#52 Taking Captive Every Thought Pt 2

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Video: When this guy brought home some McDonald’s, he thought it’d be funny to give his dog a box too. But when the dog saw what was inside, He realized pretty quickly that he got ripped off.

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Timothy: How’s it going Jacob?

Jacob: It’s going good.

Timothy: What you think about the dog video? Let’s play that one more time just for kicks. I like watching it.

Video: When this guy brought home some McDonald’s, he thought it’d be funny to give his dog a box too. But when the dog saw what was inside, he realized pretty quickly that he got ripped off.

Timothy: Now we both have dogs.

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Of course. I’ve got the, well he used to be the best-looking dog in the world. He’s getting too old now and got an eye that’s gone. German Shepherd. And what is it that you have again?

Jacob: I have an Australian cattle dog.

Timothy: That’s right. Is he the best-looking dog? Because I know Mordecai’s like number one.

Jacob: He’s definitely a cute dog.

Timothy: Yeah, okay so what did he do? What happened to him? You going to have to tell people. I told people my dog’s old and kind of goes around the block and that’s about it and lost an eye so he’s on his last leg or two. So, what what’d your dog do?

Jacob: My dog’s an amazing dog. What do you mean, what does my dog do?

Timothy: Well, he can’t even walk across greats. What are you talking about? What did he lose? I still haven’t figured out which great. Is this like a playground great?

Jacob: Yeah, he was following the kids. He was at the park and I wasn’t there so it’s very hard to describe the story when I wasn’t there other than he jumped down and lost two dog nails. I don’t know what they call him. Toenails? Dog nails?

Timothy: Yeah. Claws? Maybe a clause I’m not sure. Well, let’s look at Genesis chapter 9 verse 5 because there’s a nice little sentence in that passage. I don’t know what kind of dog that was in the video we saw. I want to think Patton had that kind of dog. But I can’t remember.

Jacob: Kind of look chihuahua, it’s very small whatever it was.

Timothy: Yes, and so he copied an attitude. Well, in Genesis chapter 9 verse 5 it says, “And for your life but blood”. God’s talking to Adam, “I will surely demand an accounting”. Okay, that’s good enough. We nowhere counted but before God, right? Well then, this next sentence. Go ahead and read this next sentence, because it’s kind of just stuck there. But God just doesn’t stick stuff there. It’s there for a reason.

Jacob: “I will demand an accounting from every animal”.

Timothy: Now think about that for just a moment. We’re not going to go massively into this thing and I’m not trying to say anything more than actually scripture says. That God has stated clearly to Adam and to the rest of us that he will demand an accounting for every animal. What do you think he means by that?

Jacob: Well, I’m guessing not every dog will go to heaven as some people may believe.

Timothy: It could be, I don’t know if it means that God’s holding Adam accountable for how he treats the animals because some of that blood and life in the blood. Or my initial reading of it and looking at it is that every animal if God created a maggot, he’s going to go, are you a good maggot or not? Or is this animal good or not? And certain animals have better temperaments than others. So, somehow in the midst of all of that, God is saying all of that will be judged. All of that will be brought together in some way. “I will demand an accounting from every animal”. Sure, sounds like he’s going to go okay Ozzy or Mordecai come forward here. Let’s look at your life and see. I don’t think there’s a heaven and hell situation but I don’t know what this means. Do you have any other thoughts on this?

Jacob: Other than we know that there’s definitely some bad animals like there’s the lions in Africa. That’s the really old story. They made a movie too, right? And like the lions were eating people, so eh I don’t, I can’t fully judge them but I don’t think they were a good lion.

Timothy: Well also even in the Old Testament you dig further in law he warns individuals who have a cow or an animal or whatever that’s known for goring people or causing damages or problems then you need to take care of that animal. So, there’s a judgement that we pass on animals and who they are and what they do. The reason I think it’s more than just that is it goes on to say and from each man too I will demand an accounting for the life of his fellow man. So, Says in Proverbs that the righteous are kind to their animals. That there is an accountant for all of life and in all aspects of life that God’s going to bring together. For that we can praise him. Jacob, go ahead and play this next clip and I want you to play it a couple times.
There are no words, so if you’re on your phone, how do you, well, I guess you got to be young enough to watch everything on your phone. But this is really, I think for a desktop to watch it, go ahead and play it, Jacob, at least once and then pause it. We’ll do it again.

Timothy: It just reminds me so much of that first love for Jesus. She’s clearly very excited she just kind of dancing for the hope and the future and the love that is all there, right?

Jacob: Yeah. The nerves everybody gets nervous.

Timothy: Yeah, it reminds me of Revelation 19:7, where it says to the church, “Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory”. This is what being a disciple of Jesus is about. “For the wedding of the lamb has come and his bride has made herself ready”. This strikes me as someone who’s made herself ready. She’s eager for the joy of the heart and her soul and her spirit. It everything about this says first love. Play it again and let’s watch it again. At least that’s what it spoke to me.
We don’t have time to look at it today but the whole dating courtship things kind of messed up these days. Meaning, it’s the bride who’s supposed to make herself ready. Usually what you find is many times is the guys are around trying to get the approval of the girl. Well, it’s the other way around. It’s those that are falling in love with Jesus Christ making themselves ready in every way and coming in with the most holiness and the joy there that’s inside even from the outward part of making yourself ready for the wedding banquet. The sad part is when I compare even that particular video or this scripture the church just isn’t not making itself ready. They think that they’re baptized or they ask Jesus in their heart. In fact, we’re going to get in that here in a moment but somehow, they’re magically ready. A wedding requires a great deal of planning, does it not?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: And you want to be sure you’re dressed appropriately and everybody’s there on time and the music is exact. Now, it’s probably not so, I mean, Mary just taken so loosely today. I’m not so sure everything I’m saying actually applies, does it?

Jacob: Oh, people are still into weddings. That’s for sure. People spend a lot of money on weddings, a lot of planning, a lot of oh there’s still a tremendous amount of effort and pressure that goes into weddings nowadays.

Timothy: That part is certainly true, I guess what I’m, yeah exactly, I want to say and again we want to emphasize just making yourself ready. That’s massive amounts of effort and energy especially for women who want to be married. You look forward their whole life having kids and so on. But I don’t see is even the world makes itself ready. But it can ready in terms of folly or whatever, but you’re right. There’s a lot of preparation. Certainly, a lot of money involved. Lot of cost. But we’re talking about a bride who makes herself ready for Jesus Christ. So, we won’t play today but I’ve got a short video on what I mean by sound doctrine and that’s the playing of the song of Psalms. It’s love.
This isn’t ink on paper that we’re talking about and it isn’t the Bible that I follow. It’s Jesus Christ I follow. We’ll get to that more here in just a moment. Go ahead and play the next video and we’ll begin to roll into this thing and as always, it’s going to get offensive.

Video: You can tell a story where everyone’s a victim. Because we all die. We all get sick. And things happen to us that are bitter and terrible. Betrayal. Deceit. Lies. Like people hurt us on purpose. It’s malevolence as well. It’s everyone’s a victim. You can tell that story. The problem is if you tell that story and you start to act it out you make all of that worse. That’s the problem. And it’s so this is why partly I got attracted to Christian imagery at least in part. Because there’s an idea in Christianity that you should pick up your Goddamn cross and like walk up the hill. And that’s dramatically, that’s correct. That’s the right answer. It’s like you’ve got a heavy load of suffering to bear. And a fair bit of it’s going to be unjust. So, what are you going to do about it? Accept it voluntarily. And try to transform as a consequence. That’s the right answer. It’s the right answer. Cuz the rest of it is tribalism.

Timothy: Let’s go to second Corinthians 5:16. Any thoughts on that Jacob?

Jacob: Well, there’s a lot of thoughts on that.

Timothy: By the way, that was Jordan Peterson who’s I think everybody pretty much knows his name if you don’t look him up.

Jacob: Correct. Yeah.

Timothy: This stuff that we’re looking at today really is a heavy heart. It’s not the fun things I think that we looked at last time. Because it’s very clear he got close to Christianity. But getting close is the same of missing it all the way. There’s not like this, you can get kind of somewhat close. You either surrender all or you don’t surrender all. It’s really that simple. You either are hating your own life or you’re not. But what you’re seeing here is he is seeing Jesus Christ from a worldly point of view. It’s concepts. It’s principles. There’s a truth to what he’s saying there that you pick up your cross and you keep moving forward. From a psychological Psychologist, psychiatry point of view, he’s top notch. If I were just after worldly wisdom, examining what psychology is, how people function on a human without Jesus Christ level, he’s the go-to person. The problem is he’s opposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. He’s an enemy of the cross and that’s really the problem. Second Corinthians 5:16, go ahead and read that Jacob.

Jacob: “So, from now on, we regard no one from a worldly point of view. Though we once regarded Christ in this way, we do so no longer”.

Timothy: You remember how he said that he accepted Christian imagery or at least part of it. That’s why I’m saying he got close to what it is. In fact, I followed him as he was kind of moving into the area and there just becomes that turning point, when hey this is going to cost me too much. It probably became too clear about what the cross demanded the narrow road and then after you do that of course once you turn your back on Jesus Christ a lot of times what can happen is he got lots of money, lots of fame. I know he has lots of problems. Part of the problem in criticizing these kinds of individuals or persons, they’re criticized a lot. And so, this gets lumped in with all those other kinds of criticism.
Let me be very very clear. In terms of the gospel, he is an enemy of the cross. He doesn’t understand what he is saying. He needs to become a Christian. A disciple of Jesus Christ and pick up his cross, hate his own life, and follow Jesus Christ with everything that that means and he would have to lose his worldly point of view that Jesus Christ is not a group of principles or concepts or fundamental ideas and philosophy for putting your life together. And you can’t come along and pick and choose and go, well, I like this imagery of the cross but I don’t like this over here. Am I making sense there Jacob? Is it being laid out pretty clear?

Jacob: Yeah, no I mean it’s I think it’s pretty clear to me. One, he likes he’s using this imagery of picking up your cross so life is hard so you have to do things. But then I’ve never heard him use the imagery. Well, because what happens after you pick up your cross and you climb up that hill then you have to die. Then there’s nails, then there’s the mocking, the spitting, so many people just cherry pick parts of Jesus life to imitate instead of setting on to, okay, I’m going to imitate all of it.

Timothy: Correct, or you really can’t even imitate any of it.

Jacob: Well yeah.

Timothy: Or even just putting that for people.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: I’m trying to break through their language barrel. How do you get someone who’s a worldly point of view and you’re using that thing and they just don’t get it. No, you you’re not following ink on paper or you can’t go by the best seller of his book and do the twelve or thirteen things he has in mind. That’s not going to transform you into a new creation. And let me repeat that again. If you do everything Jordan says here and everything that he is presenting, you will not be transformed. I’m not going to say it doesn’t help your life. I mean obviously if I jog, if I eat healthier, if I do whatever, is that not going to help me? But it’s not going to transform me. It’s not going to transform self. It’s not going to give me a new creation. There’s no long-lasting eternal power to it. And the sad part about it is he’s wasting so much of life on things that are just going to dissipate anyway. They’re going to go he’s trying to help and save mankind and it it’s not going to last.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: It’s not going to last. Any thoughts, because I kind of interrupt you there a little bit on that.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Alright so this worldly point of view seeing to this is Paul saying, I used to look at Jesus from a worldly point of view. So, by the way, let me before we move on. He knows how he uses a cuss word in there.

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: So, he’s blaspheming God at the same time. There’s no reverence for who he is. Alright, enough said. Let’s move on. So, there is this worldly point of view that most people in the church who claimed to be Christians have because of the false gospels that have been put out there. The easy smiling jack one, two, three, ask teaching heart and part of the judgment that Jesus is going to bring upon the world or God is to sift this all away so people can see where they’re at. Some will be refined. Some will discover they don’t really have true faith Jesus Christ and never get back up again. They’ll just decide it’s too much. It’s going to be a great falling away. Let’s play this next clip and this is, I’m not sure where he is in terms of government as far as what state goes. But Jacob as you listen to this, promise me, you’ll never raise your daughter like this. This is, and actually don’t promise me let your yes be yes, your no be no. You’ve already decided to follow Jesus Christ. I’m only using that in a rhetorical sense.

Jacob: True.

Timothy: I’m not one of these individuals that promise anything because I just don’t know what Jesus has in mind. I’m very slow to take any type of oath or whatever. My yes is yes. My no is no. Those really are my promises. So, I’m very careful about every word that I say and what I hold onto. That said moving forward he’s going to be talking about raising his daughters. And he claims to be a Christian. And it comes at it toward the end. So, let’s listen to this at least for the first time and go from there.

Video: Here’s three pieces of advice for any potential future son-in-law might have. One, my girls are strong minded and strong willed and that is not a bug, it’s a feature. We raise them that way. They will expect you to be able to provide and protect, but they know how to provide and protect for themselves. Two, my girls are bilingual. They are fluent in both English and sarcasm. If you get your feelings hurt easily, your feelings will get hurt. The good news is they can also take a joke at their own expense and believe me, you are going to appreciate that. Point 3, they love Jesus. And they will expect the same of you because marriage presents challenges and having the same world view is important especially when you start raising children. Now, if you can understand and appreciate all three of these things, you’re on your way but here’s a bonus point. You will still have to go through me first.

Timothy: Any initial thoughts on that, Jacob?

Jacob: Don’t marry these girls. Sure, yeah.

Timothy: So, you’re marrying the dad, not the girls.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Any guy in and of himself saying, yeah, that that’s a girl, a woman I want to marry is a fool. You will be always second, third, fourth down the list. You will not only have to submit to your wife. You’ll have to submit to him and they’re telling where his wife is at and this whole macho thing. The only, am I correct? The only guys are going to marry this kind of girl are wimpy to begin with and they’re going to feel like they’re educating him and bring him along or either that or you’re going to have constant problems going on as to who’s top dog in the pack so to speak, right?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Philippians 3:18 says, “For, as I’ve often told you before and now say again even with tears”. And this is really one of those tears’ things. His daughters are growing up later on I think he talks about they go to their first dance or whatever else but says many live as enemies of the cross. Everything he just said, everything he just said is an enemy of the cross of Christ. Philippians 3:18 says, “For, as I’ve often told you before. And now say again even with tears”. As I said before, this is one of those things that you just want to weep over. It’s not a question of rebuking him. In fact, you probably wouldn’t do any good. He’s so used to being mister Macho and on top of the conversation and arguments. You’re probably not going to get through on that level. He, this is going to be nonsense to him.
“Many live as enemies of the cross of Christ”. These daughters are not being taught to pick up their cross and follow Jesus Christ because the cross Produces weakness. The cross produces a dependence upon God. The cross causes us to have faith in God no matter what happens. What’s, the number one thing Jacob that you would be teaching any daughter to do?

Jacob: Trust in the Lord.

Timothy: Trust in the Lord. That’s the number one thing. And that can be good or bad. And it’s how they trust. I mean you’re raising daughters that are full of sarcasm? Quick question. Is sarcasm? Is sarcasm something that God wants working with us?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: No. When I was younger, a teenager, sarcasm was a big part of my life and the humor was not the best. That has been crucified. It continues to go. I’m not telling you, don’t ever use sarcasm but it gets kind of very very very rare. Let’s go to first Peter 3:4. And Peter’s talking about what a Godly woman would look like and remember what he just said they look like and let’s read that. In fact, play it again Jacob. I know it’s a little long and then we’re going to read first Peter 3:4-6 and let’s compare to what he just said.

Video: Here’s three pieces of advice for any potential future son-in-law might have. One, my girls are strong minded and strong willed and that is not a bug, it’s a feature. We raise them that way. They will expect you to be able to provide and protect but they know how to provide and protect for themselves. Two, my girls are bilingual. They are fluent in both English and sarcasm. If you get your feelings hurt easily, your feelings will get hurt. The good news is they can also take a joke at their own expense and believe me, you are going to appreciate that. Point 3, love Jesus and they will expect the same of you because marriage presents challenges and having the same worldview is important especially when you start raising children. Now, if you can understand and appreciate all three of these things, you’re on your way but here’s a bonus point. You will still have to go through me first.

Timothy: Notice again he says a worldview. First Peter 318 or I mean the other scripture we looked at about looking at Jesus from worldly point of view. He says it with himself by your word you’ll be acquitted and by your word you’ll be condemned. Let’s read first Peter 3:4 where first Peter or Peter is talking about what you would look at to say is this a Godly woman or a Godly daughter or someone that I would want my son to marry later. Read verses 4-6, Jacob.

Jacob: Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is a great worth in God’s sight”.

Timothy: Okay, hang on. I’m sorry to interrupt you. Is there any sarcasm in there?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: “Instead, it should be that of your inner self”. What’s in the inner self of his daughters? He says, I’ve trained them to speak English and sarcasm. That’s what’s inside. Sarcasm is not a gentle and quiet spirit Is it?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: No. It should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty, unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. That is rare to find in a woman which is of great worth in God’s sight. So, that’s what God’s looking for. You think God is listening to what he is saying in the name of Jesus and going, oh yeah, that’s great. Everybody, go out and model what he just said. Make your women self-defended. They don’t really need the man. They don’t really need God. They don’t really need thing but themselves and they’re also got to get through him to get to them and they have the sarcasm going on and they can fend for themselves and they’re strong. Really, that’s what verse 4 said of first Peter 3.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Read verse 5.

Jacob: “For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to make themselves beautiful. They were submissive to their own husbands”.

Timothy: Really? If anything, he has trained his daughters to be the opposite of the message of the cross. If you’ve got sarcasm all bottled up in there. And that’s the way of life. Is there anything about that would be they’re submissive to their own husbands?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: No. She’s going to be coming back with sarcasm when if he dare issues any type of command. I can, and man that would be the most torturous married situation. I’m not telling you God wouldn’t call me do it, but you better be prepared from some serious go-get persecution, take it down, present the cross, and put the word of God right in their face. This is what happens when you have this worldly point of view of Jesus Christ. You just take this whatever the world would want and basic principles and you roll this in, but the foolishness of the cross means that you would teach your daughters. This is rough. I’m not telling you this is easy and it’s whether your son or daughter, this is the faith Abraham in sacrificing Isaac. Where the women have to learn in the context of a quiet and unfading beauty of a general spirit to trust God no matter what happens.
And you see that in the life of Sarah. We don’t have time to get into that today, but she trusted God in some very harrowing situations and she did it quietly and she submitted and she trust God. This man just took away all the sufferings of the cross of Jesus Christ and all the foolishness of the gospel and said, my daughter will not live that. That’s what he just did. Even if they come to Jesus Christ, what they have to unlearn is going to delay the whole process of true holiness and Godliness at a minimum for 10 years. You’ve got to undo a lot of stuff and that work of the Holy Spirit would take some serious time to undo. Indeed, he’d probably come out of the woodwork to destroy whatever the marriage is and the God’s working. That way unless he repents.
Verse 6 says, “Like Sarah, who obeyed Abraham and him her master. You are her daughters”. Now look at this and so this is not what he’s teaching his daughters. He taught them to be self-reliant. “You are her daughters if you do what is right a quiet and gentle spirit.” If you do those things if you’re obedient, “And do not give way to fear”. What’s so sad about this is there is nothing in what he is saying that allows God or gives God time to work on the husband. I mean he’s fully expecting some, it’s that classic case I guess of a father with a daughter that never expects any man to be good enough, right? Well, there’s no avenue here for God to do any good that the kid the boy whatever is going to have to be fully up to his standard and he’s got years of maturity, he’s got generations of life. He knows his daughters, he knows the whole situation, he’s expecting anybody to marry his daughters to be up to that par already. Not to mention God wants to mature us was Abraham perfect, Jacob when he started following Jesus Christ or following God.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: No, of course not. She had; Sarah had to trust God as she watched God deal with Abraham. You have to be teaching your daughter to hold her peace is one good way to put this. To hold her peace and to let God do his work, and that will refine Sarah or the wife and that’ll refine who’s ever married to the daughter at the same time. There’s nothing like a quiet spirit to allow God to speak. You imagine God trying to come to a lot of women these days. They’re so busy talking and opinions and feelings. He can’t talk to them to deal with their sin. In the same way in this case though the poor husband or whoever married her, there’s just no room for it. He’s got to bow down to the father. He’s got to bow down to the daughter and if she has a sister that you got to bow down to that and with the wife there you got to bow down. How many people poor groom would have to please Jacob.

Jacob: A lot.

Timothy: Let me make something clear as we go along. I do not follow the Bible. I want to repeat that again. I do not follow the Bible. I’ve kind of covered this before. So, I’m only going to repeat it to let people know what I’m talking about here. I follow Jesus Christ and then by following Jesus Christ, he tells me what scripture means. He tells me how it’s going to be applied. I’m not picking up the 12 principles of Jordan Peterson which might have some Christian imagery in it and following that’s a book. I’m not picking up the Bible at church and reading ink on paper and following that and then picking and choosing what I want to believe. And that’s what we’re seeing here. He’s clearly not being taught by the Holy Spirit, the message of the cross which would make scripture clear on what it means. In first Corinthians 2:11, it says, “The spirit searches all things. Even the deep things of God”. Now here’s the point of what we’re making here. I don’t really know your thoughts, do I, Jacob?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: You don’t really know my thoughts.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: We even know verbally what we kind of talk about with each other, right? But doesn’t that even get confused?

Jacob: Sure.

Timothy: I’ll try, I’ll say something that doesn’t come out clear or you’re thinking I’m saying something different or I’m thinking you’re saying something different or we’re just going through okay. And we’re not even sure sometimes what we’re saying, but inside we have these thoughts and we know where we’re going. Only I know those thoughts. Only you know your own thoughts, correct?


Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: So, Paul says, “For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the man’s spirit within him?” In other words, those thoughts are all there. You have to make it clear to me what your thoughts are, right?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: If we’re just sitting in the living room and not saying anything to each other, do I just open my mouth and go, yeah, Jacob, I’m responding to what you thought but you didn’t say anything.

Jacob: No, that’s not how it works.

Timothy: No, or you could send me a little note and I still might go, well, what do you mean by this? What are you talking about kind of thing? Alright, pressing on verse 11, in the same way scripture says in the same way and by the way when I say I’m not following the Bible. Let’s be a little more realistic and by quoting the Bible all the time.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: All these, right? Well, I’ve had people accuse me go then what are you following you know it’s like somehow you miss. I’m one of the most biblical people you’ll know. But I don’t follow it. I follow a living Jesus Christ and when I read a piece of scripture I turn to the Lord and go Lord what do you mean by this. “In the same way, no one knows the thoughts of God except the spirit of God.” That’s why you see so much horrendous mistakes going on in the church because they’re not seeking the mind of Christ. They’ll talk about the mind of Christ. Jacob, can you read a book on carrying a cross till Jesus comes back?

Jacob: Sure, you can keep reading the book.

Timothy: Right. But that’s not the same thing as actually picking up and doing it.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: So much of what is being repeated from the pulpit is nothing but a repeat of what’s on ink on paper. People would rather talk about this stuff all day long then do it because it’s a very complicated thing or cross crucifying aspect to finally turn to God and God crucify my thoughts. I hate my thoughts and my opinions and give me your thoughts. That’s not an easy thing to walk in. It’s called the crucified life. Verse 12, “For we have not received the spirit of the world but the spirit who’s from God”. It’s very clear with Peterson and this other guy that this is the spirit of the world that may understand what God has freely given us. This is what we speak. This is what we speak.
Paul says, I speak this. This is what I’m speaking. Not in words taught us by human wisdom. We’re eventually going to get to it in some other shows where people dissect words within scripture and it’s just so meaningless. It’s such a waste of time. Not in words taught us by human wisdom, not human wisdom of Bible studies and this and all kinds of things. One of the passages of course that I preach a lot is hating your father, mother, your wife, your children, brothers and sisters and pick up your gospel of Jesus Christ, right? And I’ve had people come toward me to tell, well, that’s not the meaning that you got to look at this word and you got to have the cultural context. By the way, if you’re on any YouTube, any of this stuff and you hear words like, you have to understand the culture of the time, run. Because what are they really going to do? If I start a conversation, you got to understand the culture. What is about to happen, Jacob?

Jacob: Whitewashed.

Timothy: Whitewashed, they’re going to excuse why I don’t have to obey it. Women preachers and women being silent church is kind of a big favor. We won’t be able to play it today but I have a clip where yeah, you got and it’s a woman of course saying you got to understand the time period and all that’s what’s going on. Translation, she’s just going to do away with the whole scripture and we don’t have to obey it. I hear that on any scripture for that matter. But Paul says in verse 13, “This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but taught by the spirit”. You have to hear from the Holy Spirit and you better learn how that should happen and that’s why only by picking up a cross. You’re not just going to get this in some magical kind of way. That’s why you have all these mistakes going on.
The sadness of this is the daughters are going to grow up. People are going to be raised. People are going to read these books by Peterson and at the end of the day, it’s the opposite of the power of God. That that’s what is so disheartening about the whole thing. “Taught by the spirit it says, expressing spiritual truth in spiritual words”. The man without the spirits, first Corinthians 2:14 says, does not accept the things that come from the spirit of God. When I lay these things out and people whine, complain, put off, don’t want to go there, persecute, prosecute, whatever it is they do, they are in their worldly nature. It might be a Christian worldly nature, an unredeemed Christian nature. It might be in the sin part of a religious part of man. It won’t save them but they will reject this because they are not listening to a Holy Spirit. It’ll say, “For they are foolishness to him”. It would be foolishness to him for me to say no.
Teach your daughters to be quiet. Teach your daughters to be dependent upon God. Teach your daughters to go through some hardships where things that they might be able to fix and they might even have good advice but God wants them to be quiet and give them time to work. Anything you want to add to that, Jacob?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Alright. Pressing on. Let’s go on to the next one. This is Joe Rogan and we’re going to talk about the Israel War that’s kind of going on. And what I want you to see as we go through this is the fear that’s coming out and what he says.

Jacob: Do you want to do one? In the PDF it’s George Jenko.

Timothy: Yes, it was. You’re right.

Jacob: Or do you want to go to Joe Rogan?

Timothy: No. Let’s go to because it that fits where I was headed.

Jacob: Okay.

Timothy: Okay. One, two, three. Jacob, let’s go to Philippians chapter 2 verse 12 and go and read that before we actually watch this next video.

Jacob: Philippians 2:12. “Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed, not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence, continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling”.

Timothy: You notice it says, therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed, this is a bride making herself ready. The atrocious amount of doctrine that does away with obedience to Jesus Christ is just overwhelming. “Therefore, my dear friends as you have always obeyed not only in my presence, but how much more in my absence”. And here’s the part I want us to look at. “Continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling”. Jacob, do you like fear and trembling?

Jacob: No, I don’t love it.

Timothy: Do you like it?

Jacob: Do I like it? Only because I know that it’s a good thing but no, I don’t sit there and just enjoy it.

Timothy: I don’t either. I love it, but I don’t like it. I know it’s good for me I know the discipline I know working out fear and trembling there’s not a day I get up and go you know what? Today, I’m going to leave behind fear and today I’m going to leave behind trembling when it comes to my salvation. That’s just not an equation anymore. When I was a young Christian, I certainly tried to get out of it and take off days away from the cross kind of thing. And don’t do so anymore. I’m a little closer to the door than heaven’s door than I was before. Therefore, my dear friend is you have always obeyed not only in my presence, but how much more in obedience. You’ve got all this obedience going on. That’s why anybody coming to talk to me look, you better have a life that’s just overflowing with obedience. That’s not mean I’m going to not listen to something you have to say, but you better be wanting that attitude and keep moving toward that. How much more, continue to work out, continue.
Somebody comes to Jesus Christ with the complete gospel message, they should be starting with a fear and trembling and moving forward. So, you continue to move into all of this. But all the doctrine or most of the teaching out there is right. Oh, don’t have any fear, right? Don’t have any trembling. This next video we’re going to see is a crucial turning point for this individual. The Holy Spirit was trying to bring them to a place of fear and trembling. And he totally turned his back on it but he did so by quoting scripture. And this is one of the most deadly things that you’ve got hundreds and thousands of pastors who have either part of the gospel or this part or a lot of them just don’t even have it of all and fear and trembling is just not a part of the equation. So, you’ve got plenty of people that come along and say, oh no, no, Timothy Williams is crazy. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, right?
Look at what happens to him when he refuses the suffering of the cross. When he refuses Philippians 2:12, look what he does.

Video: There’s a Bible verse that scared me more than anything in the world. So Jesus is now preaching as God. So, a lot of people are like whoa. And he says, many will come to me in the day of judgement and says, Lord, Lord have I not prophesied in your name. Have I not casted out demons in your name? And he says be away from me. I never knew you. And that paralyzed me. Why did those people get casted away from God? Because when they presented themselves in front of God, they said look what I did. I did this. I did this. The whole reference is you’re not good enough to go into heaven. It surely offered the fact that God died for your sins making him the true reason on why you’re going into heaven.
This became my favorite Bible verse because now I know my good works aren’t what gets me into heaven, right? Truly, I could say to somebody when somebody goes, you only do this to get into heaven of a go, no, no, no, no, my friend. Nothing I do on earth will ever be good enough for me to go into heaven. It is only because Christ died on the cross for my sins that gives me the privilege into walking into the kingdom. So, my scariest Bible verse became my favorite Bible verse.

Timothy: Any thoughts before I kind of go at that a little bit, Jacob?

Jacob: Well, other than that it’s the it’s just the typical whitewash cover over any offensive scriptures.

Timothy: He also commits a sin that he accuses the others of doing. Remember he said yeah, what I came to realize is that they were all coming to Jesus say I cast it out demons.

Jacob: I did these things.

Timothy: And I did these things right?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Well, what’s the eye he did? I came to realize that this passage means this. It’s just a different kind of eye.

Jacob: Correct. So, it’s different. Yeah.

Timothy: Does that make sense?

Jacob: It makes sense.

Timothy: Yeah. So, he’s committed, again he’s committing the exact same sin. He’s condemning that even if that’s what it meant.

Jacob: Even if that’s what it meant he’s still he’s still presenting, didn’t I? But Lord, see because some people are saying but Lord, I cast it out demons. Therefore, I’m right with you. He’s saying but Lord, I came to the realization that you’re the only way and because I did this then I’m okay.

Timothy: Correct. Yeah. So, it’s the same sin.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: And it’s all to avoid what? God was Trying to pull him into the fear and trembling that is a part of working out your salvation and he just rejected it. Let’s go to James chapter 2 verse 24. It’s just very clear and again, pray for him to turn away because what he’s done here, he’s on this juncture, this road. God comes to him and he goes, no, no. I’m not going to go there. I’m not going to go with the fear and trembling. It terrified me. Man, he was on the right course. If somebody would have been in that church picking up the cross like I said, no, no, go with it. Go into the prayer because I can’t tell you the number of times. I’ve gone in before God with fear and trembling.
You’re always if you surrender, I should say. If you surrender and keep following Jesus Christ, the purity, the holiness from him actually does come. Then you can honestly say it’s by his holiness I’m saved. They’ve got some what is this doctrine that somehow you just realize well I’m not good enough so that makes you good enough? Is that what they’re saying?

Jacob: I guess.

Timothy: Well that literally, let me think because he’s really just saying, okay, nothing I do. No obedience matters, right? The only obedience that matters is realizing that no obedience does matter or that I’m never good enough.

Jacob: Yeah. It’s the exact same you don’t have to do anything but believe in Jesus. I mean he just uses a bunch of fancy words but it’s no different than say a prayer and be done.

Timothy: I mean isn’t the doing believing in Jesus. You still have to do something.

Jacob: Sure.

Timothy: I have talked with people like this and box them all the way and they go well no you don’t even have to do that. Go ahead with what you’re going to say.

Jacob: Well, no the only thing he has to do is continue to tell people that they should say a prayer pretty much. I mean the presentation of the gospel to him is simply to say that Jesus died for your sins so this is what you have to do to be saved. That’s the only thing he has to present. And if he presents, I mean you know what I mean? If you’re talking about well, what does he have to do? Well as long as he presents that then the person gets to and he’s off the hook as far as you’re asking what does he have to do. That’s the only thing he has to do, I think.

Timothy: Yeah, I agree. The strange part about it is he thinks this is an epiphany. I mean this is taught everywhere.

Jacob: Yeah, exactly. Yeah, this is nothing new.

Timothy: Well, this didn’t just come out of nowhere. It’s everywhere.

Jacob: Well, the only thing he had to do is he had to work to come up with the reason to do away with that scripture.

Timothy: Let me rephrase a little bit different. You me. He had to keep running far enough away from the conviction of the Holy Spirit so that he couldn’t hear the Holy Spirit’s any voice anymore and so he could just put that there in the void.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: The only thing yeah well, it’s so instead of working out his salvation with fear and craving he’s just working out his salvation to do nothing.

Timothy: They spend more time.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Getting out of obedience to actually just being obedient. Okay, let’s just even say that this is kind of remotely true right? Okay fine etcetera. Can we get on now to actually some real work and real suffering in Jesus Christ an getting organized about what should be done in a holy kind of fashion, so I know I’m interrupting you on multiple levels.

Jacob: Well, no but I get what you’re saying. There’s so many fundamentally wrong with this. In fact, because isn’t he it’s almost worse than the people who come before Jesus and say, well, we cast it out demons, we did this, we did it.

Timothy: It is.

Jacob: The only thing he has is to come before Jesus say well, Jesus I got I mean you know what I mean? He didn’t even have to cast; he didn’t have to do anything.

Timothy: Well, you look at his life 30 years from now. If he could even look back it’s going to be off track and you’re only going to be trapped in sin further down the line. Because God was trying to bless him to turn him from his wicked ways to work at it the first church grew and lived in the fear of the Lord. What the United States Church needs now more than else is a fear of God Alright, let’s just cut through the chase of all of our indignation and look at James chapter two verse twenty-six. It’s very clear. As the body without the spirit is dead. Every soul, everybody you see like if they don’t have a spirit, are they dead, Jacob?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Okay, this is just like dead on clear. So, faith without deeds is dead. There’s no such thing as well I don’t do anything and I’m saved apart from doing it. It’s all tied together. True faith in Jesus Christ is to obey Jesus Christ. How does, well I know how it got in. It came in. It’s just destroyed everything. And that’s why the gospel call of just ask Jesus in your heart is like so well accepted. Everybody thinks that’s the gospel. It’s not even close. Anything else Jacob before we move on to the next one. Because this, we’re going to skip the one we were going to look at. Let’s go on to this next one on the Franklin Graham one, because it fits exactly where we’re at. Go ahead and play it, because this is where it came from.

Franklin Graham: Our country’s in trouble and we see the violence, we see the upheaval, the riots, people are stressed out. This coronavirus has got our country on edge. It’s on a nerve. But I want you to know that that God can give you peace. He can give you peace and it can give you purpose in your life. And through the middle of this turmoil. The storm that we find ourselves in. he can not only calm the storm but he can guide and direct you. If you’ve never put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, you can do that right now. Just simply pray a prayer. Just say, God, I’m a sinner and I’m sorry. Forgive me. I believe Jesus Christ is your son and I want to trust him as my savior and follow him as Lord from this day forward. If you’ve never done that, pray that prayer right now and then call the number that’s on the screen. We’ve got people right now who want to pray with you. Do that now. God bless. I’m Franklin Graham.

Timothy: There is nothing, zero, nothing in the Bible that reflects that gospel message. That’s not just living as enemies of the cross of Christ this is the wide gate that Jesus warned us about. In Matthew chapter 7 verse 17 and we’ll come back at this show me anywhere in scripture where pray this prayer is it anywhere, Jacob.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: There’s not one single example of just ask Jesus in your heart. Say this prayer and of course we wouldn’t expect the telephone number. This is as bad as wide road and smiling jack and smooth. Is there any chance for God to even convict them of sin?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: This is bribery is what it is. This is like Jesus taking the multitudes out and he gives them bread and he gives them fish and he says, “I know the world full of hunger and I know you are hungry out here. All you have to do is acknowledge that I am Lord and you’ll be saved”. Well, who’s in going to go I always want to be fed.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Or I always want to be at peace. There’s not even an even reflection at all of the suffering of Jesus Christ. Somehow, there has been this really this blaspheme and this white horse that has separated believing in Jesus from the sufferings of Jesus. And we don’t have time to cover that all today, but that’s where the person that we just looked at before can come up and go, well, I need not be afraid because my deeds are irrelevant. Never mind, we covered that. Matthew 7:13, “Enter through the narrow gate”. This is not a narrow gate. Yes, the world is in turmoil. Yes, people are being destroyed and somehow what kind of peace is he talking about? I mean even if you said, okay, I want this. Meaning what. We’re going to Israel, we’re going to watch the world, we’re going to go out as chao, and we’re going to just sit around in peace. Where’s the suffering and the concern for other people?
Okay, “Enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter through it”. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it. It’s no wonder the church believes and accepts his gospel that we’re going to be pre-tribbed out of all this. Over and over again these videos, I’ve collected too many force to go through. There’s always this assumption that Israel may be at war and the world may be at war and the economy may have collapsed but once it the armage get and all those things start to happen, we won’t be here.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: That’s like Jesus Christ literally coming to Earth and saying, yeah, I’m going to walk and follow God. I’m going to go in the desert and battle against Satan. I’m going to head toward Jerusalem but when I get up to Jerusalem, when I get into the Garden of Cinnamon, I’m going to be raptured out and so are you guys. We’re not actually going to have to go to the cross. All you have to do is look at the life of Jesus Christ. Walk as he walked and understand and we can get into all the particulars of pre-trib, post-trib, mid trip but all you got to do is look at the life of Jesus Christ. Did he go all the way to the cross? Yes, are we to walk as he walked? Yes.
Meaning, the church even as a whole is going to pass through Gethsemane and every. And if you look in scripture, the church isn’t even raptured out until the antichrist is revealed into the tribulation. After there’s been a massive rebellion. Go ahead and play the next one Jacob and this is about the pre-trib and let’s kind of go at this.

Video: I want to speak to you today on the subject of what does the Bible say about Israel, war, and final prophecy. The corporate church is the most prolific force in the world that the Holy Spirit uses both in word and indeed, we are restraining the full release of wickedness and evil that is in the world. If you think things are bad now, wait until the rapture takes place. Imagine what the world will be like when the spirit-filled church and all believers are taken from society.

Timothy: So, we’re out of here. When things really get tough, when it really matters to stand firm, guess what? We’re all gone, right?

Jacob: Yep.

Timothy: So, then everybody in the world is just left to suffer. And just go through what? There’s no need to stand firm. There’s no need to preach the gospel. There’s no, never mind. Scripture says that those who know the Lord will resist the anti-Christ. Anyway, they can get complicated with this. They’ll say there’s other Christians behind. They’ll leave Bibles. I don’t know what they get into. But let’s look at, first of all did you hear all the clapping in there?

Jacob: Yeah, all the clapping. Yep.

Timothy: You know the flattery. We’re the restraining force. Everything’s being held back. The day of the Lord is coming and everybody’s clapping. Amos chapter 5 verse 18. “Woe to you who long for the day of the Lord”. What is it? “Woe to you who long for the day of the Lord”. Why do you long for the day of the Lord? That day will be darkness not light. Well, I guess the reason they can long for it is because they get to get out of it, right?

Jacob: Sure. Yeah. They’re gone.

Timothy: Man, talk about a we’re raising a group of Christian Children who think they’re going to get out of it all when they’re going to be going through the midst of it all. No wonder there’s going to be a great falling away. Jacob, have I gone way overtime?

Jacob: Little bit over.

Timothy: Okay. Let’s go to second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 1. And let’s dispel this whole notion that we’re pre-tribbing out of here. We’re not even mid-tribbing out of here. We don’t have time to break it down today and it’s not that complicated when I say break it down. We’re going to be here till almost the end. Second Thessalonians 2:1, “Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and are being gathered to him, we ask you, brothers not to become easily unsettled or learned by some prophecy or report or letter, supposed to have come from us saying that the day the Lord has already come”. Here’s verse 3, “Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way”. Let me repeat that. “Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way”. Jesus Christ is not going to come back until we’re going to finish reading what is reveal here. “Do not let anyone deceive you”. What this is being preached is deception. It’s flattery. Oh, we’re the restraining number one.

Jacob: We’re not.

Timothy: The church is not the restraining factor. It’s the Holy Spirit. It’s God. Now I know what he’s saying. The Holy Spirit. You know what? Tell me what they’re doing. What is that church doing to suffer to hold it back? I doubt much and how much of the gospel is being reflected in that church. They’d be persecuted heavily if that that large group are doing it. Verse 3, “Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way”. No way form or fashion. For that day will not come. That day will not come until the rebellion occurs. Did not Jesus say many will fall away from the faith and many will betray and children will betray their parents and parents will betray their children and people, right?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Alright, we have to see that first before you can ever even remotely begin to discuss about pre-trib stuff. Alright, so let me let me put it this way. Let’s just say pre-trib is true, right? Well, according to second Thessalonians 2:3, you still got to go through some pretty dicey moments.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: “For that day will not come until the rebellion occurs”. People will be hating each other. There’ll be a great falling away in the church and they’re all clammy. Yay. Bring it on. Bring on the day of the Lord. Let’s bring on the great falling away is what they’re saying. For that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed. The antichrist is Not even revealed till halfway through the tribulation at best case scenario but it goes further than that. The man doomed to destruction. It goes on to say whom Jesus Christ will overthrow with the breath of his coming, right?
Let me go ahead and read it. Let’s push the time. Mark chapter 13 verse 12. It says, “Brother will betray brother to the death”. This is what you’re going to see. This is what some of our children will see and his father has Children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death. We already see that moving with great speed. Mark 13:13. “All men will hate you because of me”. There’s no tribute out of this. We will, things have got to get a lot worse than Israel. Somehow this thing has to completely turn around that the whole world including Israel including the United States. All men will hate you because of Jesus Christ. But he who stands firm till what Jacob. What does it say? What’s that word there?

Jacob: The end.

Timothy: The end. That’s why scripture, we’re not raptured out until way, way, way beyond. We’re way past mid-trib. But he who stands firm to the end will be saved. Alright, so how do we know what the end is? That would be the question, right? We were in some type of Bible, well what what’s the end? What would, okay, Jesus tells us, Mark 13:14. When you see, oh really? Somebody’s here. “When you see the abomination that causes desolation”. When you see that then you could maybe be talking about the raptures getting close. Standing where it does not belong. Let the reader understand then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.
We’re not getting out of here anytime soon. And this whole white horse Christianity there’s no sitting down counting the cost. There’s no being offended by the message of the cross. There’s not even deep conviction. There’s really only like come be blessed. If you’re tired of drinking, come be delivered. If you’re tired, it’s the 10 lepers coming to Jesus Christ all wanting something but only one actually came back to worship God. They all received something. Getting a blessing from God is not the most astounding thing. He feeds the whole world. Does he not?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: He feeds the Godly and the ungodly. He sends sunshine on both. God does that all the time and he sends miracles and he heals and he’s trying to draw people to him. but that’s a far-far cry from a disciple of Jesus picking up his cross to follow Jesus Christ. I want to read back again at second Thessalonians 2:4. It says, “The Antichrist will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or his worship, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple proclaiming himself to be God”. Don’t you remember when I was with you, Paul says, I used to tell you these things. Don’t you remember? Don’t fall for this white wars. We’re holding it back. We’re a holy people. Pick up this number. Feed the poor. Ask Jesus, don’t you want peace. Get blessed. Everything’s yours. Oh, avoid the fear and trembling scriptures and just pick the final easy scriptures you wanted. Don’t you remember when I was with you? I used to tell you what the gospel message was.
Verse 6 of second Thessalonians, “And now you know what is holding him back, so that he may be revealed at the proper time”. It’s God that’s holding him back and the church is probably pretty much in the way if you really want to look at it. We’ve got to grow up. We’ve got to become mature. We’ve got to sober up. We’ve got to get ready. We have to give an attitude that goes, why are we eager for the day of the Lord? It is going to be a day of darkness, of judgement, a sifting wheat from chap. It is thinking yourself with sober judgment. Verse 7, “For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one, the one who holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way”. And when will he be taken out of the way? God is holding it back? What will be the condition for it to happen? Verse 8, Jacob, when will, let me slow down because I’ve gotten really worked up, haven’t I? When will the power of lawlessness be removed so that we know we’re about ready to be raptured?

Jacob: When Jesus comes back.

Timothy: That’s right. Read verse 8 there. Go ahead of second Thessalonians.

Jacob: “And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming”.

Timothy: And then it is at that point the lawless one will be revealed. And did we not read earlier that the lawless has to be revealed before we can even begin to talk about being raptured out?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Let’s stop the whitewash, let’s stop the favoritism. Oh, that person’s my favorite pastor, that person’s my favorite Christian. Let’s hold up the word of God, the complete word of God, the full gospel message, the offense of the cross let’s begin to get ears that can hear, and those who turn their backs, and those who leave now best they get out of the way because we have to get ready. Take us out of here Jacob.
Outro: This has been the Consider Podcast at www.consider.info where yesterday’s folly is today’s madness. In the beginning, the unrepentant sinners words are folly. At the end, they are wicked madness. Ecclesiastes 10:13. Judgement begins with the house of God. Therefore, let everyone who loves the Lord with an undying love pick up their cross and walk the talk. As Peter the wrote. “Therefore, prepare your minds for action. Be self-controlled”. First Peter 1:13-14. The Considered Podcast, examining today’s events and Paulorrow’s realities. www.consider.info.


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