#42 Rich Men North Of Richmond

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Timothy: Let’s talk about the song, Rich Men of Virginia, that’s sweeping the internet.


I’ve been sellin’ my soul, workin’ all day
Overtime hours for bullshit pay
So I can sit out here and waste my life away
Drag back home and drown my troubles away

It’s a damn shame what the world’s gotten to
For people like me and people like you
Wish I could just wake up and it not be true
But it is, oh, it is

Livin’ in the new world
With an old soul
These rich men north of Richmond
Lord knows they all just wanna have total control
Wanna know what you think, wanna know what you do
And they don’t think you know, but I know that you do
‘Cause your dollar ain’t shit and it’s taxed to no end
‘Cause of rich men north of Richmond

I wish politicians would look out for miners
And not just minors on an island somewhere
Lord, we got folks in the street, ain’t got nothin’ to eat
And the obese milkin’ welfare
Well, God, if you’re five-foot-three and you’re three-hundred pounds
Taxes ought not to pay for your bags of Fudge Rounds
Young men are puttin’ themselves six feet in the ground
‘Cause all this damn country does is keep on kickin’ them down

Lord, it’s a damn shame what the world’s gotten to
For people like me and people like you
Wish I could just wake up and it not be true
But it is, oh, it is

Livin’ in the new world
With an old soul
These rich men north of Richmond
Lord knows they all just wanna have total control
Wanna know what you think, wanna know what you do
And they don’t think you know, but I know that you do
‘Cause your dollar ain’t shit and it’s taxed to no end
‘Cause of rich men north of Richmond

I’ve been sellin’ my soul, workin’ all day
Overtime hours for bullshit pay

Intro: Consider the wisdom. Consider the madness. Consider the folly. Ecclesiastes 2:12. Then I turned my thoughts to consider wisdom and also madness and folly. Today’s events, Paulorrow’s realities at www.considered.info.

Timothy: Jacob, you’re ready to dive into this thing, because it is just a total mess. I mean, I don’t know where to begin with this. You ever heard of the Green Berets, Jacob?

Jacob: Green Beres, Army.

Timothy: Yeah, there used to be a theme song. We we’ve got so much to cover. I’m not going to play it, but one of the things that they were famous for at least when I was growing up as a kid the way they fought battles is they would parachute or I don’t know if you helicoptered in back then anyway right into the middle of a battle and then fight their way out. And that’s kind of what this feels like that no matter where we dive in on this, it’s a total, complete, absolute mess. The song is a mess. The cultural Christianity response to it is sinfully a mess. I just don’t really even know where to go. So, we’re just diving in and we’ll just see where this goes.

Jacob: Yep.

Timothy: Do you see that quote up there and I’m going to quote from the internet. It’s on page one there of the notes. I want you to read that. It’s always a little bit dangerous to quote other people who are quoting comments about a song or an article or anything else because certainly is our opinion which may or may not reflect a lot of other people. In this case though the ones that I found seem to perfectly fit what’s going on when people embrace this song and this man even elevating to the point of being some type of massive preacher in Jesus which he’s not. This thing is the opposite of Jesus Christ. Let me repeat that again. The song Rich Man of Virginia and what’s being represented by it and the other songs he’s coming with are in the way of Jesus Christ and that’s what we’re going to look here in a moment. Jacob, go ahead and read that particular quote that somebody left about the song.

Jacob: And I think the comments, this comment was from I wanna Go Home Song, correct?

Timothy: Correct That is correct.

Jacob: Yeah. So, it says, “Your music is a modern-day Psalm of the Church. Thank you for being so vulnerable. I bet it felt like a big release. Your lyrics make me yearn for yesterday and bring tears to my eyes. They resonate with my soul. You have hit the hearts of many with your music and that is the authenticity the rich leaders of our world lack. Thank you for sharing God’s gift to you with the rest of the world, brother.”

Timothy: So, you can see the admiration, the approval that they’re stating. Let me read another quote. When Oliver Anthony says, “I want to go home,” and again he’s come out with one or two other songs. And by the time this thing actually hits the podcast he may have done a lot of other songs. Because he’s certainly going to be embraced. I’m going to talk about why that is here in a moment. When Oliver Anthony says, “I want to go home,” we all know innately, without articulating it just exactly what he means. So, this thing is resonating deep within the soul. In fact, the person you just quoted that hit her soul or his. I’m not even sure if it’s a he or him. It says, “He wants to go back to an America that makes sense. An America where we weren’t stratified by the lust for wealth and power. An America that wasn’t ruled by mass media and government messages.”

So that’s the epiPaule, that’s the summation of why they’re embracing this man as a preacher and a singer and just speaking to the heart and to the soul. This is not a non-emotional issue. Everybody’s that’s liking this is embracing this in a wholehearted way. Am I right on that Jacob?

Jacob: Absolutely right. Now before you, did you know his real name is not Oliver Anthony?

Timothy: Now what’s his real name?

Jacob: I’d have to Google it again. I just looked at while everybody.

Timothy: So, it’s a mess.

Jacob: I know, and that’s why I’m even kind of like you’re not even authentic because it’s a stage name.

Timothy: He has a different name?

Jacob: Yeah, no. Here, on the wiki page, it’s like Chris something or rather. So yeah, his real name is Christopher Anthony Lunsford. And his like adopted grandfather’s name was Oliver Anthony and he’s using that as his stage name. But and I’m just like this is like a total non-spiritual level but on the surface of things if it’s just like, oh some dude who was singing songs and he just happened to become famous. Like he already had a picked stage name. So how authentic is that?

Timothy: I hear what you’re saying and again, like I said, this thing’s a complete mess.

Jacob: I know. I know.

Timothy: And I actually want to also start with an apology because this is not how we’re supposed to be sharing the gospel. What happens is these guys go public with this stuff and once you go public, then, if it’s the opposite of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit’s going to motivate to rebuke it for what it is. I would rather be sitting down on his front porch, minus the humidity in the bugs, and talking to him about what the true gospel is. Because he is extremely at best confused about what it means to follow Jesus Christ. He’s probably just a reflection of the local churches and what’s going on. It’s so impure.

Let me go back to this quote. I appreciate you bringing that up. So, when Oliver Anthony says, “I want to go home,” we know innately without articulate just exactly what it means. He wants to go back to an America that makes sense. There never was a time when America made sense. Never, from the history on it never made sense. It’s been an evolving chaos that God has managed to keep intact to hold back the things of evil that are, well let me rephrase, that are more wicked and evil than the United States. He says, “In America where we weren’t stratified by the lust for wealth and power.”

What? Have you read any history books about the railroad or the conquering of America? This whole sentiment here is ridiculous and absurd. It is a of the history of what America is. What we’re really dealing with here is people want to hold on to their own life. They want to hold on to the American middle class. They want to hold on to their money which is the opposite of Jesus Christ and following him. So, in America where we weren’t stratified by the lust for wealth and power. My goodness.

This is coming from an article who their new stuff is pretty newsworthy to read but their foundational level of what they’re actually following. It’s a cultural Christianity that just even denies the reality of what America is. It goes on to say, “In America that wasn’t ruled by mass media and government messages.” Really? Do you know how many during the Wild West Times? Uh what are some of the criminals that went on back then? Billy the Kid, Jesse James. Remember the dime novels or nickel. I don’t know what they cost that just made up all kinds of mass hysteria. You know what I’m talking about, right Jacob?

Jacob: Yeah, the little like paper thing, the little paper pamphlet type things, everybody with their hands on and they were entertaining.

Timothy: Yep. If anybody saw the movie the coward that shot Jesse James, I forget what his name is. He got his lust to go along with Jesse James from reading those kinds of books. It’s always been around. This is the world, nothing’s changed. It goes back again when Satan offered Jesus all the government, all the governments. It’s not like Satan said, hey, you can have all the governments except for America which isn’t mine that belongs to you, but I’m willing to give you all that. There was not that kind of bargaining. There was no doubt that Satan controlled influence was there. This is at best naïve, but it’s complete foolishness when you compare it to the gospel. It just doesn’t exist. There never was an America that was pure, clean, holy, righteous, or whatever. There might have been some individuals more so, but not America itself.

Let’s get one thing clear. If I were an American Christian apple pie, flag waving, Republican, whatever they considered to be a Christian American whatever that is, God would be ashamed of me. We are to be a people in love only with Jesus Christ and like I said, I wish we could just dive into this. Sometime we’re going to get into it more so. But as a reminder, Jacob go ahead and play the clip that will remind everybody of the scripture that gives us a foundation for what I just said.

Video: The host, Timothy, is not a United States of America Christian. Timothy is not a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or independent Christian. If Timothy were, God would be ashamed of him. Timothy would be an embarrassment in heaven if he were a flag waving, red, white and blue. God, family, country, apple pie, United States of America Christian. God flatly stated such and it’s recorded in the Bible. Hebrews 11 verse 13-16. “All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised. They only saw them and welcomed them from a distance, and they admitted that they were aliens and strangers on Earth. People who say such things show that they are looking for a country of their own. If they had been thinking of the country they have left, they would have had opportunity to return. Instead, they were longing for a better country, a heavenly one. Therefore, God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared a city for them.” The consider Podcast at www.consider.info. Examining today’s events and Paulorrow’s realities.

Timothy: Jacob, let’s go to Acts chapter 21 and let’s start in verse 36. I’m going to have you read 36-39.

Jacob: Acts chapter 21:36.

Timothy: Yup.

Jacob: 36 through what?

Timothy: 39.

Jacob: “The crowd that followed kept shouting, “Away with him!” As the soldiers were about to take Paul into the barracks, he asked the commander, “May I say something to you?” “Do you speak Greek,” he replied? “Aren’t you the Egyptian who started a revolt and led 4000 terrorists out into the desert some time ago?” Paul answered, “I am a Jew from Tarsus and Cilicia, A citizen of no ordinary city. Please let me speak to the people.”

Timothy: What does Paul say in Acts chapter 21 verse 39? Paul answered, “I’m a Jew from Tarsus, a citizen of no ordinary city.” There was a sense within Paul and every true disciple of Jesus Christ. We don’t belong to any country in this world. We don’t even belong to any city in this world and it’s so ingrained. It’s so part of his soul and his spirit when the official ask him, “Well, where are you from and who do you belong to?” He goes, “I’m a citizen of nowhere near city.” He doesn’t answer the question at least according to the world, correct?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: If I were a flag waving American Christian, I would have denied Jesus Christ in so many ways and this is what we’re seeing. People think they’re American Christians and that doesn’t exist. We either realize and I mean this down into the heart and to the soul that we belong to a different city, a different country, a different ruler. We’re in this world but not a part of it which means I’m above all the governments of this world, because none of are holy. None of them are righteous and even if they were, I wouldn’t trade the best city or the best government in the world for Jesus Christ. “I’m a citizen of no ordinary city.” The problem with these songs, the problem with what’s going on is everybody’s trying to save their life, their American Christian life instead of actually being disciples of Jesus.

Let’s go down and I want you to read another quote Jacob. Let’s go to page 3 there and this is from the song, “I want to go home.” Because he’s done this one song then he came out with another one says, I want to go home. And read what this person wrote and you may have already read this earlier. I’m not sure, but let’s just repeat it again. Go and read what they wrote.

Jacob: “Your music is a modern-day Psalm of the Church.”

Timothy: Now hang on. Let start to interrupt you. It’s a modern-day Psalm. The Psalms that he is written.

Jacob: That’s what he says.

Timothy: Correct. Have been elevated to being Psalms.

Jacob: That we should supposedly sing in church. We should sing his song in church.

Timothy: Well, even more than that. I mean in my mind it’s like yeah, we should sing it in church but it’s holy level. It it’s above even just normal hymns or the songs you go pay for to listen to. These are Psalms in church. And then it goes on and I’ll read a little bit more. “Thank you for being so vulnerable.” He’s not vulnerable. He’s just angry. And everybody is angry at the government. Now why is that so? Jacob, we talked about that earlier a couple days. This is feeding into the frustration and the anger and the quarreling and just the bent-up rage that’s supposedly in the Christian, I mean it’s in the Christian church. It’s just not the Christian church, right?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: In fact, it goes on to say, “I bet it felt like a big release. Your lyrics make me yearn for yesterday, and bring tears to my eyes.” So, here’s this fancy full made-up yearning for an America that never existed. Well, I kind of talk here Jacob. Go to Ecclesiastes 17. And I’ll have you read that scripture here in a moment. “Your lyrics make me yearn for yesterday and bring tears to my eyes.” Clearly, this is a Psalm. This is a religious experience. This is going to be tough to break through. This would be like Paul facing the crowd of people writing. There’s nobody’s going to be happy by the time if they finish listening to this. Most people just ignore it.

It goes on to say, “They resonate with my soul.” His songs resonate with my soul. There’s something wrong with your soul. You need to repent. You need to get back to and understand what the full gospel message. The true gospel messages. That’s why Hebrews says, you’re slow to learn. You need to be taught all over again the elementary teachings of Jesus Christ. This should not resonate with your soul. This should vomit your soul. Because this is not the time period, we live in nor are the words. Holy it’s full of cussing. It’s full of bitterness. It’s full of self-pity. We’ll get to that in a moment. “They resonate with my soul. You have hit the hearts of many with your music. And that is the authenticity. The rich leaders of our world like. “Thank you for sharing God’s gift to you with the rest of the world, brother.” This is just padding on the back one after another. And it’s full of class envy. It’s full of looking down upon the rich. Anything you want to say before I have you read that scripture Jacob?

Jacob: No, I think the scripture sums it up.

Timothy: Go ahead and read it then.

Jacob: Ecclesiastes 7:10. Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these?” For it is not wise to ask such questions.”

Timothy: It’s the opposite of wisdom to think and look back because when we look back, we tend to forget all the bad things that were going on and we focus on the sliver of things that we enjoyed. Who wouldn’t want to go back to some of the at least the control of immorality and who wouldn’t want all that? But it’s naive to venture in to think well somehow America was good. It was just suppressed. I mean, prohibition was proof of that. Once you gave women the right to vote, the first thing that came in was prohibition, which brought in the mob and it was very clear all of America want to drink except for very few people.

So, what were the consequences there? This is like, okay, so you want to go back to that time period when we outlawed alcohol? Well, no people would say no, that’s absurd. It didn’t work well just apply it to anything else. America never has been holy and righteous. It’s been a suppressed or God’s holding back the wickedness that’s in America. All that’s happening right now is that the wickedness is coming out in the church. It’s coming out in society. It’s coming out in government. We can all see it and none of us like it and the frustration is building. The hatred is building because why? What does scripture say causes fights and quarrels, Jacob?

Jacob: When you want something and you don’t get it.

Timothy: Correct. We want our lifestyle. We want to drive around our RV, go fishing, go hunting, we want a nice, cozy home life. We don’t want to be perturbed. We don’t want politicians that lie to us or at least we say that. We want law and order whatever that means and it goes on down the line. So, what’s going on is a belief in things that never existed and we’re just foolish not to realize the time period in which we live. But let’s just say for a moment that America is a good country. Shall we, let’s agree on that foundation. How about that, Jacob?

Jacob: Okay.

Timothy: Alright, so let’s agree that that’s the case. Even if it were, even if America was in the middle of revival and repenting and by the way, I’m old enough now. I’ve heard this theme that’s going on has been cycling every 5 years. Nothing ever changes is how things get worse. Alright, none of that would mean anything because is it time or closer to time for Jesus to come back, Jacob?

Jacob: Yes, it’s closer.

Timothy: So, the time period in which we live, it’s pretty clear. Even America is decent or we could go back to something that was fairly decent. Isn’t the rest of the world in all kinds of turmoil?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Everywhere on really a deep level. You’ve got Russia doing its thing in China and our own government and so on. It’s absurd to think that there isn’t some drastic things taking place from the mark of the beast to the technology to do all that. We don’t live in a time period in which we could possibly say it is God’s will to go back to an America that was decent. That’s not going to happen. We live in a time period closer to the end of time to when Jesus comes back. So, what we have to prepare ourselves as a church is Revelation 13:8. Let’s go to Jacob. Revelation 13:8. And this is what’s missing. And again, you can accept this intellectually. But having a life that is prepared for this and your spirit and your soul. That’s a totally different matter. Jacob, go and read Revelation 13:8.

Jacob: “All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast– all whose names have not been written in the book of life belonging to the Lamb that was slain from the creation of the world.”

Timothy: Now verse 9 says, “He who has an ear, let him hear.” We know the beast is coming, correct?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Even the most worthless TV religious shows the claim to be of Jesus Christ they spend great deal of time. Talking about the mark of the beast is arriving soon, right? I mean, I I’m not under exaggerating at all. Revelation 13:10 tells us what’s in store for everyone who claims the name of Jesus Christ. I say this for everyone who claims, but certainly for disciples of Jesus. These are your options. It’s not going back to a decent marriage. It’s not embracing our anger and our frustration and our violence of toward rich people and our government and just the immorality. That’s not worth is it. We’re supposed to be preaching the gospel and I’ll get to that in a moment.

Mid Point

Here’s your options. Revelation 13:10. “If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity he will go.” It doesn’t say, if anyone is to experience the revival in America, he will experience revival. It is captivity. If anyone is to go into captivity, God is already determined what should happen to Timothy Williams. He’s already set that down. It it’s up to me to prepare for at if I even know what it is and to be spiritually strong enough to glorify his name. “If anyone is to go into captivity into captivity, he will go.” There’s no option here. This is not like, well, we can still if America repents, we can have revival. No, America can’t repent. America cannot be saved. It will not be saved on multiple logical reasons. One, because the repentance is a falsehood and two, it’s just not time for that to happen. “If anyone is to go into captivity into captivity, he will go.”

If anyone, anyone is to be killed with the sword, what’s the option? With the sword, he will be killed. Those are our two options according to Revelation. Daniel actually gives us one or two others. But in Book of Revelation, you got two options. Captivity or the sword. Does that seem pretty realistic to you Jacob?

Jacob: Yeah, you mean for, meaning you can see where we’re headed that way.

Timothy: Yeah, literally you it could start Paulorrow.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: We’re already being taken captive, they’re already bringing back the mass, they’re already bringing back the control. They’re practicing every sign. God is giving us plenty of time to prepare spiritually and we’re embracing songs that are the opposite it of Jesus Christ. We’re embracing the very thing that will destroy us spiritually. The anger, the frustration, the class envy, the lies, the ignoring of the gospel. He gets up and he quotes one scripture. I think it’s Psalm 37. Oh, and he’s herald as a Godly man. Let us pour out the scriptures. Let us dig into those things. Let us get before God and humble ourselves. Let’s just not pick and choose even Satan quoted scripture to Jesus Christ and it was about salvation. That matter. “If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword, he will be killed.”

Now, what do I need to prepare myself for? What do I need to prepare my children for? What do I need to prepare my friends, my neighbors, anyone that claims because what should I be preparing my church for? Oh, I don’t have a church, but if I were preaching at a church, what would I be preparing them for? Jacob, you want to read it?

Jacob: The rest of the verse?

Timothy: Yes, please.

Jacob: “This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of the saints.”

Timothy: Instead of the whiting and the groaning and the complaining and touching my soul and reaching deep into my anger and my frustration, it calls for patient endurance. Not just endurance, patient endurance. Two different things. God has worked a great deal of the endurance of Jesus Christ in me, but he’s still working on the patient endurance. You know what I’m talking about Jacob? You’ve seen my life.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: This calls for patient endurance. There’s a peace, there’s a solid in Jesus Christ knowing this is going to take time. God’s going to have to work it out his way. And the battle and the struggle comes in, because we’re not patient in our endurance. We want to restore things to the status quo or to what we want it to be. Instead of embracing the message of the cross, instead of embracing the cross we’re supposed to pick up and being patient in that where we’re getting frustrated and getting angry. We’re falling into the trap of the evil one and the spiritual forces and our government who are trying to inflame the hatred, the frustration, the clinging on our life, our money, our lifestyle. I mean, how many ads are going on about you got to have gold or you got to have silver or you got to stock up on food, you got to hold on to your life, right? I mean, it’s just everywhere. That’s the call.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: But where’s the call that says, no, go home and realize everything you have is going to be taken. Go home and get before the Lord and realize your family is going to be totally torn apart by the government and by the powers that’s be. They’re already doing it. They’re already doing it to not get ready is just a fool of a fool of a fool. This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness. You can’t just endure. You just can’t go, well, you know what? Okay, this is rough times. I don’t like it. We’ll get all through it and I’ll be saved with Jesus Christ. If you have that kind of selfish salvation attitude you need to repent. You’re not preparing your kids. You’re not preparing your grandchildren. You’re not preparing anybody with that attitude. If you think you’re going to die and get out of this, how selfish can you get? You’ll be judged before God.

We are to be a people right now. The whole church getting ready to learn to be patiently enduring what’s happening. They’re trying to avoid anything that they would actually have to endure and that’s where the frustration comes in, the fighting, the quarreling comes in, because we want certain things. I find that all the time when I preach the gospel or share a scripture, there’s a lot of quarreling that comes back because they don’t want to accept what’s being said. This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness. A holding on to the truth. You don’t see a complete surrender to every scripture out there in light of the message of the cross. They pick and choose. The ones they want to hold onto, they do. The ones they want to ignore, they ignore.

“On the part of the saints.” This is what Revelation 13:10, if the song were worthwhile, that’s what it would be singing. That’s what it would be declaring. If he were moved by the Holy Spirit and all this cultural Christianity were picking up on what was going on. This would be the focus. This would be the concentration. This would be the examination. This would be the quote unquote revival meetings. This would be the camp situations. This would be what’s talking about.

We see the signs all around us. So, where are the Bible studies, the prayer groups, the churches that are getting sober about what is about to take place. It’s not going to go away. It’s only going to get worse. So, where is all this news reporting about how bad it is? Okay, I get it. We all know it’s bad. Well, nobody’s getting ready unless you count getting gold, silver, and food supplies. Oh, and make sure you have enough vitamins and your emergency kit of medicines you take. Make sure all that’s in place. But nobody’s talking about Revelation 13:10 and getting ready. Am I correct Jacob? And you feel free to correct me.

Jacob: Nope. You’re correct. The other thing I think that all these people, excuse me. If you’re talking about you want to go back to a different time. Then you’re not accepting the time God put you in. People who are like, oh, I should have been born in the 1800s. I hear that a lot from people. Even world people. People that, I just don’t fit in to, I don’t fit in here. It would be so back in the 50s, it was great in America. It’s like, well but if you’re a Christian and your whole your whole goal in life is to submit to the will of God. Well, he put you in this time. That’s what I’ve thought about my own life. Like, well God put me in this time. He didn’t put me 20 years ago, 40 years ago, 50 years. He put me here at this time at my age right now.

Timothy: Amen to that. Jacob, let’s take a break. Let’s play a Selah.

Jacob: Okay.

Selah Moment: Do everything without complaining or arguing so that you may become blameless and pure children of God. Without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life. In order that I may boast on the day of Christ. That I did not run or labor for nothing. (Philippians 2:14-16).

Timothy: We have to realize, let’s go to Mark chapter 10 verse 32. What’s missing in all of this is a focus on the cross of Jesus Christ and only the cross. We’ve been talking about the fact that America never was what we think it was and it will never go be what we thought it was. And even if it were, this is not the time period in which. We live when Jesus walked on the earth, he raised the dead, he healed people, he a donkey in and people celebrated him. But there came a point in time when all of that was over with, right?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: So, what did Jesus do? He set out to go be crucified. He knew it was God’s will to be crucified so he purposely with forethought great energy walked into God’s will. If I’m supposed to go into captivity, there will be a certain time when that is true. When that time comes, I want to be dead enough to self that I go, okay, is the time I’m going to walk right into it. I’m not going to hesitate from it. I’m not going to hide from it. I’m going to march into it and I’m going to seize it for the glory of God. You kind of saw that. I won’t go into a lot of details. We went through the hate crime.

There was a certain point when I fought, I prayed, I held on, thinking, Lord, what about all these other people? What about all these things over here? And you just keep standing firm and God kept saying to stand firm, but once he whispered in my soul and said, okay that’s over with then we had to march in a totally different direction. And that’s what we’re talking about here with Jesus. Says in Mark chapter 10 verse 32. It says, “They were on their way up to Jerusalem with Jesus leading the way.” Leading the way. He knows he’s going to his death. He knows he’s going to the cross. They all know he’s going that direction. He’s been very point blank about what’s going to happen. In fact, he’s going to repeat it. “With Jesus leading the way, and the disciples were what? Astonished. His disciples are astonished that he’s heading toward the suffering, heading toward the cross.

That’s one thing we got going on here. To a lot of people, this would be, well, they would consider it a wrong message but even among those who could kind of go, okay, they’re going to be astonished. They’re saying, prepare for captivity. Prepare for endurance. "Well, those who follow that is not disciples but just mere followers, what we call cultural Christianity were afraid. A lot of people won’t even listen to this podcast. They won’t go near. They won’t examine, because it’s just a fearful thing until you surrender. Until you surrender, it’s a fearful thing to examine and look at. It’s not an easy thing to contemplate that your whole family like Nazi Germany, they come in, rip up your whole family and you’re led off to the gas chambers. You’re led off to your death.

Our government and the governments around the world have been practicing how to come in and destroy everything. We see that going on. Preparing yourself for that kind of where you’re still going to trust God and like Abraham sacrifice or lay your children before God for him to deal with. That’s not an easy thing to get to and the more we put that off and don’t deal with it, the harder it’s going to be at best, the harder it’s going to be. Says, “With Jesus leading the way.” Again, he took the twelve aside. It’s like he doesn’t just leave them in being astonished. He says, “He took the twelve aside and told them what was going to happen to him.” He’s going to drive home this point. “We are going up to Jerusalem,” Jesus said, “and the Son of Man will be betrayed to the chief priest and the teachers of law. They will condemn him to death and will hand over to the Gentiles, who will mock him and spit on him, flog him and kill him. Three days later he will rise.” The whole emphasis, they’re not going to be able to grasp the three days later, right? But they can grasp all the other stuff, right?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: They can grasp all of that so he’s in their face so to speak and he’s not parables, it’s not anything abstract. He goes, this is what’s going to happen. I’m going to be betrayed the chief priest, the religious leaders, the teachers of the law, Christianity today with our natural Sadducees and teachers. They will condemn him to death and hand him over to the Gentiles. He’ll be mocked, spit on, flawed, and killed. Oh, and then by the way, three days I’ll rise and then understand what that meant. In the same way, we need pastors. We need people speaking boldly. We need people admitting that they’re not there. I mean, that’s the beginning stage of getting the grace and the faith to endure these things is to admit I don’t have it. I don’t want to look at it. I’m astonished. I’m even afraid and then just decide I’m going to pick up my cross.

I’m going to give everything. I’m going to go into the prayer closet. I’m going to go about my daily life. Lord, show me, prepare me that if nothing else, even if I am not here for it, my children can see it in me. Those in my neighborhood can see me getting ready. They don’t hear me talking about politics or this or that or getting my gold and my silver. By the way, they’re tracking whoever has gold and silver. That’s the first thing they’re going to come get. Amen on all that Jacob?

Jacob: You’re buying it with a credit card. They know where the gold and silver is at.

Timothy: Oh, it’s all. It’s insane to think otherwise. I know. Alright, so let’s come back to the song a little more unfocused and let’s go to Ecclesiastes chapter 10 verse 20. Because what the song plays to one angle besides all the cuss words and things that are unholy is a resentment toward rich people. Ecclesiastes 10:20 is very direct in its command and I’m going to have you read that in just a minute Jacob. But I do want to read again somebody else’s comment about that song where he talks about the Rich and so on. He goes, “You know what I see when I see 34 million views?” That’s how up to this point that’s how many people played that song. It goes on to say, “I see 30 something million people ready to take back our lives.”

That’s get behind me Satan talk. Because Jesus said, “He who tries to save his life will lose it.” This pastor, this singer, they’re calling him pastor or preacher, whatever. He’s leading 30 million people down the wrong direction. That’s how serious this is. “I see 30 million people ready to take back our lives,” and countries from the corrupt rich men of the world and bring back sanity. Once again, the world has never been sane. Ever since we fell in the Garden of Eden, it’s been, I mean, you had Tarot Babel was a kind of a starting point. You had Noah had to come along. I’ve heard all these are sermons in them. There is no, in fact the sanity is like gone, it’s just not even there.

The person goes on to say, “Keep on preaching Oliver.” They consider this to be a sermon and yet I can quote all these scriptures bring all these things in, and I can assure you they’re not going to consider this a sermon, they’re going to consider all kinds of other things. Let’s read Ecclesiastes chapter 10 verse 20 Jacob, and compare it to this song and what this person just said.

Jacob: “Do not revile the king even in your thoughts, or curse the rich in your bedroom, because a bird of the air may carry your words, and a bird on the wing may report what you say.”

Timothy: Not one time did Jesus ever call for the overthrow of the rich. He certainly warned them and he put out the gospel message and that’s what should be going on but the resentment shouldn’t be there. I pity Bill Gates. I pity these rich people. I pity prosecutors as they’re rich in power and all of their corruption what they do. But I don’t revile them in my mind. I don’t roll this around like oh how wicked they are and how bad Biden is or how good Trump is compared to Biden. You don’t do any reviling. It’s a dangerous thing to quote unquote report the news about your governing authorities. It’s easy to cross into reviling them. Making fun of them. Belittling them.

Do not revile the king even in your thoughts. Don’t even let it start there. Certainly, it’s easy to relate to this as the hate crime came in through the government of Seattle, Washington. Your mind will start rolling with all kinds of things but I take every thought captive. I have it crucified in Christ. The thoughts that I have, I ask for the love of Jesus Christ. I surrendered each single day. So, there was no reviling of these people and instead the love of Jesus Christ comes in for these people to repent and that’s what’s missing here. Doesn’t Bill Gates need to repent as much as the person next door? Well, even more so. Of course. So, it doesn’t matter if they’re rich or look if even Bill Gates were poor Paulorrow. You don’t think somebody else is not going to take his place.

Jesus isn’t interested in trying to overthrow all the rich people right now. He’s bringing everybody to judgement whether you’re poor or whether you’re rich. And he’s working out that judgement for judgement day as he sees fit. It’s not my prerogative. I’m not God. I’m not holy. I can’t revile them. And I don’t curse the rich. I want to talk to the rich. I want to preach the news to the rich. I want to give them true riches. I want to love them in Jesus Christ. I don’t want to curse them. I don’t want to create a division between me and them. I want to get in the door. I want to get in the door. “Do not revile the king even your thoughts or curse the rich in your bedroom, because a bird in the air may carry your words, and on a bird on the wings may report what you say.” In other words, God is listening. He sees what’s going on. I’m not trying to back my life. I’m only going to get poor as time goes on.

Again, I don’t have time to get into it but that’s why Jesus says you’ve got to hate and despise money. Any comments or closing statements Jacob, because we got a lot more to cover. But we’re going to have to break at this point.

Jacob: I think only one little thing you said, by the way all that Ecclesiastes 10:20, absolutely right on. And I think that even if maybe people, you had mentioned like even if let’s say you’re 50 years old now, you’re 60-year-olds now. Maybe captivity isn’t going to come for 10 or 20 years, even if, because we already covered. It could start Paulorrow, we don’t know. It definitely could. But like even those people who are in their 60s are not living the true gospel message to prepare their children and their grandchildren. So, like the importance of living, it even if you’re not going to go into captivity, that really stuck out to me just now. It’s just the importance of you have to live it now. You’re still to prepare other people for it. But that’s not happening of course.

Timothy: Amen to everything you just said Jacob, and in one sense I don’t even have to prepare for it because I just live the message.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Doesn’t got Jesus already say, “I got to give up everything.”

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: So, I understand exactly what you’re saying I’m in agreement but I’m just trying to hone in on it that if somebody or some church goes, yeah, you’re right, we need to do this. Well, it just means you haven’t been living it.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: It’s not like all of a sudden, I see this election coming that may or may not come and go, well, you know what? I need to get ready. Well, no, I already hate and despise money and I’m learning to do so. Already hate my own life and follow close after Jesus Christ. I’m already holding onto the truth no matter what people do or how they slander. On and on it goes down the line. So, in one sense I’m not doing anything different than I’ve done for the last 30 or 40 years. The difference is what we’re trying to get to is you got to wake up. If you haven’t been doing this, you’re behind the curve and you’re going to have a lot of problem. It’s not an easy thing. I’ve had the privilege of being able to wrestle these things out for 40 years, and there’s been plenty of sufferings and trials.

If anybody the hate crime that happened in Enumclaw Washington in Seattle was the first time I bumped into that stuff, you’re dreaming. That’s been going on maybe in smaller ways, maybe in larger ways. But every little lesson I learned, every rebuke by the cross of Jesus Christ, every time I fail, I humble myself go back give me your holiness and I kept pressing forward and I’m doing the same thing today. Jacob, take us out of here and we’ll pick up on the next podcast best.

Video: JF who lives in Brazil set up the book “Even the Demons Believe”. I would like to tell you that I’m doing chapter 7 right now. It’s the second time I’ve read the book, “Even the Demons Believe” and I think it’s an impacting book. Literally impacting. Let us say the first time you read it, you get shocked, outraged, and maybe sort of mad at the author. However, a second reading makes you go deep into your own spiritual life and church experiences. I presume it has gotten people exactly where Pastor Williams wanted them to be. Cornered and faced by their own attitude towards the almighty.

If you are interested in the full and complete gospel message before becoming a disciple of Jesus. Then the book, “Even the Demons Believe” might prove helpful. As the angel told the apostle Peter in Acts 5:20. “Go stand in the temple courts,” he said, “and tell the people the full message of this new life.’ The book “Even the Demons Believe will also guide those claiming the name Christian to test themselves. As the apostle Paul wrote in second Corinthians 13:5. Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you? Unless of course you fail the test? The Consider Podcast, today’s events, Paulorrow’s realities. www.consider.info.


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