#64 Christians At The Superbowl

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64 Christians At The Superbowl

Timothy: I predicted who would win the Super Bowl and I was right.

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Timothy: Yeah, I’m pretty impressed with myself Jacob. I predicted who was going to win Super Bowl 2024 and I was correct.

Jacob: Did you place any bets?

Timothy: Nah, I was so sure I didn’t even bother betting, but I backed up and go, no, no this is who’s going to win.

Jacob: Okay.

Timothy: Satan won.

Jacob: This is true.

Timothy: So, I was correct. Let’s go to first Corinthians chapter 6 verse 7 and Jacob kind of give us a run in on this one.

Video: Super Bowl Sunday, buffet table of demons. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too. Can not have a part in the Lord’s table and table of demons. 1 Corinthians 10:21. The Consider Podcast – www.consider.info where the rubber meets the road.

Timothy: Jacob, can you think of any other discussions or arguments or debates that it’s just ridiculous to even discuss it that if you have to actually discuss it, you’re already completely deceived the person’s like halfway loony. I mean the conversation is just, it’s just a dead-end topic I don’t know it’s like you got to sit down with a 25-year-old kid and say, yeah, you shouldn’t be out stealing. You’re already defeated if you’re trying to explain to him what’s wrong with stealing, right?

Jacob: Oh yeah, you failed. I mean if you’re the parent trying to convince your 25-year-old to not steal which is something that you should have taught them at like age 4, then it’s already done. You failed.

Timothy: Well, I’m going to be fair to the parents.

Jacob: Okay.

Timothy: Let’s just say the kids just stubborn, stupid, and whatever.

Timothy: Sure, okay yeah, they did the best I can.

Jacob: Sure.

Timothy: That would just be even hand. I hate to be uneven. You know how I am about that stuff. Alright, so this is one of those topics that if I really have to discuss that Super Bowl is not Godly that Christians shouldn’t be a part of it that we need to come out and be separate in all of this. We’re already defeated, because I’m in the realm of a debate that’s just a stupid debate.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Look at first Corinthians chapter 6 verse 7. This is kind of the same idea. Paul’s writing the Corinthian church and they’ve got some lawsuits going on and sexual morality. They’re basically a mess and he makes it common in verse seven there. Go ahead and read 1 Corinthians 6 verse 7.

Jacob: “The very fact that you have lawsuits among you means you have been completely defeated already. Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be cheated?”

Timothy: Their thinking is so backwards that they’re completely defeated in their thinking. You’re really dealing with imbeciles or people that are so dark and you literally have to start all over at the very basics of 2+2+4. I think this whole gender identity thing is along that level on a national or cultural level where if you really have to sit down and explain to well this is the DNA of a female this is DNA of a male you’re defeated before you begin the conversation.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: I’m not telling you don’t have to get into the conversation it’s just that that’s the only way it’s like, okay, the person I’m talking to is just totally defeated that don’t offer an argument, don’t come back with an excuse. Don’t try and debate back, because you’re already by the need of me being able or have to talk to you a totally defeated person terms of the argument. This isn’t the normal thing where we’re debating a policy or a concept or something in the world. This is people that so far gone. It’s just really time to lay out the truth, but they have nothing to come back with. There is no justification. Super Bowl Sunday in terms of Christianity and Jesus and all that you’re completely defeated if you think there’s anything remotely good about Super Bowl Sunday. Totally defeated, right Jacob?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: It’s Super Bowl Sunday or Super Bowl whatever. They’ve always mixed satanic stuff with prayer in terms of the actual players playing, right?

Jacob: Yes. Well, I think we had briefly discussed this but like you have a lot of players that say they’re Christians or we do this and that. I think I will say though that the NFL themselves, the organization has never been like, oh we’re super Christian. You just have a bunch of Christians that are really just sort of justifying why they want to be into it. So, then you say, oh well, these players are Christians. Therefore, it’s like a good thing but it’s just total backwards mixy matchy to justify.

Timothy: So, if you look at the NFL and you look at everything that it stands for, it it’s a completely worldly it doesn’t have to do satanic things.

Jacob: No, it’s 100%. Since day one, it’s been controlled of the world. It’s not like it has roots in Christianity or you know what I mean? Or like oh back in the 80, they had like, I don’t know, pastors going on fields. I don’t know. It’s never been a Christian thing until now Christians just lash onto it.

Timothy: But we’re going to see here in a little bit that there’s Christian I don’t know what they are, they claim to be Christians pastors, teachers whatever looking for the good that’s within the Super Bowl.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Let’s go to 1 Corinthians chapter 10 verse 20, because this is our main scripture. It’s very clear the Super Bowl is at best a worldly organization money maker it doesn’t pretend to be anything but of this world in this World and in love with the world. That’s what it’s about. The boasting, the bragging, the money, the betting, everything that goes on. There’s anything you come back and say as a Christian.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Well, you know I’m going to participate in that and then somehow ask God to bless my efforts and doing touchdowns. And this is the ironic part about it. The world has just gotten so bad and a lot of people that claim to be Christians are focused in on the satanic element. Well, if you didn’t even have that it’s Satanic.

Jacob: True.

Timothy: It’s, not blatant with I don’t know red lights and capes and devil worshiping. I mean that’s bad but it’s not like it’s good if you remove those things. It’s still satanic.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: One way or another. Alright, I’m getting long winded. Jacob read first Corinthians 10:20 and I’ll do 21.

Jacob: “No, but the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons.”

Timothy: Touchdowns, tables whatever it is. We’re talking about a worldly organization. It goes on to say in verse 21, “You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too.” You can’t mix those two together. “You cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons.” There isn’t any other clear call about what the NFL is and what it claims to be that is of this world that it’s got demonic influence. It’s in fact it’s the peak of every that is of the world and God bless America, apple pie, money, and the whole bit and the boasting of men and their strength and what they do. It’s a debauchery of pleasure. Again, we’re already defeated if I have to point these things out. That that should be an assumption like, oh yeah, that’s bad. God is very clear. “You cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the tables of demons.”

So, there’s this total separation. There’s not this white horse or this justification or thinking what really mean Satan or did he mean this or I’m praying for God to give me all the grace I can to do footballs or whatever. Verse 22 goes on to warn, “Are we trying to arouse the Lord’s jealousy? Are we stronger than he?” I mean this makes just total basic sense and we’re looking at a generation of corrupted Christianity, cultural Christianity that comes in on this I mean you can go by sports Bible covers. You can get devotional for sports people. There’s posters out there saying especially they like that scripture I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and there’ll be a picture of a football or a basketball where, have you seen those, Jacob.

Jacob: Yes. Well, you even have in the Super Bowl the Super Bowl winners Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes supposedly, like I don’t know whether it’s after every play or every touchdown. They got pictures of him looking up to the sky supposedly like thanking Jesus. Yeah, there’re a lot of that.

Timothy: We’ll get into that here in a moment. Let’s just say for instance there is a Christian that’s in there really disciple of Jesus. I’ll get into that in a moment. Is that possible? Yeah, I’ll save my comment for later. You have to listen on. 1 Corinthians 10:22, “Are we trying to rouse the Lord’s jealousy?” Is that what you’re trying to do? First of all, it’s on a Sunday. We should be worshiping and praying to the Lord. Number two, this is the world’s debauched day. We should be calling them to repentance. Not sitting down in the bleachers with them, throwing up all the stuff and doing the pain. I don’t know what goes on. This this stuff’s kind of crazy. I’m separated from it all. Any comments or anything on that Jacob?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Alright. So, we know that that’s what it is then why are we in the process of doing these things? We’re being led astray. Let’s go back to 2 Corinthians 6:15 and let’s read this. Whatever happened to these passages and what did they do with them? Please don’t answer the question because I kind of know. 2 Corinthians 6:15, “What harmony is there between Christ and Belial? What does a believer have in common with an unbeliever?” So, there’s this total separation. “What agreement is there between the temple of God and idols?” Isn’t the trophy and idol? Isn’t this, don’t we bring in our music idols and that’s what we call them. “For we are a temple of the living God and as God has said.” Now what did he say? “I will live with them and walk among them and I will be their God and they will be my people.”

This is what a verse 6 or chapter 6 of 2 Corinthians verse 17. “Therefore, come out from them and be separate, says the Lord.” We don’t even see that. It’s a blessing my touchdown Lord. The runner runs and he makes a touchdown. He looks toward heaven. That’s just quote unquote the God of this world. Blessing their efforts. This is to come out and be separate. Alright, “Therefore, come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing and I will receive you.” That includes touchdowns. “I will be a father to you and you’ll be my sons and daughters,” says the Lord Almighty. This is why you don’t see real fellowship going on with the church between God and Cultural Christianity. It’s just not there. They’re being led astray on every turn. Any comments Jacob before we press on. Anything I need to clarify?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Go ahead and play next clip because this is again the heart of what the NFL or Super Bowl Sunday is all about.

Video: The Super Bowl, listen I know you’re not supposed to say this. It is, I don’t know it’s for the 1%. I make a lot of money. Last year, I spent everyone slow down right now, $120, 000 for 6 mediocre seats. It was my gift to the comics, Shane Gillis, Mark Normand, Big Jay Oakerson and my buddy Tony Hernandez produced all my—It was my gift to them for doing the show. And buddy, I ate way too many edibles, I got way too drunk and I held on to the seat thinking gravity had forgotten me.

Question: Do you remember who won?

Man: I know the Eagles did not because Shane Gillis tried to fight every Chiefs fan on the way out.

Question: What did you do after the game?

Man: Overpaid for an Uber and went to a bar with Gabe Davis and almost got into a fight with this drunk woman.

Question: So, a good night?

Man: It was a good night for me.

Timothy: Okay, isn’t that what the world considers a good night for this at the Super Bowl?

Jacob: Yeah, pretty much.

Timothy: Alright, so how are the Christians all separate in all of this and I’ll get to that here in a little bit more in a moment. Let me remind everybody of first Peter chapter 4 verse 1, and I’ve discussed this in deep details especially in the beginning. But I’ve got to bring it back up to get to a point that even if you claim to be a Christian and somehow, you’re at the NFL, I certainly being in the stands. You’d be a party pooper. That’s what they would call you because you’re not going to be cheering. You’re not going to be doing what they do. You’re coming out of being separate. You’re touching no unclean thing, but you know what? If you just had to go to serve grandma to sit there in the stadium, they’re going to wonder why aren’t you celebrating? Like what we’re celebrating? It’s called being the salt of the earth. It’s called being the light to a dark world.

1 Peter 4:1, “Therefore, since Christ suffered in his body arm yourselves also with the same attitude, because he was suffered in his body is done with sin.” So, you would be going to the Super Bowl Sunday because grandma you’re honoring your grandmother, right? And you go there, you’re going to be suffering in your body against the sin that wants to cheer on the football game, or is tempted to go get a beer, or is going to want to thinking Taylor Swift is somehow this sweet nice lamb, and so your foot starts tapping to whatever music that is or who is ever playing. You get my point? You’re going to be suffering in your body and literally resisting all of those temptation. When they play the star-spangled banner and you get the goosebumps and you just whatever we’re just hop and a skip away from going, yay, go America, right? Well, not as a disciple of Jesus, you’re going to be sitting there and what’s it? 1 Peter 4:1 say, you’re going to be doing Jacob.

Jacob: You’re going to be suffering in your body.

Timothy: Suffering in your body. You’re going to, it’s not like you can even sit in the stadium. I want to say pew. Sitting in the it really is a pew because it’s a worship of the God of this world and greed and impurity. So, you’re sitting there, you’re resisting those things. You can’t just sit there and be neutral. You either be taken in by the sin and lose and sin before the Lord or if you even have salvation put that in jeopardy because you’re sitting smack dab middle in the world and all of his debauchery in its sin. Because he was suffered in his body is done with sin.

People used to accuse me of not smiling enough. And I’m not saying there isn’t some credence to what they said. But that’s because he takes sin seriously. It kind of wipes a smile off your face. Had a joy and all of that was there but when you’re wrestling against sin, I can’t imagine sitting there at the Super Bowl if I went and I’m sitting there really, I’m not going to be weeping for those people, I’m not going to be praying for the false Christians or the people that are down there claiming to be Christians that need to repent. Certainly, all the leadership, the advertisement, the money, all the stuff that’s going. What would be my attitude sitting there watching all of this if I have any of righteousness from Jesus Christ?

Any holiness he’s put in me, there would be a just a suffering of the sin that I’m seeing going on there. That’s what would be happening. I wouldn’t be showing the world, oh Christians can have a good time too. We don’t have time to get that today but that is so antithetical or whatever to Jesus Christ. It’s not even funny. 1 Peter 4:2, “As a result, he does not live the rest of his earthly life for evil human desires.” Is there anything about the NFL that I’m missing here that going for a trophy is not an evil human desire?

Jacob: Definitely, evil human desire.

Timothy: Slamming each other, violence going on in the down there. I assume, how do the cheerleaders do all their moves and dressing modestly and looking clean and whole. How do they do that, Jacob?

Jacob: They don’t.

Timothy: Of course not. It’s all earthly evil human desires. Those that have suffered in their body by resisting the temptation to go to be a part of sanctify, justify, whitewashed the Super Bowl are going to be living for the will of God. Other people are not. They’re trying to play this game. They want to claim to be Christians and be following Jesus but not give up the world. Verse 3, Peter goes on to say, “For you’ve spent enough time in the past doing what Pagans choose to do.” What do they choose to do? They choose to spend $120,000 on tickets to a football game, correct?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: And then everybody else that’s watching it on TV the people that are I assume you would you have to skip church in some areas to actually watch it on TV.

Jacob: No, I don’t think. So, I think it’s afternoon, traditionally speaking Super Bowls in the afternoon. So, you could go to church and then still go to your Super Bowl party if you’re a Christian or claim to be Christian.

Timothy: Exactly, that was one of the things I preached about the Lord when I was preaching churches at 1:30 in the afternoon. And we over the years had People go I can’t come because I’m going to be watching the Super Bowl. They claim to be Christians. It’s a very real thing. So, we gave the whole day to the Lord. Alright, “Living in debauchery.” Is there anything about the Super Bowl that is not debauchery.

Jacob: Everything is debauchery.

Timothy: Everything is debauchery. Even if the songs talk about, oh, I give thanks to God which they don’t quite…

Jacob: Which, they don’t.

Timothy: Right. But yeah, okay they point forward. Is there anything about this is a debauchery and an indulgence of the flesh of pride and greed and drinking and traveling, anything but actually living a holy righteous life. Is there anything goes on living in debauchery and lust. Tell me the Super Bowl is not about lust.

Jacob: It is.

Timothy: It’s not just sexual lust. There’s lust for money, for power, for winning.

Jacob: Win.

Timothy: We don’t have time to look at it and other people that follow this with the recorded reactions of people that lose or won. The reactions are like huge. That’s because lust is inflamed. Drunkenness, orgy, carousing, detest idolatry. Do we think idolatry just disappeared? No. It’s a little trophy. It has a little football on it. There’s a stadium built to it and so on. It’s in Las Vegas. And what is Las Vegas called Jacob?

Jacob: Sin City.

Timothy: Sin City. Here you have Satan literally not advertised. It’s just out there. That’s who he is and you’ve got multitudes of Christians behind the scenes going well maybe there’s good aspects here or we’ll see one here in a minute. You have to use discernment. Yeah, really? They don’t even know what they’re talking about. Alright, verse 4. Because we don’t participate in these things because they don’t root for the Super Bowl on either side and barely know what’s actually going on. I’ve tuned it out over the years because they don’t participate in all the smiley fun things of the world.

Verse 4 of first Peter 4 says, “They think it’s strange.” So, trying to tell me everybody that’s at the Super Bowl sees these Christians over here or this Christian player over here and they go, you know what? He’s just strange as he plays football, or he’s strange sitting in the stadium or whatever, right? Is that what people see?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: There’s nobody walking man he’s just a strange Christian or he’s just strange. There’s controversy whether you bend your knee or you do that or if you can pray at the end, but it’s not this out of righteousness I don’t participate in the things or I’m so different in the middle of all this that I’m hated despise and thought that I’m strange. That’s not what’s going on here. There’s a worldly aspect to even a remote aspect of Jesus being involved in this. Alright, “They think it’s strange that you do not plunge with them into the same flood of dissipation.” I’ll ask the obvious is not Super Bowl Sunday just a flood of dispensation. Jacob, dissipation means a waste of time?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Even if you backed up and said, okay, it may be kind of okay for me to go which is not the case. We’ll see why that here is a little bit. It is nothing less than a waste of time. And Christians, if there’s one thing they don’t do or shouldn’t do is waste time. They know every minute and of every second and of every action has eternal significance to it one way or another. So, this is a flood of dispensation. Everybody killing time, forgetting all their problems, going to watch a game, and because true disciples of Jesus do not participate in these things, the very quality of their lives, the character of how they dress, how they behave, how they smile, down to the smallest thing because they’re being made into the image of Jesus. What does it say in 1 Peter 4:4 that they do to you, Jacob?

Jacob: They heap abuse.

Timothy: Heap abuse. We’re going to see here in a moment that quote unquote there were cultural Christians running a huge ad campaign meaning something about Jesus understand you or else whatever. They’re not heaving abuse on these things or willing to sell the time. Do you think if I had the money, if I had $7 million dollars for a 32nd spot, they would sell it to me?

Jacob: No. Well, they I don’t know.

Timothy: Do you think?

Jacob: Well, okay. Well, wait.

Timothy: The only way they would is if they’re naive about what I’m about to sell.

Jacob: Well, correct. I mean, if oh well, I guess it’s a hypothetical question. But well, they’d probably take your money unless there was if they were worldly people, if there was true worldly advertisers, they would take your money. Now all it would take is one Christian I’m using air quotes and then they would be like no this is too; I don’t know mean offense. They would come up with some word of why you couldn’t run it.

Timothy: So, you say the world might say…

Jacob: The world might take your money.

Timothy: Yeah, I’ve experienced that too many times where I’ve gotten money back because like yeah, we’re just not going to do it. It’s totally hypothetical. I don’t think they’d even take my money. I think they’d see right through it, but I don’t know. Let’s see. The ad would be the scripture in Hosea, “Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom or the strong man of his strength.” If you want to repent today, go to the Consider Podcast at www.consider.info. You think I could sell that. They’d let me put that on there if I gave them $7 million dollars.

Jacob: I’m just sticking with my if they’re completely worldly people, they’d take your money.

Timothy: I’m not arguing the point. But this one pushes the edge. I generally speaking yeah, it’s usually the Christians who won’t even take my money. I won’t go get into all those stories. Alright. 1 Peter 4:5, “But they will have to give account to him who is ready to judge the living and the dead.” There’s just no fear of God. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be playing these games. We know there’s a smiling jack Jesus out there that everybody can just do what you want and go to heaven. And that’s where you’re seeing all this corruption even among those who will say, well, that singing is bad or that spoke of Satan. Nobody’s ever discounting the greed or the betting that’s going on. There’s no discussion beyond just as far as I’ve been able to pick up on just the basic satanic message is this happening. There’s even one, I don’t want to jump too far ahead. Anything else on that Jacob before we press on?

Jacob: Real quick, only that we had briefly talked about the supposedly Christian players and you even mentioned the trophy and Patrick Mahomes He’s supposedly a Christian, right? They won the Super Bowl. I didn’t even watch it. But I’m pretty sure there weren’t any images of him running to the end of the field to say a thank you prayer for winning. What does he do? They all, the team rushes out. They grab the trophy. It’s one big party. So even if there was a supposed you are a Christian right? And you’re there and you’re just playing a game. But at, you know what I mean? So, like during the game he may look up to heaven and like thank God. But at the end it’s about a trophy, it’s about a party, it’s about We won. Even if he was a you know what I mean? Even if he was going to be consistent then after they win how come he didn’t write then and there drop down and say a prayer.

Timothy: Yep. Or throw the trophy down.

Jacob: As you were talking about yeah you do all of this work. All of this stuff for a trophy at the end. It’s literally like this idolic trophy. It’s a trophy with like a football on top.

Timothy: That’s all it is.

Jacob: That’s all it is.

Timothy: And then they just tag God onto it. Look, when we’re praying to whether you want to call it a Jesus or not. When you’re praying for to personally be blessed to be able to do touchdowns or to do your best and by that you mean you know physical marching forward playing in a game right? That’s you being blessed. That’s not losing your life for Jesus Christ.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Let’s go to Philippians chapter 4 verse 12and this is the passage you find on posters and bumper stickers among sports people especially. It’s, you’ll have a picture of a football and then it’ll say, “I can do all things through him who gives me strength.” As if Jesus died on the cross so that we can play a better game of sports. I mean it’s an absurd notion. That’s why you’re already defeated. If I have to really explain this out or logically state that sentence, right? And the person starts defending it or coming back. You really are defeated spiritually. You need to back up and become a Christian is what it amounts to. Amen to that Jacob?

Jacob: Amen.

Timothy: Philippians 4:12, “I know what it is to be in need.” Let’s look a little bit of what Paul is saying when he talks about God giving me strength. I know what it is to be in need. Well, okay, are any of the NFL Christian but in need?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: This is not a need territory. These are multimillionaires. They’re pampered to death. The last thing they are is in need. So, when Paul says, “I know that I can do all things through him with strength.” This has to do with need. It has to do with the sufferings of Jesus Christ. It has to do with righteousness. It has to do with denying oneself. It has to do with scarcity and not having. Who is the God that gives us what we want when we want and in abundance and greed and money all kinds of. Which God is that, Jacob?

Jacob: That would be the devil.

Timothy: Correct. I know what it is to be in need,” Paul says, and I know what it is to have plenty. So, you got both sides going on and he’s being crucified to that. You got to remember; he’s suffering in his bodies against sin. “I have learned the secret of being tent in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” I you do not see that among these multimillionaires they’re not just as happy rich as they are poor.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: This is about the trophy about winning the biggest contracts. Then he goes on to say in verse 13, “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” Is that not what’s quoted that’s not what is on posters Jacob?

Jacob: Yes, that is the one.

Timothy: Okay. So, let’s go and let’s just read one more verse to see what he’s referring to. Is he meaning that you can score more with a basketball that you can hit more home runs with a baseball?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: That you can go to the Super Bowl. You know both sides got people praying right? How come not everybody’s winning? So, God’s up there. Who played this last Super Bowl Jacob? Do you know?

Jacob: Yes, the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

Timothy: Alright, so they’re both sides are praying. God is going, hm, who do I answer to be able to win? Is that what they’re telling me?

Jacob: I guess.

Timothy: They are not thinking these things.

Jacob: No, they’re not thinking these but we can assume that I’m sure both sides were saying prayers.

Timothy: Oh, absolutely. There are Christians in both sides.

Jacob: In both sides, yeah.

Timothy: Yeah. Right. “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” Look at verse 14, “Yet it was good of you to share in my troubles.” Really? The NFL player has troubles. I’m supposed to share in.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Really and what am I supposed to relate? Your Mercedes needs an oil change? Your trophy wife or your third divorce or whatever it is you’re going through or the steroid you have to I’m getting a little bit on the cocky side here a little bit. You get my point? These aren’t troubles.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Or that you can’t bench press whatever it is you’re able to bench press and you can do 5 more pounds or whatever it might be. “Yet it was a good of you to share in my troubles.” Now let’s just reverse a little bit. I haven’t had any NFL players call to go, hey, I want to share in your troubles. I can see you faced a lot of persecution.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: How can I share in that?

Jacob: How can I help you?

Timothy: Yeah, exactly. Well, first of all, I’d be very suspicious but anyway, you get my point.

Jacob: Get your point.

Timothy: Alright, play the next bumper and then let’s move into our next scripture.

Video: Super Bowl Sunday. Deep in debauchery where false Christians go to die. “Such think it’s strange you do not plunge into the flood of dissipation, so they heap abuse on you.” 1 Peter 4:4. The Consider Podcast – www.consider.info, where the rubber meets the road.

Timothy: Jacob, what’s more important the game or halftime show?

Jacob: I think it depends on who you ask.

Timothy: Okay, yeah go for it. What do you think?

Jacob: Well, if you are a Taylor Swift fan although she didn’t play at the Super Bowl, but I think you’re there for…

Timothy: She was there she was a player just safe up in the little crash booth.

Jacob: But you have a huge, but yeah, it’s like split because there’s tons of people that just want to watch the commercials and watch the halftime show. And then you do have people who are excited about the football game. So, I don’t know. But millions on both sides. We can say that, right? Millions on both sides.

Timothy: It’s equal.

Jacob: It’s 50/50.

Timothy: Again, we’re back to this if we got to debate this we’re already defeated. This is debauchery. This is dispensation. There is, no well which do you like more because it’s all hyped up to the max.

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: So, if you went to the NFL Super Bowl Sunday and they didn’t have the show in the middle section, you’d be hype, you’d be just as indignant. And then they didn’t do the game.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: It’s all equal. Yeah, my point really what I’m moving into here is music is a big part of the NFL Super Bowl.

Jacob: Absolutely. Oh yeah, huge I mean and they even have tons of music blasting. You know what I mean? Like between the games, they have big Super Bowl bumpers. It’s yeah, music is all over the place there.

Timothy: Daniel chapter 3 verse 15 we’ve already established there’s nothing good and in fact it’s way into the dark territory about the NFL Super Bowl Sunday. So, it’s not surprising that it comes down to those few Christians, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who will not bend their knee while everybody else bends their knee to compromise with the idols and what surrounds this compromise? What brings it about? What does the king use in order to beat people down to make them obedient? What is it he uses, Jacob?

Jacob: Music.

Timothy: Music and a threat of fire, but it comes mainly with music. Think about that for a moment. It’s that whole group accept you’ve got the music going on. That’s why if you were there and I was there and I’m even mean to say this. Taylor Swift is doing a little beat or somebody else. You’re going to start tapping, right? So, you got to keep your body in check, your flesh in check because those are unholy things. Read it for us Jacob. Daniel chapter 3 verse 15.

Jacob: “Now when you hear the sound of the horn, flute, zither, liar, harp, pipes, and all kinds of music, if you are ready to fall down and worship the image I made, very good. But if you do not worship it, you will be thrown immediately into a blazing furnace. Then what God will be able to rescue you from my hand?”

Timothy: See the reason the Christian football players cheerleaders, executives, let’s go down the line I’m sure a lot of them claim to be because sports and God seem to be not quite on equal ground but pretty close to that, right? They’re not heaving abuse underneath these people. So, they’ve already bowed down. Nobody’s being thrown into the furnace. There’s no sense like yeah, hey, Joe if you don’t cool down this call to us to repent. Have any, all through the NFL history of football games ever done an interview that said, everybody in this stadium needs to repent, all these cheerleaders need to be busy at home. They need to be dressed modestly. This money is over winning greed Everybody needs to pray. Let’s all come out onto the field right now and bow down and start weeping before the Lord because his judgement is coming against the NFL. Have we ever gotten close to hearing anything remotely on that level?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: You think they would if I had $7 million dollars? Let me run that message, Jacob?

Jacob: Probably not.

Timothy: Alright. So, we’re getting an agreement on that one, aren’t we?

Jacob: Yeah. Well, yeah, we are. I hate it.

Timothy: Yeah, think it through a little bit. You’re a little used to the message and so it’s like, they might because I have seen cases where the world is far more accommodating like I can talk about Jesus said, you got to hate despise money or you got to. And they’ll go, yeah, all that’s true they acknowledge it’s the Christians that really throw up the red flags get all indignant like that’s not what he meant. You can get run out of town. I know that for a fact. Anything else Jacob?

Speaker2: No.

Timothy: Alright, let’s press on see what we can get in here. Play the no authority bumper and let’s move into this topic.

Video: Do not be deceived by empathy for Christians. Reject impure cultural Christianity. No immoral, greedy Christian is going to heaven. Do not be partners with such. Ephesians 5:7. The Consider Podcast. Podcast, www.consider.info. where the rubber meets the road.

Timothy: I’ve covered this in the past but I’ll read it real quickly as a refresher. Ephesians 5:5-7. “For of this you can be sure.” This is a sure thing. You may not agree with anything else I’ve said as far, but you can be sure of this. No immoral, impure an impure Christian that seeks to somehow remotely state that Super Bowl Sunday is something that we can enjoy and touch and be a part of guess what Ephesians tells us. It goes, “No immoral, impure or greedy person—such a man is an idolater has any,” I’m reading it in Ephesians 5:5. Has any, zero, none, not a single ounce inch, quarter inch in heaven. “Has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.” Did you hear that clearly. They have not a touch of being saved by Jesus Christ.

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: That’s why verse 6 says, “Let no one deceive you with empty words for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient.” “Therefore, do not be partners with them.” We’re going to play this next clip and it’s everything this scripture here is talking about. It’s so sad and pathetic. There’re several emotions. First, I just wanted to kind of laugh. It’s so empty and void of any power or authority or this is what it means to be disciple of Jesus. There’s no direction. It’s no wonder I was ran out of town. If this is what goes for basic good cultural Christians smiling Jack Jesus and I’m listening to this going, I can’t believe this. They’re turning to me going, I can’t believe him. It’s easy to see why the division takes place.

Let’s go and listen to what they have to say, and what I really want us to notice is just the meandering, unmarked grave, touchy-feely, good, hey, you might want to consider changing this. There’s nothing clear. There’s no speaking by the authority of Jesus Christ from the Holy Spirit. There’s no concept of the full message. This is, watered down nothingness. Jacob, go ahead and play it.

Paul: Morgan, how are you feeling?

Morgan: It’s going to be an interesting conversation. I confirm that in past performances, he has done that.

Paul: It appears there is proof that he’s flashed the word Satan up in a prior performance or performances. So now, as we go into the opening of the performance and watch it. To me, whereas before, there maybe was a little room to think, okay, maybe he just thought it would look cool for a guy to come down on strings, wearing white robe with red eyes.

Morgan: But like looking like Jesus.

Paul: I’m saying, maybe there could have been, but now seeing that he’s literally flashed the word Satan up in a prior performance can we agree that this was very intentional.

Morgan: Yeah, I think so.

Paul: I will also say real quick that sometimes Christians can go a little overboard.

Morgan: Yes.

Paul: And think that everything is super.

Morgan: Spiritual.

Paul: And spiritual and explicit.

Morgan: Demonic.

Paul: And they maybe even go a little too far, and that’s one of the reasons why we’re discussing this. Alright, opening clip.

Morgan: Yeah, now that I rewatched that for the second time, I’m like this is so dark. One, he like…

Timothy: Jacob, pause this. I’ve tried to keep quiet. You hear what she’s saying? Now that I’ve watched it the second time, it’s kind of bad.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Let me say this in love, but if we were here face to face, I wouldn’t be laughing. But it’s like, okay, let me educate you a little bit here. If your discernment level, is it takes you at least twice to pick up on that this may not be the best thing in Jesus Christ, you’re defeated before we start.

Jacob: Correct. Why are we even analyzing? We’ve already established and by the way, non-Christians would 100% agree that this is, the NFL is a completely worldly. They have nothing to do with Christianity, and so then why are we even talking about if a Super Bowl appearance or if an artist at the Super Bowl is bad. That’s what they’re saying.

Timothy: Like its saying, if I see this satanic symbolism, right?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: And the singer says in a couple days later, oh no, no what I was just talking about was the river the red Oriola somewhere on Mars.

Jacob: Sure.

Timothy: Then he’s going to say it’s okay.

Jacob: Yeah, but because this and I think there’s actually an older Super Bowl.

Timothy: Oh, it probably is. But oh yeah, there’s Christian artist don’t go to the Super Bowl anyways. You know what I mean? Even the Christian community that says the skillet which is a supposed Christian band, they’re not. No, only worldly artists perform at the Super Bowl. It’s a fact, it’s agreed upon fact. So, why are we analyzing whether a worldly artist is okay to listen to or watch.

Jacob: It’ll get worse than that. You’ll see that the direction and the admonishment is it’s so lukewarm. It’s just flesh, they just want to be accepted and understood and this will kind of we’re going to have to do a second part or on this whole thing. Because there’s a whole Jesus aspect where everybody’s trying to be accepted by the world. We’ll get in there later and he made another comment in there. He goes, yeah, sometimes Christians can go overboard.

Jacob: Oh yeah.

Timothy: Right?

Jacob: Yeah, yeah.

Timothy: And I’m thinking, where?

Jacob: Yeah. Where?

Timothy: Give me these overboard Christian. Who are you talking about? This has been repeated so many times. Nobody even gets up to lukewarm level. Give me the overboard Christians. I can deal with that too. Let me meet a few of them. I’m sure they’re out there but they’re so far and few between. It’s not even worth making a statement. This is just to put pillows around Christianity to make it all accepted. It’s like, okay, I’d like to have a couple Peters that are overzealous. Get out of the boat, those kind of things versus this. Keep playing.

Morgan: Car into the underground and was like welcomed in.

Paul: Which I saw someone post on Instagram saying it was kind of like Satan wearing the red. And that is interesting because it is kind of like he was coming from the underground and opened up red behind him kind of like the gates of hell and here he comes like the leader of the fallen angels so, to speak.

Morgan: Yeah.

Paul: And again, this is maybe more will come out after filming our video, saying, oh here’s exactly what I meant to do by that. We’re just going off of our perception.

Morgan: Yeah.

Paul: It felt creepy, it looked creepy. Those did not seem like holy angels from heaven.

Morgan: I mean what they in general at all like what was he trying to make those things to be. Like they were demonic creatures is what they kind of seemed like. It wasn’t like it was just this normal choir to sing with them. I don’t know.

Paul: So, if indeed it was intended to be spiritual that seemed like a dark spiritual side.

Morgan: So, to all the people Christians specifically, the believers out there who maybe are hearing us talk and are like these people are just so stupid, they’re so ridiculous, they overthink everything.

Paul: We got so much hate when we did our reaction to last year Shakira JLo Super Bowl. So much hate and we’ll post that below. You guys can go comment and see if you think we deserve the hate. For simply calling out that it was sexually explicit and it’s kind of like wow Christians are okay with it.

Timothy: You’re watching it?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: You’re participating in it. So, literally it’s like sitting there and going yeah, it’s all bad. It’s all evil wicked. So, I know I cut you off but this gets overwhelming. It’s like they’re going to go on to say, and I’ve cut in this short and they go on to say, yeah, you got to use discernment. Really, the discernment is it’s a completely worldly event. If you’re there and God sends you there and that’s the big thing. You’re there as a missionary not to participate in the Table Demons. Go ahead, let’s play it on out.

Paul: So, anyway.

Morgan: Yeah, I just want to say what we’re watching, what we’re take in on a regular basis. If you’re a big fan of the weekend as a believer, you listen to his music on the regular, I would just caution you to be very careful. And I would encourage you to go to the Lord with your music selections, with your movie selections, your TV shows, whatever and ask him like, God…

Timothy: I’m sorry but it’s like Lord is there anything? What about hungering and thirsting righteousness and not even going there.

Jacob: Sure.

Timothy: Keep going. Keep pressing past me because I’ll never get out of this.

Morgan: Is there anything I need to let go of and give to you? Is there anything that is causing a darkness over me and my life or my mind or a heaviness that just doesn’t have to be there? Especially to those of you who are specifically struggling with depression, anxiety, those type of things a lot of what you take in on a daily basis is very key to how you will feel on a daily basis.

Paul: And you’ve mentioned that before Morgan that kind of in the midst of some of your heaviest depression that you’ve dealt with in the past you look back and you’re like man the shows I was watching the music I was listening to it was not wholesome.

Morgan: No.

Paul: And so, guys like let’s be real what you’re ingesting is impacting who you are. The apostle Paul says, whatever is good, noble, pure, right, think on these things alternatively whatever is dark and demonic and sensual, don’t spend time thinking and dwelling on those things. I’m not against good music and that’s why I say again like the last song that they did, I felt like musically performance wise it was a good one.

Timothy: Garden of Eden. Dude, the fruit was good for you pleasing to the eye. Do you see what I’m saying here?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: They’re wrapping in well righteousness hauling. Like yeah, if you can go to the Super Bowl think positive thoughts and you’re quoting, really you would that not be, even if we took that one scripture he said to go live and go to the Super Bowl.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Are we not going to be struggling to keep our thoughts pure in our eyes where they need to be? You wouldn’t be watching. Go ahead talk over Jacob.

Jacob: Well, even if the guy, yeah, even the scripture he quoted like okay great then don’t watch the Super Bowl. I don’t know why we’re; you know what I mean? Like they’re continuing to try to analyze whether Super Bowl is good or not. But even based on the one scripture that he’s quoted, it’s clearly bad. So, we shouldn’t be participating, we shouldn’t be watching.

Timothy: In a very very real real way what he is doing is sitting down at the table of demons and going, well, this food is healthy.

Jacob: Sure. Doing both. Yeah.

Timothy: And this kiwi over here is good for my heart or whatever. And also avoid the chocolate cake. It’s the table of demons from beginning to end, there is no good on the table.

Video: Do not be deceived by empathy for Christians. Reject impure cultural Christianity. No immoral, greedy Christian is going to heaven. Do not be partners with such. Ephesians 5:7. The Consider Podcast. Podcast, www.consider.info, where the rubber meets the road.

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