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Detective McCall’s Email Slanders Timothy Williams

Written by Timothy

Basic Synopsis Without Exaggeration

The Supreme Court had just given an opinion that remaining silent can be proof of guilt. So Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall shouted loudly, with Athena Dean Holtz spreading it far and wide through-out the channels of marketing she had been creating for more than a year that Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall could tell Malcolm Fraser, ie, Timothy Williams’ church was guilty by the silence and just looking at Mr. Fraser.
King County Prosecutors picked up the slime ball from there.
The proof of this Athena Dean Holtz hate crime was all so what to Prosecutor Mark Larson and advantage to Enumclaw Detective’s version of the Bible to go after Sound Doctrine Church, ie, Timothy Williams. And so it went. Washington State, King County Judge Lori K. Smith and Prosecutor Lisa Johnson of Prosecutor Mark Larson Team did not even attempt to produce one factual aspect or expert witness in this prosecution.
No proof of house layout. No proof that no one heard screams night after night. No proof on dates. No expert witness on physical characteristics of the accused. Not one-single-factual, evidential piece of testimony was presented in King County Courts of Washington State by Lisa Johnson and the Team of Prosecutor Mark Larson with Judge Lori K. Smith.
There was nothing to re-butt from the prosecution of a factual nature because King County Prosecutors didn’t present any hard evidence. Zero. (I video recorded 99% of the lynching and have an official transcript of the trial.)
Again, zero evidence.
What King Prosecutors did do, with great zeal, was block, undermine and destroy any investigation into the facts of the hate crimes. This explains why Prosecutor Jason Simmons, with Judge Lori K. Smith asked potential juries who believed in evidence to leave the jury pool. Trials without evidence, impossible, inflamed slander called “testimony”, contradictory testimony, “worthless” Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall “interview”, …and so it went. So twisted was the trial that Prosecutors and Judge violated their oath of office.
Bonus: Ask me sometime why the Team of Mark Larson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons and Rich Anderson, got in gear with finally going to trial. Hint: Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall.

Detective McCall’s Email Slanders Timothy Williams
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall was found to be in misconduct, trapped in many lies and contradictions, deleted evidence, delayed evidence, a religious zealot abusing police powers, provided word-for-word accusations to a False Accuser, worked hand-in-hand with Athena Dean Holtz, communicated his judgments which Ms. Holtz provided to the press to strengthen her hate crime —- all to the support of Prosecutor Dan Satterberg.
For you see, the real target was Timothy Williams by Athena Dean Holtz and Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall.
Detective Grant McCall, as Athena Dean Holtz was doing, used the arrest of Malcolm Fraser in hopes of getting at Timothy Williams. This is why in a psychological manipulation typical of police tactics Detective Grant McCall seeks to insist hatred against, and thus gain some accusation, against Timothy Williams from Malcolm Fraser’s mother.
Athena Dean Holtz had been grooming ministries, business associates, writers groups, churches, etc., etc. and the town of Enumclaw against Timothy Williams. In the audio testimony clip below Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall makes it clear – it is his version of the Bible or out of town.

Detective Grant McCall’s very transparent attempt to get…

Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall’s emailing Malcolm Fraser’s mother with what he wrote was a very transparent attempt to get Ms. Fraser to hate Timothy Williams in order to defend her son. This constant hate-crime tactic to get at Timothy Williams was in constant use.
“According to the version I believe in.” stated Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall in King County Courts.

Ready Made Excuses

Courts through-out the country have made it clear that Police are a protected class. Prosecutor Mark Larson would protect Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall’s version of the Bible and make the teachings of Timothy Williams the vilification target in Judge Lori K. Smith’s courtroom.

Prosecutor Jason Simmons* along with Judge Lori K. Smith ignored, justified by providing ready-made excuses for Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall’s conspired hate crime with Athena Dean Holtz.

What the average individual, you and I, are sent to prison for, find readily excuses by Judges in courtrooms across the land if you are part of the system. As they say in legal terms, this is now a prima facie fact.

Judge Lori K. Smith

Judge Lori K. Smith, at many junctions in this legal lynching, could have stood up and did her job by throwing out the trial of Fraser then calling for an investigation into the hate crime.

If nothing else, Judge Lori K. Smith, in light of the fact that Prosecutors hold themselves above the law, could have made it hard as hell to prove their fact-less case. That would be what we call doing her job.

Sub-Note: Last 3 minutes of closing Prosecutors presented Timothy Williams name to the jury.

Just a quick look at Judge Lori K. Smith’s bio and it is clear her side is one side, on the prosecution side of the legal bar. No wonder ex-Governor Gregoire who was part of the Wenatchee child-abuse witch hunt, considered the worst example of prosecutorial misconduct in U.S. history, even beating the Salem Witch Trials, liked Judge Lori K. Smith.

Facts are Prosecutor David Seaver wanted to hide the Official Enumclaw Policies and Procedures attack upon a church Detective Grant McCall didn’t agree with from the defense team. You can read Prosecutor David Seaver’s outlandish set of pronouns and verbs here.

Fact is, the stupidest of statements were declared from the court to cover-up this crime committed by Athena Dean Holtz and Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall. One of the more famous in my viewpoint is the excuse judges created for Detective Grant McCall was by asking if he did knowingly do these things. According to the King County Court System, ignorance of the law is an excuse for Detective Grant McCall.

Never mind, even that excusing lie is a lie of an excuse. Detective Grant McCall and Athena Dean Holtz, along with the False Accuser, knew exactly what they were doing. No wonder Judge Lori K. Smith refused to allow for any serious examination of Detective Grant McCall or Athena Dean Holtz.

Judge Lori K. Smith, being a prosecutor’s judge, knew she could just quietly not grant defense motions, while ignoring the elephant of injustice tooting its horn in the courtroom and the jury could be molded to protect Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall and Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, who protects here.

30 Minutes Questioning

Prosecutor Lisa Johnson flat-out lies when she declares in the news that accusers are often questioned hour after hour. Such lies naturally benefit Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and we have already seen that lying is the method of methods down at King County.

So in-the-pocket was Judge Lori K. Smith that Prosecutor Seaver could write the excuse that King County Prosecutors were unable to provide the False Accuser for a 30-minute questioning because no adult could be found. You would have thought for consistency sake Athena Dean Holtz could have driven the False Accuser in as she did at least twice to make her accusation.

Oh, but I almost forgot Athena Dean Holtz, who is not afraid to tell her story, had someone known when to flee to Texas.  She who is not afraid fled. When the defense tried to subpoena Ms. Holtz, her response was “come and get me” because Prosecutor Dan Satterberg had fully re-enforce contempt for the rule of law. As long as Dan Satterberg was involved, she had no fear of the need to appear in court. (See Prosecutor Mark Larson drops Athena Dean Holtz from witness list.)

I apologize for the digression – here is Enumclaw Detective’s McCall’s official email.

Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall Email
Let us begin where email starts, with the header and footer.
From: Grant McCall
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2012 8:53 AM
May God Bless you
This email complies with department policies and procedures PNP 1.2.8 and 4.16.18. Enumclaw Police (Chief Jim Zoll in charge)
Detective Grant McCall Quotes King James Bible Vilifying Tim Williams

Next, Detective Grant McCall quickly moved aside information about Malcolm Fraser with Malcolm’s mother who is in England, going for the real target of the hate crime – Timothy Williams.

As it can be seen in the email below, the Enumclaw Police have installed on their police computer Bible software, er, along with the delete button. Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall deleted emails he personally deemed unimportant. Knowing Athena Dean Holtz as I do, those would have been some very valuable and damming pieces of typing by Ms. Holtz.


Detective Grant McCall writing officially for the Enumclaw Police to someone’s mother, charged with a crime about Timothy Williams, writes:

Detective Grant McCall begins with flattery, “As a Christian yourself…”
Detective Grant McCall declares flat out that “Tim Williams is often incorrect…”
Detective Grant McCall states the reason Timothy Williams is wrong with the Bible is because of his “own personal gain.”

  • Guess the Enumclaw Police, along with Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, are proud of their humility and unselfish gain. I know Dan Satterberg keeps telling it is so with him.
  • We should all follow the King County Court System when it comes to such moral concepts.
  • Guess we should see “Expert” Prosecutor Mark Larson for clearer details according to Satterberg.

Detective McCall writes, the “group” is “completely without the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,” according to the Enumclaw Police and King County Courts. Remember, this is official police communication.

Well, well, well, Timothy Williams’ “group” is “completely without the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,” you know, for the record, I, Timothy Williams, would have been ready and willing to have debating sermons at Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall’s church, or at Dan Satterberg’s Office, or in Judge Lori K. Smith’s courtroom at any time. Indeed, I contacted Dan Satterberg’s office many times to explain things …but I digress.

Which church is it, according to Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, that we need to join so as to not be called a “group”?

Please State of Washington, in your Wenatchee witch-hunt wisdom, how may we also get over into not being a “cult”?

Please, please Dan Satterberg, come, teach me about humility so that I too may not be just a “group” in the State of Washington.

  • A little lesson in hate crime methodology. Always refer to those you oppose or hate as non-persons, as a “group,” or a “cult.”  You know that is now the Nazis vilified the Jews and why American soldiers died but why should King County Courts reflect any amount of sanity when it comes to prosecutions?  This is exactly what Athena Dean Holtz and gang set about when promoting their hate crime to the State of Washington.

King James Bible Version Only

Detective Grant McCall once having laid a false and complete lie of assumptions, builds his Baptist, King James Bible version only ideology into a full-blown attack. This coming from a Detective that testified evangelism is a matter of “pro-creation.”

Detective Grant McCall’s official Enumclaw law enforcement policies conclude on behalf of the Enumclaw Police (Chief Jim Zoll and Mike Reynolds City Attorney) in his email that Malcolm’s group is completely without the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ…The fruit exhibited by Malcolm’s group is evil and twisted. They bring forth only that which benefits Tim Williams.”

Got it. Timothy Williams’ group is only for Timothy Williams according to Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, so let us drive them out of the City of Enumclaw. Since that proved a little hard as contrary to the slander of Ms. Holtz, Timothy Williams ain’t no wuss, the only option was to frame Malcolm Fraser. That worked. Everything associated with Timothy Williams: Winepress Publishing, Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore, Sound Doctrine Church and his wife, Carla, of 38 years were destroyed.

For The Record

For the record, Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, the very first sermon I preached in Enumclaw was entitled, “Love, The Most Important Thing,” a sermon you could have picked up for free at the Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore, that is, until it was ran out of town.


Mark 9:47

As a nice little sub-note, and this will require thinking as all my sermons did, I also preached that Jesus said if your eye causes you to sin, to pluck it out.And if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into hell, (Mark 9:47)

However, guess what, no one was ever dumb enough to twist what I was preaching to actually pluck their eye out. As it is quite obvious, as it was to Mr. Beau, everyone still had both eyes in socket who listened to my ‘non-King James Version Bible’ sermons.

I realize my sermons require that people actually think – and think hard – but for the Enumclaw Police, King County Court System and you to slander Malcolm, to his own mother, just to win something over on Tim Williams, is not only illegal, but sinful.

He writes the same way in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction. (2 Peter 3:16)

Enumclaw Police Circle of Entrapment

As for the reaching out to family issue that the State of Washington now considers a crime worthy of any frame-up response, can be located here. At the same time, I will be very interested in examining Detective Grant McCall, Chief Jim Zoll and Mike Reynolds, along with a few others’ officials’ visitation with their families. There is no wonder as to how others figured out how to stir up trouble for Sound Doctrine Church members.

Word got around that all one had to do was be obnoxious to anyone who was a member of Sound Doctrine Church, make it so it was impossible to talk with them, blame them, then call the Enumclaw Police about a missing family member.

Detective Grant McCall, to the shock of no one testified he responded to such set-up missing person calls. Do-say.

Most situations went like this:

  1. Create an atmosphere where it was impossible for a Sound Doctrine Church member to associate with a family member.
  2. Call the Enumclaw Police with a missing person’s report.
  3. Enumclaw Police, including Detective McCall would show up – or Mike Reynolds, City Attorney, was sent over.
  4. Enumclaw Police pay zero attention to a Sound Doctrine Church member’s response.
  5. Next, go around telling others that Sound Doctrine Church is harmful because the police respond.

Mike Reynolds, City of Enumclaw attorney and landlord for Redemption Press (see infogram), would then be sent over by the Enumclaw Police. Mr. Reynolds would question me about why family members were not being talked to, for which, I explained the situations.

Mike Reynolds, rather than doing his job, just ignored the truth I stated and told me to be sure church members called their families – duh!

Those family members, who then, were empowered by the Enumclaw Police to cause all the trouble they so desired and blame Sound Doctrine Church. The frame up of Malcolm Fraser, to get at Timothy Williams, didn’t just happen overnight.

So it went the circle of the self-fulfilling hate-crime entrapment.

Joke is, rumor has it some Enumclaw City Officials family members don’t talk to them because they are not given any money…but hey…such matters are noneofmybusiness.

It was all of these tools that Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall and Athena Dean Holtz enraged a hate crime with.

This isn’t, of course, to say that family matters are not extremely dynamic and when it comes to religion, and to be honest, – well – you can get any jury to lynch anyone if King County Courts bring up hell during a trial.

Just ask Prosecutor Jason Simmons and Rich Anderson as they often spoke about that least of touchy issues before Judge Lori K. Smith and a jury of twelve – hell. Prosecutor Jason Simmons often using the concept of hell to enliven hatred toward Timothy Williams, who runs the church and “writes the books.”

If it would not so serious a matter, it would be a laughing out-loud event. As a preacher if you want to ensure that everyone will become agitated – just bring up the Judgment to Come and hell. Prosecutor Jason Simmons and Rich Anderson did – and it worked. But then again, as Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall wrote for King County, I, Timothy Williams, am completely without the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Enumclaw Police Office Email
King County Court Approvedjudge lori k. smith

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