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Athena Dean / Theft / Another Setup

Written by Timothy

Foundation of lies, slander and evil suspicions laid down by Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall and his supervisors.

“And I finally called the cops and said they’re not coming to get it.
They said okay, it’s abandoned property.
So I took it to the dump.”
– Athena Dean Holtz, 08/21/201

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Narrowed Down
King County Prosecutors, Washington State / Enumclaw Washington
Evidence shows that fact has nothing to do with winning prosecutions in the King County Courthouse of Washington State. This hate crime could not have gained any momentum if the Prosecutors Office operated on a foundation of evidence. Evidence in Washington State legal system are a mere incidental (kata sumbebêkos) matter. (see Prosecutor Lisa Johnson) This Enumclaw Detective, working with Athena Dean Holtz well understood.
Facts are, as one will see here, the King County Prosecutor’s Office is fixated on their feelings as the only required motivation for a prosecution. Athena Dean Holtz and gang would have found it impossible to facilitate the hate crime if this were not so. Athena Dean Holtz, by her own admission is a master manipulator and only brings out what is present within a system or person’s character.
Blocked Investigation / Rubber Hose
King County Prosecutors blocked investigations for evidence, enhanced Athena Dean Holtz and gang hate crime activities and invited lies to come forward and testify. The hate crime not only bullied up lynch-mob activities but King County Prosecutors rubber hosed those who dare attempted to tell the truth. The destruction, intimidate and inflamed hatred has destroyed a solid foundation of good.
Since the hate crime had been marketed long before the events at the King County Prosecutor’s Office there was rich resource of lies to draw from – and drink dip from the well of slander they did. There is nothing more contentious these days than religion and politics. It was from this hostile foundation that the hate crime was laid and the King County Courts began their failure to protect the truth.
Lies so exaggerated as, when compared to facts of evidence as to make this prosecution absurd in the extreme. Individuals were invited and instructed to prosecute for their beliefs against a church that King County Courts could vilify for selfish gain. Beliefs and concepts they did not understand, nor attempt to even comprehend.
Behaving like brute beasts every injustice, twisting of law and procedure were applied because they did not want to understand and nothing would be gained for themselves by getting at the truth.
Behaving like brute beasts every injustice, twisting of law and procedure were applied because they did not want to understand. Such has been the case against true Christians for generations, But these men blaspheme in matters they do not understand. They are like brute beasts, creatures of instinct, born only to be caught and destroyed, and like beasts they too will perish. (2 Peter 2:12) unless such repent.
This is why a cornerstone of this prosecution was Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall’s stupid assertion that he, Enumclaw Police, only agreed with 30% of Timothy Williams doctrines, according to Detective McCall’s version of the Bible.
20ft And Screaming
• Remember The State is Suppose to Prove It
Had the State of Washington simply went to the house, had a 10 year old scream at “the top of her lungs” while they stood where others were sleeping not 20 ft from the screaming room, let alone downstairs in the house, this nonsense of injustice would have come to a screeching halt. All the other facts would have proven the hate crime and there is no way Prosecution Mark Larson was going to let that evidence surface.

Yea, it is a terrible thing.” – King County Prosecutor Rich Anderson

However, evidence, facts, and even sound logic had nothing to do with Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall’s work, nor King County Prosecutors fulfilling their “feelings” when it comes to sworn duties.  All knew they would be protected by a legal system the nation all are aware of that serves only itself. Judge Lori K. Smith complying and arranging the lynch-prosecution for the State of Washington. Let none forget Washington State is the breeding ground of the worst witch-hunt prosecution in the United States, the Wenatchee child abuse terror prosecutions, sinking even lower than the Salem Witch-hunt trials.
When I contacted King County Prosecutor Rich Anderson he quickly mocked, that the Wenatchee child abuse terror prosecutions were like, Yea, it is a terrible thing.”
As is evidenced in this site King County Prosecutors operate on feelings and news for their prosecutions, this being their own words. Simply put, there is a reason King County Prosecutors were terrified of an investigation concerning the facts. For if the facts had been front and center in the courtroom they would be found guilty of vile injustices.
The prosecutor team was, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson working of Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s office in King County Washington.

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Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall and King County Prosecutors

athena dean holtz rent
Walt Bennet landlord, also understanding insurance, fully engaged with Athena Dean Holtz. Jackie Hummel property management refused to perform duties. Walt Bennett Pebble Beach, CA 93953, works for Capital Insurance Group Jackie Hummel Plateau Property Management Bonney Lake WA 98391

Just Another Setup

  • It wasn’t like Enumclaw Police asked Athena Dean Holtz to step outside.

Expert Prosecutor Mark Larson found Athena Dean Holtz very useful in King County’s persecution of Sound Doctrine Church, Winepress Publishing, Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore – anything associated with Timothy Williams.

Anyone thinks that there needs to be evidence? – Prosecutor Jason Simmons kicking off potential jurors that answered yes.

Athena Dean Holtz writes so logically, so smoothly and so wickedly that everyone is “free” to come “get their stuff” because she will be “gone” — then Athena Dean Holtz calls the Enumclaw cops.

That Ms. Holtz will be “gone” has extreme significant to the back story that at the moment there is not time to dwell upon. Suffice to say that from painful experience with Ms. Holtz, nothing was going to happen good if Ms. Holtz were present. Behold the set-up with the Enumclaw Police. But getting to this set-up involved a great deal of being injured by Ms. Holtz and those who were assisting her.

Ms. Holtz – Ms. Gambill – False Accuser

Athena Dean Holtz has the false accuser’s mother, Jessica Gambill ready to come over and cause trouble. Another of Athena Dean’s sons is on his way over while the Enumclaw Police do all they can to help out with the hate crime because Detective Grant McCall’s religious bigotry has laid the groundwork. And since everyone knows that “only gays and minorities” get any rights from Dan Satterberg, the hate crime escalates until Jessica Gambill and Athena Dean move in for the hate-crime set-up of set ups months later.

When Prosecutor Mark Larson and team were shown this video, it was just a so-what with Jessica Gambill telling them it was, “all lies.”  You can watch the video for yourself while considering that this is what Prosecutor Lisa Johnson found as credible witnesses for Dan Satterberg’s office.

First of many set-ups, this time with the Enumclaw Police. Next up Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s office. Just to name two.

Not too worry there are lot of folks responsible for a lot of things in this matter. There is a nice, juicy, sinful back story about the house, the rent and the possessions that led up to this video. Many have helped Athena Dean Holtz, with their own sins, to defraud Timothy Williams.

You know the commandments: …do not defraud, (Mark 10:19)

Athena Dean Holtz’s Methods

Athena Dean Holtz’s methods are to agree, disagree, confuse, not-do, and then do until everyone is going around in circles.

Jessica Gambill, mother of the false accuser, is present in the video so you can see for yourselves what happened when finally after months of harassment from Ms. Gambill and now Ms. Holtz, Mike and Jan went over to “take their things.”

By now all rational thinkers have figured out that the promise to communicate through “an attorney” was just one more fraudulent statement by Ms. Holtz. For which there is ample proof but Prosecutor Dan Satterberg thought all of this was just so much “so what.”

All of this happened long before the false accuser sat down with Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall for a one-on-one planting of testimony.

First question out of the Enumclaw Policeman’s mouth, “Where is your church located?”

“I will communicate through an attorney regarding all my tax records and where you can send them as well as amount I will reimburse Mike and Jan for any rent I owe along with the last months rent and pet deposit they are due.
I will assume they will want to take their belongings out of the house since the rental agreement is between me and Walt even though it has expired and is now on month to month. I will be away through the weekend so they will be free to come and take their things. They can schedule any additional time needed in writing through my attorney.
Athena Dean (Holtz)
wsbaKeep in mind this is who Prosecutors Jason Simmons, Rich Anderson protected and happened before the arrest by Enumclaw Detective McCall / Athena Dean Holtz.Athena Dean Holtz is married for the 4th time to Pastor Ross Holtz of The Summit Church Enumclaw Washington. Pastor Holtz forbid his members to shop in The Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore for over a decade. Athena Dean Holtz committed a hate crime against Winepress Publishing then started Redemption Press. When Jessica Gambill, False Accuser’s mother, informed Prosecutor Satterberg Office that this “whole” video was “all lies” their response was…. yep, silence.Jessica Gambill is related to Athena Dean Holtz. Jessica Gambill and Athena Dean Holtz attended The Summit Church of Enumclaw Wa. as the hate crime was set into motion. Jessica Gambill conspired with Athena Dean Holtz to destroy Winepress Publishing through Redemption Press.


Police policy was not followed during this incident. The Enumclaw Police hired lawyers to frame a story about this abuse of power. The story now goes that Mike Reynold’s (city attorney) was not called in to solve the conflict, (as per procedure) because of, are you ready, “a conflict of interest.”

This is easy seen as absurd, as no one was called in to solve the conflict and Athena Dean was enabled to steal $20,000. In addition, has learned that a positive letter sent to the Enumclaw Police was leaked to the public. This letter was sent just before realizing the “gaslighting” going on by the Enumclaw Police. Naturally the full blown violation of Civil Rights and truth become extremely clear as time went forward. When I confronted City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds he informed me that because of a specific family who had connects within the Enumclaw Police the information was made public. It was this same family member who just happened to be in court to help-out Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall who had helped-out this person in a personal vendetta that another officer refused to pursue.

Once all the facts were in, the video became very revealing upon review. When dealing with the Enumclaw Police, video record everything. One can only shutter at the depth of harm that would have been done that day had not the cameras been rolling.

It became very clear that, like Detective Grant McCall, there is a leading into undermining rights of those not approved by the Enumclaw Police. …developing…

Read the hate crime timeline to see this story in perspective with the Enumclaw Police, Detective Grant McCall, Athena Dean, and others who have taken a part in the history of hate in Enumclaw.Part of the legal corrupting process down at the King County Prosecutor’s Office is the prosecutorial committee. By attacking with committees the Prosecutor’s Office can hide each perversion of the law by deflecting to the other prosecutors. This blunt-force battering ram against a defendant further weakens the ability to present the truth in court. This is why Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, of King County Washington, specifically assigned his expert Prosecutor Mark Larson and team to head up the debar of Athena Dean Holtz’s hate crime against Timothy Williams – Sound Doctrine Church, Salt Shaker Bookstore and Winepress Publishing. These King County Prosecutors are Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, Prosecutor David Seaver all of who in the last 3 minutes of closing arguments against Malcolm Fraser placed the name Timothy Williams front and center to the jury because he was the real target. Enumclaw Police, Chief Jim Zoll and Detective Grant McCall, Mike Reynolds City Attorney Enumclaw Wa. Prosecutor Lisa Johnson had no problems with Enumclaw Courier-Herald helping with the set-up, but objected to The Discerning Times Newspaper.
Athena Dean Holtz, Redemption Press, joined the Prosecutor Satterberg Cult according to her use of the word cult. See

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