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Jury: Single Defining Moment : Baby Talk

Written by Timothy

Jury: Single Defining Moment : Baby Talk

Baby Talk

Her voice dropped and she reverted back to that 10-year-old girl.
Jury Member
Prosecutor Simmons and Judge Lori K. Smith sent home jurors who believed needed evidence.


Parents Of Old Knew Baby Talk Was Lies

Hiding Behind the Jury

In one sense this jury would have not worked to design if they had found Timothy Williams, a.k.a. Malcolm Fraser innocent.

King County Courts, King County Prosecutors, King County Police, Judge Lori K. Smith, Prosecutor Mark Larson and Team communicated clearly that facts, evidence and logical cohesiveness were to actively be left out of the jury room. There actions and words had communicated this so effectively that it took less than 30 minutes to pronounce guilty with jurors stating to the news that facts were not a consideration. Prosecutor Jason Simmons, complements of Judge Lori K. Smith words at closing argument of “so what” to evidence instructed the jury to just ignore factual truths – and do it they did.
The favorite tool of Judges and Prosecutors in their relentless and unashamed pursuit of self-advancement is to blame others. This is why Prosecutor Dan Satterberg assigned a whole team to prosecute one man. Each of his Prosecutors is then able to insert many weights of corruption without it ever being pinned on one prosecutor.
Like evil magicians each section, Police, Prosecutors and Judges hide their corruption behind the other. Finally, after all the corruption has been piled up and the jury can no longer see the truth the Police, Prosecutors and Judges get to blame the Jury if caught. Or, in order to not get caught Prosecutor Jason Simmons can say “Oh the jury found him guilty.”
It is a cute trick but a very evil thing these Prosecutors and Judges do especially since their job is to perform the opposite. However, very soon they will have to given account to the Great Judge for which transferring blame is not going to be the game I recommend playing.

Prosecution & Judge Guided To Ignore Evidence

You have to remember that both Judge Lori K. Smith and Prosecutor Jason Simmons have already let Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall plant, word-for-word every line of accusation in a closed session with the False Accuser, therefore clearly, evidently, evidence is meaningless. Prosecutor Mark Larson and Judge Lori K. Smith manufactored a jury according to the system they seek to please and not a jury really meant to find the truth. If truth were the focus then Prosecutor Dan Satterberg were never have let this trial gone to court. Instead Satterberg would have used the power of his office to prosecute liars and those engaged in a hate crime. In one sense this jury would have not worked to design if they had found Timothy Williams, a.k.a. Malcolm Fraser innocent.


Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson

Combine that with Prosecutor David Seaver’s admonishment to the appeals court to keep secret what Detective Grant McCall did, or did not do, during a non-existent investigation and you get the idea that down at the King County Courthouse it is not evidence that drives a trial but make-believe, believable acting upon dumb-downed jurors that is the focus of their legal talents.

Judge Lori K. Smith and Prosecutor Dan Satterberg instructed the jury to ignore the evidence while giving a pretense to law. And, according to the “anonymous” juror that is exactly what they did as it was talking like a “1o-year-old” that proved guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Now you know what Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson mean by “believable” testimony. The last thing these prosecutors mean is factual, eventual or truthful as they never, ever prosecute such liars. To state that Athena Dean Holtz and Jessica Gambill we emboldened by Judge Lori K. Smith to press forward with their hate crime is a gross understatement.

Remember it was Judge Lori K. Smith that watched, listened and gave approval to Prosecutor Dan Satterberg Office asking potential jurors if there needed to be “evidence” to find guilt. No wonder one day 5  suits from the Prosecutors Office came in, sat down and waved to seated jurors in order to help cement the lynch-mob they had formed.

Prosecutor Mark Larson and team made the trial about hating Christianity. Which by the way is no difficult task. Indeed, it was a cheap shot to proxy-prosecute a preacher of righteous Timothy Williams by steering a hate-crime. One can just image the backlash Prosecutor Dan Satterberg would have gotten had his prosecutors attempted the same stunt against a gay church and preacher.

Heaven, hell, preaching, books, salvation, feelings, judgment of God, church fellowship were all ridiculed. Anyone debasing good was given every reinforcement to lie, exaggerate and accuse by Dan Satterberg’s Office.

So well did this baby talk testimony work for Prosecutor Dan Satterberg he has learned something that defense attorneys had better take notice of – but I digress.

In fact, so contemptuous was the court about truth that when Judge Lori K. Smith reluctantly stated the defense could question the False Accuser for 30 minutes the order was ignored by Prosecutor Mark Larson.

Forget the lie that Prosecutor Lisa Johnson regurgitates. That accusers are questioned hour after hour. Prosecutor Dan Satterberg through manipulating children in Kid’s Court, and countless other avenues have gained protection the violates every right of an accused individuals.

You can thank your judge for pandering to public lynch-mobs rather than justice for that one. With the unlimited power of prosecutors Judges should be ensuring that prosecutors have the most difficult time proving their forcing them to earn every inch of every word – but, again, I digress.

You can read the snake oil response by Prosecutor David Saver here. So pathetic are these judges because they are protected by Dan Satterberg that Prosecutor Seaver can just throw-up any excess in legal papers and the judges remain silent and move on with their injustice. Just ask Judge Susan Craighead.

Getting To The Post

But were a list to be made of the actual persecution of Christianity in this case we could never get to the point in this post.

However, a jury is not going to state that is why they sent a man to prison for life – instead their excuse was baby talk. Athena Dean Holtz, and Jessica Gambill achieved the goal of their hate crime and soon they were all smiles at Redemption Press. (See info-gram at the bottom) Though not in the info-gram I bet the reader can guess who was in the pictures that day.

Single Defining Moment

According to a jury spokesperson “there was a single defining moment”…and are you ready with the drum roll?

The defining moment was baby-talk – talking like a 10-year-old in an 18-year-old body was the defining moment. Forget evidence, forget house lay-out, forget wrong calendars, forget Detective McCall should have called in experts to question the accuser, forget deleting of evidence, forget medical conditions that made the crime impossible but not normal interactions, forget that Malcolm Fraser was not in the house at the time or long enough to have committed the crimes the accuser testified to – it was all about the baby talk.

Prosecutor Jason Simmons changed the testimony at closing from her testimony that screamed to she “wanted” to scream. Simmons gave the jury enough words to plug-in a fictional crime for a fictional guilty verdict about a fictional accusation.

“Her voice dropped and she reverted back to that 10-year-old girl.” That, according to the juror, was the defining, “believable” moment.

No wonder this juror did not like the idea about “manners boot camp” that was testified to by one who attended as “kinda fun.”

The first sign of immature lying is baby-talk for which only, shall we say, weak parents fall for that con. Naturally, the juror making the comment, stated she didn’t agree with manners camp, but of course, “that wasn’t the issue.” Well, it was an issue to Prosecutor Simmons and he would not have brought it up if he didn’t think it would manipulate a jury to find someone guilty.

Naturally anyone believing a 10-year-old testimony in a 18- year-old body is going to falsely believe that an issue they have an issue with, isn’t an issue.

Everything the prosecution does is to manipulate – they do not win a majority of the time by facts and evidence. That is why Prosecutor Mark Larson made an issue of everything down to the quality of coffee, or, objecting to in place abuse-prevention programs.

Prosecutor Dan Satterberg looked at the hate crime of Athena Dean Holtz and saw clearly he could advance himself and his prosecutors by attacking the church Timothy Williams preached at. Thus Prosecutor Satterberg had to block any investigation as the evidence pointed directly to the hate crime of Athena Dean Holtz. Complements of the police set-up by Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall that testified in King County Courts that Timothy Williams was “often wrong” and according to “his Bible” he clearly deserved to be set-up by using every King County Corruption in the system. And who excused this all, step by step? Except for one judge multiply judges, police and above all Prosecutor Dan Satterberg.

In fact the reason this guitly verdict worked is because it was tailored designed by Athena Dean Holtz and Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall for Prosecutor Dan Satterberg Office.

Juror 10-Year-Old Baby Talk

Baby talk!

“But, but, mommy, I didn’t steal the cookies.” Baby-talk, sniff-sniff, attempting to be believable – good parents see-through it.

A sure sign of lying is baby-talk. It was this manipulation that the jury found “creditable.” As for the evidence of a hate crime, the jury in the Malcolm Fraser setup did not even bother to consider it. Quote by a juror “not an issue” considered by the jury.

All the evidence here, all the evidence presented to authorities and all the evidence still on-hand, all the evidence of hate marketing, all the evidence of bias pasted off as just “not an issue.” is why movies like To Kill A Mockingbird are well understood.

‘So what’ Satterberg got his wish – a jury that considered evidence “not an issue” while a baby-talking performance worthy of a guilty verdict, now that is modern parenting at its best.

For Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson it was “so what” to evidence and to a jury of twelve it just “was not an issue.”

Just a baby-talk performance. Boo-hoo if someone had cried that the crime was not done – that might have been enough for this jury.

During the beginning of the young woman’s testimony the juror said she acted like a normal 18-year-old, until the questions moved to memories of the rape and molestation, when, “Her voice dropped and she reverted back to that 10-year-old girl…”, Enumclaw Courier-Herald Washington July 2013

Jury Did Not Consider The Evidence

In terms of the hatred of the church and that the charges were a conspiracy against Sound Doctrine, which was one of the basic tenets presented by the defense, the juror said it was “not an issue” considered by the jury. Enumclaw Courier-Herald Washington July 2013

You read that correct.

The hate crime – the hatred that led to the set-up of Malcolm Fraser by Athena Dean Holtz and her family member Jessica Gambill (mother of the false accuser) were “not an issue.”

But baby-talk is an issue – gesh!

Looks like King County Satterberg’s “So what” attitude towards evidence was exactly what this jury wanted to hear.

That is the nature of hatred. It refuses to look at anything that might actually have to do with facts.

Not that any other facts were considered in the 1-hour assembly of this jury, for they knew the evidence, not baby-talk, would have proven the crime impossible.

Date Made It Impossible

The calendar, the dates, made it impossible for the crimes to have been committed. According to what the false accuser testified to, it would have been impossible for the crimes to have been committed.

This is why, in closing arguments, Prosecutor Jason Simmons altered the actual crimes so that it could be plugged into a different calendar.

Malcolm Fraser wasn’t even found guilty to what the false accuser testified to, but rather to some crime that could have been committed into the new calendar. This is why Prosecutor Simmons forced to “so what” to evidence.

The first alleged calendar had been found to be a fabrication so dates kept being shifted. It is just a lie to suggest that Malcolm Fraser could have committed the crimes, as testified, according to the established time-line.

In order to find Mr. Fraser guilty, one has to invent new crimes and make-up different testimony. And that is exactly what Prosecutor Mark Larson and team did. Things went from she screamed night after night to, in closing arguments, so “wanted” to scream. Finally the jury just convicted because something must have happened.


As it has been established, facts and evidence hold no sway when it comes to emotional baby-talk, so even Phimosis which made the crime impossible, but not careful daily interaction possible would have mattered. No wonder Prosecutor Jason Simmons wanted to send every potential juror home who believed there must be evidence with an accusation.

What the State of Washington bring in are emotional jurors who wring their hands concerning their plight, can’t sleep at night, and talk about the hardest thing they have to do rather than going through evidence step-by-step.

Indeed, experts were trivialized and written off as “just collecting his $450 per hour.” The very expert who helped write the codes for the King County Court System, that Detective Grant McCall circumvented, that testified that he was “sorry such” actions by Detective Grant McCall “happen in the 21st century” are written off by this juror as just collecting his paycheck.

Remember Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson all know that Dr. Yule helped right those guidelines and testifies as an expert witness in many cases.

Never mind Athena Dean Holtz was waiting outside the Enumclaw Police Station while Detective Grant McCall did his set-up thing. Those are not an issue to this jury.

“Every act?”– Prosecutor Jason Simmons

“Yes, every act!” – Dr. Yuille

“Yes, everything is led.” – Dr. Yuille

“Every allegation comes first from the Detective .” -Dr. Yuille

“It happened at a certain time ago.” – Dr. Yuillie

On and on this goes, but Prosecutor Dan Satterberg refused and circumvented any investigation in to the hate crime of Athena Dean Holtz, who had skipped out to Texas during the trial.

Of course, to the juror, the fact Dr. Yuille stated it was “worthless” could not match up against 10 year old baby talk. Plus, he was just after a paycheck and everyone else was just lying. N

Dr. Yule, after having forgotten much of what he examined because the Prosecution had illegally delayed for months just how bad Detective Grant McCall’s interview really was. After having been refreshed by Prosecutor Simmons’ grasp for something not damaging to the State of Washington witch-hunt reviewed the set-up by Detective McCall word for word. A clarity of facts that the jury ignored in preverance for baby-talk.

“All being led by what the officer is looking for,” Dr. Yullie.

Let’s Go To The House

Easy enough to prove this accusaion. Let us do what Detective Grant McCall refused to do – go over to the house and test the accusation of the accuser.

Let us go to the house where the alleged crime was committed, have a ten-year-old scream at the top of her lungs. As a massive sub-note Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, Prosecutor Jason Simmons nor anyone, at anytime went to the house to prove no one could hear the False Accuser scream. In short, there was no investigation and this team of prosecutors blocked every call for an investigation.

Ok, we are at the house now, let’s see, or hear, if anyone in the next room and/or downstairs can hear the top-of-the-lung screams in the middle of the night.

But alas, time-frames, structure of the house, rabid hatred, Detective McCall’s planting testimony, Enumclaw Police deleting evidence, Athena Dean Holtz’s grooming, physical handicap of the accused, abuse prevention program, lying testimony – just “not an issue” to baby-talking “10 year old” in a seventeen year old body.

As Prosecutor Jason Simmons demonstrated, it is either the evidence for a hate-crime or just say “So what” to it all. In this case, clearly, “So what” won out and the intended hate-crime destruction took place by Athena Dean Holtz, Jessica Gambill and Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall who testified that it is his Bible interpretation or prison.

The evidence in the graphic below, because the jury had been filled with emotions about the trial, by Judge Lori K. Smith an Prosecutor Mark Larson and expert on manipulating eye-witnesses used every dirty trick down at Dan Satterberg’s office to bury this evidence. So unfraid are Jessica Gambill, Athena Dean Holtz and the False Accuser of ever being called out for their lies they had a gloat, in your face hate crime day.

Dan Satterberg
FBI, Governor Jay Inslee telephone number, Athena Dean Holtz, Pastor Ron Holtz, Penny Sinak, Tony Truax, Jim Zoll, City of Enumclaw Mike Reynolds, Dan Satterberg, Mark Larson, Lori K. Smith, Grant McCall, Enumclaw Police, King County Courts, Cindy Scinto, Dennis Box, Sound Publishing, The Summit Church, Courier Herald, Enumclaw, Redemption Press, Christopher Hurst, Sound Doctrine Church, Salt Shaker Bookstore, Timothy Williams, Carla Williams, Mount Hermon Writers Conference, Jessica Gambill, Jay Inslee Governor of Washington, Northwest Christian Writers Association, Tony Truax, State Farm, NCWA, Mindy Peltier, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, of King County Washington, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, Prosecutor David Seaver, Prosecutor David Martin, Prosecutors Andy Hamilton, Prosecutor Page Ulrey, Kid’s Court, Whitworth University, Beau Bodelishus Chevassus, Officer Tony Ryan, Publishers Weekly, Enumclaw Pastors Association, Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce, Enumclaw Post Office,,, Winepress Publishing, The Discerning Times Newspaper

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