#62 The Madhouse Door, pt 1

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Timothy: Let us consider the fact that God is unleashing madness on a worldwide scale.

Intro: Welcome to the Consider Podcast where the whole gospel message is used to examine today’s wisdom, folly, and madness. Acts 5:20, “Go stand and speak to the people in the temple, the whole message of this life.” Join the hosts Timothy and Jacob as they pick up their cross to follow Jesus as we pray that God enlightens the mind according to verse 25 of Ecclesiastes chapter 7. “So, I turned my mind to understand to investigate and to search out wisdom and the scheme of things and to understand the stupidity of wickedness and the madness of folly.” Ecclesiastes 7:25. The Consider Podcast examining today’s wisdom, folly, and madness with the whole gospel. www.consider.info.

Timothy: How’s it going today, Jacob?

Jacob: It’s going good.

Timothy: How’s it really going good today?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Because everybody always asks that and then we give the cliche answers.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Not that I would know before we even got started. Jacob’s here with me. So, Jacob, we got to do a Jacob Pop quiz time.

Jacob: Okay.

Timothy: What’s the difference between madness and insanity? Define for me the difference.

Jacob: Insanity seems worse. Insanity is like there’s almost no hope. Madness to me like, well this this is maddening. You have to solve this versus insanity almost seems like you’re over the line and like that’s it.

Timothy: I fully agree with the insanity one. The madness when you’re thinking more of the emotion madness. We’re talking about reasoning ability, the acceptance of truth versus lies, a reality of what’s going on around us. The year 2023 really was a time when God took the whole world and drew us to the door of the madhouse and we kind of had the door open. And you can see inside and you go, there’s some madness over here and there’s some crazy people over here and weird stuff over here. Wouldn’t you agree? I mean there is an appearance of the world that really is going mad.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: You’ve got bizarre things going on. We’re not going to go into specifics today as if most people don’t know, but we’re going to hone in on that probably on some other shows. Right now, I want to talk about that it’s God that is sending the madness or the insanity into the world and so we keep blaming Democrats or Republicans or this country or that country or whatever when it’s really, we’re fighting against God in a sense because what we should be doing is repenting. Alright, let’s go back to our definition for a moment. We have madness and then we have insanity. Let’s go to Deuteronomy 28:28 and first look at the scripture and then I want to kind of dive into some definitions here a little bit that we can work with. Deuteronomy 28:28. Jacob, you want to read that to us?

Jacob: “The Lord will afflict you with madness, blindness, and confusion of mind.”

Timothy: Deuteronomy 28:28. The Lord, the Lord will inflict. He’s giving the world what they wanted. You know you want bizarre sins. You want bizarre thoughts. You want injustice. We’ll get in all that a little bit. “The Lord will afflict you with madness, blindness, and confusion of mind.” There certainly is a deal of confusion going on the year 2023 really was that. Nobody who quite knows what to do, right?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: You look at the world, you look at the economy, you look at politics, you look at everything going around, you look at the changing of definitions of words and people and reality and the discussions really boil down to a lot of nonsense here and there, and then every once in a while, somebody else say some aspect of truth but not the full truth. Of course, it’s God that’s being left out of the picture whether it’s Christianity, cultural Christianity, people claiming to be Jesus or whether it’s your Satan worshiper over here. God’s just start totally being left out of the picture and that’s why he’s afflicting with madness and blindness. Nobody can see what to do. Nobody has the solid answers that are going on or if you think they do, you’re really being blind to what’s going on. Alright, I need to stop there because we need to define. Here’s what madness is and we’ll play a little game here. Let’s pretend you’ve got some mint problems, Jacob.

Jacob: Okay.

Timothy: I’d use myself but a lot of people already think I’ve got mental problems. Alright, you’re going to be the typical classic, are you insane or mad person by claiming and thinking that you’re Napoleon?

Jacob: Okay.

Timothy: Alright. I’m going to turn to you and I’m going to ask you, Jacob, who are you? And so, are you Napoleon or not and your answer would be, Jacob, are you Napoleon?

Jacob: If I was a crazy person, I’d say, yeah, I’m Napoleon.

Timothy: Yes. An insane person doesn’t hear you ask the question. So now you’re insane and I walk into the room. You’re already repeating to yourself. I’m Napoleon. So, I’m creaking the door open. I walk in before I even say anything. What are you saying?

Jacob: Yeah, I’m Napoleon.

Timothy: And you just kind of keep repeating.

Jacob: Or you’d be like, oh my name is Napoleon. Nice to meet you. What’s your name? I mean, if I was truly if I truly thought that. I would be introducing myself. I’d be livid. I’d be why am I in this room? I’m Napoleon.

Timothy: You actually play that pretty good.

Jacob: Oh really?

Timothy: Yeah. You got some issues going on? Alright. So, whether I’m totally correct or not, if it’s a working definition. A madness means the person can actually respond to the question. So, are you Napoleon? Do you believe this? Is this your politics? So, there’s an acknowledgement of what’s going on. They’re least aware of what’s on the outside of themselves and so they go, yes, I’m Napoleon or yes, I believe trees are huggable or whatever, and the same person is completely absorbed in and of themselves. They really don’t hear anybody else. You can’t control them. And as the world slides more and more into loving themselves whether again your culture Christianity or whether your pop psychology or whatever the love of self is, we’ll see is the overriding theme in all of this. As people become more and more separated from reality, we’re moving from madness into insanity. And the year 2023 really was God pushing people, bringing them to, providing for, we’ll show in here in a moment a madness that will eventually lead to insanity and by that time and you’re correct in the definition.
Usually, when you think of somebody that’s insane, it’s beyond hope. You’ve crossed the line. I would call that the judgement seat. That’s hell. You’re just there. That’s who you are. You follow what I’m saying.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Alright. Let’s go to Ecclesiastes chapter 10 verse 13, and we’ll kind of give an example of that and when you’re there Jacob read Ecclesiastes 10:13. It’s actually very providential. We call this a Consider Podcast this is our main scripture that we kind of put out there. Ecclesiastes 10:13 Jacob, go and read that.

Jacob: “At the beginning his words are folly; at the end they are wicked madness.”

Timothy: We see a lot of things that in the very beginning people will say, oh, I thought you’re born gay and so you have that issue now it’s being promoted in the classroom and you have cross dressers actually in positions of authority. So, it started off as folly and most people are willing to tolerate it. Most people are willing to overlook it or to be sympathetic, right?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: They don’t take it serious when it’s in its small form, and it just looks like folly. It looks containable. It’s like it’s going to stay there. Okay, we’ll accommodate it but what happens is sin always grows. If we have a foolish thought or a foolish life or we’re just fools, it never stops there. It’s like the person, let’s say a person grew up and they became or they hit 10 years old, but they stay at 10 years old. They continue to get worse in that 10-year-old behavior and thinking. So, in the beginning, it’s just folly. It’s just stupid. It’s you know, act your age routine but in the end, it becomes not just madness but what does it say there, Jacob?

Jacob: Wicked madness.

Timothy: Wicked madness. So, everything that you see going on here is tied back to sin and the love of sin. It isn’t just madness. It isn’t just somebody going, well, I think I’m Napoleon and then eventually just believing Napoleon. There’s a wickedness behind what they believe and what they want to believe. So now we’ve got children going being forced or groomed or whatever to deny the sex they were born with and doctors willing to do it. So, it started out as just folly. Who would ever thought if I just said, four years ago doctors in the United States would go in and mutilate children removing all of their sexual organs and that which makes them who they are, giving them therapy and drugs and all kinds of things and lay them on the surgical table, removing parts that should never be removed. Who would have thought that I was, they’d have thought I was the crazy one, right?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: I’m not over emphasizing that. Well, let me give you an example. This is just today before I started this. You’ll see the link there, Jacob. Go to “DailyMail.CO.UK”. Click on that and we’ll get there in a moment. And show the screen I believe it’s still up there it’s always amazing I get better news sometimes from overseas but whatever. Alright, so read that headline there. It starts with fury, right? Do you see where…?

Jacob: Transgender golfer?

Timothy: Correct. Oh, I’m sorry. Probably the front page is gone. Let me read what they originally had on the front page. There’s a clip there you can put it on for people to look at. And I’m going to give you an example of Folly versus Madness or Madness versus Insanity. Here’s how the headline reads right now. “Fury as transgender golfer wins coveted spot on prestigious.” Man, I can’t talk to one. “Prestigious tour aimed at providing growth opportunities for female players.” One reason this is just not even logical. Alright, so you get the point. Did I read that? Did it make sense? I need to read it again.

Jacob: Read it again.

Timothy: “Fury as a,” man, they’re not. “Fury as transgender golfer wins coveted spot on a prestigious tour aimed at providing growth opportunities for female players.” So, it’s a male guy.

Jacob: Yeah, it’s a dude who is saying he’s a woman. He’s playing at the woman’s golf thing. He wins the spot and people are upset.

Timothy: Correct.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Besides butchering all of the English language. Then, okay so here’s the mark, okay then it goes on to say, “… after she smashed competition at Florida tournament.” So, on the one hand they’re admitting that he is a transgender person but then they’re continuing to refer to him as she.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: So that’s a madness.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: A couple years from now that will not read that way. It would just say she won the golf tournament.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: That I would be able to pronounce all that. There would be no transgender because they’ll actually come to believe that he is a she. And so, in the second graphic you can say I kind of highlighted there. Is that make sense?

Jacob: Yeah, it makes sense. Oh, well okay it makes sense that your point that this is madness.

Timothy: Correct. But it’s not insanity yet.

Jacob: Sure.

Timothy: And God is, again insanity is the end game and that’s where Helen judgment comes in. Jacob, let’s go to second Peter chapter 2 verse 15. I’m going to have you read that first and we’re still talking about the difference between madness and insanity because you’re going to find people starting to move more and more into the insanity territory and it’s not going to be possible to have any dialogue with them whatsoever. At least now you can kind of go on campuses are being public and kind of get in the discussion going on and logically go to a certain point. Eventually, that’s not going to happen. And by the way, even the people right now that have some glimmer of truth or facts that they hold onto, they will eventually become mad and they will eventually become insane because it’s God that is sending the madness and the insanity. Second Peter chapter 2 verse 15 is a classic example of madness. Go and read that Jacob.

Jacob: “They have left the straight way and wandered off to follow the way of Balaam, son of Beor, who loved the wages of wicked.”

Timothy: Alright, so we this is Balam. I can’t go into full detail today. Those of you that know your Bible understand what I’m saying, those that don’t, go look up your Bible and seek the living God. Says, “they have left the straightway and wandered off.” So, there’s a straight male, there’s a straight female, correct?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: That’s the facts of DNA. You just can’t undo it. They have left the straight way and wandered off to follow the way of wickedness or the Balaam, the son of Beor, who love the wages of weakness. The reason why people are accepting all these delusional things are getting something out of the deal. There’s a wage from wickedness that they gain if you believe that men aren’t men and women aren’t women, you gain political power over your opponent or whatever. There’s always something that you’re gaining or selling Nike shoes or whatever it is that you’re doing. Second Peter chapter 2 verse 16 still tells us that Balam is only in madness territory. He’s not insane and the reason why we know that is because a donkey is smarter than Balaam but Balaam is still able to dialogue with the donkey. Go ahead and read verse 16.

Jacob: “But he was rebuked for his wrongdoing by a donkey–a beast without speech–who spoke with a man’s voice and restrained the prophet’s madness.”

Timothy: Here we have an example. You can restrain the madness but it doesn’t transform the person. And that’s where a lot of these quote unquote conservative news outlets or quote unquote Christian outlets are deceived. You restrain the madness that’s going on. You can kind of hold it back for a period of time, but Balaam is not transformed. He can be reasoned with. He can be rebuked. He can be laid out the facts but he still will continue on wanting the sin that he wants. Any comments on that?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Same thing in the church. How many people have talked to dialogue with, you lay out the scriptures? It’s all laid out. It’s very clear, it’s not this weird, you know, dial log in the Greek and Hebrews. That’s what God says. And you might restrain a little bit but they are not transformed. They don’t accept it, they don’t surrender to it, they don’t let God crucify their foolish opinions in order to have the mind of Christ. What we again see here is the madness of Balaam and this is where the world whether again they claim to be Christians or not be Christians. All you can do is at best restrain them. Make sense?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Alright, so let me ask you another little question we went through the hate crime were the prosecutors insane or mad and the judges for that matter.

Jacob: Okay, before I answer that question, I think that some people have already reached insanity. And but what I mean by that is you’re saying the example where like you can, there’s hundreds of videos who the people go to the college, right? And sometimes yes, there are those individuals who you can tell that are reasoning with them, right? And they can either reach an agreement or maybe they kind of change their mind you can tell. But then there’s plenty of videos too where there’s someone just screaming. I mean they’re already insane. You can’t to them. You can’t reason with them. You know what I mean? They’re like already gone. And I’m mildly asking, it’s kind of a question too here. Wouldn’t you some people are farther along in the madness reaching the insanity sooner than others, right?

Timothy: Absolutely, no. I absolutely agree with that that the main thing the reason I’m kind of hesitating. It always takes the grace of God whether you’re mad or insane to get through.

Jacob: Sure.

Timothy: I want us to understand clearly those of us that are disciples of Jesus that when you’re preaching to group It will be an act of God’s grace. Not your logic and not your wisdom and that’s part of the foolishness that goes on with these campus things. So, all I’m really saying is we need not take the part that well somebody’s insane is hopeless.

Jacob: Sure.

Timothy: Because God’s grace can open that up. We are defining the two. Essentially, I ignore whether persons matter insane. We’re only just talking about what God is doing. Because I know it’s by God’s grace and whether they surrender to that grace and that power or they don’t.

Jacob: Sure. So, then your question to me was regarding the prosecution judges.

Timothy: Yeah, Seattle, Ken County prosecutors, Enumclaw police. Were they insane or were they mad?

Jacob: See, but they I feel like it’s hard to pinpoint because the…

Timothy: Let me rephrase it.

Jacob: Well okay, we know, well for sure there they are mad. The madness was there. But then the question is, for instance, we know that they have what’s the, well they certainly haven’t repented right? But they they’ve been affected by it from things that have happened that you know what I mean? It’s taken them some individuals, there’s been a pause or they’ve noticed or they’ve been convicted anyways versus a totally insane person that just You know what I mean? Maybe throws up their hands and doesn’t even listen to anything or isn’t even pricked. Can’t even be pricked by the Holy Spirit.

Timothy: Actually, I’m in total agreeing with you. I really don’t have an answer.

Jacob: Oh okay.

Timothy: But that was the whole point the dilemma. Are you insane or you’re mad or you’re both in between here’s another way to phrase that question. Would Balaam’s donkey been able to restrain the judges and the prosecutors and the police? Suppose we’re in court there. We find the other one. The nonsense is all there. A donkey comes into the courtroom or the judge let let’s just really go crazy. I bring a donkey into the courtroom. The donkey can talk by God’s grace and the donkey is attempting to restrain the madness in the courtroom. Would they have responded?

Jacob: Well, I would say no.

Timothy: Exactly.

Jacob: I would say…

Timothy: You’re touching on insanity.

Jacob: Well, yeah, other than before you mentioned it’s kind of where is God’s grace to allow this person to accept or, you know what I mean? So, I don’t know but I my guess would be no. It would have made no difference except.

Timothy: By the grace of God, we understand that so we won’t keep repeating that. So, exactly in fact they would have said, you can’t present the donkey as evidence. The donkey needs psychological evaluation.

Jacob: The donkey is the mad one.

Timothy: Exactly. Yeah, the donkey is the mad. Yeah, he probably gets 30 days for condemned to court. So, it wouldn’t restrain it so I’m just saying Balam was better off than King County prosecutors and the police and all of that.

Jacob: Yeah, I would agree.

Timothy: Okay, pressing on this is God is doing. Let’s go to second Thessalonians chapter 1 verse 11, and this is why all of the Bible study in the world is not going to help. All the understanding about the end times and all the turmoil that’s coming in the economics and gather up your gold and make sure you’ve got all your medicine there or Trump’s going to save America and make America great. All of that kind of stuff, all the Bible knowledge, all the study, even all the prayers and all things are really not going to make a bit of difference. Something has to happen in order not for God to send the powerful delusion or madness and eventually insanity into your life God has to look at you as and see whether you’re really a disciple of Jesus and what level that is at before he’s going to say, okay, I’m not going to put a lie in your life.
People right now that could acknowledge this and say, yeah, that’s true will one day believe the delusional lie. Because it’s not our power, it’s not our effort, it’s not our understanding, it’s not our logic laid out. You see that in a in a weird kind of way and it’s hard for me to go there, but those who believe you can be gender fluid, right? Have a set of logic that they lay out somehow, right?

Jacob: I don’t, I think that’s a stretch to be like there’s a logic to it.

Timothy: Well, they verbalize it. They go…

Jacob: Well, they can verbalize what they believe, but they logically can’t.

Timothy: Correct. I hear you, where’s the insane person wouldn’t even be able to logically there. But I’m back to that. Alright, second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 11, this is insane to talk about the insanity because it’s just, here’s the botPaul line. This is what’s happening. “For this reason, God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.” It is God it’s putting into these people to believe that a male can be claiming to be anything or female can be this over here, or that anybody can do any of these things or I’m doing the right thing in the court of law or I’m a moral person or I’m a good person or whatever. God is providing, putting forth, giving us what we want. Influence people so that they believe, it says, a powerful delusion. Wouldn’t you say these things are just delusional to point of absurdity.

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: The reason he does this is second Thessalonians chapter two verse 12, “And so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.” It’s very very simple. We’re either going to surrender to the purifying work of the Holy Spirit according to the word of God, the powerful living word of God and be crucified to self or we’re not and when we’re not allowing that, God will come to those individuals and will begin to give them a lie to believe that is true. It is a poetic justice. It is him giving us or them what they want. Read verse 13 of second Thessalonians 2 for the proof of what I just said.

Jacob: “But we ought always to thank God for you. brothers loved by the Lord, because from the beginning God chose you to be saved through the sanctifying work of the spirit and through belief in the truth.”

Timothy: Now most people, most cultural Christians, most Christians, this scripture is irrelevant because they’re not being saved. It’s not future tense, is it? They are saved and they think they’re safe in that particular belief and opinion, correct?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: But that’s not what it says. “But we ought always to thank God for you brothers, loved by the Lord, because from the beginning, God chose you to be saved.” It is a process and I won’t go into that anymore, any deeper today. To be saved through what? What are the two things that have to happen? Whereas in the church, they don’t think it’s one thing. You just believe on Jesus and bang back, boom, you’re going to, right? You’ll never believe a lie. You’ll never do anything. Well, I guess so you’ll do but you go to heaven no matter what, right?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: God chose you to be saved through what? What are the two things that have to be happening?

Jacob: Sanctifying work and belief in the truth.

Timothy: That’s right. The sanctifying work of the spirit. Not even sanctifying work that I attempt. I’ve seen a lot of people do that. They receive the message or they see the message of the cross and then they go out and they try to get themselves crucified and cleaned up. It’ll never happen. You cannot commit suicide by crucifixion. Somebody else has to do it to you and that is the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. You have to allow that along with the belief in the truth. If I have a checklist of beliefs, they go along with 99% of everybody that claims to be a Christian which I do have, that’s their measurement of what it means to be saved. It’s the reason that we get so much persecution and opposition is because we have all so the aspect. Well, that’s just not enough. You have to have the sanctifying work of the spirit. Even the demons believe that Jesus is Lord of all, but it doesn’t sanctify them. They’re not being made clean, right

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: We’re not this far gone, are we folks? To believe the demons somehow are going to be cleaned up, that’s just not happening. In order to maintain a solid Christian discipleship, walk with the living God, you have to surrender fully to hating your own life, picking up your cross, denying self, giving up every to gain the mind and the will of Jesus Christ and when you have the mind of Jesus Christ, guess what? You’re not going to become full of folly. You’re not going to become insane. You’re not going to become mad, right? Because the Holy Spirit is controlling everything.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Second Thessalonians 2:14, it’s worth reading. “He called you to this through our gospel.” It has to be the correct gospel. It has to be the full gospel. Over and over again, Paul always make reverence to the fact that it’s this is our gospel. There’s a lot of gospels there’s a lot, I think the Gnostics have their beliefs. But Paul is saying this gospel here our gospel the gospel that sanctifies the gospel that purifies the gospel that is overly excited about all scriptures and seeing them apply in your life no matter the cost that you might share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. It must be a complete surrender to the whole gospel or you run the risk of going mad It’s that simple. Anything else on that Jacob before we move on to the next scriptures?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Let’s go to Acts chapter 17 verse 22 and it won’t explain a little bit more about what sanity is and how God works and keeps a true disciple of Jesus sane. Acts chapter 17 verse 22. Paul then stood up in the meeting of the Areopagus and said, “Men of Athens! I see that in every way you are very religious.” You’d have to say America is very religious. It may not be all Christian anymore but it’s very religious, Christian wise, whatever wise, there’s a lot of strong beliefs going a very religious world, nation, however you want to look at it. Acts 17:23, “For as I walked around and looked carefully at your objects of worship.” And we look carefully at what we examine here. “I even found an altar with this inscription” TO AN UNKNOWN GOD.
Now, what you worship is something unknown, I’m going to proclaim to you. So, God wants you to come out of your ignorant cultural Christianity or your ignorant democratic beliefs or Republican beliefs or whatever worldly belief it is. Psychology go down the line. Anything that is a belief system. God wants you to repent of ignorance. Verse 24, “The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of Heaven and Earth and does not live in temples built by hands.” You look at it the universe. God made that all. He doesn’t live in one location. That’s pretty easy to accept if you accept there’s a God. Verse 25, “And he is not served by human’s hands.” Human hands, he doesn’t need us. “As if he needed anything, because he himself gives all men life and breath and everything else.”
Okay, now we’re getting into how God is sending the powerful delusion, the madness, the folly, the lives of people. How is it that you and I exist Jacob? What’s, from we’re kind of looking here at the scripture. What is going on here? How we alive and breathing and doing?

Jacob: It’s because of the Lord.

Timothy: Because of the Lord and we all say that but we want to dig a look, because he himself gives all men life and breath and everything else. It’s kind of obvious to say okay everybody that’s alive. The men, women, everybody, children. God gave them life. And he put breath so we can breathe. Clearly, we’re talking with oxygen and air, right? But then he goes on to say and everything else. What does he mean by everything else?

Jacob: Well, I think it’s interesting that, I think it’s easy to say, oh yeah, God created everything whatever. I think it’s another thing to ponder how much God is in control of everything and by that kind of even what we’re talking about today that like everything is coming from God. Whether it’s the insanity, the madness, whether it’s His Holy Spirit that does the sanctifying work. It all comes from him. He’s controlling it all. So, whether it was Hitler that God allowed to happen or it’s you and I sitting here recording. Like it’s coming from God. Like everything.

Timothy: It goes even deeper than that. Go down to Acts chapter 17:28 in this same section, but for time’s sake I’ve got to skip a couple verses. Read verse 28 there.

Jacob: ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of our own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’

Timothy: Look at that again. ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ Now this isn’t to justify in any way new age philosophies or some metaphysical idea. But when demons mutter through say someone that’s into the new age and say God is in the tree and God is in the grass and God is in the air and the sunshine, right? That’s true. Now they’re perverting the use of that truth for in him we live and move and have our being. So right now, our ability to talk, to do anything, to breathe, our very being the reason our soul is alive, the reason we have a soul is literally because it is part of God. Nothing exists separate from God. Does that make sense?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Let me try a children’s level because we’re all children and this will be crude, but I’m trying to give a real example here. Pretend that someone is God and they’re looking at their hand and it’s a finger puppet kind of thing that the kids do and so you draw an eye, couple eyes, and a nose and a mouth, right? And you’re looking at that. In fact, if you played with a child or whatever and acted like that was real would they believe that?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Yeah. That’s how real it is. That’s what I’m talking about. The only reason that finger puppet has a face, eyes, nose, mouth, and seeming to talk is because your life, your blood, your oxygen, your finger supports everything. Without that, with that finger puppet exist.

Jacob: No, it would just be laying on the floor doing nothing.

Timothy: It wouldn’t even be there.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Well, okay. Yeah, that’s a classic example. Just be laying on the floor. Without the finger, the finger puppet is nothing. And that’s literally how we move and are because God is literally giving his life energy and again, I’m not trying to be star warsy here. I’m just kind of reaching, okay, what words can the average person get a hold of that there is this absolute dependence upon who we are because God himself is moving within us just like our blood moves through our body to give us life. If I explain that at least as far as I can humanly get to, Jacob?

Jacob: Yes, and I think that what you’re getting at that if people can accept Acts 17:28, then it explains how God then can send the madness. Like yeah, everybody is connected to God. Like everybody, everything, it all goes back to him and then it’s just a matter of what he’s giving each person.

Timothy: That’s why the reason that God laughs at the wicked, because whatever the finger is thinking he knows. And when Satan is thinking Satan’s getting his life energy so to speak or the reason he is from an eternal God, that’s one reason why we’re made eternal, that we are part of him and God can’t kill a part of himself because he’s eternal in nature. So, in the same way, Satan scheming all of these things, right? Well, he’s getting the energy and the very zeal and the thought patterns and whatever wickedness goes on there from God. So, God knows before he thinks about what he’s going to do. That’s why the wicked can never succeed.
Bring it back to King County prosecutors, all their little schemings and all their little crimes and all the little corruption they did. God already knew what they were going to think about before they got there. That’s why in the Psalms, David will say, “Before there’s a word that comes out of my mouth, you already know it,” because it’s in him. It’s moving and the reason my brain is functioning and doing anything is because God is giving the very life force or himself. I mean, force kind of separates. So, there is no separation. That’s the whole point. Becoming a disciple of Jesus and picking up the cross, when we say total surrender what we mean is or what we should mean I should say is that we totally give up, that wicked part of us that is stealing from God our thoughts what we want and asking them to be blessed and surrendering totally to allowing God once again to be in total control and flow life through us. It’s not like a finger puppet, that’s a total failure of analogy on that level. It’s not even a robot. People will think when I explain this and I’m saying within robots. No, no, he is life and think of heaven, all the dynamics of heaven. Just look at the universe. Do I really think that if I surrender everything to God, I will just be this robot in this little narrow thing with God literally coming to me and say, okay, do this, think that? No, that’s not what happens, that’s not what will happen in the end, right?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: We’re like children, Jesus said. When your children are beginning to grow up, don’t you have to teach them pretty much everything in the beginning? Like, say thank you, do this over here, don’t touch that, long before they really understand what’s going on, correct?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: As they mature, then you want them thinking on their own, we call it, right? Well, they are using everything you taught them to do the thinking. So, in a real sense, they never become fully independent. That was the lie in the garden. You will be as God. We can never be independent from God.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Because it’s in him That we are and exist. So that was really a colossal lie. You can never be success. So, in the same way your children can never go, oh I had an original thought that somehow, I just came up with and it was totally independent everybody else. Forget that. We’re all dependent on each other and ultimately it comes back we’re all dependent upon God. And so that’s why everything comes together in that life under him. Made sense? Can I move on?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Acts 17:22. I want to repeat it in because I love it. “For in him we live and move and have our being.” When I walk throughout my day and there’s nobody’s here or what’s going, man, I’m walking within God. The institutional separation between me and God I don’t mean that I’m that 100% surrender. What I mean is there’s that sense of I am not in any way shape or form independent of the living God nor would I want to be. In him is life. Verse 29, “Therefore, since we are God’s offspring, we should not think that the divine being is like gold or silver or stone–an image made of man’s design and skill.” In other words, we’re not this fleshly, earthly, gold, silver, things, tangible things we can look at. Look at verse 30, “In the past, God overlooked such ignorance.” That’s why he let it go on. He was trying to that’s why do you overlook the ignorance of your children growing up?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Of course, only a cruel parent would demand that their youngest child is way beyond their capacity. For in the past God overlooks such ignorance but now he commands all people everywhere to repent. We need to grow up in Jesus Christ fully in his grace. Moving on, James chapter 1 verse 17. Any goodness that you see in this world and I need to paraphrase or quantify the word good I’m talking about really good things but for that matter any good act that a parent does apart from Jesus Christ any goodness that’s done by this person over here whatever. That actually just comes from God. Now their motives will be selfish and their motives will be about themselves, but the act of doing good comes from God. If God is with, because only God is good. So, if God pulls himself back, what are we left with?

Jacob: Evil.

Timothy: Total evil. Absolute evil and that’s why hell is hell. That’s what it’s made for. There is no 1, 100, 1 billionth aspect of good because God has withdrawn his presence. This is what God is doing to the world and the more he withdraws, the more wicked and foolish thoughts and actions begin to lies in the world. So, when you see all of this crazy stuff going on and that doesn’t matter me whether it’s conservative or liberal. I just mean crazy all over the ring. And you find madness increasing. It’s because God is pulling back himself. And they’ll come a certain point when he pulls back and then the antichrist and all of that will come on the scene. But by that time a vast majority of people who claim to understand the things about the antichrist in the end world will Believe the delusion. James 1:17. Read it to us Jacob. What does it say?

Jacob: “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of the heavenly lights. Who does not change like shifting shadows.”

Timothy: Every good and perfect gift. Right now, the only reason this world is held together is because God is still sending good and perfect gifts in the world to keep it from collapsing in and of itself. Another example, I’m trying to give a children example. You got a home. You got, let’s go five kids. Nobody has those anymore but five kids, right? Parents are there. They’re in charge. There’re certain rules so that everybody’s happy playing along, right? Parents come in one day and go, oh, no rules. No, nothing. We’re leaving. We’re going on vacation. Mom and I will be gone. You guys can do whatever you want. What would ensue from there.

Jacob: Oh, total chaos.

Timothy: Correct. A complete breakdown. I’m sure you’d have, I’m joking here. But you’d have one sister going. No, we have to follow the rules and then go ahead keep talking.

Jacob: Well, you didn’t specify the age of the child. Only because…

Timothy: That’s why I went five kids.

Jacob: Oh, okay yeah. But you know what I mean. Well, it’s interesting in this analogy only because depending on the age of the child and depending on how the child was raised. Yes, you could have, I could, you sort of assume the boy would be like woo-hoo, and he’s just making a giant mess, right? And maybe the daughter, I mean even if it was my kids, no, no, you can’t do that we have to do it this way. Depending on the age of maturity of the child, but anyways.

Timothy: Alright, well what I’m saying is no matter the age no matter the maturity say grant or mom and dad were gone for a year what would be the end result.

Jacob: Oh, okay well, we just change it to a year.

Timothy: Oh Well, I didn’t specify time.

Jacob: Well, but I think.

Timothy: Oh, go ahead. No, it’s a long period of time.

Jacob: A long period of time.

Timothy: They’ve actually done studies on this. There was a group. I can’t remember back when my psychology days. They literally took their kids, went out on some island somewhere and just no rules, believe, you just let kids grow up and explore. You know how that ended. It was a total mess and chaos.

Jacob: Sure.

Timothy: Anyway, I’ve interrupted there. What were you going to say?

Jacob: Well, I think that yes, in the end, by the end of the year it would be total chaos but it could, you know what I mean? Like there could be this. Oh well, because depending on the age if the kid is 13, 14 and there’s a certain level of responsibility they’re like no, no, no this is how mom says to do things. You know what I mean? And then eventually it would just be doing whatever they want to do.

Timothy: Well, I’m kind of chuckling you’re a young father with young kids, right?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: You’re still delusional.

Jacob: Okay. Yeah.

Timothy: Alright, for the sake of argument this is not even where we’re headed but the point is if God who is good withdraws goodness or himself in each person’s life is not fully committed to him. The end result is destruction.

Jacob: Absolutely.

Timothy: Right. Alright. So how do we remain sane? What are we to do? Those of us that claim the name, what should we do? How would we remain sane?

Jacob: Sanctification by the spirit.

Timothy: Very good. Let’s go to Romans chapter 8 verse 6. Romans 8 verse 6 tells us, “The mind of the sinful man is death.” The guy that’s holding together King County prosecutors or they would just, it would be just death right up front. He’s holding back the whole world. He’s keeping one country from attacking another. Now what he’s doing is slowly withdrawing that control that he has in order to get people time to get ready to repent. In fact, if the election turns out so that you’re able to kind of push back on the madness that’s out there.
Don’t be delusional to think God’s going to “Make America Great Again” or anything like that. That’s just a breather moment for you to contemplate what I’m telling you here, so you can repent and be ready. Because here’s the answer, “The mind of the sinful man is death.” It’s death. Without full repentance, surrender to God and everything that the full gospel’s about. Your mind is death. It thinks death thoughts. But the mind controlled by the spirit is life and peace. You have to surrender every thought, every aspect of your mind and we’re just talking about that aspect which means a complete surrender of action, behavior, body, and everything else. But you surrender your mind to God and he will control your mind and that’s the only way that we stay sane, right?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: How do we get God to control our mind or allow him to do that? Well, that’s the full gospel message and I don’t have time to spell that out today. Only to tell you that if you’re not living and obeying and surrendering and moving forward and following Jesus as a disciple of Jesus to be crucified to your own thoughts whether they be religious thoughts or not or Christian thoughts or not, you will eventually believe the lie. Because God will remove the good gifts from you and what will come flooding in are your own wicked thoughts and it’ll be sheer death. It’s that simple. You have to surrender to the Holy Spirit. I know many, many times in my life, I’ve sensed God controlling me and I’m going, man, I should be worried but I’m not and I can tell that he is controlling and protecting my mind. Not to mention also, I need to know, well God, what do you want to do here? What are your thoughts here? What’s going on? What is the mind of Christ?
So, it’s a lot more than just having peace, but the mind controlled by the spirit is life. The more I surrender my mind which means I have to be obedient in everything. The more that I have life, the more that I’m man, how can you describe life? Can you describe life to me, Jacob?

Jacob: No, it’s very hard to describe, but the very breath you breathe is life without it without life without breath without even oxygen. If we want to come down to like a physical level, you’ll die.

Timothy: In the same way without hope, we perish. No sense of peace even through all our struggles. He’s controlling and influencing that and I can sense he’s holding back and allowing certain things he’s purifying he’s crucifying all of those things are happening and there is an abundant life that is going on with all of that. In first Corinthians 2:16, you often hear people claim this and I’ll go, where’s the message of the cross? Where’s the crucifixion? Where are all the sufferings of Jesus that go with this? First Corinthians 2:16 says, “For who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct him but we have the mind of Christ”. A lot of people say we have the mind of Christ and doesn’t look an awful lot like the mind of sinful man.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: It’s amazing to me. Oh, I have the mind of Christ and then there’s this rejection of this scripture over here, this quantification of what we should obey over here and this being upset and hearing this truth over here, but we have the mind of Christ. The only way you get the mind of Christ, the only way you get that is by hating your own life. Jacob, take us out of here.

Closing: This has been the Consider Podcast with your hosts Timothy and Jacob, where the whole gospel message has been used to examine today’s wisdom, folly, and madness. For more information, drop by www.consider.info. The Consider Podcast – examining today’s wisdom, folly, and madness with the whole gospel.


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The Consider Podcast
Examining today’s wisdom, folly and madness with the whole gospel.

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