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Detective McCall "Just Came In"

Written by Timothy

Detective Grant McCall
Hate Crime For King County Courts

Didn’t Tell The Police & Fruit

“We didn’t even know they were there.” Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall King County Court Testimony Note: Even this statement is a lie, but let us go with the illegal statement for the moment.

Excuse me?!
King County Courts, King County Prosecutors, King County Police …all agree that this is not America.
Forget the Constitution…
Forget the Bill of Rights…
Forget the Washington State Constitution…
Forget the Washington State legal codes about evidence, rights and crimes…
A church just can’t come into town and King County Detective Grant McCall spent 10 years laying a groundswell of hostility…
…. so who was I going to call about the harassment that overflowed during those years?
The Enumclaw Police?
King County Sheriffs?
A judge?
A prosecutor?
The one I finally did complain to set me up following the example of King County Prosecutors of Washington State.
So said Judge Lori K. Smith, Governor Jay Inslee etc. etc… as their silence is deafening.
I wasn’t even gay enough for the law, let alone, justice.

0003. 19

In Judge Lori K. Smith’s courtroom, Enumclaw Police and Detective Grant McCall compliments of Prosecutor Mark Larson of King County Washington, the Constitution is null-n-void for unapproved churches according to Detective McCall’s Bible.

This criminal mentality of Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall that a church must register with the Enumclaw Police was, like all evidence literately “So what” to authorities, especially Prosecutor Jason Simmons and Prosecutor Mark Larson.
Wish someone would have warned me the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights and common human morality are illegal by the authorities in Enumclaw and King County Courts.
Never mind the absurd lie that Sound Doctrine Church just came into town. Timothy Williams, of Sound Doctrine Church did newspapers, radio, flyers a full on Christian Bookstore right downtown, 1 block from the Enumclaw Police Station.
For the record it is the right of anyone to “just come into town.”
Oh, well, oh my, as Judge Lori K Smith allowed, it is all “so what” by King County Prosecutors and Enumclaw Police.
Funny thing is the Enumclaw Police pulled over several times members of the church when we first came to town and stated, “Just wanted to say ‘hi’ and welcome to Enumclaw.” Or, the night several police came bursting into the apartment at 2 am because they thought, so the excuse went, that someone had broken in. There is a back story to all of this that Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall knows the truth to. Oh, well, for another time.

Detective McCall, at this point, is asserting that since Sound Doctrine Church did not send out “flyers,”  so they are “evil and twisted.” Of course Prosecutor Jason Simmons and Prosecutor Mark Larson stated Timothy Williams is bad because “he writes the books.” Which ever way the witch-hunt wants to go…

“We didn’t even know they were there.”
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall King County Court Testimony

According to Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, Sound Doctrine Church did not let others know they were in town.

“They just showed up.”

“Their g-r-o-u-p at the time, they came into Enumclaw. We didn’t know they were there.”

“They just came in.”
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall


Do you mean like this add that was ran weekly in the Enumclaw Courier Herald?!

church ad_1
















Or…(this from weekly articles ran in the Enumclaw Courier Herald)










Or (and I admit this will require some thinking)…


Sound Doctrine Church
After all, as Prosecutor Jason Simmons stated in closing arguments “Timothy Williams writes the books” and if I took the time to post everything that was done this page would not be able to load.
Either way the witch looses. If I write the books I am damned, if I don’t writer flyers I am damned.
There you go. If you don’t like something I, Timothy Williams states, pick your damnation.
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