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Inflames The Hatred

Written by Timothy

Why! Do! You!
“Why do you keep looking at Malcolm Fraser!” – Prosecutor Jason Simmons
Rant, rave, quick, run to the hills the special, brainwashing eye-waves are being sent out in the courtroom. According to Prosecutor Jason Simmons everyone needed aluminum foil hats to keep the brain wave communication away. This was probably the saddest day when I felt sorry for Prosecutor Jason Simmons.
5 Suit Day
Of course I will never forget the day 5 suits came into the courtroom from the King County Prosecutors Office. 5 polished suits from the King County Prosecutors came in and sat down to support poor old Prosecutor Mark Larson and Team because I kept pushing for the truth to be allowed. You can spot these prosecutors a mile away by the way from their polished suits and demeanor.

…one of the 5 suits waving to the jury

That said, Prosecutor Jason Simmons sure didn’t seem to have a problem with one of the 5 suits waving to the jury but he was all lathered up about non-extant-ant eye-contract.
Here, you can use your eyes and watch it yourself.

From the Enumclaw Police to King County Prosecutors the message kept being sent was clear and promoted loudly by Athena Dean Holtz. That message do your worst to Timothy Williams the law will not be applied to you.

Thus the hate crime flames blazed and Winepress Publishing, Sound Doctrine Church, Salt Shaker Bookstore and Timothy Williams wife dying were overwhelmed. The video below is but one, out of hundreds of events taking place by the supported hate crime of the Enumclaw Police and King County Prosecutors.

Satterberg Enumclaw Back Scratching

Athena Dean Holtz inflaming another woman to break into Winepress warehouse. Just one of many hate crime events.

Athena Dean Holtz marketed and with the help of Prosecutor Jason Simmons inflamed the heat of the hate crime. Because all facts pointed in the opposite direction of the hate crime lies Simmons loses it in court. Not only had he badgered those who declared the truth, manipulated evidence and destroyed the arrangement of truth but grew weary the hatred was not wearing down those who knew the truth. Well, you watch the effects of Athena Dean Holtz for yourself.


One of Athena’s son stated, “It is not like I threw a rock or something.”

Prosecutors Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson facilitated, to say the least as they refused to stop the in-process hate crime of Athena Dean Holtz. Keep in mind this is the contempt for justice these prosecutors had towards justice in open court – the evidence from what happened behind the courtroom will stagger your mind.


Still another of Athena Dean’s son stalking around a house.

This video of Prosecutor Jason Simmons sounds like something out of the Salem Witch Trials because that is exactly what this trial was – a bunch of people yelling “witch has cast a spell, just look at the eye contact.”


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