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Seattle’s King County Prosecutors never punish liars. Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall and Athena Dean Holtz conspired to frame up multiple lies. Prosecutors wanted lies, and Detective Grant McCall had long sought out lairs and new exactly how not to investigate in order for Athena Dean Holtz to enflame the hate crime. This is why Prosecutor Paul Sewell referrs to Jury Duty as a "dog and pony show."**

After 10 years of research into the King County Prosecutors Office it is crystal clear that every agency, "investigative" department and police are only geared toward shoving forward what Prosecutors itching ears for lies like hear. Repeat: Liars are never prosecuted, thus, liars step forward to well, lie. 1

How Did His Parents Know To Call the Enumclaw Police
About Their Son’s Personal Beliefs?
How? All Knew Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall
was Eager for Lies, Slander and Evil Suspicions

  • Thats How! –

Consider well that it was common knowledge that if you did not like Sound Doctrine Church one could call the Enumclaw Police!

Understand that over the decades Sound Doctrine Church was in the City of Enumclaw Grant McCall was the dirty magnet for all manner of lies, evil-suspicions and individuals willing to abuse police powers to bring harm to a church they did not like.

The internet communicated and all knew what Detective Grant McCall wanted to hear so the lies became self-fulfilling and ever heated up. The lies intensified as each false accusation was fully amplified rather than tested by Enumclaw Police Grant McCall.

Enumclaw Grant McCall was at the top of the wicked food chain as individuals learned they could create [su_highlight]false welfare check reports[/su_highlight]. This reinforced the bursts of hatred directed at Sound Doctrine Church by allowing individuals to be as obnoxious as they desired, then falsely report that their family member would not talk to them. Of course in many cases no one could talk to them because Grant McCall encouraged them to vomit out their opposition. Grant McCall certainly thought nothing of abusing police powers to demonize a church he certainly was going to encourage others in like hatred. No lie was left un-magnified by the Enumclaw Police.

"Shut up!" is what we were told when trying to communicate the truth to the Enumclaw Police.

None were instructed by Grant McCall to go and visit a church worship service or that the police do not get involved in civil matters. Naw, Enumclaw Police Grant McCall was forming an angry mob and when an opportunity to manipulate a False Accuser was conspired and lustily went into police abuse action.

Lives are a complicated matter but Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall refused to ask for proof of accusations and to consider all facts associated with each call to the police.

Indeed, Sound Doctrine Church believed nothing illegal but Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall made personal legal church beliefs a matter for King County prosecution!

Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall made his personal King James Bible only Baptist doctrines the standard to attack and villafy lawful Sound Doctrine church beliefs a matter for King County prosecution! If Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall had any beef about what I wrote, taught and lived he could have evangelized me at any time. Instead, now promoted by the City of Enumclaw policeperson Grant McCall mis-used and abused police powers, crossing deep over into illegal territory to both persecute and prosecute religious matters that were none-of-the-police-and-prosecutors business!

Timothy Williams teaches and lives all that is righteous, holy and reasonable, thus Sound Doctrine Church believed nothing illegal but Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall and Athena Dean Holtz twisted facts, lied by omission and flat-out enhanced false statements in order to achieve their goal of destroying Timothy Williams.

How To Frame Someone

Since Sound Doctrine Church and Timothy Williams were extremely active in the City of Enumclaw and believed nothing illegal, Detective Grant McCall was desperate to bully groom a False Accuser.

It is not possible to list all the evidence and communicate the full amount of logical inconsistencies I have available. Just multiply without exaggeration Mr. Beau Chevassus, City of Enumclaw Council Position No. 2 a thousand fold and you will have a good idea of the mob incited hatred Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall conspired with and facilitated.

Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall was always at the top of all calls to report Sound Doctrine Church beliefs and made sure the City of Enumclaw Police maneuvered that energy in a negative way towards Timothy Williams.

Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall arranged many lies, encouraged the hatred and scripted out the accusation with a highly manipulated False Accuser.

If this were a drug case it would be setting the individual up by planting drugs. Yet the City of Enumclaw promoted such corruptions.

“Every allegation comes first from the Detective.” Grant McCall “If you wanted to interview to make suggestions to a complainant,
this is how you do it.”

Dr. John Yuille Forensic Psychologist, Ph.D. R. Was Instrumental in developing King County Prosecudures for interviews. Which Prosecutors and of course Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall fully ingnored and rejected along with Judge Lori K. Smith.

King County Prosecutors, Seattle, Washington Enumclaw Detective Sergeant Grant McCall’s set-up methodology for the support of a hate crime.

Dr. Yuille helped design King County Interview Proceeders, but Judge Lori K. Smith, King County Prosecutors, thoroughly corrupted a jury trial by rebelling to obey such mandates.

Toxic Magnet

Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall made himself a toxic magnet for individuals to tell him lies.  Anyone who re-enforced his hatred against Sound Doctrine Church, (aka Timothy Williams) was given his abuse of police power.

Thus Detective McCall refused to and even blocked calls for honest investigations over the years. Indeed, Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall was instrumental in spreading and reinforcing the lies about Sound Doctrine Church, aka Timothy Williams, through-out the city of Enumclaw, during the trial, and across the nation as Athena Dean Holtz multi-level marketed the hate crime.

Enumclaw Police wanted lies, never investigated and accepted at face-value anyone who made any negative claim about a church Grant McCall did not accept. Detective Grant McCall who is now training other detectives did zero detective work when it came to the matter of Timothy Williams and Sound Doctrine Church.

Accusations were never questioned by "Detective" Grant McCall. Indeed, the truth was never probed for and came testify day in King County Courts Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall made sure accusations against Timothy Williams were front and center.

(Timothy Williams was not the one charged with any crimes. Malcolm Fraser’s arrest and trail were used to take down Timothy Williams. Indeed, zero testimony in King County Courts, except the scripted out False Accuser’s accusations, had anything to do with the actual crime as charged. From start to finish Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall conspired to be sure that the church, or "that group" was ground down by King County Prosecutors.)

Detectives are to detect for the facts, truth and evidence but Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall anti-detected and sought out liars to promote his evil agenda.

Instead, Enumclaw Police set themselves up as de facto King James Only enforcers of McCall’s religious beliefs.

Thus when the time came to conspire with Athena Dean Holtz to use a marketed hate-crime Detective McCall deleted evidence, decided what was relevant to fit his personal religious bigotry, delayed turning over information to the defense, scripted out accusations for the False Accuser, left his Miranda rights card at home on the dresser, refused to investigate relevant facts, went preaching for his religious beliefs, promoted Athena Dean Holtz and others lies, interfered when crimes were reported,  helped use the police/sheriff to gas-light situations, engaged in whitewash and gas-lighting with City Officials of Enumclaw, conspired with Athena Dean Hotlz to ensure that while the arrest at WinePress Publishing was taking place, at the exact same time news media were recording in front of the Sound Doctrine Church building…etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

This is precisely why Enumclaw non-Detective Grant McCall did not even go to the house where the alleged crime had taken place to investigate. McCall knew if he did investigate the crime would have been impossible.

Athena Dean Holtz and Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall seized their moment to act once the multi-level hate crime and grooming of a False Accuser had reached fever pitch. Athena Dean Holtz had marketed lies to everyone around the town of Enumclaw, the nation, and overseas. Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall and Athena Dean Holtz combined to apply the abuse of police power to

McCall’s religious bigoted lies and Ms. Holtz’s marketed lies.

It was at this point King County Prosecutors stepped in to get their pound of flesh as Enumclaw City Attorney and profiteer Mike Reynolds maneuvered for his angle of profit.

Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall refused to investigate but recruited slander.
Detective Grant McCall did NOT even investigate the house where the alleged crimes were to have taken place!
Detective Grant McCall did sit alone with the false accuser while refusing to investigate anything related to the alleged crime.
Detective Grant McCall did script out the accusations, delete evidence, shut the recorder off many times, conspired with others to bring down Timothy Williams with his self-reinforcing lies, slander and bully cop culture.
Detective Grant McCall did send all kinds of evil-suspicions, flat out lies and non-investigated slander to King County Prosecutors.
Detective Grant McCall created, fabricated one huge false crime report while refusing to follow any Enumclaw Police Procedures.
“If you wanted to interview to make suggestions to a complainant this is how you do it.”
Enumclaw Detective Sergeant Grant McCall’s Set-up Methodology
Dr. Yuille who helped design King County Systems on how things were to be done.

Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall sits alone with the False Accuser scripting out the accusations for the False Accuser.
Athena Dean Holtz sits outside the Enumclaw Police Station waiting eagerly for Detective Grant McCall to finish the script-out production so the pre-arranged media frenzy Ms. Holtz had arranged can be set into motion.

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg along with the gang of King County Prosecutors applauded!

No wonder to it that King County Prosecutors approved of Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, whom Athena Dean Holtz conspired with, of sitting alone with the False Accuser turning on and off the voice recorder at will. Athena Dean Holtz sat outside the Enumclaw Police Station while Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall directed the false accusation.

Athena Dean Holtz sat outside the Enumclaw Police Station while Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall directed the false accusation.
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall literally performed a fill in the blank setup of false accusations. Detective McCall would state,

Then he [Malcolm Fraser] ____ u-huh

Then he _____ – yea

Then he __ – nod

Then he __

Then he __

— turn off recorder —

Then he __

Then he __

Then he __

Then he __

Then he __

— turn off recorder —

The he ____ while turning on and off the record throughout the whole manufactured interview.

…and so it went. 
It doesn’t take an expert, though one at great cost was provided to Judge Lori K. Smith that the whole interview was "worthless." That the officer, that is, Detective McCall, of Enumclaw Washington presented every thought "first" was very useful to King County Courts.

Manufacturing lies and marketing such lies are multi-level-marketing at it’s sinful, criminal worse.

City of Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall sat alone with the False Accuser literally scripting out the accusation for King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg.
Athena Dean Holtz sat outside the Enumclaw Police Station as Detective Grant McCall turned on and off the audio recorder at will.

Quick Summary of Washington State Sanctioned Hate Crime

Bigoted Self-Righteous Baptist City of Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall
Self-confessed Fraudster, Liar and Groomer of Individuals Athena Dean Holtz
Self-profiting City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds
Seattle King County Corrupt Prosecutor Dan Satterberg & gang Looking to Advance Themselves
Bingo: Sweeping Injustice.
Surprise to no one: False Accusation of Sexual Crime

Athena Dean Holtz multi-level marketed a hate crime enlisting the all-to-eager City of Enumclaw Sergeant Detective Grant McCall conspired help.
Athena Dean Holtz is a self-confessed liar, manipulator and con-artist who openly stated she would destroy. Fact is, part of Athena Dean Holtz’s con is that she is always changing for the better and becoming a different person.

Detective Grant McCall who is a bully-baptist-cop sought to destroy Timothy Williams of Sound Doctrine Church while City Attorney Mike Reynolds refused, protected and enhanced his investments within the City of Enumclaw.

Indeed, Detective Grant McCall in-spite a judgment of misconduct, scripting out false accusations, deleting evidence, delaying evidence and so on… was promoted by the City of Enumclaw. Grant McCall is now training other detectives and is their supervisor! This of course has City Attorney Mike Reynolds written all over it.

Athena Dean Holtz and Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall abused the inherent corruption in Enumclaw Police and Seattle’s King County Prosecutors office to shove forward their injustice.
Enumclaw, now promoted Sergeant Detective Grant McCall scripted out a False Accusers accusation with Athena Dean Holtz.

Seattle’s King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg walked-through this hate crime for political advancement.

It is the age-old persecution of false worshipers of God enlisting the help of godless governing authorities to strike at true Christians. Exactly the "legal" mob methodology that Jesus was crucified with.

What happened is very simple to understand in terms of evidence and facts but be warned it is difficult to believe men and women are capable of such injustice.
That there is a spiritual dimension is undeniable so you will discover an examination of that reality.
Individuals who opposed Timothy Williams (Sound Doctrine Church) or could benefit through selfish ambition the church’s destruction – destroyed. The information provided on various web sites is the facts, the motives and the methods of the destruction of Sound Doctrine Church then pastored by Timothy Williams in the City of Enumclaw in Washington State, Seattle, King County.

Sound Doctrine Church is no more as it was actively sought out and destroyed by Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall and Athena Dean Holtz.

King County Prosecutors provided the Badge-Bias corruption and selfish ambition to power-bash Timothy Williams who was then pastor of Sound Doctrine Church. This was done through the arrest of Malcolm Fraser by a very clearly groomed False Accuser.
Over 99% of the trial in King County Courts was video recorded and a small portion can be viewed by clicking here.
What Sound Doctrine Church believed should have had nothing to do with any supposed facts surrounding the alleged crime, but the proxy-prosecution through Malcolm Fraser by King County Prosecutors, Grant McCall and Athena Dean Holtz made it the real and only focal point.

King County Prosecutors and Enumclaw Police presented zero evidence on the alleged crime but spent relentless days bashing Sound Doctrine Church with slander and flat-out lies.

Baptist Police person Grant McCall is a hard-nosed King James Bible only bigoted self-righteous religious person who had been reprimanded for bully police power combined with his evangelism and his personal beliefs on several occasions by Enumclaw City Attorney Mike Reynolds. Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall continued in his corrupt behaviors because Mr. Reynolds refused to focus his energies in that honest direction.
However, the main sharp-shooting focus over the years by King James Bible only Baptist believer Grant McCall of the Enumclaw Police has been Sound Doctrine Church which does not hold to all of his personal Baptist Doctrines.
The bigotry of Detective Grant McCall caused him to view everything about Sound Doctrine Church through his self-righteous dark prism and thus was never able to acknowledge facts, evidence, and realities of the situation.
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall and the Enumclaw Police became a toxic magnet for anyone who desired to cause trouble to Timothy Williams by promoting exaggerations, misconceptions, lies, and slander to governing authorities.
This combination became a vile mixture of self-fulfilling arguments and ever-increasing-self-affirming, lynch-mob group supported every increasing echo lying of accusations until the lynch-mob emotional mentality became the only bad fruit on display in a court of law.
Indeed, the methods, abuses of The Law by Enumclaw Police Grant McCall all demonstrate the employment of bad fruit in the name of Christianity. History is full of tales by false Christians persecuting and prosecuting honest Christians far more spiritual, holy and righteous than their accusers. (See 1 John 3:12)
Enumclaw policeman Grant McCall abused his power to vilify, slander and lay an ill-foundation towards Sound Doctrine Church for decades with it finally ending in a setup by conspiring with Athena Dean Holtz to multi-level market their hatred.
Indeed, Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall did not investigate any aspect of the alleged crime but went on a recruiting mission to enlist anyone who would testify against Sound Doctrine Church in King County Courts. All such corruption was fully engaged in by King County Prosecutors who blocked every call for an honest investigation.
Rather than the alleged charges placed upon Malcolm Fraser being the focus King County Prosecutors and Enumclaw Police made what Sound Doctrine Church Believed the crime that was put on trial.
However, Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall had so perverted what Sound Doctrine Believed that his accusations, facts, and assertions were a result of his prideful, self-absorbed religious bigotry. When such darkened religious viewpoints are combined, as has been seen throughout the history of religious persecution from governmental power, police abuse is a given.
The clear evidence for this is found in the fact that zero evidence was produced for the alleged crime while what Sound Doctrine Church believed, as the church is no more, was the focus of almost a 30 day trial by ordeal put on for show by Judge Lori K. Smith in King County Courts of Seattle Washington.

Elephant In The Room

As one King County Official commented to me, "You know you are the elephant in the room."
Agreed, in truth, in evidence kind of truth, the trial in King County Courts of Seattle was State of Washington Baptist Police Grant McCall vs Sound Doctrine Church Timothy Williams.
Yea, don’t I know Badge-Bias won the day. 2


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