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I’m Tryna Walk The Path Of The Righteous, I Might Slip/
Cuzz In The Past, Madness Had Me Wrapped In A Vice Grip/
An Everlasting Battle, Coming Out The Shadows/
In A World Where We Treated Like Certified Cattle/
Some Of Us Even Branded, Scars Of Trauma/
Life Was Harsh By Far And Marred With Drama/
But God Is The Healer Of All, As A Given Its Law/
So It Should Be Your Mission To Uplift And Withdraw/
— From Wickedness, Its Like That Be The Folly Of Man/
When Fallin Was My Folly, I Hardly Could Stand/
Let Alone Stand Myself, The Mirror Was Misery/
Learned I Gotta Live For God More Than I Live For Me/
Pride Is The Devil And I’m On A Higher Level/
No Weapon Formed Shall Make Me Conform To A Shovel/
–Digging My Own Grave, Now I Know How To Behave/
Certainly Times Changed, I’m No Longer A Slave/

You Know The Good And The Bad, Gotta Co-Exist/
But When It Comes To The Later, I Could Never Wish/
–That On Anybody, Or Use A Tight Fist/
We All Made In The Same Image And Likeness/
So When I See You I Me And Act Accordingly/
Alwaze Give Respect And Luv, It Aint More Then Free/
It Dont Cost A Thing, Peace Of Mind I Bring/
Treat As A Mission, Though I Could Do A Lot Of Things/
— That Would Benefit Me And Only Myself/
But Good Relationships Is The Only Real Wealth/
If The Next Person Suffers, From An Action Of Mine/
Then I’d Have To Repent Or I Get Left Behind/
And I Can No Longer Afford That/
True Soldiers Of God, Can Catch Us Where The War At/
It’s Right Outside, Feel It In My Enzymes/
Sometimes I Feel Like We’re Living In The End Times/

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The Consider Podcast
Today’s Events – Tomorrow’s Realities
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