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Written by Timothy

Professional Evaluation

“This should never have happened …there are not (honest) businesses like this anymore.”
– Professional commenting on the honesty observed. Year 2015

Backtrack to 2006

“At your request”…CPA Report 2006


Athena Dean Holtz asserting that somehow, magically, beyond her comprehension WinePress was sold from under her.

There is even MUCH MORE proof that Winepress was NOT stolen, but this should be enough for an reasonable person.

This brainwash nonsense was reflected later in the trial of an accused employee, who just happened to be arrested at WinePress by Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall as media swarmed in because of Ms. Hotlz’s pre-marketing.
0002. 27

When Prosecutor Jason Simmons went hysterically nuts about eye-contact it was Athena Dean Holtz, and others who, abused the word “cult” to start the flames of hysteria – and many are willing to be lite up against holiness.
However, the point here is that in 2006, long before King County Prosecutors decided to ignore and suppress evidence, it was clear that it was impossible for Athena Dean Holtz to not know.
Indeed, laughable for which if the State of Washington hasn’t so battered those who know the truth would testify to the excitement, zeal and that it was Athena Dean Holtz’s  who started the whole issue.
Fact is, the first time I, Timothy Williams rejected personally owning WinePress Athena Dean Holtz was going around telling others, “He, just has to… …he just has to…”
Of course, I never did. Once I Timothy Williams rejected WinePress it was always rejected.

  • Frankly, I am getting a little tired of having to offer proof…

Frankly, I am getting a little tired of having to offer proof of what has already been proven on multi-able levels. That said, in hopes, a few might repent of sin this post is offered in grace and mercy in view.
There are massive amounts of evidence to destroy the lynch-mob lies of Athena Dean Holtz, so please do not be foolish and think this is all there is.
Professional Evaluation
Athena Dean Holtz had the Professional Examiner stay at her house, examine, discuss privately with Ms. Holtz over several weeks the underlying aspects of WinePress as a business.
Not to mention other aspects that time, months, planning and discussion on multiple levels for a business to be sold. Letterhead had to be destroyed, marketing materials changed and a total re-orientation of WinePress.
All of which, typical for Athena Dean Holtz was cost incurring and destructive to the company once Timothy Williams refused to own WinePress.

  • The examiner stayed at Athena Dean Holtz house, discussing in private issues of WinePress.

WinePress Publishing was at its peak value when Timothy Williams stated: “I will not own WinePress Publishing because you are not pure in the matter.” After that Washington State set out to destroy everything associated with Timothy Williams – even his books.
1st Time Purchased Rejected by Timothy Williams
Months of paperwork, labor, and hard work were stopped at the last minute because Athena Dean Holtz refused to approach this matter from an aspect of purity. I can just hear the whines now, “Who does Timothy Williams think he is to demand purity of others.” It was the same whine that Prosecutor Jason Simmons persecuted when he demanded an issue on whether Timothy Williams is, quote, “special.”
Athena Dean Holtz would not repent of her impurity unto death in Christ so that Timothy Williams could own WinePress Publishing.

The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; (Galatians 5:19)

For you see, Timothy Williams demands, not only hard work be performed, but that it be done with purity. This is why Athena Dean Holtz had to defile the WinePress No Gossip Policy. Besides when one gets ready to market lies through gossip, well, you have to kinda attack a No Gossip Policy.
2nd Time WinePress Finally Converted to L.L.C.
The second, and final time, after Ms. Holtz pushed and shoved because she was destroying the company left and right, WinePress was converted to an L.L.C.
Again, Timothy Williams told Athena Dean Holtz in no uncertain terms, “I will not own WinePress Publishing” and thus it was converted to an L.L.C. oversaw by a board.
And no, I was not on the board. I, Timothy Williams do not do committee meetings, as my desire is to get things done.

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power. (1 Corinthians 4:20)

Sections have been blanked out to spare the professional any harassment by those who no matter how much evidence will always believe the lies of Athena Dean Holtz.


…it was definitely my decision.

Fact is once those in authority realize how they have been used by self-righteous, petty Christians who used them to destroy Timothy Williams – they are not going to be happy campers.
“At your request….” Athena Dean Holtz began the WinePress history and evaluation with a C.P.A.
Now, in 2015 when the truth is useful for Athena Dean Holtz to deceive others for selfish gain…

On April 1, 2010, I turned the ownership of WinePress Publishing over …it was definitely my decision. – blog post 01/31/2015

Mike Reynolds, City of Enumclaw attorney, and Landlord was sent a copy of this report in 2006.

Excerpt From WinePress Publishing

The lie that Winepress was “stolen” without Athena Dean Holtz being aware of…

  • …cpa that stayed at Ms. Holtz house
  • ….Timothy Williams rejected personal ownership
  • …communication about the fact though-out Enumclaw
  • …Ms. Holtz excitement communicated to everyone
  • …the begging of Timothy Williams to publicize the fact
  • …the transition committee
  • …the tax committee
  • ….the committee to form an L.L.C.
  • …the paperwork she signed,
  • …legal interactions
  • …personal displays to transform WinePress Publishing
  • …her calls for publicity about the matter,
  • …printed publications, new logos
  • …months and years to call the whole thing off – both times!
  • …etc. etc.,

…thus the lies had to be loud, often, varied, mixed, nonsensical, vague accusations, evil suspicions and exaggerated beyond logical coherence to achieved the end-goal with the destruction of everything associated with Timothy Williams.

for more go to “WinePress Publishing”…

winepress publishing

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