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#35 Dog and Pony Show Pt 1, Jury Duty

How To Become Wise, Part 3
Written by Timothy

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Ecclesiastes 2:12
Then I turned my thoughts to consider wisdom, and also madness and folly.


Jury selection. Washington State prosecutors. Seattle, November 18th, 2016. King County prosecutors. Has anyone been on a jury before? Then you have been through this dog and pony show before.

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Timothy: Jacob, I know you know the question here, but Jacob, do I qualify for jury duty?

Jacob: Yeah, absolutely. You’re overqualified for jury duty. Yeah.

Timothy: Overqualified. Okay. I appreciate the insult. Let’s press on.

Consider the wisdom. Consider the madness. Consider the folly. Ecclesiastes 2:12. Then I turned my thoughts to consider wisdom and also madness and folly. Today’s events, tomorrow’s realities at

Timothy: If we didn’t know it already, King County Prosecutors in Seattle, Washington considers jury selection, the jury process to be a dog and pony show. Now we all kind of know that. I think the difference is, we got them saying it exactly. The truth came out. How do I know this? Somebody that I know was there on the panel to be selected for jury duty.
Did they get selected? You can imagine they did not. So, I’m back to the other question now, Jacob, did I really qualify for jury duty?

Jacob: Oh yeah. I think you qualify for jury duty.

Timothy: Okay. Right. So.

Jacob: Oh well. Okay. Well, you could rephrase the question, like, would they consider you to qualify for jury duty, in which, because we know that you would get booted. You would not. If you showed up and they asked all their questions, you would not.

Timothy: Oh, yeah. It’s an insult if they consider you worthy of jury duty because, well, have you ever heard any prosecutor, any policeman, any legislator, go, we need to reform the jury process?

Jacob: No, I’ve never heard that.

Timothy: No. That’s because they are extremely content. The whole jury selection is designed to manipulate, to move in such a way that fools, and I’m using fools in the sense of Proverbs, not in fools and looking down on, are the only ones selected for jury duty. They want the most emotional, you’re not even allowed to take notes during a trial, are you? So, you’re supposed to just sit there and kind of soak it in. They reduce you down to emotion. Now the juries always get it wrong. Yeah, they always do because usually they’re right for the wrong reasons and we’re not going to examine all the different aspects of jury duty and how that comes out and what should be happening. That’s not the point today. Really the point today is that you have, among the prosecutor class, they really look down on you with contempt. They will flatter you and tell you, oh, you’ve been chosen, you got selected, the responsibility is on you. Right, Jacob?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Well, that’s the point. They’re flattering. Like I’d be sitting there in the jury booth and I’ve got some prosecutor who doesn’t know me and he’s sitting there saying, oh yeah, you’ve been selected. If you’re on here and the responsibility is yours, we want justice to be done. Like, I’m going to believe what he tells me? I’m not that simple.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: In fact, you can, people should put signs in their yard that say, you know, not qualify for jury duty. Because that’s quite a boast if you actually make it through to that process, you have to understand, you made it through the system that is designed to weed out the smartest people in the land, certainly those that would understand justice. Let’s go to Micah chapter 3, verse 9. For one thing, what the prosecutor class does, and when I say prosecutor class, I mean the judges, the bailiffs, I mean everybody in there.
It’s all designed by the state to silence those who would put up a defense. Do we not realize that once you’re accused of a crime, most judgements are resolved behind the scenes in darkness? They never make it to trial. Very few actually go to trial. That’s behind the scenes they can sit there and manipulate and talk and discuss. What’s that called, Jacob? It’s slipping my mind at the moment.

Jacob: Oh, plea deals. They’re all making deals and settling. Well, they call it settling out of court because you didn’t take it before a jury, you didn’t take it before the official judge or jury.

Timothy: Right. And it’s so corrupt that they’ll offer you a plea deal, which is lesser than the full charge. Right?

Jacob: Correct. And the only people offering the plea deals, of course, is the government, is the prosecutors. They’re the ones who are coming against you and saying, you’re guilty of this but we’ll offer you a deal. You know, it only works one way. It’s not like you can go to, you know what I mean? If the government has wronged you.

Timothy: Oh yeah. It’s the old, remember the old 1800s or 1600s when they would put people that were supposedly guilty and then they’d stack weights on them.

Jacob: Oh, sure. Yeah. And like, if this happens, then you were guilty. You mean that?

Timothy: Yeah. And they slowly just crush you to death. Well, the same things have been happening today.

Jacob: Yeah. You’re being crushed.

Timothy: Yeah, you can go to trial, we’re going to bankrupt you before you get there as if you aren’t already bankrupt just from the charges. Every manipulation to divide family and friends and neighbors that would support you. Everything about the system is designed to crush you so that you can’t put up a defense. If anybody believes that by the time, unless you’ve got millions of dollars, by the time you get into trial, you’re so handicapped in defense, I’m not telling you people don’t come out with guilty, but you are already crushed, your life is ruined. Even if you go back to sue, it’s going to take years, if not decades to do that. And then very often the prosecution appeals. And I’ve never, never heard of a judge that increased the settlement. They always come in the favor of the state and keep reducing it. So, the whole thing is designed to, once again, bring in people of the lowest ability to be able to discern what’s going on. And then it’s to put so much pressure on the person accused that they plea bargain their way out of the situation, which by the way means that your defense attorney is really working for the prosecution. They’re not going to tell you that. Let me repeat that again. The reality is, your defense attorney, I’m not telling you not to get one. I’m just telling you that they work for the prosecution. Because here’s the deal, most, the vast majority of accusation charges by prosecutor are settled in a plea deal, so a good lawyer, and I’m putting good lawyer in the sense of, is able to work out a plea deal, the best plea deal with the prosecution. So, somebody that’s accused of a crime is going to go that attorney, and he says, yeah, I’m able to work all these things out. Well, who’s he really working for? He’s not working for you because you’re not going to go to trial. And if you ever do go to trial, usually you’re out of money and then you’ve got to fire that attorney and get another one, and so on and so forth. So, what it amounts to is that your defense attorney’s success as a business person is hinged upon working out good plea deals. So, you never want to push that prosecutor be put on a blacklist. They’ll stop cooperating with you. They won’t go for any of the deals you have, and then that will ruin your business down the line. Does that make sense, Jacob?

Jacob: Yeah, it makes sense.

Timothy: Just take that knowledge with you if you’re ever accused. That’s really what’s going on. Now, I’m not telling you, by all means go get a defense attorney. That’s not my point. My point is, they’re working for the prosecution and the state because that’s where their money comes from. In Micah, chapter 3, verse 9, we need to get to that. Jacob, why don’t you read 9-11?

Jacob: Hear this, you leaders of the house of Jacob, you rulers of the House of Israel, who despise justice and distort all that is right; who build Zion with bloodshed and Jerusalem with wickedness. Her leaders judge for a bribe, her priests teach for a price, and her prophets tell fortunes for money. Yet they lean upon the Lord and say, “is not the Lord among us? No disaster will come upon us.”

Timothy: That is a very fitting passage today. Let’s back up, verse 9. Hear this you leaders, you prosecutors, you judges of the house of Jacob, you rulers of the house of Israel who despise justice. Think about a prosecutor. He’s in front of a judge and his jury selection and the defense attorney there and everybody’s there, and he refers to everybody in open court. He says, this is a dog and pony show. The prosecutor class is so arrogant. And in some ways, rightly so, they own the judges, they own the courtroom, they own the situation. Most people don’t realize just how much abusive power they have on hand. For instance, you’re charged of a crime. They can change those charges in the middle of the trial or five minutes before it goes to trial. I’m sure it varies from location to location. So, it’s a moving target. Oh, we’re going to charge you with this over here, but that could be different six weeks from now or three months down here. Now that’s not supposed to happen, meaning the judge is supposed to say, well, nothing significantly has changed, there’s no difference. But they don’t. They always give the prosecutors what they want. So, it’s an extortion. It’s a despising of justice, it’s really designed by the prosecutors just to crush you to a plea deal. And then if you go to court, so you don’t accept the plea deal. What do they always do, Jacob? Every single time. If you decide you want some justice, you want an open courtroom, you want to present your case, you want the evidence out there for everybody to see. What do they do?

Jacob: They delay and they’ll push it out.

Timothy: And they increase the charges. They increase the charges. They will offer you this particular deal that is less and less and less, but if you refuse that, they will increase the charges and keep compounding them up until the day of the trial, and they could do it more if they wanted too later on. So, it’s a prosecution by extortion. It’s a contempt for what justice is. Here’s the deal if justice were applied, and I’m saying that loosely because I’m just zeroing in on this one particular angle. Whatever the prosecutor offered you in a plea deal would be the only charge that is allowed into the courtroom. If they considered it worthy enough to go, here’s the plea deal, and if you agree to this and you say, okay, I see what you’re saying there, but I want to go to trial, it should only be with the plea deal. There should be no other additions at any point in time. Once those charges are set, once that plea deal laid down, that’s it, that’s the bottom line. And then at a minimum, the defendant can decide whether they’re go to trial or not to trial. I don’t want to get too sidetracked into what justice is. I’m trying to point out that the utter contempt for justice, when we tried to communicate the facts about our case, it was, they despised us, the police told us to shut up, we were kicked out, everything that had to do with sitting down and actually examining what the evidence was, we were just contemptuous to look at. And it didn’t matter whatsoever. Am I correct? And I probably can’t even communicate it with enough zeal and fire.

Jacob: Correct, you are correct.

Timothy: Jacob was there with it all, filmed 95% of the courtroom, because of course you can’t really film the false accuser. That might be a little bit of pressure. You know, by the way, in the State of Washington, she could have had a dog come in and be on her lap. The Washington State Supreme Court is so into manipulating the jury, they allow literally, literally allow dogs in court. So, if you wanted to say Washington state courts have gone to the dogs, that is both literally and figuratively true. Everything is designed to crush and silence anyone who would bring any defense whatsoever into a courtroom, and then they will take and distort the truth, which is really just a form of lying. Is it not?

Jacob: Correct

Timothy: It’d be one thing if the prosecutor says, okay, well here’s the evidence we have. This is what’s clear. This is what’s not clear, so we can’t bring it up. That’d be one thing, but that’s not what they do. They will distort the good and the bad, and so the truth is completely less. It’s not a trial people. It is not a trial by truth and justice on any level. I’ve been researching this for many years now. I haven’t found one single area that’s not being manipulated by the prosecutor class in such a way that it distorts the truth and what’s right and crushes the right of the person. They just despise justice. You are a tool. You don’t realize they’re playing you for fools. And people just walk right into it. Hear this you leaders of the house of Jacob, you, rulers of the house of Israel who despise justice and distort all that is right. Just to give you one example, and I’ve got the video recording of this trial.
And what this was, wasn’t even related to the actual crime, but we all know that. They bring in stuff that you can’t bring in to defend yourself, but they can bring in anything that they want to. In the church, Jacob, we had all things in common, right?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: In the church, one of the most fundamental, absolute fundamental teaching is that we’re servants of each other. I consider myself a slave to you as Jesus taught, you consider yourself a slave to me, and we do everything by serving and loving one another. Is that not true?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: It’s the most basic of love and servanthood and washing one another’s feet, serving each other, giving and working together. We were constantly helping each other and other things. Well, there was a house or really a small cabin that I had that was being set up so that people and families could go away and get some prayer time. And in the middle of this trial, the King County prosecutors, while they brought in all the slanders. And by the way, understand this clearly, King County prosecutors never, never prosecute liars.
I want to repeat that. Never prosecute liars on any level. It’s an invitation for anybody to come and lie, and they’ve got nonprofit groups, they’ve got individuals that will manipulate that lie so that it fits very well with the narrative that’s going on. The manipulation that’s going on is by King County prosecutors. And that’s why they thought we were, because that’s what they were doing. We don’t, because we serve the living God, we seek to be holy. If we lie, we put our souls in the fire of hell. If you lie, if the prosecutors lie, they get promoted, they pat themselves on the back. And one of the prosecutors, one of the head prosecutors in this case, considers himself and some others around him to be on a holy calling. Last time, I’m trying to contain something, the last time I checked in a casual reading of scripture, who is it that is the father of lies, Jacob?

Jacob: Satan.

Timothy: Satan. That’s without question. And yet, well, I guess if you believe the lie that you’re with Jesus Christ, lying in a courtroom, that’s going to be your God, that’s what you’re going to recognize, the language that is there. Anyway, back to the cabin thing. So, everybody served everybody. So, this prosecutor brought me, said, so did Mr. Williams pay you for your work? Oh, no, said the false accuser. Oh no. The issue wasn’t whether they were paid or not. That’s not the environment of the church. That was a complete distortion and lie on every single level about what Sound Doctrine Church was and what I’m about. You who despise justice, Micah 3:9 says, and distort all that is right. King County prosecutors and prosecutors across this nation and the prosecutor class distort anything that’s right while they hide evidence. How many times do you hear? All the time. Oh, there was evidence back here that showed they were innocent, but the prosecution didn’t present it. Why? Because there’s no consequences for the corruption of the prosecutors. And they will, they do it, it’s part of their job. That’s what they think they’re supposed to do, is corrupt the legal process so that even if you’re accused, that by laws that are so mountainous, nobody can keep up with them. If you are accused, they don’t want you defending yourself. They think their job, their calling in life, their holy calling is to crush your ability to present a defense. And I’m just on the criminal court, let alone family court. Who builds Zion with bloodshed. Is not Seattle, just reduced down to a constant warfare against each other? People shooting each other, it’s in the news all the time. And Jerusalem with wickedness. They’re using wickedness and holy means to further their cause. Jacob really brought it up last time when he said, what’s happened is, prosecutors no longer are there to protect and serve, they’re there to promote their agenda, whatever they decide their agenda is, and you are just a tool to fit their agenda. The current King County prosecutor, boasts of her female DNA, oh, well, female DNA that automatically makes you more qualified than anybody else, and that’s your central focus. And after you are elected and after you went that whole process and you’re opening words out before the whole world is, I am a female with female DNA. Hallelujah. Talk about corruption. You distort all that is right. Who builds Zion with bloodshed and Jerusalem with wickedness. Her leaders judge for a bribe. The bribe of course, cannot just be money. It can be a pat on the back. You serve me, I serve you. Oh, you’re so good, you do so well. They clap for each other in the courtroom. They literally clap. When Judge Laurie K Smith was promoted by Governor Inslee, of course, everybody in the courtroom clapped. Oh, yay, yay, yay. And yet she manipulated by the jury, she brings them in, she goes, you know, you’ve heard it said that a hundred men who might be guilty should go free if there’s one person that’s innocent, she goes, I’m going to up that to a thousand. That if a thousand people come in here and they’re guilty, but there’s one that’s innocent, we should let them go. And yet, when it was laid before her to nullify the jury verdict, she didn’t do it in spite of. And I guarantee you, not only was there no evidence in this trial, all the evidence pointed the other way around. That’s why the prosecution went to further lengths to crush us so that we could not put on a defense. Her leaders judge for a bribe. The bribery of pride, patting each other on the back, getting promoted. Her priests teach for a price, comes down to money. It comes down to succeeding, their leaders gain from your misery. Now, I’m not preaching against defense attorneys per se, but is it not all about money? Is it not the adage, how much justice can you afford? I know when this whole process began, we were told the worst thing that can happen, the worst thing that can happen is you run out of money. Well, the prosecution knows that. So, what’s the first thing they’re going to try and do? Rob you of all your money. What’s the first thing your defense attorney’s going to do? Try and take all your money before that happens. Why do you think it’s $500 an hour for these lawyers and prosecutors? What does it say? Her priests teach for a price. Her prophets tell fortunes for money, yet they lean upon the Lord and say, is not the Lord among us, no disaster will come upon us. We certainly see, it’s really true. Unless till God acts, are these prosecutors being punished?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: No. You’ve got a detective. Bringing in someone that I know behind the scenes, him and another person were manipulating and creating a hate crime. Brings her in and begins to give her a fill in the blank testimony. So it would be, let’s do a robbery. So, Jacob, they came in in black uniforms?

Jacob: Yeah, they were black.

Timothy: Jacob, then they walked over to the counter and looked at some fancy watches.

Jacob: Yeah, they walked over to the counter. They looked at those watches.

Timothy: When they looked at those watches, they looked at a Rolex and a Timex and a Camp4 watch. Didn’t they, Jacob?

Jacob: Yeah. That’s what, those are the ones they looked at.

Timothy: And then when they did that, they had you turn your head the other way, and he was wearing this, and it got all confusing, but that was literally what he did. And we have it on film. We have the person that we had examined that interview helped establish King County prosecutor procedure many decades ago that would’ve insured an honest interview, so to speak. But the prosecutors have perverted that. And I have proof of that. They have gone into every aspect of anything that would ensure an actual examination to get a truthful testimony from someone making, and they have manipulated, and they now control it on every single level to the point of dogs in court, as I said. Let’s go to Isaiah Chapter 59:14. Jacob, go ahead and play that video.

Justice is driven back and righteousness stands at a distance. Truth has stumbled in the streets. Honesty cannot enter. Truth is nowhere to be found. And whoever shuns evil becomes a prey. The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice. Isaiah 59:14-15.

Timothy: Isaiah 59:15 says, Truth is nowhere to be found. And whoever shuns evil becomes a prey. Is it not very clear to everyone in the state of Washington and really around the country that anyone who actually attempts to shun evil, live a righteous life, pray, live humbly in the land, communicate what they believe, and share what those beliefs are, are the prey? That’s where the state comes in and devours. Is that not true, Jacob?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: And whoever shuns evil becomes a prey. Well, the police officer in the city of Enumclaw and those that were engaged in this hate crime knew that. So, they knew exactly what to say. They knew what to orchestrate. They knew they could literally sit down with a false accuser word for word, dictate that, and nobody was going to say anything. In fact, they all approved. It wasn’t like King County prosecutors ever went; no, I think it’s kind of a little suspicious that maybe there’s a point. Why would you bring somebody in and do a word for word thing? Even when the judge, I forget her name at the moment, found him in misconduct. It was, well, he didn’t do anything wrong.
There’s nothing really wrong. I mean, he was doing the best he could. He brings in a false accuser step by step, fill in the blank, while the other person that’s helping orchestrate the crime is outside, sitting in a car at the curb, at the police station, leading him step by step. Oh, he was just doing the best he can. The best he can at what? Searching out the truth or setting up some people? That’s what I, well, I know the answer to that. Truth is nowhere to be found. Let me tell you, what you read in the newspaper, if you lived in that town or any, there was no truth in that. There was a lot of sly tricks done. The newspaper there that was in the town, the defense has like, I think the what, the first three days to present their side of the situation before the trial takes place? Is that right, Jacob?

Jacob: Something like that. They got X amount of time.

Timothy: We didn’t show up during that time, so that wasn’t in the news. Then he was observed whenever the trial was going on and the defense was talking, he put his pen down and not record anything in his notes. So, if you looked at his notes and only looked like whatever the prosecution said was what was being said, and the defense had no answer. I’m just telling you, nowhere, whether it’s newspaper, whether it’s secular, whether it’s into the church or whatever was going on, truth was nowhere to be found in this situation. The very makeup of the house, the very structure and the time period was proof, it couldn’t have happened. There wasn’t any way. But aside from that fact, let’s just give them, and I’m not going to go too far with that, benefit of the doubt. You mean to tell me, King County prosecutors, the prosecutor class had no qualms. No qualms. Okay. One or two, probably the qualm was, well, I sure hope this doesn’t hit the news, but they had no qualms in terms of honesty and truth, that the cop might be setting people up. If this were a drug case, it would be planting drugs and clearly King County protestors don’t care. Well, they don’t care about drug laws anyway, so what’s the point on that point?
Truth is nowhere to be found, and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey. The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice. Make no mistake about it. If you are called to jury duty or respond to jury duty, don’t expect to find any justice in that situation. I’m not telling you what to do. I’m just making the point. It’s nowhere to be found. Nowhere. You’d have to have some massive reforms before you could even start talking about that there would be a possibility of getting some justice into it. And prosecutors and the judges are not going to let that happen. They’re not going to let that happen. In fact, getting a prosecutor reform is like casting out demons. They’re only going to go out by force. And they’re only going to be driven out by some other greater power, and they’re only going to agree with you if they can gain at some advantage. It’s so distressing that you’ll hear legislators say, and this has been part of what’s happened in Washington state, they’re trying to devise some new laws and look at some things, right? And so, they bring in the prosecutors to ask their opinion. And I’m thinking, you know, that is the most biased stupid thing you can do. What do you expect them to say? You could have a cardboard cutout of whatever the top prosecutor is and it just repeat back, we need more money, we need more power, we need more money, we need more power. They just keep mocking back the same thing. Once you invite them, the whole situation is defiled. You need a people backing up and looking and examining, well, what is justice? What needs to happen in the courtroom? Where do we need to have some reforms? And the last people to ask would be the prosecutor class and the police. Isaiah 59:14. So justice is driven back. Isn’t that what happened in Washington State? I mean, definitely across the country now, but back when we were there, what were the governing authorities doing? What was Inslee doing? What was Attorney General Bob Ferguson doing? They’re pushing and driving back whatever is justice. And righteousness stands at a distance. So, who’s had to back up? It’s the Christians. Who’s had to back up in terms of their beliefs? Those who believe in righteousness. Who is it that has to keep backing up, shutting up, keeping quiet, who’s being kicked out of their jobs and nobody defends? It’s those who want some righteousness in their life. And so, the church is being forced back and back. They better wake up because there’s some nasty things that have been laid down that are going to be set into motion in Washington state. God’s going to use it to sift the church. And when I say wake up, I mean wake up spiritually. This is not a physical battle warfare where we pick up some type of weapon. This is a spiritual battle of the truth. So, justice has driven back and righteousness stands at a distance. Truth has stumbled in the streets and it cannot enter. Woe onto King County prosecutors if they do not repent

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness. Who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Isaiah 5:20. Woe to King County prosecutors of Seattle, Washington.

Timothy: We need to wake up from our simple ways and stop judging things by mere appearance. Again, that’s what the state, the prosecutor class, they want you to do. They just want you to judge by mere appearance. Jacob, let’s read John 7:24. As you go there, again, you can’t take notes in a courtroom. Even dogs, dogs in court, look it up. And Washington State are loud in the courtroom to manipulate the jury. Don’t buy into the rhetoric that, oh, it’s to help the person to be able to testify and all that. And the Washington State Supreme Court has assured everybody that it won’t influence the jury. You know, I talk to these people that do the dogs in court. And they come back, go, well, the defense can choose to have a dog in court to help with their client. And I asked them, well, just exactly how many times does that happen? Well, none, of course not. We all knew, but the worst Supreme Court wants lies. So, this woman comes in and goes, well, it’ll help people to testify, and we open it up, you know, for the defense and all that. So, it’s an equal thing. We’re not trying to manipulate anything. That’s it. Of course, they want the lies. That’s what Washington state legal system operates is on lies. And though the Washington Supreme Court said, oh sure, dogs don’t manipulate anybody so you can bring them in the courtroom. When’s the lie? Okay, Jacob, if you got children, you walk by a window in a pet store and there was a cute puppy. I’m sure there’s no attraction to the puppy. Is there?

Jacob: No attraction, no distractions.

Timothy: Exactly. It doesn’t, there’s not this gut instinct that goes, oh, poor thing. You know, I wish I could get you a puppy and, uh, I can’t, we can’t. You’d have to take care of, you know, the whole routine, right? Because why? There’s no visceral emotional response to that. So, you go into a courtroom and you’ve weeded out all the people that actually think intellectually and you brought in the most, I’m not telling you, none of them think intellectually meaning, but you brought in the most that are ill qualified to be in the jury pool that you can get there. And by the way, that whole selection process is tainted, and I might get into that later on. So, you bring in those people and then you bring in a puppy dog for the poor person that claims that, oh, I’ve been abused, or this has gone on. You can’t cross examinee. You don’t get to talk to them beforehand. It goes on and on. There is nothing about these things that are trial. So, the next time you see a conviction about these things, you better hold it in the highest, I mean, the absolute highest suspicion because the manipulation is massive. Even the nonprofits behind these testimonies, they always ask you, has anybody talked to you time or have they prepared you for this? They are massively, massively manipulating these people to create accusations and to maybe even believe them because they have all the tools on their side. Anyway, you can’t take notes. Dogs allowed in court. So, you’re not allowed to really do anything as possible. So, you want your, if you’re on the prosecution side, you want an emotional, like, you know, baby talk or cry or this, it doesn’t have anything to do with the facts. It has to do with like, you’re watching a movie and at the end of the movie, okay, yeah, they’re guilty and you know. And it’s all fake. It’s all for show. We have to stop judging things by mere appearance. John 7:24. Jacob, I’m going to let you read that again or read it now.

Jacob: Stop judging by mere appearances and make a right judgment.

Timothy: A right judgment. If you look at Jesus on a superficial level, you’re going to come to wrong conclusion. Especially if you’re going to pervert what he’s doing anyway. That’s why they accused him of being a part of Beelzebub. Because they’re just judging by mere appearance. It’s our basic nature. Jacob, go ahead and play this next video because here’s a classic example. As you watch this, I want you to think jury duty, she would be selected for jury duty. She would be eager for jury duty. She’d be the first in line. She would agree with everything. Think jury duty when you listen and watch this.

Speaker 1: You alright there love?

Speaker 2: Do you know what you’re doing here with your engine idling?

Speaker 1: No. What?

Speaker 2: You are polluting the atmosphere.

Speaker 1: Really?

Speaker 2: You’re just sitting here without a care of the world, with your engine running. And you don’t care who you are polluting.

Speaker 1: Okay.

Speaker 2: Fumes from this car are going in through all the windows and all the ventilation

Speaker 1: The fumes from this car. Yeah?

Speaker 2: Yeah, that’s right.

Speaker 1: Do you know that this car is electric, right?

Speaker 2: Ha, ha, ha. Yeah. You try and fob me off like that.

Speaker 1: No, I’m not trying to fob anyone off

Speaker 2: It’s an electric car… just to cover up your crimes. Because I will be reporting this, you know.

Speaker 1: Well, what, what? Report me to whom?

Speaker 2: To the authorities.

Speaker 1: And say what? Hey, excuse me, someone’s in their car.

Speaker 2: Yeah. I’m going to take a picture of you and all, you’re polluting the atmosphere. That is a crime now, you know.

Speaker 1: How is it a crime?

Speaker 2: Because you are sending untold, nasty emissions of poison all over this area.

Jacob: Well, just the absurdity. I don’t know, they have an accent, so I’m guessing they’re either like UK or Australia or I don’t know where. But yeah, untold nasties. So doesn’t even know what she’s talking about.

Timothy: And for people that don’t have the advantage of watching the video, he’s sitting in a Tesla. There are no emissions going out. It’s a Tesla, it’s an electric car. Yet you hear her saying, I’m going to call the police, it’s a crime.

Jacob: It’s criminal. This is criminal or against the law. It’s the same thing. But she was like, I’m going to report this.

Timothy: And isn’t the world and society and Washington state becoming more and more emotional like that were things that really aren’t crimes on the book.

Jacob: Well, in this case it’s even her opinion. It’s just really opinions. Like you said, the emotions. So however, someone feels, if you’re doing something.

Timothy: It’s mere appearance. I can just hear a prosecutor, well, he is sitting in the car. Were you just sitting in the car? Yeah. And you’re only allowed to answer like yes or no, whatever they want. Are you sitting in the car? Yeah. Was it sunny that day? Yeah. Were there kids playing up there? Yes. You could go, yes, yes, yes. And then the bottom line is, it’s a Tesla, but that gets lost. I mean, you can imagine they brought all his friends in about, well, how does he live his life, how does he pollute, what’s going on? And you bring in all this peripheral stuff, the fact that it’s a Tesla, totally gets lost in the emotion of the situation. Then you’ve got, of course, the first sense of power some people have of sitting on a jury pool, dividing people’s, you know, fate and what’s going to happen.

Jacob: Oh, yeah. This is the exact example of someone that the prosecutors would want on the jury.

Timothy: Oh, absolutely. She would qualify.

Jacob: Yeah, she would qualify. You wouldn’t qualify in their eyes. But she would.

Timothy: Thank you. Thank you for admitting that. Yeah.

Jacob: She would, they would be like, yeah, you. Raise your hand if you’ve ever harassed someone for sitting in their car. Raise your hand. Oh, yeah, you, you’re in. No further questions.

Timothy: This is why prosecutors do tabloid prosecutions. They bring in everything else that a quote unquote is kind of unrelated. It’s like, the only question you really had to ask was, was the engine running and the emissions coming out? That’s it. Who cares if there’s children over here or this over there? If it was against the law, and I’m using as an example, to actually turn a key and sit in a car, and I think it is in some places, at least in the United States. Okay, that’s all you need to know. You go to court and that’s it. But that’s not, especially that’s not what King County prosecutors do. If you even get to trial, they surround it with all kinds of other nonsense. I know with us; they were trying to crush us from the beginning. The idea was that the business would collapse and the church would collapse within 48 hours. We’ll go on to too long of things. So, and then of course when it collapsed, you could say, well see, it collapsed, it didn’t stand, and so on and so forth. It had nothing to do with whether the crime or not was actually committed, could it be committed or was committed in any way? Reminds me of Proverbs 1:22. How long will you simple ones love your simple ways, and how long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? Again, woe to King County prosecutors if they do not repent.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Isaiah 5:20. Woe to King County prosecutors of Seattle, Washington. This has been the Consider Podcast at, where yesterday’s folly is today’s madness. In the beginning, the unrepentant sinner’s words are folly. At the end, they are wicked madness. Ecclesiastes 10:13. Judgment begins with the house of God. Therefore, let everyone who loves the Lord with an undying love pick up their cross and walk the talk. As Peter the Apostle wrote,
Therefore, prepare your minds for action, be self-controlled. First Peter 1:13-14. The Considered Podcast. Examining today’s events and tomorrow’s realities.

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