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Ahmaud ArberyShooting Leaked by Suspects

Written by AT Cross

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“Viral video of the shooting of unarmed Georgia jogger Ahmaud Arbery was first leaked to the press at the request of the dad now accused of his murder — because he thought it would make him and his son look better.
The ironic shocker — that it was ex-cop Gregory McMichael who leaked the very video that would expose the Arbery shooting to the world, leading to father-son murder charges — was reported Friday by WSB-TV in Atlanta.
The video shows McMichael standing in the back of a pickup truck as his son, Greg, confronts and opens fire on the jogger with a shotgun.” Ahmaud Arbery shooting video was leaked by one of the suspects: report

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reviewed unto righteousness


— because he thought it would make him and his son look better. – ex-cop Gregory McMichael, father of shooter

Gregory McMichael really believed that everyone would view the video and exclaim, “Gee that was a really good gun-down moment for justice.”

Why would Gregory McMichael leak the video of gunning down an unarmed jogger and believe the lie that everyone would see how justified the shot-gun blasts were?

The answer as to Gregory McMicheal’s actions of leaking the video is found in the fact that Mr. McMicheal is an ex-cop.

Because Badge-Bias is rampant within the legal system police become echo chambers for their self-justifications of wrongs.
Indeed, this gun-down moment and the lack of arrests have nothing to do with a hate crime.
This shot-gun take-down is a direct result of Prosecutors refusing to hold police accountable on the “little” things day after day.
The triple fact is, it is also a direct result of Judges not holding Prosecutors accountable for their “little” lies day after court day. Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. (Luke 16:10)
Rather, the whole incident is a nauseating example of the Prosecutor and Police Badge Bias that has a stronghold on the justice within the legal system.

When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise. (2 Corinthians 10:12

As Prosecutors and Judges fawn over themselves and the police their cheats lead to massive blind spots that result in terrible abuses of power and sheer stupidity. In Washington State, namely Seattle of King County see Judge Susan Craighead : King County Court Corruption and Prosecutor Dan Satterberg.

God judges it as the eternal damnation sin of self-righteousness.


The only viable solution is for those in the legal profession and those behind their bars to repent. Because sooner than you want to think The Judge will arise to judge the judges. To be sure, The Lord takes his place in court; he rises to judge the people. (Isaiah 3:13)

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South Carolina Senator Tim Scott reacts to the Ahmaud Arbery shooting on ‘The Daily Briefing.’ New text messages suggest police may have “informally deputized” one of the suspects in the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery, while protesters demand the resignation of Georgia prosecutors for mishandling the investigation. Arbery, 25, was running through a Brunswick neighborhood on Feb. 23 when he was fatally shot. Greg and Travis McMichael – father and son, respectively – were arrested two months later after video, purportedly leaked by Greg himself, showed the confrontation that resulted in Arbery’s death. Arbery is African-American, and the McMichaels are white. Both men have been charged with felony murder and aggravated assault on Arbery. GBI probes local prosecutors in Ahmaud Arbery case Reaction and analysis from criminal defense attorney Philip Holloway on ‘The Daily Briefing.’ AHMAUD ARBERY CASE: GEORGIA FATHER AND SON ARRESTED, CHARGED WITH MURDER Text messages, first obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, show an exchange between police and a private citizen concerning a private construction site located one block away from where Arbery was shot. It’s the same construction site where Arbery was seen on surveillance footage before his death. Larry English, who owns the construction site, reached out to police in December concerning trespassers on the property. English maintained a motion-activated camera system that sent alerts and a video clip whenever the cameras activated. Officer Robert Rash of the Glynn County Police Department responded on December 20 to English’s concern, suggesting in the text exchange that Greg McMichael could help. “Your neighbor at XX Satilla Drive is Greg McMichael. Greg is retired Law Enforcement and also a Retired Investigator from the DA’s office,” the text from Officer Rash read. “He said please call him day or night when you get action on your camera.” McMichael retired last year as an investigator with the Brunswick District Attorney’s office. Video GEORGIA LAWYER SAYS HE LEAKED AHMAUD ARBERY SHOOTING VIDEO TO ‘STOP A RIOT’ WSB-TV Channel 2 Action News separately investigated the texts, speaking to English’s lawyer, J. Elizabeth Graddy. She claimed that English did get the text message on December 20, but he did not see it until recently, suggesting that English did not ask McMichael to police the property for him. “When I saw (the texts), I immediately understood that an organization had been developing in that neighborhood since at least December,” Graddy told Channel 2. “It appears that Gregory McMichael had been informally ‘deputized’ by the Glynn County Police Department.” LaGrance Police Chief Lou Dekmar, a past president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, voiced a concern that officers seemingly offloaded what was a legitimate police call onto an effectively private citizen. “I’m not aware of any accepted policy for referring someone that requires a police response to delegate that response to a former law enforcement officer who happens to live in the neighborhood,” said Dekmar. Dekmar further noted that it gives the perception that McMichael had a relationship with the local law enforcement community tasked with investigating the shooting. “If it’s not a real conflict, it’s certainly a significant perception of one,” he said. GEORGIA PD AT CENTER OF ARBERY MURDER INVESTIGATION HAS DISTURBING PAST FILLED WITH SCANDALS, CORRUPTION The New York Times reported that S. Lee Merritt, a lawyer for the Arbery family, called for the officer who sent the text and “all participating parties” to be arrested. “We believe this communication deputized a group of untrained men in the Satilla Shores community to hunt down suspected trespassers, causing the events of Feb. 23, 2020,” Merritt said, referring to the killing. The increased scrutiny comes at a time when protesters have also gathered to call for the resignation of District Attorneys Jackie Johnson and George Barnhill for what they consider a total mishandling of the prosecution.

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