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Detective Grant McCall "Worthless"

Written by Timothy

Enumclaw Detectives Police Scripting Out Accusations

Not Only “Worthless” – It Was A Set-up – Planting Accusations

Enumclaw Police Now Trained by Detective Sargent Grant McCall

“If you wanted to interview to make suggestions to a complainant this is how you do it.”
Enumclaw Detective Sargent Grant McCall’s Set-up Methodology
Dr. Yuille who helped design King County Systems on how things were to be done.

Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall sits alone with the False Accuser scripting out the accusations for the False Accuser.
Athena Dean Holtz sits outside the Enumclaw Police Station waiting eagerly for Detective Grant McCall to finish the script-out production so the pre-arranged media frenzy Ms. Holtz had arranged can be set into motion.
King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg along with the gang of King County Prosecutors applauded!
No wonder to it that King County Prosecutors approved of Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, whom Athena Dean Holtz conspired with, of sitting alone with the False Accuser turning on and off the voice recorder at will. Athena Dean Holtz sat outside the Enumclaw Police Station while Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall directed the false accusation.
Athena Dean Holtz sat outside the Enumclaw Police Station while Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall directed the false accusation.
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall literally performed a fill in the blank setup of false accusations. Detective McCall would state,

Then he ____________ u-huh

Then he _____________ – yea

Then he ______________ – nod

Then he ______________

Then he ______________

— turn off recorder —

Then he ______________

Then he ______________

Then he ______________

Then he ______________

Then he ______________

— turn off recorder —

The he ____________________ while turning on and off the record throughout the whole manufactured interview.

and so it went. 
It doesn’t take an expert, though one at great cost was provided to Judge Lori K. Smith that the whole interview was “worthless.” That the officer, that is, Detective McCall, of Enumclaw Washington presented every thought “first” was very useful to King County Courts.
Manufacturing lies and marketing such lies are multi-level-marketing at it’s sinful, criminal worse.
City of Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall sat alone with the False Accuser literally scripting out the accusation for King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg.
Athena Dean Holtz sat outside the Enumclaw Police Station as Detective Grant McCall turned on and off the audio recorder at will.
Judge Lori K. Smith and King County Prosecutors harbored such planting of accusations.
This is just one of many reasons why King County Prosecutors blocked an investigation.

“If you wanted to interview to make suggestions to a complainant this is how you do it.”
Enumclaw Detective Sargent Grant McCall’s Set-up Methodology
Dr. Yuille who helped design King County Systems on how things were to be done.


Athena Dean Marketing of the Worthless

Athena Dean Holtz, and those helping with her hate crime did not worry about facts, or evidence as they knew what to sell to the Prosecutors at King County. Like the charity trash bag fraud, there were no trash bags for marketed lie called a charity. Everyone knows the biggest saps for lies about religious folks is the government. Sadly, they never seem to learn from the Salem Witch hunt trials or the Wenatchee witch-hunt in Washington State. Take that back, “they,” and the false accusers did learn from such witch-hunts. They learn, like Athena Dean Holtz did how better to frame an accusation especially after Timothy Williams taught her how honest things should be done.

Deliberate Contempt of Laws

Detective Grant McCall who told Athena Dean he was in a hurry to arrest Mr. Fraser before word got out testified he was “too busy” to turn everything over to the defense. Not only did it take court orders, repeated letters but when Detective Grant McCall was found in misconduct only then did Satterberg utter a whisper disapproval. Prosecutor David Seavers in his appeal fails to mention these details in his report to the Appeals Court.

Not only did Detective Grant McCall deliberately stall, with the approval of King County Prosecutors, in handing over evidence it took a court action and the Secret Service to go over the Enumclaw Police computers before anything happened in terms of moving toward a trial. To state that Detective Grant McCall planted testimony is only part of the situation as King County Prosecutors helped obstructed justice – and that is evidence only on the obstruction level. There is much more to the story.

Daily Prosecutor Jason Simmons, and team objected that court events were being video recorded – and no one can doubt why. This is why Prosecutor Rich Anderson and Simmons attempted to set up a different judge to kick us out of the courtroom even before the main trial had begun. So much for freedom of the press let alone freedom of the innocent. Prosecutor Jason Simmons whined, complained, ridiculed, blocked the camera and stirred up the jury to hate the presence of our cameras in the courtroom. Yes, yes, other media outlets that were toeing the prosecutor hype-line were welcomed and even brought in a witness for Prosecutor Simmons and Anderson at just the right moment. Needless to say, if you are going to trial against these prosecutors get it video recorded from start to finish.

Objected Video

Prosecutors Dan Satterberg, “Expert” Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson all approved of Detective Grant McCall’s planting testimony, in short, brainwashing a False Accuser because she was such a cute witness that could more easily fool a jury.(See baby talk)

Only when a judge in a very rare act of sanity, to the prosecution’s shock, dared oppose them, ruling there was “misconduct” did King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg put on the act of stating that they “disapprove” of Detective McCall’s actions. Behind the single, mumbled word, “disapprove” Satterberg redoubled their support of the hate crime and Enumclaw Officials began to secretly re-shape everything – down to the very structure of the Enumclaw Police equipment.

It was damned be the truth by Enumclaw Officials, just give King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s Office what he wants and he thanked them with protection – even letting Athena Dean Holtz get out of town just before the trial started. First Athena Dean Holtz was on the protected prosecutors witness list then at the first hour of the trial informed the defense they would not be calling Ms. Holtz. Of course, Ms. Holtz had already been warned and had duly, literally, as they say, gone to Texas. Athena Dean Holtz’s years of hate crime activity, even before the arrest, were enhanced by King County Prosecutors and once the jury had been duly inflamed to pronounce guilty Ms. Holtz came back to Enumclaw to finish off her hate crimes.

And why not, Mr. Satterberg had made it abundantly clear he would do everything to oppose the truth while creating a fictional accusation down to a full-blown picture of the baby talk, “so what” to evidence jury hangn’ speech on display to the jury. As from the start, Prosecutor Jason Simmons can be heard to reshape testimony right down to the closing minutes. In fact, one juror stated that when the False Accuser talked like a “10-year-old” that was enough to “assume” everyone else was lying about the facts of impossibility at being able to commit the crime. “So what” that it was impossible for the crime to have happened it was enough to hate these Christians.


Athena Dean Holtz sat outside the Enumclaw Police Station on several occasions while the accusations were arranged. Where Detective McCall testified in court that Sound Doctrine was without the gospel of Jesus.

Witness Tamper & Harassment

Detective Grant McCall is the officer Prosecutor Mark Larson “asked” to “look into” witness tampering and the details of the hate crime – the very Detective in the middle of the hate crime. Though the evidence was all over the internet and around the town of Enumclaw everything was done to stop a looking into the real facts and truth.

Yep, the officer who planted testimony, Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall as Athena Dean sat outside the Enumclaw Police station is the one Satterberg assigned to investigate Ms. Dean’s crimes! Months later when it came to examining the computers of the Enumclaw Police Station looking for Detective McCall’s deleted emails somehow the Secret Service was found for that job.

As Prosecutors stated on the spot, very quickly in court, they wanted to “give the appearance” of a neutral party. Somebody clearly knew somebody in the Secret Service that could be relied upon to sweep the dirt under the floor for prosecutors never do anything that fast unless it is to their unjust advantage.

Detective Grant McCall `more worthless

Just as planting drugs on someone an exact example of planted testimony can be read in Detective Grant McCall’s “interview” with the False Accuser as Athena Dean Holtz waited outside the Enumclaw Police Station.
Consider the private, one on one, alone, with the False Accuser, twice stopping the recording device that…

  1. McCall conducted a two-hour, fill in the _____________, check-box accusation
  2. prosecutor Rich Anderson approved of Detective Grant McCalls clearly planting “evidence.”
  3. went like this, then he __________, then he ____________, then he ____________
  4. absolutely worthless – but it doesn’t take an expert on this one
  5. worked extremely close with athena dean holtz
  6. years before, McCall as a baptist / cop bad-mouthed the church
  7. delayed repeatedly so prosecutors at king county could blame the defense for a forced delay
  8. purposely left meridian rights card at home
  9. directly made the arrest at winepress publishing (athena dean holtz had media ready)
  10. athena dean holtz had inflamed others to have their phones ready to call when all collapsed
  11. enumclaw police consistently informing athena dean holtz of information
  12. enumclaw police re-enforced athena dean’s hate crime to destroy business and church
  13. deleted evidence
  14. testimony by detective grant mccall markedly different, to deeper lies from first hearing
  15. detective grant mcall, (jim zoll police chief), shut the recorder on and off
  16. sat alone with the false accuser
  17. every line, every sentence was set up for the false accuser
  18. athena dean sat outside, twice we know of, the enumclaw police station waiting for detective mccall to finish
  19. …much more

Expert Prosecutor Mark Larson

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg promotes Prosecutor Mark Larson as their “expert” yet this “expert” ignores all evidence, lie detector tests from such experts and Dr. Yuille who helped set up the expert standards for King County years ago.

Not too mention the crime as testified by the False Accuser was impossible to have taken place this is why King County Prosecutors relished the hatred they could inflame toward a Christian church. Finally, the real target can be heard coming from Prosecutor Jason Simmons mouth, again, in the last 3 minutes of closing.

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