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Jury Manipulation, 2nd Admendment, Wrap-Up Jury Manipulation

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71 Jury Manipulation Part 4

Timothy: We’re trying to plow through Jan’s dog and pony testimony concerning jury duty and we’ll get there in a moment but there’s a lot to consider today.

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Timothy: Jacob’s here with me today at the International or Worldwide International Headquarters for the Consider Podcast. How’s going Jacob?

Jacob: Alright. I didn’t know we had international headquarters. We’ll let alone national.

Timothy: I didn’t want to boast too much but it’s actually universal because the waves all go out into space. And so, a couple billion years from now somebody’s going to pick up on this podcast. Or maybe there’s an alien or two listening because they need gospel too because they’re part of a Fallen Universe.

Jacob: That’s true.

Timothy: Anyway, lot going on. I think we’ll eventually get to Jan’s testimony but yeah, I’m not in a rush at this point. It’s not like justice is going to break out and we’re going to have all of it solved. It’s just not going to happen. There’re a couple videos going on right now that are kind of going viral that obviously the Christian church and I don’t want to keep repeating. I’m using that in quotes, but the Christian church is all excited about it. Go ahead and play this particular one, because it lists 25 ways that America is being destroyed. And actually, the video is well done and the points are all valid except there should be 26, and it should have been the first one in the last one which yeah, technically that have been what 27. But go ahead and play that Jacob because we’re going to discover as if we didn’t know that America is in judgement or decline.

Video: A warning to America. 25 ways the US is being destroyed in under 2 minutes.

1: Open borders and illegal immigration.

2: Rampant crime and unsafe cities.

3: Mass addiction and fentanyl.

4: Election insecurity and interference.

5: The educational indoctrination of children.

6: The asymmetrical weaponization of justice.

7: The destruction of private property rights.

8: Inflation and debt.

9: The global depopulation agenda.

10: Record low fertility and plummeting birth rates.

11: Unaccountable federal bureaucracies.

12: Toxic food supply.

13: Vaccine and pandemic disinformation.

14: The trans contagion and sterilization of children.

15: Over prescription of pharmaceuticals.

16: Destruction of the nuclear family and parental rights.

17: DEI and the new racism.

18: Moral and societal decay.

19: The financing of endless foreign wars.

20: The sprawling surveillance state.

21: The centralization and consolidation of government power.

22: The destruction of trust in institutions.

23: The censorship industrial complex.

24: State media propaganda.

25: The smearing of those who challenge it.

Timothy: There’s actually a 25 and1/2 and that would be attention deficit syndrome, where we can only go two minutes to figure out all that’s wrong.

Jacob: Yeah, that’s right.

Timothy: Exactly even I was going. Okay, let’s press on but I don’t know that I have that particular problem. Alright, any thoughts real fast check it before we go to Revelation chapter 3 verse 1?

Jacob: No other than yeah, his points are valid.

Timothy: They’re all valid, kind of worthless points is my point like this is so self-evident. We keep repeating the same thing over and over again. It’s always a lot of talk, no action. There’re not 26 things on what you can do, but yeah, 25 things of what the problem is. The 26 things should be the dead Christian church. It’s a dead, right? The video, one video we’re going to look at today, it’s just literally dead. There is so much hostility toward the word of God that it literally is talking like a corpse. They’re not even responding back. There’s no debate, no discussion, no love for the word of God. Oh, they say about it and talk about it and diagram it and take it all together, but I’m talking about the living word of God by the crucified life that crucifies us unto action and action by the new life the new self. Revelation 3:1, Jacob go and read that.

Jacob: “To the angel of the church in Sardis write: These are the words of him who holds the seven spirits of God and the seven stars. I know your deeds you have a reputation of being alive but you are dead.”

Timothy: It sums it up, doesn’t it Jacob?

Jacob: Yes, it does.

Timothy: I don’t think it takes some confirmation God sending lightning bolt. Although, we just had the eclipse. Did you survived the eclipse?

Jacob: I did survive the eclipse. That is right.

Timothy: Did you survive?

Jacob: We both survived. I guess, I hid out and I really hear, I don’t know.

Timothy: I thought about hiding in the attic and then I thought underneath. I didn’t know where to go because, it was the apocalypse was about to happen, terrible things are happening and of course everybody missed the point exactly what was going on. But I’m not going to talk about that today. “I know your deeds,” Jesus says, “You have a reputation of being alive but you are dead.” The Christian church is dead. Even those that talk about the message of the cross. Even those who think they have the correct understanding of Luke 14:25 so on and so forth. It’s all a bunch of talk. Push come to shove. There’s nothing happening. There’s no power in what they’re doing. They’re safe in the pew and even those that sit there and hear the tough messages are coming each Sunday to hear the tough message. But living the tough Christian life, walking the narrow road, actually giving up self and purifying oneself, it ain’t happening, is it?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Alright, play this next little bumper to remind us of that fact and then we’re going to move into some nasty stuff.

Video: America’s foundations are shaking. America is passing into history at an alarming rate. The flag of old glory. The stars and stripes are limping in the wind. Who’s to blame? Republicans, Democrats, communists, or big business? Perhaps, just perhaps, those who shout out the most, “America is breaking apart” are the first cause. Perhaps a holy God is starting to judge the American Christian church? (1 Peter 4:17). “It is time for judgement to begin with the family of God; And if it begins with us, what will the out be for those who do not obey the gospel of God.” The Consider Podcast. www.consider.info. Where the rubber meets the road.

Timothy: You notice that Peter there talks about those who do not obey the gospel. Claiming to be a Christian is measured by obedience to the word of God. Where again is the love for the word of the Lord and that being the measure of everything. I don’t mean the cherry picking or I like this one over here or I like this little principle or when I’m down, I go to these scriptures or I don’t know when I’m up. I go to these scriptures. You know what I’m saying? We kind of use the Bible as what a self-help, improve self, focus in on self if I’m feeling down then then I go claim the Psalms or I go over here and do that.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: I know you’d amen that we, that’s kind of what we’re looking at. Let me put this in a more positive light if we are not a part of the destruction of America or the judgement of the church or if we’re not a part of the dead church in America. Then the same hunger and thirst for righteousness and obedience that you hear on the Consider Podcast would be in your own life and in your church and in your own neighborhood. It’s really that kind of simple but instead things are so far gone. So far gone. You’d actually discovered and watched this clip. I’d seen the headline but don’t have time for all. I got to think I don’t have time to look at all the headlines and so you and I bump into a lot of different things, right?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: And I hate to kind of throw this out because somebody might pick it up. We’re all, you’ve got these group discussions. Usually, it’s about body counts and male and female immoral and all that stuff and then they go around the room and everybody talks and gives their little opinion. When’s the last time you saw, now I’m talking not a bunch of Pharisees and Sadducees, but disciples of Jesus that know how to pick up the cross and follow Jesus Christ who really are living a life of obedience and been taught for a couple decades on following Jesus and what that means to follow the living God and all of that of all. Where’s the round table with that? Because literally, we could have what five P that were like that, each going out examining and see what’s going on, seeing what the destruction is or how compromising the church is. Then we talk about what can we do, how we can obey? And that’s part of the reason we get persecuted, because we talk about what you can do not just whine and complain. This isn’t 25 list of how bad and dead the church is. It’s 5000 things you can do to be obedient. Jacob, kind of introduce what you out here and let’s begin to discuss this a little bit.

Jacob: Well, we always use the phrase, we don’t quite know how bad it is out there, and this is an example of that. I was just, I had seen it and I clicked on the video and I watched a couple other videos, but I mean the bottom line you have, you’ll see in the video it’s obvious behavior at a men’s conference that most people agree is bad so then there’s another preacher who I’m not super familiar with. But he’s a successful guy, preacher, right, ministry. And he even barely starts to call it out and then the other guy kicks him off. And so, my point was just like it is so bad out there. Like it’s hard to, I think it’s hard for people to grasp even how to be a good Christian juror if like we’re arguing about this kind of stuff, because it’s all over the internet. I’m using air quotes. The Christian community is all over the place on what happened.

Timothy: I’m with you and that I thought about that today before we got started. It’s like, what’s the point? Jury duty. I might as well sit down with somebody in kindergarten and begin to explain the concepts of jury, law, legalism, morality, democracy. They’re not going to get it. They’re going to be bored. They’d be crying. Where’s my cookie? That’s where we’re at. So, it’s like no wonder I’m just kind of being obedient to the Lord and putting the message out because if this is the level things are at, there’s no frame of reference. There’s no way to get to the truth. Let me ask you a question before we kind of watch this because you’ve clearly looked at a lot of the comments. Would you say most are against it or is it kind of a 50/50. Some against it and some for it.

Jacob: The ones I saw, it was it’s your typical down the middle I feel like most people are saying that what happened at this men’s conference is not good, right? So, they’re not saying they’re not on side.

Timothy: So, that’s the majority.

Jacob: Yes, oh yeah. I would the super majority, but and then but then of course there’s this whitewash that like instead of sticking to your guns. I feel like a lot of people, we’re brothers in Christ or we’re all Christians or just that kind of thing. So, that’s the only reason I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily down the middle because most people are like, ooh, that’s bad. You know what I mean? You still have this whitewash going on I think where people are just like way too nice still. Like, well this is sin and call it that and don’t whitewash it.

Timothy: You’re getting close to where we’re headed after we watch this. Of all the comments that you’ve looked at and examine, I realized it’s probably an ongoing debate. How many actually have a statement in there about what to do about it?

Jacob: Not many and then even the statements that they have I think it’s not anywhere cutting to like the root of what’s going on.

Timothy: We can’t and yeah, and I don’t want to put you too much because I know when I read comments. Some of them are actually pretty not on this issue but on other issues you get a lot.

Jacob: I didn’t read a lot of comments. I was watching different people’s videos because a lot of people have covered what happened. Kinda like what we did where they show the video and then they’ll talk about it. Yeah.

Timothy: And what I’m going to get to is nobody’s offering a solution. Not even one commandment one direction. What should we do about it? Okay, is this a vote? Is this a democracy. We’ve got a lot of Christians claiming could be a Christian saying, oh that’s bad. We shouldn’t do it. And then we got as some saying, no, it’s okay and then it’s just kind of, that’s about it. This is not a democracy. This is about whether we obey Jesus Christ or not. Go ahead and play it and then I’m going to talk about what we should be see going on and what obedience from the living God. But the man, if the church weren’t dead, this one set of scriptures we’re going to look at in a moment would be all over the place that when I ask you that question. Well, what is it they recommend to do? You go, oh, this scripture, this scripture, this scripture here. You’re not seeing that.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Play the clip.

Video: But let me do this. I’ve been up since 1 o’clock in the morning. The reason I’m horsed is I have been praying for you and my heart is very burdened for you. And I want to be very careful with this and it’s not what I want to say. But the Jezebel spirit has already been here. The Jezebel spirit opened our event. This is a rebuke and a correction of no one. This is an observation. Before the word of God was open, there was a platform, it was a high place. All it was a pole. The same thing that’s used in the strip club for women who have the Jezebel spirit to seduce men. In front of that was a man who ripped his shirt off like a woman does in front of a pole at a strip club. That man then then ascendent.

See, our God is not arrogant. He doesn’t us sin. Our God is humble. He descends. And then, he swallowed a sword and Jesus cried, okay, pastor John, I’ll receive that. Thank you. Let me just say, yes. Wanted to say that, you should have said it to me first. Matthew 18. Matthew 18. If your brother offends you, go to him privately, I talked to Mark for a half hour. There was not one more to act. He’s out of line. If he want to say it, he can say it to me. You may not agree with me, you may not agree with him, but we are brothers in Christ and there’s a right way to handle this.

Timothy: Did he say in there Jacob that this wasn’t a rebuke? Did I catch that right?

Jacob: Yes. He’s super softballed it. He’s not even saying that yeah, he’s not even saying that they’re wrong. He’s just saying like this is so yeah, he was even in his rebuke that wasn’t a rebuke. He softballed it. And then he wanted, I mean it’s obvious.

Timothy: Man, soft ball is a way. Go ahead keep talking.

Jacob: He wanted off that stage. See because you can hear the other pastor going, Mark, you’re out of line. You’re out of line Mark, right? And then he’s like, oh what? You’re kicking me off. Okay, I’m out of here. That’s just. It’s all I’m laughing because it’s not funny but like that’s he didn’t sit, you know what I mean? He didn’t keep going. He was just like, oh what you want me gone? Okay, I’m leaving.

Timothy: Well, part of the problem is he’s so busy apologize. This is not a rebuke. It’s not that and I saw this and this I was like, if you just got to the point, he’d had it all said and done. But again, why whitewashed and softball when you say this is not a rebuke. That’s just a lie. Of course it’s a rebuke.

Jacob: Oh, I know. Yeah. It is. So just yeah call it what it is. That’s what you’re doing. You’re saying this is wrong.

Timothy: Okay, and so I then of course these people are clueless. So, he’s starting calling.

Jacob: This is a men’s conference. I’m just this is a men conference. So unfortunately, you know what I mean? This is the supposed leaders of people’s families and houses.

Timothy: Oh, they’re all going to go out from there. Yeah.

Jacob: And we’ll see even in the crowd I’ll also say this. See some people were, the crowd was already semi divided. I don’t know the percentage because later on in people’s comments. Some people were for Pastor Mark. Like yeah, that’s right, that poll and that stuff was bad and then other people were on the Lindell side. And then the controversy continued not to go on and on about the story because we could be here all day, but they’re still sort of fighting over it. Because they like kind of made up and then they didn’t and then Mark called him out still and then the other guy called him out when he went back to his church and they’re still just kind of like fighting over the issue.

Timothy: Alright. You know what? Let’s quit blaming Jezebel for everything. I mean, there are a lot of Jezebels out there.

Jacob: Sure, yeah.

Timothy: But that that’s a favorite among the charismatic. It’s Jezebel’s spirit. Jezebel’s like, it’s kind of like psychology goes schizophrenic, schizophrenic. Well, it covers everything and all the drugs you want to give. Then, of course, they go to the foolishness of come to me in private. There’s a right way to do this.

Jacob: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Timothy: Alright. Well, let me before I get to my main scripture, man, we may never get to Jan’s testimony about what should be happening. The scripture that says, go to your brother one on one does not apply to the situation.

Jacob: And everybody was agreeing with that. Meaning all the videos I watched everybody was like yeah, that guy’s just that doesn’t work. That’s not see like your brothers.

Timothy: Okay, that’s interesting.

Jacob: Yeah, so anyways everybody was on board with that because like that’s where something that you see in private. This is public. This is a giant public performing that happens. So yeah, everybody was on board with that that I saw.

Timothy: Okay well, then and then I will skip the scripture because it was Galatians 2:14 where Paul confronted Peter to his face, because it was affecting the whole crowd. And that’s what you do. Well, good at least they got that concept too bad everybody that saw that didn’t just confront the person next to them that was disagreeing or liking the poll show. And did he say something about the Striptease girls are dancing on to tempt too? The men or the women. I didn’t quite catch up with me. It just cut out or slide out.

Jacob: Well, I don’t think he was harping on that. He was just saying pretty much like this is the same show that you would see at a strip club. This is a strip club women take off their clothes and dance on a pole and this guy’s taking off his shirt dancing on a pole. So, it’s just obvious like this is not a good thing.

Timothy: Well, it’s obvious, but you’d have to back up. The whole worship service is entertainment. The fact you’ve got too many people there. You know what? I’ve said this before. It’s not boasting but give me 60 minutes. Well, in fact, he had about 60 seconds. Give me 60 minutes of preaching the sermon. I can clear that room pretty much down to a very small number.

Alright, let’s go to Ephesians 5:1 and see what everybody should be doing and this would be the measurement scripture that would apply to this whole situation before you got there, when you were there, and afterwards. This is like how we live our Christian disciple life as we follow the Holy Spirit and pick up our cross. Ephesians 5:1 and I’ve covered this another podcast. I’m not going to go like into super-super detailed. This is mostly just kind of a reminder. It demolishes. This is just total nonsense. This is the blind leading the blind and I’m including the audience in that and the commentaries are out there unless they’ve gone to Ephesians 5:1 and said, you know what? We need to repent. All of us whatever side we agree on of our inaction and our lack of judge by the power of the Holy Spirit to ensure that our conferences are clean and equal to the word of God.

This is why scripture says, “Watch your life and doctrine closely.” What’s happened is, this isn’t like all of a sudden you had this really nice, solid, sound doctrine over the last three decades at these men’s conferences and then all of a sudden, this just came in. At that point, it would be so shocking.

Jacob: Yeah, true for years. Yeah.

Timothy: That would, this is going to be mighty gross. I don’t even want to visualize this one. But you can imagine Doctor Church Sound Doctrine, we watched our life and our doctrine very closely. I’m going to, I’ll use you for example. You come marching in, you get on a pole, you take off your shirt right. Would that be, that would be so far out of the norm. We’d wonder if you’d had a stroke or COVID shot or something did it to you, right?

Jacob: Correct. Yes.

Timothy: The only reason this is going on that we have a debate about this is because things are so bad. The church is so dead. They don’t realize how lost there, otherwise this is not a talking point. This is not even a debate.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Ephesians 5:1, “Be imitators of God.” Well, would God go up there, would Jesus go up there? Of course not. “Therefore, as dearly loved children.” Yeah, I know we’re all love, got that down. Verse 2 says, “And live a life of love.” What is a life of love? “Just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.” Now here’s a life of love, here’s a life of love. Ephesians 5:3, “But among you, but among you there must not even be a hint a hint of sex normality.” Done, right Jacob?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Guy coming out, getting on a pole, undressing just like a woman, doing a strip show. What was his point? Without taking up too much time, what was he even trying to prove?

Jacob: I have no idea. I didn’t even dig on that because it’s so already, there yeah, like I think you mentioned like there are no words. There is no explanation, there can be no justification.

Timothy: There’s no debate, there’s no disguise.

Jacob: There’s no debate. Yeah.

Timothy: I’m not going to debate this. This is like answering a fool to his folly at this point. What you did is 105,000% right. You’re in leadership. Leaderships rebuke more sharp, okay. “But among you there must not even be a hint of sexual morality or a hint of any kind of impurity.” This is pure? This is holy? The church does, they sometimes deal with sexual morality or they deal with the gross stuff, right? But we don’t, when’s the last time you were in Bible study or a prayer group and they said, we need to repent of impurity? I doubt most people would know if I first of all if I went in a conversation okay define for me purity in God. What would that mean? Covers a lot of things, doesn’t it? Not a hint of any kind of impurity. You’re done right there or of greed. Well, it’s secondary. If people don’t see the first two, they’re not going to see the third. This has to do with bringing people in, ties, donation, increase. It’s a form of greed. It’s a religious greed. Money involved.

There shouldn’t be a hint of that and that’s where this is coming from. You want to be seen, you want to be known, you want to build your ministry, so on and so forth because these are improper for God’s holy people. These are not a holy I couldn’t even have sat there. Well, I probably wouldn’t have showed up. Verse 5, “Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk.” This is just foolish talk. Coming out climbing a pole is foolish talk. “Or course joking, which are out of place, but rather Thanksgiving.” Now, verse 5 & 6 tells us and especially verse 6 is going to tell us what to do because it’s not enough for anybody to go, well, this is wrong. This is bad. Let me give my list of commentaries. No, what he did was improper. I know we’re all brothers and we love each other and mushy-gooshy. Let’s have an encounter group, right?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Verse 5 says, “For this you can be sure.” Ephesians 5:5, you can be sure of this. You can’t be sure of much in this world but you can be sure of this fact about these pastors and these people that are attending this. For of this you can be sure. I’d say you could bank on it but that that’s not going to make. That doesn’t mean much today, right? “You can be sure: No, immoral.” This is just immoral. The whole conference is unclean, impure, immoral. “No immoral, impure, or greedy person– such a man is an idolater.” And Jesus Christ can be an idol. See first Corinthians, we can wind up have our ministry become idols. That’s where this nonsense come from. “Such a man is an idolater.” Now, get this, “Has any, any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ of God.” And I know oh you know I want to judge. Excuse me? It it’s very clear.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: When you with these people that attended this conference. These individuals that get up and did these things. The one that rebuked the other one and the did this and they work it all out. According to Ephesians 5:5. Just a rudimentary reading of ink on paper. I mean I’d recommend listening to Holy Spirit and going from there that’s what the Bible tells us to do. How much are they guaranteed that they will inherit the kingdom of God and go to heaven.

Jacob: No one inheritance.

Timothy: None. None. Now and all the comments that you saw out there. How many people are saying this group, this men’s conference, these pastors do not have any zero, zip, nothing. They will not be going to heaven.

Jacob: I didn’t see that comment anywhere.

Timothy: And what’s the point of the talk? What is the point of the talk? Well, just that. It’s talk. We feel, I’m condemning it so I’m on that side. I’m justifying it so it’s on that side and don’t you see the don’t see the mercy? Whatever.

Jacob: I think it’s also super easy. See, I think it’s really easy a lot of people look at that video and go oh my goodness that’s so bad and we agree they shouldn’t have a stripper pole and then what is it doing that’s justifying yourself versus if what you brought up is no one can sit there. Well or if you truly believe Ephesians 5:5 then you’d be like ooh, but I’m sure a or ooh, I know that I’m greedy sometimes or in a certain way or you know what I mean?

Timothy: I guess because you start searching your own heart.

Jacob: You start searching your own heart. But no, everybody just wants to sit around and argue about them and it’s easy to point and then, oh well, I must be doing okay, because I’m not stripping so ha-ha-ha. I think that’s what a lot of people. You know what I mean?

Timothy: Oh, you can even go for that I would say 99.9% of people that it’s back to the Garden of Eden and we’ll talk about that later. Everybody’s blaming everybody else, so it’s natural. If I look at these people, I’m getting into heaven without a problem.

Jacob: Well, oh and then but.

Timothy: It’s like, I’m trying way too, I forget the podcast I’m going to, well I don’t know what I do but sit on the front yard and watch the birds land. I don’t know.

Jacob: Sure, yeah.

Timothy: I don’t look. I look to Jesus Christ. I look to a Holy God. I look to his word. So, I begin to have a little fear and trembling. I’m with you. It’s like, okay, what areas of my immoral? What areas have I’m impure? What areas am I greedy? How could I possibly in adultery? It’s like, I haven’t finished this race. The dangers are out there. What little things are working? Let alone, well, okay. You defeated if I have to debate with you that having a stripper pole at a podium at a men’s conference. Now men have enough problem dealing with lust, correct? It’s like a DNA and so you’re going to bring in a stripper pole?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: And then go yeah, I don’t know why people wind up committing adultery or I don’t know why there’s so much sexual immorality. You’re not stimulating wholesome thinking there. There’s anybody going man how could you do that? Like a stripper pole that’s, I don’t even it’s like, wow, Christmas tree points to heaven I don’t know.

Jacob: I don’t know.

Timothy: The point is has any zero, there is no inheritance in the kingdom of God. Now do we believe that? I’m not asking you. Do we believe that? Do these people believe that. Could I stand up in front of this conference or whatever is and go, okay, just this one passage and say, okay, how many people believe this?

Jacob: Well, they would raise their hand and they would probably say they believe it because see have been saved. Jesus has forgiven them from their sins. They’re a new person. So, they’re no longer immoral, impure, or greedy because Jesus has washed away their sins. That’s what a lot a lot of people believe. That’s what they’ve been told. That’s what they believe. That’s how they live. That this is, I’m just saying that’s what a lot of people justify it that way. This is for the unsaved worldly people. But since I’m a saved person this like that’s a lot of people think.

Timothy: So, you have a salvation without any obedience? Is that what I’m hearing? Well, I’m not going to debate with you because you know the logic.

Jacob: But first you are saved. See you are a new creation. As soon as you got saved and you got baptized and you gave your life to Jesus you are now saved. So then moving forward, that’s how they would explain it. That they will explain it away saying that this scripture is talking about the world people who are not the sons of God. But I’m a son of God, so of course I have an inheritance.

Timothy: Alright, I got to pass on with that one because Ephesians 5:3 says, “But among you, there must not be him.” He’s talking to Christians. He’s not talking to the world.

Jacob: I agree, but I’m just.

Timothy: I know.

Jacob: So many people have that. You know, yeah anyways. Somehow you asked it and I it was answering.

Timothy: Oh no, I’m glad you went off on it. Okay, well, let’s just demolish that. I was going to ask you. Did you go to that conference, Jacob?

Jacob: No, Ephesians 5:6.

Timothy: I’ll let you read Ephesians 5:6. Go ahead and read it smooth enough and soak it in compared to what you just said. Feel free to ran or I will come in on it.

Jacob: “Let no one deceive you with…”

Timothy: No, let no one what?

Jacob: “Deceive you.”

Timothy: Oh, I know I interrupted you. You got Jesus saved. Holy Spirit use all the key words. Those words are being used to deceive. As Jesus said you travel over land and sea to win a single convert and then they’re twice as fed for hell. Go ahead.

Jacob: “Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient.”

Timothy: Wow, he’s to Christians about obedience Jacob?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Now you sure somebody from the Ephesians there’s a lost manuscript out there writing to Paul’s oh, no, no, no you’re saved. We’re blessed. We’re holy. We’re saved. You’re making this salvation by works. Why, you sure that parchment isn’t out there somewhere?

Jacob: What? You’re saying that that parchment, oh this is a lost parchment that we just discovered?

Timothy: There must be a lost parchment out there that pole vaulting Jesus over here or pastor over here, it must know that we don’t know about.

Jacob: I guess so yeah. Yeah. We just found it yet.

Timothy: Okay. “Let no one deceive you with empty words.” All this at best is empty words. There’s just nothing there. “For because of such things,” these actions, look at it. “God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient.” They violated every scripture coming on. I guarantee you, doctrine life, everything. God’s wrath, it’s not that they’re not even going to be saved. They’re, God’s wrath is going to come on these like twice as much of the world, the world at least says, I don’t care about God, don’t believe in God, this is my sin, whatever, I like my lies, whatever it is they do, but these are people claiming to be Christians, claiming to be leadership of quote unquote men. No, the wrath is going to be mighty severe. I lose words at that point because who can talk about the wrath of God on such things like this and adequately ever have the words to describe it.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Ephesians 5: 7 now we get down to, okay, what should everybody be doing who’s commenting about this that doesn’t like it. What should they be doing and what should they have done? Ephesians 5:7 says, are we ready? Write it down, get your pencil and paper. I’d recommend letting the Holy Ghost write it on your heart as you pick up your cross, as you hate your own life and as you give up everything and as you walk in the new creation. In Ephesians 5:7 tells us exactly what should have happened at this conference. “Therefore, do not be partners with them.” Should’ve walked out and never should’ve walked in, but let’s just say somebody gets in there and they happen to bump in by the Holy Spirit in Ephesians 5:7 and they turn to the other guy who’s like, yeah, this is nuts. This is crazy. This is simply go, well, we shouldn’t be partners and they start to walk out.

Now, that would have been revival. Where’s all this talk about revival out here and there’s a rival breaking in here and there’s baptisms over here and all this? Really? I don’t see any Ephesians five seven. Attitude, zeal, anything associate This should not even been able to be pulled off. A church that is alive, it just could not happen. Alright, anything else on the Jacob? Because I think now, we will get to move into Jan testifying about the Dog and Pony Show.

Jacob: Nope, nothing for me.

Timothy: Alrighty, can you find that clip? I should’ve stuck it in the notes where Paul Seawall calls this a Dog and Pony Show, so it reminds people what we’re talking about?

Video: October 2006, jury selection, courtroom 4G, Seattle King County Prosecutors. Prosecutor Paul Sewell. Been selected for jury duty before, then you know it’s a dog and pony show. So, justice is driven back and righteousness stands at a distance. “Truth has stumbled in the streets. Honesty cannot enter.” (Isaiah 51:14). The Consider Podcast. www.consider.info. Where the rubber meets the road.

Timothy: We’re going to continue to talk about Jan’s testimony of how she experienced both in terms of the hate crime that the state of Washington committed against us as a church and her experience later on of going in and listening to prosecutors and he represents everyone as a dog and pony show. We’ve already kind of discussed that in two or three episodes and we’re talking about jurors that are fools. Let me give you a classic example, Jacob. What do you think if you went in for a jury duty, right? And the judge said, this is Washington State and the constitution says there’s freedom of religion but this is Washington State and so we don’t talk about freedom of religion here What do you think?

Jacob: What would I say?

Timothy: Well yeah, as a jury. You walk in and you’re there before the judge and you’re there before everybody and the and the judge says flat out, I know the constitution says freedom of religion but this is Washington State. We don’t allow that. We only allow our policemen to dictate what people should believe and live and if we can find enough people to complain about freedom of religion and their quote unquote bad experience. And by the way finding people to talk about any group isn’t very difficult, and we’re going to prosecute you because there is no freedom of religion in Washington state. We don’t care what the constitution says. Your response?

Jacob: If he flat out says that then he shouldn’t be a judge because he’s not even upholding the law. There’re laws, there’s freedom of religion on the books. If he blatantly says like yeah, I’m just not going to do that. Then you should call for his judgeship to be stripped.

Timothy: Yeah, well and I agree. You don’t disagree that. I the judge should be in jail. You can’t take the Constitution and void the constitution and then say you’re a legal entity and that’s happening everywhere. If you wanted to add 28, 29, 30 on why America is being destroyed, it’s because you’ve got judges everywhere just picking and choosing what laws to apply, how they want to interpret and ignore it. They literally do and I think it should be evident but ignore the constitution and the bill of rights. They completely ignore it. It’s not even there. Well, there’s a judge in New York named Judge Abena Darkeh. And that’s I’m sure I’m mispronouncing it so I’ll spell it. It’s Judge Abena and her last name is Darkeh. Any clue on how that would be pronounced Jacob?

Jacob: No, I don’t know.

Timothy: Alright. She said in a courtroom in New York, “Do not bring the Second Amendment into this courtroom. It doesn’t exist here.” What? You can’t argue Second Amendment. This is New York.

Jacob: Crazy.

Timothy: Of course, what did the jury come back with Jacob that what it was is who cares about these cases. I mean, if I just say that, it’s like, man, you should be in jail. You should be in prison somewhere serving hard labor and thinking about what you’re doing. No wonder the Washington State Bar Association here did away with the bar exam. Nobody follows it. It’s all going to be this feely social justice nonsense. I want to repeat that again. “Do not bring the Second Amendment into this courtroom. It doesn’t exist here so you can’t argue Second Amendment.” This is New York. And naturally the jury found the defendant guilty.

Jacob: Crazy.

Timothy: Same thing happened to us. It was essentially she was she didn’t come out and just literally say there is no freedom of religion. Everything about that particular case was freedom of association was gone. Freedom of religion was gone. Freedom of speech was gone. They don’t prosecute liars, so, there is no just it goes on down the line and the jury just sat there and soaked that all up same thing. What the jury found is some guy named Taylor and what he was doing is he just had an interest in building guns. So, he would go out and buy parts from different people that sell different parts and then put them together. Well, naturally the government didn’t like that they arrested him so on and so forth. So, he’s looking as 20 years in prison and this is how the judge begins her case.

Well, if we’re just going to do away with the constitution, which that’s what state does, that’s what New York does. There is as everybody knows a breakdown law, but the problem is why are the juries so much acting as fools? And when I use the term “fool”, I mean to be able to repent of being a fool. Go ahead and play that next clip that’ll kind of bring that together.

Video: Who is the top dog fool among fools? Who is the king or queen of fools? Who is a simple Simon? The fool of fools is the fool that refuses to repent of being a fool. Proverbs 1:22. How long will you simple ones love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? Become wise. Betray your that loves your simple ways. Become wiser still through corrections, rebukes and repentance. Become full of wisdom. Stop mocking the knowledge of things you do not understand. Proverbs 15:7. The lips of the wise spread knowledge. Not so the hearts of fools. The consider podcast where even fools have opportunity to become wise. The Consider Podcast. www.consider.info. Where the rubber meets the road.

Timothy: Everything about this podcast is a call for people to repent. The opportunity if you’re a fool to repent and become wise. I can’t go through how that would take place. There was a judge in King County, Washington, Seattle, Washington State named Susan Craighead. And we had dialogue because what she had done, she had given a speech literally stating that white people cannot understand justice. So, I went at that, it’s like absurd. So, you got to understand that was revealed, that was put out there. Now, what I’m really getting to is that she died. She passed away I think last year and she had a chance to repent of that. It was a clear type interaction going on.

Now, she didn’t talk to me personally. She had every opportunity to do so. All of these prosecutors and judges can repent but they refuse to do so and what you’re going to hear in Jan’s testimony is how they hide in the darkness. Because what happened is she gave a speech that literally said, white people cannot understand justice. So, now you understand why we were definitely that was just one element of why the prosecutors were able to have the judge manipulate the case so that the truth could not even get. Well, if the truth were there, it wouldn’t even gone to trial. When I started going for it, I wanted the video clips I went back to get, it was on King County prosecutors’ website. And then when I went right back to go get it once my message had kind of gone out they took it down. And of course, their excuse was, oh, due to copyright and friendship we took it down. You had to laugh. It’s like, okay, all you judges do is lie make up stories and go deeper in darkness. So, my point being is this attitude that whites need to be punished permeates everything from family court to every governmental thing they’re all plain to it. Now they may go on a little bit underground and they may cover their basis, but that’s all they’re doing. You just can’t get to it.

One reason we’re able to get to a lot of this nonsense is they were arrogant and prideful up to that point and nobody was actually coming back at it. Now that it’s being exposed, they’re not repenting. Nobody, no prosecutor, nobody, no policeman, nobody has contacted me to repent. There’s not even a sign, but plenty of action about hiding in the darkness, keeping information. We’ll get to that here in a moment. Anything before we kind of press on with Jan’s thing, Jacob?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Go ahead Jacob and let’s start listening to Jan’s testimony and hopefully we can kind of wrap this up today.

Jan It wasn’t like he was humbled or humiliated but it’s just like I’m not dealing with this. I’m not going to address it. Well, see like before when I commented he was like, oh I’m sorry, you had that experience and everything. He was sympathetic towards me. This time it’s just not, going to touch this one with a 10-foot pull.

Jacob: Oh, because he wait, because this is the next day he remembers that case especially now when you’re bringing stuff.

Jan: Yeah.

Jacob: He knows.

Jan: He knows the case and he might have even I don’t know. He might have even refreshed his memory before he came back. I don’t know.

Jacob: Yeah.

Jan: But anyway, yeah, he knew for sure then and I didn’t really think about it at the time but I was just thinking about it when I was looking over my notes again when I actually said the prosecutor and the police worked together to withhold evidence from the jury. Well, I mean he’s the prosecutor.

Jacob: Oh yeah.

Jan: And this case is involved with prosecutors and lots and lots of police.

Jacob: And lots of police, yeah.

Jan: And I’m telling the jury.

Timothy: Pause there for second Jacob. It’s interesting that he didn’t even bother to get defensive.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: It’s not like King County prosecutor went oh no. We don’t withhold from the jury. Oh no, police never withhold anything. All he could do is remain silent. You always know you have a lawyer or prosecutor caught or a judge when they’re silent.

Jacob: Because the judge said, oh ma’am, I wasn’t involved with that case. I was that I didn’t preside as a judge over that case, but I can guarantee you that will not happen in this courtroom. The judge didn’t say anything. Nobody said anything.

Timothy: Nobody saying they just talking. They all knew it to be true. Alright, keep going.

Watch out for this stuff guys. Go for facts not emotions.

Jacob: What, was there any other reactions amongst the jurors that you noticed when you said that?

Jan: Not that I noticed. Not that I noticed.

Jacob: Yeah.

Jan: But because after I said it yeah because you know yeah nobody really said anything to me. I mean you know.

Jacob: So, what happens next

Jan: So anyway, then he just goes on…

Timothy: hey hang on. Yeah, pause it there. What happened to our accounter group Jacob?

Jacob: Oh, where everybody’s supposed to talk.

Timothy: Well yeah, that this should’ve there’s been a great talking point. Doctor let’s have a Doctor Phil and Oprah Winfrey. I think I finally got it right. Let’s talk about that fact. What does everybody feel about that? Go ahead. Keep going.

Jan: Then he just goes on, he just goes on. He had a few more questions and he asked those questions. Well, then we get to the point where okay that they start eliminating jurors. And they’re taking turn the prosecutor and the defense are eliminating jurors. So, they start eliminating jurors and I was the second juror that the prosecutor said, okay, you can go.

Timothy: I said this before but I want to repeat it right here. You’ll notice he got rid of her. Why would you get rid of a woman who obviously more prone to feelings who’s talking about facts and you just got to watch out and remember he said how many of you will hold me to this?

Jacob: Correct. Yeah. She should be the top of the list. She’s going to do what I have told her to do

Timothy: Exactly. And he could have said and I have such a solid case. The state will resent this. I will overcome every concern she has because those are all valid concerns.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Now you got rid of her. That should tell any potential juror what’s going on. She should be held. She should got a ward from King County prosecutors like you are the juror of jurors we want. Excuse me for laughing. Keep going.

Jacob: Who got to go first? Who gets to boot somebody first? Prosecution or defense?

Jan: I think the defense did first.

Jacob: Okay.

Jan: Got to, you know.

Jacob: Yeah.

Jan: And they said, okay juror number so, so we’re all identified as numbers. Okay you can go and then the prosecutor at someone go and then it goes back and forth. But it was interesting, okay. So, I’m the second one he tells to go but it was interesting because he was like very friendly to me when I left.

Jacob: Sure, You’re out. He’s happy. He got you out. He says, I don’t want to touch that. Yeah. Prosecutor…

Timothy: Yeah, pause that for a second. People should really watch out. Some of your best prosecutors come across as the most likable. You know what the differences between a bad life insurance salesman and a good one Jacob?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Anybody I mean especially before TV but life insurance is Not usually considered people’s favorite thing to go purchase, right? And there’s movies that joke about life insurance salesman. The best ones are your friendly ones. They’re able to converse and talk and dialogue and get involved and before long, they’re making buying life insurance enjoyable. You got to watch out. Prosecutor Mark Larson the same way he’s a good old boy. Now, he certainly has the pride and the arrogance. They all come into the courtroom but it is a form of manipulation. Oh, we’re friendly. We’re good people. We’re all nice and so they want you to like them. It has nothing to do with the facts. It’s whether you can like the prosecution or not. That’s just one you wouldn’t have known this back when I was a kid when there was like three TV channels.

There was a book out like “Win Your Case Every Time” and I don’t know. I would have been 10 12 years old maybe but he was a good looking good old boy. He had on the Cowboy. You remember the fringes on the leather types stuff. And you just looked at him you just liked him he was a defense attorney and he never lost a case. The reason why, one reason why was that he was just a good old boy and he came across and the jurors liked them and they wanted to please him. Now as a sub note, I was suspicious of like I’ve never lost a case because you just don’t take cases you lose.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: That’s a sub issue. So, watch out for the nice prosecutor, it’s all a Dog and Pony Show. It’s all to manipulate your feelings. Keep going.

Jacob: Prosecutor Paul Seawall, says I’m getting this one out because I’m running this pony show.

Jan: Right, I’m running it my way.

Jacob: I am running it my way so he got you out one way or the other. And so, then and this is when they cut you lose this is all in front of one, it’s all in the same big room and then they just boot you and you literally just stand up and walk out.

Jan: Exactly. Yeah. You stand up, you walk out, you’re done.

Jacob: That’s it. You’re done. So, whatever happened to Mister Bernard. Did you ever find out later what happened with this case? Were you curious?

Jan: Yes, it was very interesting. I thought what happened. The jury in this case was deadlocked.

Jacob: Oh, it was a they really.

Jan: They could not make a decision.

Jacob: How did you find it out? How did you how did you find out this out?

Jan: In the court documents and newspaper.

Jacob: Did, how easy was it to get your hands on court documents?

Jan: Yet I would say, it wasn’t I mean the thing is I could not I could not find this case in the court documents.

Jacob: Oh really?

Jan: Yes, because I wanted to see what happened and I couldn’t find it. I called the clerk’s office and they verified.

Timothy: Let me pause there and pick that up. Let’s go to John chapter 3 verse 20 & 21. We as taxpayers and thinking individuals should be entitled to everything short of some and it would have to be in the 1% territory, we’re trying to stop terrorists or whatever. But that’s not what happens. These judges, these prosecutors, they spend a great deal of time hiding their nefarious activity. One of the reason King County prosecutors besides refusing to investigate. It’s interesting there’s a policeman on trial and county prosecutors are willing so far to spend $2-million on the prosecution. We were crying out for there to be an investigation. They wouldn’t spend a dime and we were flat out told we will not investigate.

So, they spend their time hiding and what happens is they start walking in darkness and they don’t even know the difference between their lies and the truth. They don’t even care but they wind up putting themselves in darkness and so much is hidden and they know they can out maneuver any truth to bring to the courtroom and that’s exactly what happens. What happened here is and it it’s kind of amazing. You got 30 police officers. You got this guy on trial and it’s a deadlock jury. Jan’s testimony that should be being played in the lobby. That should be paid in the lobby of the jury saying, take this serious. Look for facts. Look over, because is she not the ideal jury that you would want?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Of course it is. Somebody based on facts and truth. And so on. Alright. If he or sorry John 3:2. “Everyone who does evil hates the light and will not come into delight for fear that his deeds will be exposed.” What you find here is they’re bearing and hiding this locked jury situation with this trial. So, she can’t get to the information. Remember right now, we did an information request to the judges on concerning this court babysitting service that they do. Well, we got a response back from the judges saying, well, we’re not obligated to answer those questions. And not only did they say we’re not obligated by, they said we’re not obligated by law to answer your questions and they sent us copies of the law. What they were doing of course is delaying putting off just being obnoxious obstructing the aspect all you had to do is turn over the information it’s very simple information how much money was given and so on and so forth, right.

It wasn’t that complicated, because we had phrased it like, okay, who gets this money, what’s going on? Well, we don’t have to answer those questions which in and of itself is telling you what a vast how is it that. Oh, Judges don’t have to answer questions. Everybody else does. We do but judges don’t. They can hide everything in darkness. Then quote and I laugh. When they sent copies of the law right? I’m thinking oh well now you claim the law. Now you hide behind the law.

Jacob: Now you follow it. Oh yeah.

Timothy: You never follow the other time. You never follow the constitution, the Bill of Rights or anything else. You just resort to whatever. I mean besides that let let’s just play that game. Okay follow the law. The Supreme Court of Worship State has demonstrated to everybody that you ignore and make up any law you want to and do whatever you want. That’s what they do.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: So, these judges could have easily said, yes, Supreme Court has said we can do what we want so here’s the information. Now here’s kind of a little bit of hypocrisy in this whole thing. They won’t supply us with the information because by law they don’t answer questions, right? Well, they answered the question that it’s by the law that they don’t have to answer the questions.

Timothy: Correct.

Timothy: So, they were going to hold to the law. You don’t even send me a copy of the law. You just simply say, the question’s inappropriate. We don’t answer the law. But they answered the law. And here’s the flip side. The law doesn’t say they can’t answer the questions, it just says they’re not obligated to.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: So, it’s not like this oh it’s the law it’s the law. No, no, you can pretty much do whatever you want to do and besides let some other judge overrule you. But the point is the law didn’t say you couldn’t answer the question, the law said you didn’t have to. Bunch of part, they’re hiding in the darkness. John 3:21, “But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.” I can go on and on about this one as far as them hiding information documents but this is well known and goes on. There’s a reason why judges in this world wear black. Okay, keep going.

Jan: This is the right number and all the so. I had a very very hard time finding the information on this case. Finaly, the clerk did send me the information.

Jacob: Well, wait.

Jan: They had to send.

Jacob: This is public record. You go there and you’re like, hey, I want to know about this case. I think you knew the case number, right? You were there.

Jan: Yeah. Oh yeah.

Jacob: And then what happened. What do you mean? They’re like, we’re not going to tell you?

Jan: Well, no, no. See, they have this online system. The prosecutors have this have this online system and you go on this online system you put in the court, the case number and all this information comes up. Well, his information would never come up on this particular case. A lot of other cases would come up but not this one.

Jacob: Really?

Jan: Yeah. And I don’t know why, so I couldn’t get anything. So, I finally had to call the clerk, the county clerk and she’s like, well, I don’t know what the problem is and everything. So, she had to do kind of a special research on this and so then she did get me the information.

Jacob: Do you think they were like burying this thing?

Jan: I don’t know. I don’t know.

Jacob: So, this because so this took you several tries. How many tries before you finally got it?

Jan: Oh, pro, oh a lot like maybe 5.

Jacob: Wow. Okay. It just seems weird as, because you said you know other cases you can just pop up and I don’t you know are they burying the case. Because they didn’t like what you said which we know they didn’t like what you said? Are they burying the case? Well, okay do you think looking back do you think that like what you said to the jurors like helped them and hopefully maybe they followed your advice?

Jan: I think maybe they did. I think some of them did and they really thought about this. No, look. We have to go on the facts. Do they have the facts to prove this guy did this?

Jacob: Yeah.

Jan: And so, I think some of them were like, no, they really do not have the facts.

Timothy: Hang on, let me say this. We got 30 policemen Jacob, right? So, you’re telling me 30 policemen were witness to whatever crime he’s accused of. No, this was an emotional play. And once the jurors woke up to, okay, let’s separate all the emotion. You weren’t left with any facts.

Jacob: Sure.

Timothy: And they couldn’t prove the case. I remember, I tried to look it up to find the photograph. Anybody finds it, kick it my way and I can’t remember exactly who it was, but the guy had defended himself or went over and shot somebody or whatever. Well, the courtroom was packed because the prosecutors wanted this guy put away. They actually involved in the prosecution but they filled the courtroom with like 30 people or 30 prosecutors. I mean, I’m using 30. I don’t really know what it was but it was full and the judge is allowing this to go on. So, they’re intimidating the jury. Can you imagine being a jury in a case like this and you look out and the courtroom is literally half full of like 20 to 40 prosecutors that in that are sitting down intimidating the jury and he let it go on. Of course, they’re found guilty, of course.

It’s just manipulation, once you get rid of all of that and become an informed juror which actually should benefit society it should be what we all want. Of course, they were bearing this. They didn’t want this known at all. We had to; I remember kind of going talking her through with all this stuff this was not an easy process to get. It took a lot of time, let’s put it that way. Go ahead.

Jan: They might have to…

Jacob: Go ahead.

Jan: They might have the 30 police officers and all this stuff, but do they have the facts on this particular case?

Jacob: Yeah, for sure.

Jan: Yeah.

Jacob: And so, you keep your, would you describe it? How long was this process? Because you’re trying to, it’s even human nature just find out like what happened with that case and you said five times you’re trying to figure it out and so over how long of a time are you trying, you’re like I want to know what happened to this case. How long did this take?

Jan: I think it took me like probably a couple months because I kept getting referred to as like, well, I don’t know you’ll have to talk to somebody else. It’s like okay, who’s that okay, then I try to get that person and they kept, they were trying to get rid of me. But in doing that they kept making me go up to hire people. So finally, I got someone, yes. So finally, I was the persistent, I guess say the persistent widow type.

Jacob: Sure.

Jan: And so, I got someone high up and they’re like oh I don’t know what the problem is with this. You should have had all these problems here. I’ll get it for you.

Jacob: And she finally did. She finally got it.

Jan: And she finally did. Yeah.

Jacob: You mentioned that you had looked at the you know court records, right? I guess of the case and then also like newspaper stuff. Do you think the 2 kind of matched up?

Jan: Yes.

Jacob: Okay it did. Alright.

Jan: Well, they did accept, this wasn’t a case that the newspapers were very very interested in, so there wasn’t a lot of information on it.

Jacob: Sure. Yeah. Yeah.

Jan: Yeah. Because what end up happening is he got a new trial date and he plead guilty on the second trial date. So, he got some kind of a plea deal.

Jacob: So, this trial he was pleading not guilty.

Jan: Right.

Jacob: Then for this particular Dog and Pony Show, it was a hung jury so he’s let off, right? He’s cut loose.

Jan: Well, he’s let off. He’s let off, but then they filed a motion to continue the case. See, I guess and I don’t think that’s right. I don’t think that’s right, they can do that but that’s what they do if the jury’s deadlock. They’re like, okay, we’ll try it again.

Jacob: No way. So, for the second round, was it the same prosecutor Paul Sewell on round number two?

Jan: No, I don’t know about that. But we’ll see because on round two, he plead guilty. And so, I think they gave him a very good deal, because I kept looking for him to be in prison because I mean this was a bad guy, he had killed a lot of people. I mean a lot of people. I mean like point blank kill people.

Jacob: And so, he plead guilty and then so what was the outcome of the second trial, the outcome is what?

Jan: He never went to prison.

Jacob: Okay.

Jan: And he had some kind of a, I don’t know exactly what happened but I think he just had to have some kind of supervision for like three years. And then he got off his supervision.

Jacob: He got off wow. So, no jail second round.

Jan: No. No.

Jacob: It was a like a plea deal right? Yeah, plea deal.

Jan: Yeah.

Jacob: Because you’re pleading guilty and then though we and deal. So, the second one wasn’t really a trial. Did it ever go to trial with jurors? He just cut the deal.

Jan: Yeah, it never did. I mean they set the trial date and then the day of or, no, see I think it was five days before the trial then he plead guilty. He accepted their plea.

Jacob: I see the prosecutor right, come with the deal.

Jan: Yeah.

Jacob: Wow.

Jan: Yeah. And so yeah. So that’s pretty much it. That’s what happened.

Jacob: That’s your story of the state of Washington versus Bernard Baruch with Prosecutor Paul Seawall in the Dog and Pony Show.

Timothy: Any other thoughts Mister Jacob?

Jacob: Nope.

Timothy: In a minute, we’ll pray for all these people involved. They all need to repent. But again, if you try to go for information they’ll pull every trick in the book, Enumclaw detective Grant McCall. They’ve shredded his paperwork associated with the trial. They’re naturally hiding behind the law, but it’s a sham simply because they know that he likely committed crimes and they buried the information. They just, instead of ever going for justice, they just huddle around themselves to protect themselves and everybody else. It’s an astonishing, astonished group of sins to watch. I encourage everybody. There’s a lot of podcasts we’ve done on jury duty to educate yourself what’s going on. I’m not telling you to do anything when you go in to jury duty. In fact, I recommend you become a quality juror that’s able to come to correct decisions and judgments. Society needs that. The court system needs that. Any other comments Jacob before we pray and then we’re out of here.

Jacob: Nope.

Timothy: Let’s pray. Father, we do pray for all the many lives that are involved this. For the criminal who’s done crimes, for the prosecutors who’ve done crimes, for the judges that have done crimes, for all those crimes Father committed against you, because you’re coming with holy judgment. And we pray Father that you would lead them to repentance and to your holiness and to obedience. We thank you father that you’re coming, that you will bring justice and we leave it to you oh Lord because truly you are the only living holy God worthy of repaying. In Jesus most holy name. Amen.

Jacob: Amen.

Video: JF who lives in Brazil set up the book even the demons believe. I would like to tell you that I’m doing chapter seven right now. It’s the second time I’ve read the book, “ Even The Demons Believe” and I think it’s an impacting book. Literally impacting. Let us say the first time you read it, you get shocked, outraged, and maybe sort of mad at the author. However, a second reading makes you go deep into your own spiritual life and church experiences. I presume it has gotten people exactly where Pastor Williams wanted them to be. Cornered and faced on by their own attitude towards the almighty.

If you are interested in the full and complete gospel message before becoming a disciple of Jesus then the book even the demons believe might prove helpful. As the angel told the apostle Peter in Acts 5:20. “Go stand in the temple courts,” he said, “And tell the people the full message of this new life.” The book “ Even the Demons Believe” will also guide those claiming the name Christian to test themselves. As the Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 13:5. “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you? Unless of course you fail the test?”

Disclaimer: The Justice and Legal Segment on the Consider Podcast is only concerned with calling all individuals to repentance. No matter which side of the bar one is on. The demand is for repentance in accordance with Amos 5:24. Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream. Nothing discussed should be considered legal advice. Want legal advice, pay a lawyer. Want justice? Pray to the Holy God. As the living God recorded in Deuteronomy 16:20, all must follow justice and justice alone. The listener assumes all responsibility for their actions or refusal to act accordance with justice and justice alone. Because the legal system hides their corrupt deeds and darkness any discussion is fraud with inadequate information. The listener should keep in mind that the news media only communicates what sells. Finally, make note that the vast majority of what is called legal, is in fact, not lawful. The Consider Podcast examining today’s wisdom madness and folly. www.consider.info

Closing: This has been the Consider Podcast with your hosts Timothy and Jacob where the whole gospel message has been used to examine today’s wisdom, folly, and madness. For more information, drop by www.consider.info. The Consider Podcast, examining today’s wisdom, folly, and madness with the whole gospel.


The Consider Podcast attempts to express opinions through God’s holiness. Nothing concerning justice or injustice should be taken as legal advice or a call to action. There is no political agenda. There is no individual moral life advice. Indeed, each person is solely responsible before God and man for their actions or inactions. The Consider Podcast is narrowly focused on one thing, and only one thing – the need for all to surrender to a life of repentance according to the whole gospel.

The Consider Podcast
Examining today’s wisdom, folly and madness with the whole gospel.

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