Satan coming to you and going well it’s the Garden of Eden. God knows that when you eat of this your eyes will be opening to be like God knowing good for evil and you go, oh okay, yeah, I’m on your side Satan. Well, you’re on the side of Satan. It doesn’t matter what the argument is.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: So, in the same way you might use Satan or you might use people that hate me or hate Sound Doctrine Church or Whatever it is they want to do. You might side with them but that’s actually your condemnation and that will be your judgement. Do not think for a moment that you’re somehow going to get out of this. That’s not how this works. If you supported a false witness on any level, on any level, you need to repent. Regardless of whether or not I am what I am or whatever you think I’m not. You will pay the price for associating with and helping governing authorities, helping those who were slandering, those who had spent deck Decades marching after me to tear me down and by the way, the result of that is, there’s innocent people in prison right now because of what they did. Do they really, are they that delusional to think that somehow God’s not going to punish them? God is very clear about the 6 or 7 things he hates. Jacob, why don’t you go ahead and play that particular passage?

Video: There are six things the Lord hates. Seven that are detestable to him. One, haughty eyes. Two, a lying tongue. Three, hands that shed innocent blood. Four, a heart that devises wicked schemes. Five, feet that are quick to rush into evil. Six, a false witness who pours out lies. Seven, a man who stirs up dissension among brothers. (Proverbs 6:16-19).

Timothy: The reason that false witnesses will be destroyed, because that’s exactly what Satan did in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. He was a false witness. Satan was the guardian of God’s throne. He knew God on a very close basis let’s say. And when he came to Adam and to Eve and Adam’s right there, so they’re both guilty. I’m not picking on Eve, but choose the first one in line, okay fine, we’ll deal with that later. But Adam’s just as guilty. So, the servant Comes along and the woman said to the serpent, “We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden.” But God did say she knew exactly what God said. “You must not eat from the fruit of the tree that’s in the middle of the garden. You must not touch it or you will die.”

The serpent or Satan being the false witness just flat out lies. When you’re being told that I am a cult like person, a cult leader, I ran a cult and all the other things. You are flat out I guarantee you being told a lie. And if you tolerate that lie, we’ll look at it here in a moment God says, not me God says, “You will be destroyed.” It’s the ultimate lie. Verse 4, “You will not surely die.” the servant said to the woman.” Proverbs is very clear. You too will die for listening to false witness. Now verse 5, he goes on to impune the motive and the heart of God. “For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” So, he decides to follow herself, Adam decide to follow himself. They’re both following a man. Now they’re under the guys obviously of Satan being able to use them.

Satan impunes the motive of God labels him this way, that God knows he’s holding something back, there’s something in secret, there’s something intrinsically evil. Everything that God does has this self-centered tone to it. That’s what Satan is saying. So, once the word “cult” is put out there or somebody has their hooks in you about that particular thing, there is really nothing I can say that would convince anybody. Because anything I say is tainted with cult. I didn’t get to that last time. For example, King County prosecutor doing their nasty sinful stuff, right? So, on one hand, the church was accused which is really me. Accused of this loosey goosey arrangement. People just came and go and it’s an open-door policy. I mean the detective testified all this stuff, right? So, you had this impression obviously that there were no rules. Nothing going on. Everybody for themselves, right? A bunch of chaos going on right Jacob?

Jacob: Yep.

Timothy: Alright. But then on the other hand since that wasn’t going on and there was a stricter side to everything that it did the church was guarded and well protected and everything set in motion plus walking the light and all the spiritual things. Oh, now you’re super controlling. Now you’re really bossy. Now you’re really manipulating. So, no matter what was said one way or another I’m guilty.

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Because I’m either letting stuff go on like crazy, well because I’m sinful, because I’m wicked and so it’s let’s just all go for it and we just whitewash it and I manipulate and give the lies. Then the other hand if I come in and go, no, you can’t do this and we can’t do that. You got to stop that and I deal with people’s hearts and they get mad and there’s a wrestling process and there is really divine power that is keeping the church clean and that comes with authority. I didn’t not play games with sin. Neither the sad part about it is you’ll never know because obviously there’s no example.

On the one hand, there was a lot of freedom in Jesus Christ in the church. There’s a lot of joy. We did a lot of things. That’s where the charge of being loosey goosey comes in. Then, there was a lot of authority too that like don’t cross lines or we’re going to deal with your heart in this and we’re pursuing righteousness and holiness. So that looked very cultic and demanding. So, it just depended on what side of the issue they want to twist and prefer. They could go either way and that’s exactly what happened. So, you had really absolutely nonsensical easy things just exaggerated to the point of not just lies but a vilification and legality of the very fundamentals of what law is.

I remember the one was that one of the persons in the church was having a bootcamp for manners. Well, the word “bootcamp” was just ground in everybody’s faces as if of course we were you know what? Navy Seals and there were 5 million pushups going on. They even had like a child testify yeah, we did this and it and it the person actually said oh it’s kind of fun but of course that gets law in. It’s a bootcamp. It’s a bootcamp. Yeah, you’re crushing everybody. So, it’s a none. Once they want to come for you, there’s really not much you can do.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: We’ve talked about that before.

Jacob: Oh, yeah. Well, and I’ll just say real quick because this is like a super broad brush stroke but like, well, today, in people’s lives, even within Christian’s lives, there’s no self-discipline, there’s no restrain. There’s nothing but flesh running wild and so, yeah, I mean but so then if you say, okay, let’s hunker down. Let’s obey scripture. Let’s get down to some nitty gritty obedience which is found all throughout scripture. Yeah, boom. Oh, you’re controlling. You’re demanding you whatever. Like this is in scripture. But then or the flip side like okay really? Because I’m pretty sure you can look around right now. I think a lot of people can look around right now and agree that the church in quotes is an absolute disaster. A lot of people will agree upon that right now and the reason is because nobody obeys scripture, none gets down to the nitty and gritty and obey so you end up with disasters, real cultic disasters.

Timothy: You do. You do. I’m letting that pause and thinking. Let’s go to Proverbs chapter 19 verse 5, mister Jacob. A false witness is somebody who saw something, somebody who experienced something but lies or twists about it. They’re obviously very deadly to a lot of ignorant people. Because Satan was a witness to God’s holiness. That’s he guarded God’s throne. Are we then to say, well, you know what? Satan may have a point. That’s what a lot of people are actually are saying when they turn their back on God. But just for the sake of discussion, when we listen to Satan and go, well, there are two sides to every story. Which by the way that’s one of the biggest falsehood. There are not two sides to every story.

Jacob: Yeah, there’re not two sides, yeah.

Timothy: There is the truth but there are not really there’s two sides The Holocaust. Hitler has a point. I don’t think so. Two sides to the Salem Wish trials? I don’t think so. Two sides to the trial that went on with King County prosecutors. No, I don’t think so. There is truth. There are absolutes. We walked the narrow road. It was clean. It was pure. They did not want to look and so like the rest of the world, the world doesn’t want to really seek God to find out what the truth is. We’d rather just accept what Satan has to say. Most people want to accept what a false witness has to say. Because they don’t want to seek after God. And of course the false witness over time what has happened too is the arguments became more and more refined and so you built up a base became self-fulfilling prophecies.

Yeah, I heard that. Well, then you heard it from 30 other people who heard it from other people and so it just kind of expounds upon itself. That’s why well Satan lying to Adam and Eve. What it do? It collapsed the whole universe. The whole universe is now under decaying process because of at one particular sentence.

Jacob: And not only is it true in scripture but I’ll just real quick. Okay.

Timothy: No rush.

Jacob: Hitler and gerbils. It’s funny. I do it too but you know a lot of people throughout like how the Times are looking like Nazi Germany and they are.

Timothy: They are.

Jacob: Hitler, I’m not quoting exactly. You can go Google this. Hitler gerbils, they would propagate. They would flat out tell it and explain it. They were quoted as like, oh yeah, you just throw out a bunch of lies and the lies will stick and then it takes so long to disprove those lies that it’s cemented that it’s true. And then even when the truth eventually comes out, there’s still a huge amount of people that will believe the original lie even though they know the truth now, and they’ll just still believe it. I just thrown that out, because you talk about the first sin in the Garden. It was true in World War II Hitler times and it’s true today.

Timothy: It is and It’s our native language, Jesus said.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: People recognize that language. When the false witness lies, oh that sounds familiar. That’s my language. Literally, it’s like going to China right now. I can’t speak an ounce of Chinese and if I just started speaking English, it makes no sense to them. It’s a totally, well, okay. It may make sense to them. You get my point, but alright, let me rephrase that. If I tried to speak Chinese to a Chinese person, they wouldn’t understand a single thing I’m saying. So, that’s how when I talk about the power of God can change. It doesn’t sound familiar. When I say I was pure, righteous, and holy among you. I worked hard. I laid down my life. I mean these people that slandered me. This is not minor slander. They have trampled upon the love of Jesus Christ and all the energy that was poured down to them. Everything that was done was done for them. Was I perfect in that? Absolutely not. Was it anything remotely like cult like? Absolutely not.

All of that is true but the law, they haven’t trampled on some abstract idea about whether God created the universe. They have trampled on the very love that was shown them and that’s why, let’s get on to it because this is getting long. Proverbs 19:5, go ahead and read it Jacob.

Jacob: “A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who pours out lies will not go free.’

Timothy: It’s amazing one of them, nobody caught on the fact that all the lies that are so poured out. It’s obvious that it’s poured out by a bunch of false witnesses. It’s just one thing after and it’s like oceans of lies and Modis and things that go on and on. The promise is there. A false witness will not go unpunished. Now Jacob, I want you to go down about 4 verses and read Proverbs 19:9.

Jacob: “A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who pours out lies will perish.”

Timothy: God’s repeating this twice within four verses. Let me read that again. Proverbs 19:5. “A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who pours out lies will not go free.” Proverbs 19:9, “A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who pours out lies will perish.” You think God’s trying to say something?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: these prosecutors who prosecuted the truth of Jesus Christ are going to pay a heavy, heavy price because they are false witnesses on a magnified level. They will perish unless they repent. Let’s go and go down to Proverbs 21:28. Proverbs 21:28 because there’s going to be a lot of people go, well, I questioned it. I didn’t believe everything and I just kind of left it alone and I listened to them and took it in, but yeah who am I to judge? What am I supposed to say?

Jacob: Quick to listen. I was just being quick to listen, slow to speak.

Timothy: If I ever heard a scripture quoted back at me.

Jacob: I know, but I’m throwing it out.

Timothy: No, I don’t have to worry about it. Nobody quote scripture back at, but I like that Jacob that you think, I’m thinking man there’s so many better arguments people could do than to bring their goofiness toward me. It’s like, they don’t even hold scripture back but whatever they don’t even know it. Good point. alright, so you think you know what? I just listened. Well, if you listen to a false prophet, you will perish. All those individuals that just listened and did nothing, just listened and didn’t refute, listen but didn’t question.
Nobody’s come to talk to me. Nobody’s asked me. I know the major players that were involved in bringing this this pseudo prosecution against the church through an innocent individual. I know the major players. They never talked to me. They never checked the facts out. In fact, one person who was highly involved I know of knew that the person being sent to prison was innocent. But they went on to say but I still think it’s a cult. They are willing. This person was willing and enabled other people to send an innocent man to prison because they thought this was a cult. If you just listen to a false witness. Well, I better let you read it Jacob. I’ll need to back up a little bit. Proverbs 21:28,

Jacob: “A false witness will perish, and whoever listens to him will be destroyed forever.”

Timothy: Forever. I suggest these people that have listened to false witness and those that have been false witnesses and those that have turned their back on the truth repent.

Outro: This has been the Consider Podcast at www.consider.info where yesterday’s folly is today’s madness. In the beginning, the unrepentant sinners words are folly. At the end, they are wicked madness. Ecclesiastes 10:13. Judgement begins with the house of God. Therefore, let everyone who loves the Lord with an undying love pick up their cross and walk the talk. As Peter the wrote. “Therefore, prepare your minds for action. Be self-controlled”. First Peter 1:13-14. The Considered Podcast, examining today’s events and Paulorrow’s realities. www.consider.info.


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