#38 Jury Duty and Justice Pt 2

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Timothy: I’ve been mentioning the hate crime in Washington state out of the city of Enum Claw during the Christian Smackdown Time. Jacob, go ahead and play this is a very very short synopsis of the trial that went on. It would be very difficult. It’d be several shows a month long worth of shows to discuss what went on in this trial the corruptions that we bumped into. So, let’s hone this down and see if we can kind of recap it for everybody so that they kind of understand. I know a lot of what I’m talking about here because I’ve experienced it. Go ahead Jacob.

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Judge 1: Every allegation comes from the detective. The quality of the interview and of the complainant in this case was very poor. That this is an absolutely terrible interview. There are many leading questions in this interview. That the interviewer providing information as opposed to obtaining it. I’m just so sorry that this kind of poor-quality interviewing is going on in the 21st century. We don’t need this, but we need our good quality interviews to be done instead of it all being led by what the officers for it. There’s nothing here, a proper interview, we’d have a narrative. This was an interview to confirm what the detective thought or the investigator thought had happened. I mean, this entire interview is not acceptable. Every single act, alleged act is suggested first by the officer.

Judge 2: Every act?

Judge 1: Yes, every act. Every allegation comes from the detective. He the one who suggests all of the things that happen. This is how if you wanted to do an interview to make suggestions to a complainant, this is how to do it.
Officer T. Ryan: Where’s the Sound Doctrine Church located?

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Timothy: Jacob, let’s go to first Peter chapter 2 verse 23. This trial, this is just a little bit of a recap. I mean, Jacob, I’m not over exaggerating by saying, it would take a great deal of time and in depth to cover all the injustices that went on, correct?

Jacob: Correct. Yeah, it would take a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot.

Timothy: This actually makes it look minor. This is the minor aspect and it’s huge. You have a policeman sitting down alone with the girl who has been manipulated on the outside by other people involved to make a false accusation. And you have to understand prosecutors will not prosecute liars. So, all that happens is the liars know how to manipulate the system and they come flooding into the prosecutor’s office, making all kinds of accusations. Knowing they will not be prosecuted for lying, and not only is that bad enough and let me remind everybody who is Satan but the author of lies. So, he’s inviting liars into our justice system. They have non-profit groups. They have counseling. The false accuser gets all kinds of legal stuff. I mean, sympathy pours in. The press comes in. Everybody comes in, so why not lie?

I mean it is I remember one news article said, oh what bravery she had. There was no bravery involved. Everybody was cheering her on to lie. It would have taken bravery to tell the truth that she was a liar. But there was no bravery involved in the accusation. What the prosecutors did in Washington State is well known for its hatred and animosity toward Christianity. I mean well known. They used a false accusation because it was the church that was put on trial. Essentially, it was a proxy prosecution. Whatever I preached or lived or did was insulted, twisted, perverted. The prosecutors wanted the lies. The prosecutors love lies. Do we understand that that they do?

Jacob: I understand it

Timothy: Okay, one of the reasons they do is if a person’s lying, they’re willing to lie about anything and so they can be in to manipulate that lie. Somebody telling the truth will stick to their story, right? So, that’s not as much used to prosecutors. They want somebody who’s willing to lie and bend the truth, be mind manipulated to say what the prosecutor. Quote unquote, I guess it makes their job easier that they’ll go to hell. Clearly, there’s no fear of God. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have all these mechanisms and these absolutely atrocious laws that are put into place and call it the legal system. So, the church was put on trial. Everything was insulted no matter how holy or righteous.

In fact, if it was holy righteous good, they really zoomed in on it. They deprived of justice by refusing to look at any other thing else that would have actually shown the truth. That is the nature of a righteous persecution that Jesus talked about. That’s why in first Peter chapter 2 verse 23, and I’m warning people that are Christians do not resort to threats. Don’t resort to violence. We’re not trying to overthrow anything. I’m not even trying to reform anything which I think would be totally impossible. It says, talking about Jesus, “When they hurled their insulted him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.”

It is only God that judges justly. It is God that gives us the ability to understand what justice is, and because the court system I think it used to be you had to swear in a bible or swear to tell the truth so help you God. I believe that’s probably been dropped everywhere within the legal system. So, what would we expect if you pull God out of, and by that, I mean a holy God, a righteous God. A sense of like this is the Bible, this is truth, and there’s no sense of any fear about what you’re able to say. The liars are going to flood in. The liars are going to become prosecutors. The liars are going to become judges. The liars are certainly going to become police. They’re going to train everybody on how to lie.

Satan’s having a field day certainly within the Washington State legal system and the courthouse and those who make the laws. It’s an abomination of a anything that’s just and good and noble will be attacked, will be attacked. They go after grandmothers. So, they’re willing to go after grandmothers, believe me you’re toast. Do not resort to threats, do not retaliate. In fact, the hope is that one person will actually repent through all this. Says, “Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.” I’m not telling you to speak up, I’m speaking up. I’m not telling you not tell the truth. In fact, I’m telling you to stand up and tell the truth. Go to jury duty and stand up and tell the truth that the whole system’s corrupt. Lay them low. Bring in facts. Come in in such an attitude of love that you’re calling these people to repentance. But don’t retaliate, don’t offer threats, don’t say I’m going to do this or I’m going to do that. You don’t know what God’s will is. God could’ve easily had me ignore all of this and just move on with other things, but right now, he’s got me honing in on it.

I remember one of the prosecutors that asked somebody that they were going to put on the stand and go, what are you going to do when your church can’t meet anymore? Well, here’s your answer. Let’s go to Psalms chapter 9 verse 15. And now we’re up to Jacob’s point when he discussed. Well, you know we never talk about the judges. Alright. So, let’s talk about the judges. This is your chance, Jacob.

Jacob: Okay.

Timothy: Let’s go to Psalm 9:15 and I’ll let you read 15 & 16 and then we’re going to get into something a little bit dicey here in a moment. So go ahead.

Jacob: The nations have fallen into the pit they have dug; their feet are caught in the net they have hidden. The Lord is known by his justice; the wicked are ensnared by the work of their hands. Higgaion. Selah.

Timothy: Selah. Alright. “The nations have fallen into the pit they have dug.” Do we not realize that all of these laws and the laws of what’s considered a crime? The laws of what’s considered a felony have just exploded in number and in breath and in depth, correct?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: It’s like and now especially in Washington State they’re writing laws that are so broad. You can literally arrest, harass, whatever you want to call it. A lot of times you’re not arrested. You’re just flat out harassed. “The nations have fallen into the pit they have dug.” Their laws are becoming a pit where nobody is actually innocent on anything. That they can convict you of anything and everything becomes a felony. They’re never they’re going to be taken in by their own laws. God’s going to repay them according to their own words. “Their feet are caught in the net, they have hidden.” And I’m going to give you a demonstration of that here in a moment. But their feet are caught in the net they have hidden.

How many hidden laws are there? You go what? That’s against the law or that’s a crime and nobody can keep up with them. They come unclear. So eventually what happens is what we’re seeing. The nation just kind of gives up. It’s like, I can’t do anything right. If I do what’s right, they just come after me. The police can just do this. They can trick me in out of my rights. They can do all these. You got to be a mini lawyer to dialogue if you’re foolish enough to dialogue with a policeman. The Supreme Court has come along and totally obliviated our rights on a normal reasonable. In fact, those are rule, those are law, let me back. There need to be laws passed that judges and police and project can’t use the words reasonable because it doesn’t exist anymore for them. They only use that to fool a jury. Verse 16 says, “The Lord is known by his justice.” Okay, Jacob, you should know the answer to this now. What’s the number one rule to understanding what justice is?

Jacob: Ignore the crime.

Timothy: Ignore the crime. That’s exactly what we do when we trust God with that. We’re ignoring the crime. We look at the source. The source is the living God. He’s holy. He’s righteous. His judgments are just. Then you look at the crime. That’s what Satan did in the Garden of Eden. He got Adam and Eve to take their eyes above who God is and then he was able to prosecute. So, it’s we come to prosecute that is far more important than the actual crime that was committed. “The Lord is known by his justice.” You go back to the source of who is actually making the accusation. Who is it that’s administering justice. Why do you think all these judges? They don’t want you recording in court. They don’t want you knowing who they are. They don’t want you knowing what they believe or what they’re thinking. Everything is hidden. But the Lord is in the open. The Lord is out there. He’s in the light. This is who I am. A God of justice. This is what holiness is and he goes straight. You may not like everything you read in the Bible but I can assure you that it’s all justice. “The Lord is known by his justice.” Then, I look at the crime. That make sense, Jacob? Am I explaining that well enough?

Jacob: Make sense.

Timothy: So, the Lord is known by his purity. The Lord is known by his truthfulness. The Lord is known by taking things that look complicated and bring, I think of Solomon, when the two prostitutes are brought in. Do you know the story?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: And then obviously he lays out a question that reveals the heart and the motive. Well, the last thing the judicial system would do is because one of the things in that case it became clear who was actually guilty. Prosecutors don’t want you to know who’s actually guilty, because they themselves are guilty and the person sitting there in charge may not be guilty. So that’s not what they want you looking at. They want you; this is the law, this is law. This is a crime. This is how evil. They’re wicked. They’re vicious. This is what was in their mind. They’re just out of control. This is what they did. And so, then it’s easier for the jury to be fooled to come back with a guilty plea.

It’s amazing when I think back to the hate crime and the trial. Let’s just say that everything was like where it needed to be except the officer set alone with somebody instructing them how and what to say to accuse us as a church as to what was going on. And the jury just totally ignored that. That’s an amazing condemnation of the jury that you could totally ignore that. If I were sitting there be going like none of this means anything anymore. This is over with. You owe these people money. You owe these people justice. If a policeman did this and I pick up on any. That would be like planting drugs and bringing somebody in and going, well yeah, I plant. The policeman says, I planted the drugs. I walked in a polling table and the jury just ignores it. That’s literally what happened.

Jacob: Yeah, he planted evidence.

Timothy: He was the bloody knife. Remember in the first deposition what he was coming out very clear. Well, the city of Enumclaw and prosecutors no doubt were behind it. They hired an attorney to come in and help him clean up his testimony. So, they literally wiped a bloody knife clean so that he would not seem as guilty as he really was. They participated in the crime. You went and you altered what this policeman was saying and how he was saying and teaching him how to lie better and to cover up his bigotry that was really after us. Because it was a church is being attacked through this crime. So, they are guilty of, so naturally they can’t come back and go. Well, we were wrong. He’s innocent. Let’s them go free without what? Making themselves guilty of the wrongdoing.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: But if there’s any avenue of anything letting him lose, it’s being fought far and wide. In fact, one of the lead prosecutor Mark Larson has deep ties to the FBI. Where’s the FBI these days? Are they a trustworthy organization?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Well, we actually filed a complaint with the FBI against the hate crime and there was some movement Going on with it but it certainly has stalled out. Why do you think that is? They’re not going to come against Prosecutor Mark Larson and the whole system to expose it for what really went on. It’s got too many connections in there and so it’s stonewalled at best at what’s going on. So, “The Lord is known by his justice; the wicked are ensnared by the work of their hands.” So, they’re ensnared. Let me let me give you one example of what I’m talking about here because it’ll be important later on as we look maybe at other trials and situations. Now it’s going to get dicey. This is extra offensive because what you have to do is in order to talk about justice. Again, Jacob one more time what’s the number one rule?

Jacob: Ignore the crime.

Timothy: Ignore the crime. Very hard to do. Very hard to do. So let me give a warning here if you don’t want to be offended more than normal or you don’t want to set aside the actual crime to discuss kind of what’s going on Best to not listen and go on and with your life and go you do your dirty duty and then pay the penalty before God because you refuse to embrace the truth. Go ahead and play that warning clip Jacob.

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Timothy: Psalms 9:16 says, “The wicked are ensnared by the work of their hands.” Says. “The nations have fallen into the pit they have dug; their feet are caught in the net they have hidden.” Jacob, do you know who Larry Nasar is if I’m saying it right?

Jacob: Nope.

Timothy: It’s Larry Nassar. He was a medical doctor that examined women and stuff for athletic competitions and things like that. And he molested children or these teenage girls with the adults in the room and was eventually brought to trial. Horrendous crime. Horrendous crime. Should have been found guilty, was guilty.

Jacob: So, he’s a child molester.

Timothy: He was a child molester, very much so in the very truth of the situation. I mean I have questions about why it went on so long, but you know what this would be highly volatile and emotional. And right now, that’s not what I’m after.

Jacob: Well, but unfortunately, it’s actually a common news story that usually whether it’s basketball coaches, yeah of wide swinging athletic co take advantage of boys or girls. Happens all the time.

Timothy: Well, who’s to blame?

Jacob: Well, why are the parents.

Timothy: Let’s skip the parents, because we’ll definitely be lynched up. But let’s back further up. Who’s to blame? Who’s complicit let’s say in this crime?

Jacob: Well, and again you can go Google these news stories because there’s a lot of them. A lot of times there’s complaints in the school districts never do anything about some pervy dude.

Timothy: Okay, that was certainly in this case there were some parents who actually did.

Jacob: You know what I mean? Because there’s usually there’s always like a lot of complaints and no one ever does anything blah blah. That’s common anyways.

Timothy: Correct. So, who’s to blame for institutions not taking the action?

Jacob: Not taking the action.

Timothy: What has created a cesspool environment has decayed the goodness that was in the United States. It might have been meager but it was there that would have actually acted on it. Who’s complicit in the crime?

Jacob: Well, the police officers clearly don’t ever do anything if there’s actual complaints that actually go that far.

Timothy: Okay, who is responsible for the police not acting in a zealous direct truthful kind of direction so that these things are dealt with effectively and powerfully and in a truthful fashion?

Jacob: Well then, we’re going back to the court systems that even if the police were to bring forth situations or things that happens. Then they’re actually never prosecuted or they’re never dealt with. Justice is never administered.

Timothy: You’re getting warm and you’ve already brought up. You sing, I never talk about it.

Jacob: Oh, the judges. The people at the tippity-top.

Timothy: I gave you all the hints. But yes, the tippity top.

Jacob: Oh, we had to work our way up. Because everybody along the ladder is guilty.

Timothy: Correct.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Alright, so Jacob you ever heard of Chester, the Molester?

Jacob: I’ve heard the name.

Timothy: Chester Molester, see again I grew up during the time period. It’s do you know what Hustler Magazine is?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: I grew up during a time period when Hustler Magazine was coming on to the social arena of life, right? It’s a horrendously pornography type magazine. Back then, it was shockingly so. Now, what is in Hustler Magazine is pretty much on social media everywhere. Not quite but pretty close true. I don’t even want to describe it. Alright, Hustler Magazine was as vile as vile I mean way even beyond like the only difference between Hustler Magazine and now is Hustler Magazine was contained. It was a small element or you’ve heard of Red-Light District’s downtown somewhere.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Well, now the Red-Light District is United States. From California to Maine. It’s everywhere. It’s on billboards. It’s an advertising. We are inundated with pornography and what’s even considered pornography is way past pornography. In other words, the pornography is in the advertising and pornography’s in all the writing. Now we’ve got perverts in the public-school sexualizing children. I’m kind of totally and supposedly, social service was there to protect children. How come all these social services are totally silent on all these drag shows in schools, everything else. Technically speaking, if I had done what that officer did and sat down and just manipulated a woman come with magazine. I would have been rightly arrested. You just don’t do it.
So anyway, we’re back to Hustler Magazine. Hustler Magazine had a cartoon called Chester Molester. There’s a black and white kind of a New York-looking cartoon and what Chester the Molester would do I he would expose himself or he’d put himself in a situation. There’d be a cartoon, I’m not going to describe it, and then there’d be a joke underneath it. Jerry Farwell, I think most people know who he is. He was a religious leader. He’s no longer around his colleges around. Hustler Magazine had written some negative things about him, so he sued. Well, the courts came back in an A to zero decision that is they were all in favor of Hustler Magazine being allowed print what it printed.

So, when you hear in the news that some teacher slept with a young student or a teenage boy. Well, where do you think this flood of pornography came from? It came from the Supreme Court. It came from the judges. They did a way. There used to be a thing called community level stuff. I don’t know what the exact term is. Meaning that you could lack of a better term. You could keep certain things in certain districts and you could keep pornography out of libraries.

Jacob: Or sure they had like adult bookstores, right? Only adult content. You know what I mean?

Timothy: Correct.

Jacob: Like back in the day, it was contained from the general public. You had to be a super seeding dude to go get access to that kind of garbage.

Timothy: It was the courts who set into motion the flood and I mean a literal flood of pornography, sexual immorality. People are induced all the time. Look at our public school and what’s happening to our kids. So, you’ve got young girls in public school, right?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: And the whole environment is sexualized. Is it not?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: That’s what it’s reduced down to. Public schools are nothing more than brothels at this point. Everybody comes dressed sloppy, seductively, everything’s talked about sex, the books are horrendous. It’s very clear. Well, these young girls or young boys for that matter, young girls grow up to teach in public school. Well, everything about the growing up process was tied to sexual promiscuous, right?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: So, it’s not shocking at all that you’ve got people sleeping with students and students going on. That’s what the environment is. And so, when a prosecutor gets all indignant, oh she slept with kids or he did this. I’m going, what? You’re the ones that brought all this in. Your court system is the one that said, Chester Molester is okay or that women with their bodies in contorted positions can show themselves in any way that they want and that’s protected free speech. It’s Always ironic to me that a court system that’s so noble, so smart can decide when life begins and doesn’t begin and abortions allowed and all these things. But they can’t seem to figure out what pornography is or what’s not helpful within society. They won’t even allow us to come along and say, you know what? That shouldn’t be in public school. That shouldn’t be in the library without everything coming unglued about free speech.

I detest it when I or usually they’re conservatives or fellow Christians. Well, we’re not against printing things, and we’re not advocating book burning. Why not? There has to be a line drawn somewhere. You can’t just print every single thing. Now I understand the problem is if you give the course permission to do that then they’re going to be coming for us pretty soon. They’re going to be doing that anyway. That’s what’s going on.

So, we’re back to the scripture again. Where it says, “The nations are what ensnared by the work of their hands.” Supreme Court, the court systems, society, governmental institutions, public schools, everybody else. You just inundate everything with sexual immorality and so all of a sudden, we’re shocked that some doctor molests children, while the parents in the room doing a physical exam to do athletic events. We’re really surprised at that. The answer is we act like it and the judge and here’s the part I’m really trying to get to. The guy’s guilty. I hate that all apology, yeah, I’m against all that. Of course, I am. That’s what we’re talking about. Well judge, I’m going to do you see it there in the notes Jacob? Because I want to get it right. Rosemary Aquilina?

Jacob: We’re talking about the Hustler case.

Timothy: Sorry, I backed up.

Jacob: Okay.

Timothy: Now we’re talking about the comment that the judge makes about Larry Nassar.

Jacob: Judge Rosemary Aquila.

Timothy: Alright. She’s sentencing him and what he did is a horrendous crime and there’s certain things in the law that he was given I want to say 140 years or 40 years something like that. That’s what the law said. Correct? When she sentenced him and you’re seeing this more and more in the court system and it is extremely dangerous. There’s a mob mentality sitting in black robes behind that. That’s kind of what happened to the case we’re involved in. It’s clear that they embrace anybody who lies and they’re against certain people and against certain Christians. So, you’re just not going to get justice and they’re going to ignore anything as long as it gives them what they want. Well in the same way okay sidetracking here. Here’s what she said. She sent it to him and she goes, “It is my honor and it is my privilege to sense you”. Now, you got to remember Jesus said, “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord,” correct?

Mid Point

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: So, she’s in her, it’s a typical judge, pride, and arrogance and it’s my privilege and my honor. I remember King County prosecutors when we were trying to get the truth to them and go, oh, it is our pleasure, it is our joy to take all the power the prosecutor’s office and come after you. That’s what they were saying. “It is my and my privilege to sentence you. I find this to be a grand thing,” right? Clearly, she has no sense. Well, who set into motion to flood all of the nation with relentless pornography, sexuality, and a constant printing of how to achieve sexual gratification. Who did that? Obviously, the court system, she works for. If you’re going to sentence him, then sentence yourself at the same time.

Well, there’s no between the person it grooms and that’s exactly what the Supreme Court has done it has groomed the whole nation towards sexuality, they should all be arrested and you know what? One day they will be arrested by the living God. In the meantime, I hope they repent. It is my honor and my privilege to sentence you. And look at what she says. Here’s what she says. he wasn’t sentenced to a death penalty, he wasn’t sentenced to go to the electric chair or the gas chamber, but she says, “I just signed your death warrant.” She knowingly, willingly, with pleasure, with honor, sentenced him to death. And you tell me, is that legal, Jacob?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: No, it’s not legal. To knowingly set somebody up so that they will be killed is murder. This judge is being ensnared by her own words. Jesus said, “By your words, you will be acquitted and you will be condemned.” If she knowingly sends any prisoner to a prison for which she knows he will be murdered she just committed murder. Did she not?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Suppose let me give me a less emotional maybe. Well, let me read finish on what she said. She goes, “I told you I’m not a nice person.” So, here’s the judge. I’m not a nice person. Come before me in a trial. How many times do these judges that run for election? Oh, I’m a prosecutor judge. I mean, that’s what they advertise. Everybody, okay, vote for that. That’s just sounds like dumb. Well, that means when you go before that judge, he’s for the prosecution before you get there. He’s as biased as all get out. They don’t go, well, I serve justice and justice alone. I’m going to ensure everybody gets a fair trial. No, all these judges run on. I’m hard on crime. I will send everybody to prison. Well, guess what? You’re going to Pay the ultimate penalty of your soul for that kind of arrogance and one-sided opinion about things.

The Lord is known by his justice and he will ensure that your words ensnare you, the work of your hands. “I just signed your death warrant. I told you I was not a nice person.” Oh well congratulations that you’re arrogant. Congratulations that you’re rude. Congratulations that you’re not able to discern what justice is and what guilt’s going on. He oh he should’ve punished. That’s not the problem. The problem is we have a whole lying situation. You’re sentenced but what you’re actually sentenced to is different than what the law says and they are knowingly do it. I remember when the individual in our case was sentenced. There was a debate about whether it’s 40 years or 20 years or whatever, right? And the prosecutor in the room goes, well, it’s really a life sentence, which is really true. So, it’s a lie. They’re promoting a lie even as a sentence. Do you think it’s a juror, I’m going to sit there and go knowing, they’re going to they have this thing called the law that’s really a lie because they don’t even follow the law. Really? I’m going to stand before God and go, oh yeah, guess what? God, I know what they said, I knew they were lying but hey, I wanted vengeance, really? And I’m going to pay the price for their sin think again I’m not going there at all. Any comments so far on this Jacob?

Jacob: No. Judges are guilty.

Timothy: Okay, so did I cover the judges good enough?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Let me give you one other example that’s just kind of there. Suppose you stole my prize Star Wars collection.

Jacob: Okay, so you have a Star Wars collection. I steal it. I physically took it.

Timothy: Right.

Jacob: Okay.

Timothy: Now do I actually have a Star Wars collect?

Jacob: No. This is hypothetical.

Timothy: It is hypothetical. So, I have this because the only reason I’m choosing that because people really do get into Star Wars.

Jacob: People really, really do.

Timothy: It is a religion. So, I got this huge star. I got my favorite Darth Vader let’s say. And so, you steal it. And I’m burned up, man. That is bad. Stealing is a crime, right? So, I logically go down that and there’s a neighbor. He’s been out of prison. He’s got tattoos all the way. He’s a rough character and so I’m not going to go to the police because well, I went to the police, right? And I got, yeah, he stole my favorite Star Wars. They just laughed me and kicked me out, right? I get it’s on parallel. So, I go to the next-door neighbor and I go, yeah man, he stole this. I don’t like it, we were friends. The whole bit knowing that this guy’s going to beat you up. Knowing that’s what’s going to happen. That’s what happened,

Jacob: You go to the tattooed guy, the con and you say, this other guy stole it. So, he’s whining.

Timothy: I’d say, you stole it, yeah.

Jacob: I stole it.

Timothy: Knowing that he’s going to get worked up.

Jacob: But I really did steal it.

Timothy: Oh yeah, you really did steal it.

Jacob: You’re going to go work up the con.

Timothy: Work up the con and I know this cons mentality.

Jacob: So, he’s a loose cannon, you know that he’s going to go for it.

Timothy: Right.

Jacob: Okay

Timothy: Am I not guilty then at least accessory?

Jacob: Yeah absolutely.

Timothy: Especially if you died and he beat you up and he goes far.

Jacob: He’s in a wheelchair. He breaks his legs. The dude can’t work anymore.

Timothy: Alright, or let’s even go further. You’re just like at a brain vegetable.

Jacob: Okay sure, you’re a brain vegetarian. Even if it wasn’t a brain, yeah okay.

Timothy: That’s exactly what this judge did.

Jacob: Okay.

Timothy: That’s exactly what these judges are doing.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: They’re knowing they’re sensing these things, but inside they’re feeding the vengeance of the courtroom and the family that’s in there.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: And they know when they turn you over to the guard and we haven’t even talked about the prison guards and all of those things that are going on. They’re going to be held. If they think they’re going to stand before God and go, well, that person’s worse than me. They’re living a complete lie and illusion which obviously if you surround yourself with liars in a courtroom the judge is lying, prosecutors lying, police are lying, everybody lies and I know what they’re going to say. Well, the defense lies. Yeah, I get it. Everybody’s lying. Well don’t think you’re going to escape if you lie along with them.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Or if you sentence them to what is a lie so they will be ensnared that judge Rosemary will be ensnared. She will stand before God and have to give an account to God as to why she sentences a man to the death penalty when the law did not allow for the death penalty. If we’re going to arrest these people if we’re going to put them into prison if we’re going to lay down a law, we better make sure as a society as a guard, as a prison warden, as a governmental system that has prisons everywhere. In fact, the United States has more people in prison than people around the world. We all know that then we better make sure that it’s at least according to law because every prison guard, everybody associated with this will pay the penalty for their lies.

Isaiah chapter 5 verse 16, “But the Lord Almighty will be exalted by his justice, and the Holy God will show himself holy by his righteousness.” It is we got to go back to the source. Is the prosecutor righteous? Is the judge righteous? Is the Bailiff righteous? Is the prison system righteous? Is what we’re doing a righteous thing. If not as a juror, not to worry, I won’t be selected. But if I somehow got in there, I’m going to take every measure of truthfulness, every measure of the righteousness of God and his justice and apply it to the system. I am not a fool. I will not be a fool. I will not be drawn into their sins. If I wind up going to hell and God says, Tim Williams, you can’t come into heaven. I’m not going to go in because of somebody else’s foolish sin.

The legal code of the United States is ensnaring judges and prosecutors and police and they don’t have no clue. They’re patting themselves on their back. The giving themselves awards. They can’t seem to figure out. You know what? And just to bring it down to like an everyday level. I think it was in Louisiana. There’s a picture of a golden lab. Do you know what Golden Labs are Jacob?

Jacob: Yeah, as in a labradoodle that’s golden in trouble.

Timothy: In terms of a dog, right?

Jacob: Yeah Golden Lab.

Timothy: Golden Lab, right?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Would you consider them a vicious dog?

Jacob: No. They’re like family dogs. That’s why you buy them.

Timothy: Right. I don’t even consider them dogs. Now I really got myself in trouble. They’re water lovers and they like to play. I’ve yet to I’ve never I’ve only been bitten by a chihuahua. It’s really the little dogs you have to watch out for. Anyway, Golden Retriever running not even toward the policeman but across the police. He shoots him. He shoots the lab. That’s the mentality that’s there. Well, where did that come from? That kind of nonsense. It’s just filled with violence. It’s just one gang against another gang and that policeman thinks he’s going to stand before God, because look, I know it’s just a lab. I just know it’s a dog but guess what? If you shoot a dog that the police own, that’s a felony because their friends, their partners, they’ve been trained by the police, right?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Oh yeah, no family considers a dog a part of their family, right?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: So, when you shoot the lab, you shot grandma technically , that’s how people respond. There’s no difference but yet, the police are allowed to do it and just mow down dogs for no reason at all. You know what? There ought to be a law passed unless you’ve been bitten by the dog, you can’t shoot him. Anyway, sidetrack. But the these aren’t minor things. He has been distrustful with little will be distrustful with much. But what I’m pointing this out, I know it sounds like a long swing. But no, when you have an attitude that is I will shoot labs and I will treat other people’s homes with contempt. I will steal their money. I will pull them over. I will set them up. I will just do everything I can because I’m the policeman and that’s going to lead to sentencing someone to Prison knowing that you just sent them to their death penalty. That’s what that leads to.

Jacob: Yeah, they don’t care. They’ll shoot a family dog. Yeah, like you said, they’ll literally take cash out of people’s trunks. They’ll illegally pull people over. I mean, the list goes on and on and so then you get so callous that you will happily shoot people, you will send them to prison, you will ruin their lives.

Timothy: And that’s what’s happening, and then they blame us because nobody respects them.

Jacob: Okay, real quick question.

Timothy: Yes.

Jacob: Back to that case, The Chester Molester. It was in like 1988 I think is what it said online, right?

Timothy: Yep.

Jacob: So, well the other flip side, because I can guess, right. I’m only guessing that maybe these judges because when it came down to the nitty-gritty, they were saying that that was free speech.

Timothy: Correct.

Jacob: So, at the time it’s like okay pretty much and again I’m not advocating I’m not saying they made the right decision I’m not advocating for anything.

Timothy: No, we’re just debating what’s justice.

Jacob: But at the time, in 1988 you say okay well these pervy people want to be pervy and. In theory, as long as a Christian can still be a Christian and say whatever they want to say, right? Then that would supposedly be fair. I’m using air quotes. Of course, we’re way past that because they don’t, even the free speech is not honored today, right? It thought upheld today because Christians are continued to be silenced and then the pervs continue to get more pervy.

Timothy: Well, to hone it down, this is technically Hustle Magazine and follow was about slander. Hustler Magazine had posted some negative articles about Jerry ROL.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: And he was suing.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: What should have happened on the promise court strain on Nats and Swallow Camel.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: But it’s just based on this. Farrow should have been allowed to sue him. That would’ve created responsibility by those who say things.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: It’s a delusion to say that Christians can say whatever they want.

Jacob: Yeah, exactly.

Timothy: Nobody can just say whatever they want. There are it’s all mixed up. I can’t even talk about jury notification without that being a crime. It it’s a joke to say well we can say whatever we want. We have free speech. No, we don’t have free speech have constricted speech and you have to walk this whole maneuvering thing to be able to say. So, but this is pornography, this is slander for slander’s sake. They should have been held accountable. That would have slown the tide of pornography. You have to look at what is the consequences of the law. For instance, let’s say the legislature and I don’t want to give any ideas. Jaywalking is a problem in Seattle, right?

So, they pass a federal law that’s a federal crime which means it’s much you can get 50 years or maybe the death penalty. So, the police officer has a right to gun people down to jaywalk. Well, is that a problem that needs to be solved that way? No.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: There is an understanding that things need to be reasonably presented. Why all of a sudden is it with pornography that you can just print anything, but you can’t bring in the Bible in public school. You can’t go in and discuss what scripture says. There’s something else going on. So, I hear what you’re saying that’s why I didn’t want to die Too much in the case and this is just one example of how really my point was you have a Chester Molester cartoon, which was the vilest of cartoons when I was, I don’t know why, I don’t even know how old I was that set into motion the flood of pornography we have now.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: And any judge with any thinking ability could have seen, well you know what? If we allowed this what are the consequences? What are the consequences if we Christians to say whatever they want to say? Righteousness, holiness, obedience, self-discipline, a holy life. That’s the consequences, right? What happens if we allow pornography magazines, Playboy, Hustle, whatever to print whatever they want. What are the consequences?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Really? You can hear it all the time in hypocrisy. Judges will sometimes we won’t say, well, the consequences would be of affirmative actions, so we can’t let that go or the consequences are would be good. They talk about but then when it comes to free speech or anything moral go, well, that’s not our job. It’s free speech, we can’t. So, it’s a whole bunch of lies.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Smokes and mirrors.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: So, it doesn’t mean anything. Let’s finish up with Job chapter 37 verse 23. The whole legal system of the United States really around the world relies on one thing, oppression. Every law has to do with oppression. It just depends on the culture like in America we’re a capitalistic country we used to be wealthy. So, most of the crime or most of the punishment or oppression has to do with money, has to do with fines, has to do with just police pulling you over and go, oh, well until you got $10,000 in there. Well, we’ll have to take that you’ll never get it back, we won’t actually charge you for a crime, so we’re allowed to steal.
So, it relies on oppression. Your dogs coming toward us, oop, got to shoot the dog whether he’s wagging his tail or barking doesn’t matter we just get to shoot the dog. They oppress us back down so that we’re never safe, we’re never complete. I mean you and I have talked about you know the last thing I want to do is call the police.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: You just don’t know what’s going to happen. So that’s because we’re being oppressed. In Job chapter 37 verse 23. He’s talking about the holiness of God. And as a Christian if you go to jury duty take this holiness with you. Take this holiness with you. “The Almighty is beyond our reach, exalted in power.” State has tremendous amounts of power. “In his justice, in God’s justice and great righteousness.” And we’d have to say the American legal system is not based on great righteousness; this is not based on any righteousness. What does it say? “He does not oppress.” He does not oppress in his power. The powerful statement. That’s the holy this as a Christian.
Take it to the courtroom. Take it outside in society. Discuss it everywhere. Our God is not a God who oppresses.

Closing: This has been the Consider Podcast at www.consider.info where yesterday’s folly is today’s madness. In the beginning, the unrepentant sinners’ words are folly. At the end, they are wicked madness. Ecclesiastes 10:13. Judge begins with the house of God. Therefore, let everyone who loves the Lord with an undying love. Pick up their cross and walk the talk. As Peter the apostle wrote. “Therefore, prepare your minds for action. Be self-controlled”. First Peter 1:13-14. The considered podcast examining today’s events and Paulorrow’s realities. www.consider.info.

Disclaimer: The justice and legal segment on the Consider Podcast is only concerned with calling all individuals to repentance. No matter which side of the bar one is on. The demand is for repentance in accordance with Amos 5:24. “Let justice roll on like a river righteousness like a never-failing stream!” Nothing discussed should be considered legal advice. Want legal advice? Pay a lawyer. Want justice? Pray to the Holy God. As the living God recorded in Deuteronomy 16:20, “All must follow justice and justice alone”. The listener assumes all responsibility for their actions or refusal act in accordance with justice and justice alone because the legal system hides their corrupt deeds and darkness, any discussion is fraud with inadequate information. The listener should keep in mind that the news media only communicates what sells. Finally, make note that the vast majority of what is called legal is in fact not lawful. The Consider Podcast, examining today’s wisdom, madness, and folly. www.consider.info.


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