#46, Trump and King Louis, XIV

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Timothy: We’re continuing to talk about Trump or political situations but first we’ve got a detour in history and talk about King Louis, the XIV.

Intro: A CDM is ahead of the Consider Podcast. A common discussion moment.

Timothy: I won’t repeat this again but this is not the gospel. It is about the gospel which are two different things. Jacob rolls on in.

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Timothy: Jacob, you ever heard of the French Revolution?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Can you tell me a little bit about it?

Jacob: The French revolution was at the end of the day; all the common French people were really unhappy with all the upper-class rich people and everybody started killing each other.

Timothy: Exactly. So, the French revolution in terms of history is on the horizon and before you have the French revolution, you have King Louis, the XIV. We’re going to look at his life in a minute, but we’re going to see it from a spiritual point of view what God was working. And by the way in this clip that we’re playing, the people doing the particular documentary or whatever. We’re all in favor of King Louis, the XIV. They thought he was a great king; he was a great organizer and he did all kinds of things. In fact, they’ll refer to him kind of as the first celeb kind of person. And we know about the debauchery. We know about all the gold things and stuff. We’ll see. In fact, they’ll talk about that. But they actually think that’s positive. You really have a kind of a connection there between obviously the lifestyle of Trump and King Louis, the XIV.

Now I’m not trying to say Trump is as bad as King Louis the fourteenth. All I’m trying to do is point at this point that there is a movement within history. We looked at this earlier. Jacob, we want to read Proverbs 16:4 again just to remind everybody.

Jacob: Yes, Proverbs 16:4 says, “The Lord works out everything for his own ends even the wicked for a day of disaster”.

Timothy: It’s pretty obvious that the day of disaster is getting very close if it’s not here. I mean our movies talk about it. TV shows talk about it. The TV evangelists talk about it. Obviously, the Liberal side, the Democrats, they preach it just as hard as everybody else. I mean if there’s one central theme that everybody is talking about. Isn’t it the day of disaster Jacob?

Jacob: Yeah, according to Liberals the Earth is under climate change and will burn up the other side. Well, actually the Republicans are the most delusional thinking that they can save it. Although I guess the Liberal side does that too. They think if we all drive electric cars that’ll save the planet.

Timothy: Correct. Both think they can save it. But the common element with everybody is so how many people think we’re on the edge of the day of disaster. Everybody agrees on that. Every government financial people, people that sell and do gold and silver, the Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, everybody senses. I mean think of all. It’s propagandized that is for whatever. I mean Hollywood one movie after another movie about the end of the world and we’re zombies. We’re kind of inundated with and everybody just kind of accepts it as a conclusion the disaster’s coming. So, it’s just everybody’s kind of using that concept for their own benefit. Even if you’re on the side of well I just want to go live off grid or I want to escape it all or I’m going to have all these food supplies over here.

To the other side is no let’s all put our common needs together. Take a mark and we can distribute all this and we got too many people so on a forth, right? So, all I’m really saying is that there’s no delusion about the fact. You’re not really, I don’t know if anybody I could go up to and go, man, things are just going to get a lot better here pretty soon.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: The earth is just on the verge in fact even those who say that acknowledge you got to go through this complete destruction the world has to collapse everything has to come in on itself and then we can rebuild. The communist been playing this game forever they come in and go yeah, we can make society great again, we can make quality, whatever but first, you got to destroy everything from movies to books to everything. You always got to have to go through this destruction first before you can get to things being positive.

Now, again, the reason why Satan is mocking that is because that’s exactly what Jesus promised. Things he told us. Things are going to have to get much worse before he comes back in rules. The difference between whether you’re a conservative Christian and by that I also mean conservative Christian or whatever or whether you’re a liberty on the other side, they’re not looking really to God. They’re looking for their own self-interest and it just comes out in different ways. Different people have different ways they want to be selfish or to bring things back to themselves. Some will pray and seek God. Well, in fact, nine out of ten lepers will go to Jesus Christ, will pray to Jesus Christ, will ask for healings from Jesus Christ but only one is actually worshiping. So, if you just do the numbers, if you just run the math, what would that be? 99% don’t choose God even though they seek God which is probably pretty much realistically what God is trying to say.

Jacob: One out of 10 is 90%. 10%.

Timothy: You can tell my math is not my strong suit at all was not made that way couldn’t get that way and wish I could but it’s just not there.

Jacob: Well, I may be wrong too I think it’s yeah 90. Yeah, one out of 10 would be 90%.

Timothy: Well, anybody looking for criticism will hone in on that and let me know and well, I appreciate that. I appreciate that. Yeah, totally. Proverbs 16:4, “The Lord works out everything for his own ends”. It’s all about God. Period. It’s all about God. So, the question is, does God want to save America? No, God wants to judge America. End of discussion. Then, we find out how disciples of Jesus will be moved by the Holy Spirit to glorify God in the middle of that situation. The Lord works everything for his own hands. Even the wicked for a day of disaster.

So, I’m not laughing but it’s ironic that anybody whether you’re a false Christian or a quasi-Christian or you say I believe in God they can say why since God working my life. At that could be possibly probably true. Because he works out even the wicked for their day of disasters. How many wicked individuals going, oh, I feel God and my prayers are being answered and everything’s coming together? Yeah, God is working. He is answering prayers. He is doing it because he’s preparing for you disaster. Kind of sobering in that Jacob?

Jacob: Yes, it is.

Timothy: Well, let’s look at the example of that and let’s look at King Louis, the XIV and we’re going to see what kind of individual he was and then we’ll eventually move into Trump. And again, I’m not comparing Trump to King Louis but there’s the same sinful parallels whether it was before or after the French revolution. What I want us to see is how God is Working and whether we’re falling prey to the delusion God is working because Thessalonians says God sends a powerful delusion so they believe a lie. And that doesn’t matter whether you’re in the church or not in the church. God is sending a powerful delusion, a powerful lie, and to those that have a false smiling jack Jesus, they’re going to go oh I like that delusion. And those that don’t like anything to do with Jesus will go I like this delusion over here. It is a powerful delusion. So go ahead and let’s start the King Louis, the XIV video, Jacob.

Video: Everything is over the top with King Louis, the XIV, The Palace.

Lady 1: There were 700 rooms. The sign was simply huge.

Lady 2: It was a monument to his own magnificence.

Lady 1: Louis actually passed an edict which makes it illegal not to be fashionable.

Man: The outlandish rituals.

Lady 3: If the king’s dinner was carried past, you had to take off your hat and bow to the king’s mead.

Man: Welcome to the secret life of King Louis, the XIV. Shine Louis the XIV of France, the Sun King.

Lady 4: He really is the ultimate superstar monarch.

Lady 3: Effectively what he was saying is I am the center of the universe.

Man: But he’s insatiable in the sack and at the dinner table.

Lady 1: He managed to put away a vast amount of food to the great despair of those sitting around him whom he expected to eat as much as he did. His sister-in-law records that he would eat the following. 4 different plates of soup, a partridge, a pheasant, mutton with gravy, a plate of pastries, a plate of fruit and then he’d finish off with hard boiled eggs. All in one go.

Man: The little guy packs it away like a Lola jet, never gets fat.

Timothy: Okay Jacob, any gut reacts, no pun intended. Any gut reaction on that?

Jacob: It’s a lot of food.

Timothy: Lot of food over the top this again I want to repeat is just before the French revolution. So, you have this whole debauchery situation going on. You really have a king representing where the country is at. Now I know they’re all poor, but the average person is not eating like this or anything else but you have this corrupt government that is just overindulging itself. Sounds like the United States it’s just over indulging in money, spending like crazy. Louis had all kinds of financial problems; I mean this rings bell. There’s just a lot of parallels here. What I want us to see is why would God bring about King Louis, the XIV at this time period just before the French revolution. And by the way the French revolution was a terrible thing. They had the public safety committee which was nothing more than weeding out individuals didn’t agree with them and putting them to the guillotine or to the death. It was the opposite of safety.

We see this going on in Washington State. Washington State, they are so hungry for their own destruction. It’s kind of amazing to watch. And they’re developing a public safety committee. I mean they call it misinformation or whatever. The end result is going to be very very terrible for that whole state and for the whole country because you can’t contain this stuff. Once a little bit of yeast of evil and corruption begins to take root. It’s like a weed. It just keeps spreading. So really, Washington State is becoming like California. So, all you got to do is look at California and go no this is where it’s headed.

Only Washington State will actually be worse because the evil people that are in charge and again, when I say that God is also weaving. It’s like, okay, you want evil? I’m going to give you evil. You want corruption? I’m going to give you corruption. You want lawlessness? I’m going to give you lawlessness. In fact, every time you think you’re going to make a little bit of progress, it just doesn’t happen because God is going, no, I’m going to give you what you want. Your day of judgement because you will not repent and only does, we’re saying not repent. They oppose anything that has to do with righteousness, holiness, truth, reality, it is corrupt from top to botPaul. My prayer, my hope is that one, a half a person, whomever will repent and come out and be separate from all of that. So far, they all seem extremely determined to keep their wickedness.

Washington State then is learning from California and all that we just going to triple on. In fact, I think it’s Bob Ferguson and Governor Inslee. They just declared they’re like cousins and brothers or whatever in terms of political. Those are two bad elements. Ferguson makes Inslee look like a choir boy. This is going to be and not only that if you back up, the governor before that also endorses Ferguson and she was mightily corrupt and was a part of a corrupt prosecution. It’s the same process going down the line. I may get into that later. I don’t know what got to work. The point is it’s coming and it is coming powerfully and it’s going to be over the top. Just like the French revolution.

So, you’re going to have collapse that’s going to take place. Everybody’s going to, okay, then we’re going to work out a better society, more freedom and everybody can do what they want or will have more just. They use the words just and all that. They use misinformation to promote their lives so in the same way you got God working with King Louis to go, okay, this is who you are as a nation. It’s said of Hitler that he reflected the nation as a whole. That it was kind of ironic that is Nazi Germany came to power. He became more powerful, then as Nazi Germany begin to collapse and the war begin to fail. Hitler’s health, Hitler’s ability to do things to think to speak also deteriorated. He even felt that way, Hitler did. He felt that somehow his whole consciousness or being was tied to the condition of Nazi Germany.

Probably true, that’s not my debate. This is a common discussion moment. We’re looking at how God works things. From the servants of things, looks absolutely true. But it’s because God is working, not because there’s some kind of metaphysical super spiritual thing going on between nations and countries it’s because what God is working. So, God is giving the United States exactly what it wants. It wants confusion. It wants its own way. It doesn’t want any absolute rules. It doesn’t mean even those that want absolute rules only want absolute rules in order to keep their selfishness.

Let me repeat that. The people that want rules and law and order are not interested law and order or justice, they are interested in preserving their own life to raise their family, to go fishing, to do whatever. But it all comes back to them. It comes back to their selfishness. It just comes out in different ways. In a short, they’re no different than the individuals that engage in all kinds of sexual perversion. They want to do what they want to do, right Jacob?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Those that don’t want that but want something else and it can be just as bad maybe not looking to the world. They want certain things so they want a certain law and set of orders to come out their way. I pointed this out before. No prosecutor has a right to complain about the George Sorrows prosecutors because of George Sorrows prosecutors who a lot of people don’t like are using the same mechanisms, the same laws, the same methodology, the same lying, the same correction, just coming out in a different way. The prosecutors that are supposedly moral and good and God fearing and sending a message about law and order. They’re doing a thing. They’re lying. They’re cheating. They’re corrupting justice. People need to get over the fact. There is no truth within the justice system. It is a complete lie.

So, God is giving people what they want. You want your selfishness? You’re going to get your selfishness. You want your little petty selfish life that you live. It’s yours. King Louie was just like that. God brings that to judgement and conclusion. What he’s trying to show through King Louis is look it’s over the top. Your sin is over the top. You need repent. That’s what he’s trying to show. Then he’s trying to show with the French revolution that look, your ideas about righteousness and how to get to righteousness, that won’t work either. You’ll wind up destroying yourselves. So, we see God has got this huge lesson called history but nobody will repent. Whether I preach the gospel or not or whether I set this out or not. History demonstrates to everybody that unless you seek the living God, it will end disastrously, right?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: See, you don’t need me. You don’t need this podcast. Read history. All you have to do and I want to repeat it again. You’ve got the debauchery, the good life, you got great laws, you even have to dress appropriately, all he’s a great monarch, the whole bit, he had everything all arranged. God’s trying to show that won’t work. It won’t last because the root of that is selfishness. Then the other hand, the righteousness, the nobleness, the self-righteousness, that’s the French revolution. That will end in your destruction also. So, I get just a nervous as conservative Christians calling for law and order as I do for the lawless people who call for lawlessness. Both are scary because neither will work. The only thing that will work is the narrow road, the narrow gate, and actively following Jesus Christ and there are just too few people for that for anything to be saved.

Alright, we saw in our last episode, Jacob that Ozzy Osborne has an instead of DNA that allows him to sin more than the average person, correct?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Alright, so what do you think is going on here with King Louis, the XIV? Because we’ve looked at the scripture that God arranges DNA and he constructs everything in such a way so that it’s very clear that God’s working and there’s something extra nor. What could be going on with King Louis, the XIV that shows God is in charge just like he is with Ozzie Osborne or anything else going on? What could be going on?

Jacob: Does he have some of gene or his body can metabolize food faster is that way he could eat so much.

Timothy: Hey, you’re close. You’re getting real close. I’ll let you kind of chew on anything else you can think of.

Jacob: No, because I don’t really know anything about Louie, the XIV.

Timothy: I know. We all went to public school. So, well, no, I guess you did or did you go to public school?

Jacob: Most of the time.

Timothy: Most of the time, okay. So did I and I was at the end of when they actually were teaching something. So, alright. Let’s go ahead and finish it and we’re going to discover some special things about King Louie, the XIV.

Video: Bookies in London take bets on how much longer he will live. Not long it turns out. In August 1715, he develops gangrene in his leg and dies on September the first at the age of 76. Leaving the throne of France to his 5-year-old great grandson. And as for how he was able to eat so much and not get fat an autopsy provided an explanation.

Lady: He had twice the length of intestines of a normal man and double the size of a normal man’s sPaulach.

Timothy: What do you think Jacob?

Jacob: It’s not a shock.

Mid Point

Timothy: Not a shock but I was kind of like wow. I in a holy kind of way. It’s like oh my goodness. How many things God is working right now in people’s lives, their talents, whatever they are? Things they had no control of. Designed in a certain way because he’s working his glory and his truth upon whole nations. So, when people say yeah God’s in charge. Okay I don’t disagree with but that’s not to say it’s a good thing.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Let’s go to Philippians 3:18 while we talk a little bit about King Louie here. We don’t have time to play today, but if you look at the King Louise Palace and how it was decorated and what’s going on the parallels between Trump’s wealth and what he has the gold interiors all the different homes the parallels are pretty even there. So, Trump has made a certain way got weaving and working on one hand we our nations, the United States nation’s like right in the middle. You we’re old. We’re senile. We can’t do anything. We’re powerless. That that’s obviously Biden. Then the other hand you have Trump which is the money, the success, all of those things with some vestige of the good life. Meaning, you’ve got law and order basic good morals. Things like that allow us to continue on in our capitalism. Both are just as guilty. And in the middle of this is Jesus Christ. In the middle of is picking up your cross to following him. In the middle of this is hating your own life.

And in fact, and we won’t discuss it today but the whole worship really is idolatry within the church of family somehow is really misconstrued that Jesus came back to establish families. It’s true he did come back to establish family but not families, just one family, the family of God. I don’t want to sidetrack too much. Jacob, read Philippians 3:18 in relationship to King Louis, the XIV.

Jacob: “For I, as I have often told you before, and now say again, even with tears, many live as enemies of the cross of Christ”.

Timothy: Verse 19.

Jacob: “Their destiny is destruction, their God is their sPaulach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is on earthly things”.

Timothy: That certainly sounds like King Louie, doesn’t it?

Jacob: Yes, it does.

Timothy: Exactly. God gave him what was it? Twice?

Jacob: Twice the sPaulach, twice the intestines.

Timothy: I’m not, again we’ve established I’m not a mathematician but some of you statisticians out there run the numbers. What are the odds of King Louis coming up with that particular DNA at that particular time ruling those particular kinds of people and being able to rule at that particular time in history? I find those odds astronomical. I’m sure they would be able to calculate it but it would have to be so far out there. You really had to back up and go, all I got to do is look at King Louis’s sPaulach and intestines and go there’s somebody else in charge here namely the living God.

Philippians 3”18, “For, as I’ve often told you before and now say again even with tears”. And here’s what’s missing within the Christian church and by that, I mean the Christian church. True disciples understand this. And now say again even with tears there is where is the weeping that both in the church and outside the church they live. That is their obedience is the opposite of the cross of Jesus Christ. “Many, not just if you live, Paul says as enemies of the cross of Christ”. Everything that they do. It might be praying. It might be doing all the things of Jesus. It might even be highlighting some parts of the Bible. But how they live and what they do is the opposite of the cross of Jesus Christ. And you can tell what that’s like because of the hostility we get when we even present anything that’s remotely associated with actually obeying in terms of how the crucified life would come out.

So, what are they really following? Philippians 3:19. “Their destiny is destruction”. We’re back to again God says, okay, you want to go to hell. You’re determined to have a false smile and jack Jesus. You just won’t repent. In fact, it always amazes me and it’s also goading that everybody that’s on the conservative side or within the Christians expects everybody else to repent but themselves. If you suggest one scripture they actually need to obey or something they need to do different. All hostility breaks out. The same hostility you get on the Libertarian side, the lawless side. There’s just no difference because everybody is really for their sPaulach. When they say that they’ve asked Jesus in their heart, that’s a lie. The odds are, they’re just filling their bellies. They’re following Jesus for what they can get.

Verse 19 of Philippians 3 says, “Their destiny is destruction”. That’s a false gospel. It’s a powerful delusion. So, when you begin to say that Trump is a Christian, your destiny is destruction. Your Christianity is false. When you’re on the lawless side and you look at a few legality or good things that Trump wants to institute and keep society in pace with and you hate that, you’re even worse off than that. You’re way down the list. So, both are headed the same direction just a matter of what level you’re at. The person first doing cocaine is not as bad as the person that’s been in cocaine for 30 years, right?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: It’s a slow destruction normally. Their destiny is destruction. Their God is their sPaulach. Their glory is their shame. You watch that in Washington state. Oh, we’ve achieved this and we’ve got this and we’ve got this social program. And if your child decides, well, it might be Confused about what sexual orientation or what sexual design God had will take them in. We’re doing this good and noble thing. We’re just grooming your children. We’re taking them away from parents and they think that’s a glorious thing and it’s their destruction. It’s to their shame. It goes on to say and this is the botPaul line whether you’re in the church, out of the church, liberal, conservative, whatever it says, “Their mind is on earthly things”. Philippians 3:19.

What’s the common denominator? Not the issues, not this over here, not that over here. Their mind is on earthly things. It’s about their gold and silver they can store up. It’s about surviving the last days. Meaning by that, that you gather up all the food and supplies and live off grid and don’t take your COVID shot or whatever it is you decide to do. Their minds on earthly things. That’s where they’re focused. That’s what they’re doing. Because the true disciple of Jesus Christ and we’ll look at is later is going out into the world whether it’s liberal, whether it’s conservative, whether it’s law and order, or lawlessness with the gospel. Their minds, the disciples of Jesus Christ, picking up their cross, following the Holy Spirit following Jesus Christ, have one thing. One thing only in their mind and their heart and that is Jesus Christ and him crucified.

First Corinthians 2:2. “For I resolve to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified”. And you’ve got a whole group of people deluded that they’ll try and remember Jesus Christ but not him crucified. Because that’s the shameful thing, that’s the offensive thing, that’s what people in the church or out of the church just do not want. Give us a Jesus that’s resurrected. Give us a Jesus that will feed our bellies. Give us a Jesus that will feed the multitudes. Give us a Jesus that will heal us. Give us the good promises that will keep our lives together, but not a Jesus crucified when you have to lose your own life, hate your own life. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul both terms of how you dress, the music you listen to, every single aspect of your life has to be put on the cross to be crucified in order to get the resurrected life.

There is no resurrection without crucifixion and everybody wants to bypass the crucifixion so their God is their sPaulach and their minds are on earthly things. That’s politics in a nutshell. Is God working? Is he in charge? Sure, he is. That’s not necessarily a good thing. in Genesis chapter 25 verse 23 and by a good thing I mean it’s not necessarily going to be good for you personally. In Genesis 25:23, The Lord said to her, “Two nations are in your womb. And two peoples from within you will be separated. One people will be stronger than the other and the older will serve the younger”. So, God comes in on a womb level. And begin to weave governments, begins to control it, to work it for his good, to work it for his glory. All I have to do is discover, okay God, how do you want to glorify your name? How do you want to show your righteousness, your holy, that you are true, that you are real?

At the end of the day, it does not matter one way or another who’s in office, who’s elected, and who’s not. It is only about this short little life, this short little window that you might or might not repent. And I will love you, I will preach to you, I will declare the truth to you, and it’s up to you. I, at the end of the day, no one as a disciple of Jesus could care less who’s in office.

Was understand clearly that Trump is not a Christian and those that come along and say that he is, tell me that their Christianity is in need. And I’m going to be very nice here of radical change. Most of them just need to become Christians. Those that hate Trump are not Christians. Those that hate Trump are not Christians. Those that also look at him with rose colored glasses are not Christians. There needs to be repentance. Things are so bad out there. When think about Christianity or conservative Christianity and all of those things Jacob, the people within the church are desperate, desperate to preserve their own life. That’s why they want Trump to win.

So, we’re really, I want to play this next clip because it’s going to talk about Trump’s Bible. I want you to listen to the goosebumps, the platitudes. There’s nothing here that’s being said except a desire for revival. But it comes across smooth and it comes across hopeful and it comes across talking about revival and it’s into, the Protestants get on the Catholics for having rosary beads and whatever other trinkets. I’m not that up on every little thing they have. They have an idol for their car I think, all kinds of stuff.

Anyway, they’re into this, well this particular clip they’re into an icon called Trump Bible and that somehow by this Bible being passed down through the generations of his family that God’s in charge, and we’re supposed to be all inspired because of it. It’s probably true that God is certainly moving the Bible through that family but they’re not repenting. That’s going to be their judgement. Let’s play the clip and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Video Clip: There was a great revival in the Hebrides in the early 1900s. Began to move, moved up to the pleading for it into the 40s. Maybe we could say it topped out in the early 50. Two old women one was 84 years old and one was 82 years old. One was blind and one was humped over so badly with spines to notice just arched over, but they had passion for revival. They wanted God to work. This is what happened. They couldn’t even get out to the church to pray. They couldn’t even get out to the church to worship. Their house became a place to meet. People came in. They got so passionate about revival coming to their Island, the island of Louis. They got so passionate about it. They confronted the preacher and want to know if he was thoroughly right with God. And they prayed and prayed and prayed and they’d seen the Lord, they said, with the church filled up and God blessing a great overflow. And the fire of God struck that tiny little obscure place off the coast of Scotland.

And when it happened, there was a young teenage boy that got saved in it. His name was Donald and the preacher became so dependent upon Donald and so close to Donald. He would ask him to lead in public prayers and help him with the meetings and he did. Oh, how God worked. People began to hear about it and the revival fire spread. It spread. And God blessed in a in a great way. Those two old women, the people, kind of people, people that wanted a church anymore. And from that same island, there was a young girl who was a cousin to Donald Smith who immigrated to America. Her name was Mary Ann Smith McLeod. She came to America in 1936. She met a man named Fred. And they were married. They fell in love. They were married. God bless in a great way.

And those old women were her aunts and they came out of that fiery revival that fire revival they really experience revival. They sent a Bible, a copy of the word of God that had been used in a special way in that revival. To Mary Ann. She started having children I think it was 1937 she had her first child and named him after his father Fred then she had her second child named after herself Mary Ann. Then she had her third child Elizabeth then she had her fourth child and she was so impacted by this teenage boy. God had used in that revival of the Hebrides. She named him Donald and she gave him that Bible, the Hebrides Revival Bible.

He was born in 1946. He’s now the 45th president of the United States. And that revival Bible is in the Oval Office. I’m saying to you I don’t know how why; I don’t know how it all comes together but I believe God is putting some things together to give us just a window. Just a window, if he could find some open people who know what the windows for. Can this be the time the windows open. Providentially God has prepared the moment and we will become the people of prayer pleading with God. This is a plea will thou not revive us again. Will you be a part of that? Will you?

Timothy: If I were listening to that in the church, I’d be looking for the vomit bags on the backside of the pew in front of me. This is what it says on the website. “Friends, this will send shivers up your spine and remind you that God is in control. Take 5 minutes. Take 5 minutes to hear the history of President Trump’s personal Bible. God is on the move”. Jesus taught in parables. This stuff’s platitudes, from the little tinkle of music in the background to stories of grandma to moving down through history and fan. This moves the emotions. There is nothing in this remotely that has anything to do on a spiritual level. Because a Bible moved through history and wound up in the Oval Office. That’s a sign to us from God that there’s a window here for to what? Because that was the question to become what Jacob? What was he telling us to become?

Jacob: I don’t know. There was no even a good marketer. There’s a call to action. I didn’t even hear the call to action. I don’t know.

Timothy: He said, he didn’t know.

Jacob: I guess, yeah. There’s a window for what? I don’t know. What’s the window for?

Timothy: He doesn’t know. Well, I can tell you what it’s for but I don’t think he’s going to call me up and go yeah, I want to hate my own life. My whole Christian walk has been worthless. I’ve been off track. I want to repent and declare the full complete gospel message of Jesus Christ. Lose all my reputation, because what God is working here is the need to call for repentance for to be a group of disciples willing to lay down their life for Jesus Christ. Not getting anything from them, because we’re not going to be rescued. Anyways, this thing is absolutely was definitive in terms of what all of these Christians are looking for. Whether they would agree with this or not I couldn’t tell you, but I can tell you this is a sentiment. This is the sloppiness that rolls around in the heart and the spirit.

It’s like okay God, God is working he did move the bible to there, but that will be judgement against Trump. That will be judgement against all of Trump’s family. Whether these women or not even participate in the revival or whether the revival was real. I know he’s telling me it’s real that doesn’t make it true because he’s telling me. In fact, if you look at the Trump family and if you look at how Trump turned out, can you say that revival came, Jacob?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: No, it’s the opposite revival did not come. I’m in my 60s and I have heard from the Christian church. It’s sometime go back and do all the research if you don’t believe me. There’s been this constant refrain of revivals at hand if we just repent and there’s certain scriptures they quote over and over again. They always think it’s on the horizon. Will you join me? Will you be a part of me? A part of this movement or what Whatever it is, I mean, those people saying they’re probably going, yes, yes, and here’s my donation. Let’s move forward. Really? So, everybody that heard that is going to go, yeah, I’m going to go out and hate my life for Jesus Christ. I’m going to pick up my cross. I’m going to go home and discover all the things in scripture. I have not been obeying and obey. Really, that’s what they meant. Jacob, that’s what they felt. There’s not even conviction on an emotional level that you could work with.

So, if this is his definition of revival, then, I can be pretty sure they didn’t experience revival, whoever grandma or cousin or aunt or whatever they were talking about. This is absolutely the powerful delusion. It is the opposite of the gospel. It is not to be accepted. It is to be a priest against. It doesn’t belong to Jesus Christ. It’s your mind is on earthly things. It is time for a group of people to go into the prayer closet to humble themselves and to face some very hard things about what it means to be crucified with Christ. If Jesus Christ in the garden had to pray to the point of drops of blood, why do we think we’re just going to march into the last knees and have all the power and the grace that is necessary?

We’re going to need the comfort of angels. We’re going to need fellowship from the living God when there is no fellowship. We’re going to need faith as we hang on the cross. We wonder where God is at. It calls for patient endurance by the saints. This is not the gospel. Jesus is, I mean Trump is not a Christian and neither is everybody else for that matter. So, let’s back up and let’s take a Long, hard look. Okay, what does it actually mean to be saved in Jesus Christ?

Let’s end with Isaiah chapter 22 verse 3. Do you want how God is working in America? Then it’s this scripture. If you want to know what this election is all about, it’s Isaiah 22 verse 3. Says, “All your leaders have fled together”. All your leaders have fled together. Republican, Democrat, every, they’re all just running. They’re all running. All this bravado like we’ll do this. Does it ever happen? Does it ever happen? Nobody’s brought to justice. And so, the oppressors keep on. “All your leaders have fled together”. They’re just running everywhere. “They have been captured without using the bow”. We’re not being invaded by a foreign country for which we have to fight back. But we can tell they’re winning. Without a single bow.

Our leaders are being overcome. Whether it be money, greed, impurity, lies, lawlessness, sexual immorality, just go down the line. It’s do we not see poor Hunter Biden and all of the debauchery and the drugs. That’s the United States. That’s who we are. That’s who law enforcement is. That’s who all the governing deep state has been heavily involved in this stuff. If you know anything about your history. “They have been captured without using the bow. All you who were caught were taken prisoner together”. Those are conservative Christians or conservative are being taken prisoner. Those that are liberal and lawless are being taken prisoner. “All you who were caught were taken prisoner together. Having fled while the enemy was still far away”. Having fled while the enemy was still far away. Our enemies are still far away, although they’re getting very close. Repent. That’s it, Jacob.

Outro: This has been the Consider Podcast at www.consider.info, where yesterday’s folly is today’s madness. “In the beginning, the unrepentant sinners words are folly. At the end, they are wicked madness”. Ecclesiastes 10:13. “Judgement begins with the house of God. Therefore, let everyone who loves the Lord with an undying love pick up their cry and walk the talk”. As Peter the apostle wrote. “Therefore, prepare your minds for action. Be self-controlled”. First Peter 1:13-14. The considered podcast examining today’s events and Paulorrow’s realities. www.consider.info.


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