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"Expert" Mark Larson & Lie Detector Tests

Written by Timothy

“Expert” Prosecutor Mark Larson

Expert Prosecutor Mark Larson & Team

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s office and poster boy “Expert” Prosecutor Mark Larson have so much time on their hands because all the counselors, programs like Kid’s Court and resources are only employed as a front to beat out a plea deal.

Truth, actual court work and following the law, all know that Prosecutors are just above all that.

In short, the outward trappings of the prosecutors office are used just for that – entrapment.

A look at “Expert” Prosecutor Mark Larson’s expert-ism has to do with exploiting situations and individuals. It is difficult to imagine such wanton void of morals that for personal gain in the King County Courts innocents, truth and facts are so abused.

Expert Prosecutor Mark Larson claims to be an expert with eye witness individuals for which science has proven again and again to be the most unreliable, and thus manipulative segment in an investigation. Such concepts are tantamount to being an expert on how safe the Titanic was – something else is at play with such “experts.”

Detective Grant McCall, of the Enumclaw Police, and Athena Dean Holtz understood that such expert-ism is a facade and that gave them more motivation to groom and use the False Accuser to bring down Sound Doctrine Church, Winepress Publishing and The Salt Shaker Bookstore – anything, and everything associated with Timothy Williams. See video Frame Up and Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall.


Everyone should be worried that Prosecutor Mark Larson (Jason Simmons / Rich Anderson) are hiding behind being an “expert” to fabricate evidence and frame the obvious innocent. Mark Larson is the “Expert” that trained Prosecutor Simmons to say “So what!” to evidence in his closing arguments before the jury.

There is nothing “innovative” at being able to change a jury into a lynch mob. In fact, true experts rise above petty emotions and tell the lynch mob to go home.

One of the reasons Mark Larson, and team, went to great lengths to delay was to give everyone time to adjust, change and further fictionalized their story-line – such “experts” should have been fired long time ago by King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg.

If Prosecutor Mark Larson cannot present the truth in the Malcolm Fraser hate crime, no telling who he, and King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg is going to frame for murder.

Prosecutor Larson may “enjoy” a reputation for “innovation” but that is merely the self-congratulatory flattery that is constantly heard if you hang around the King County Courthouse.

It is interesting to note that the same methods of speaking, flattery and innovation (lobbying) are exactly what King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg employs for his legal shenanigans to win. This team blocked, obstructed and circumvented proof of innocence.

Don’t be fooled this is about giving a “professional” touch to their frame-ups. After all, what better way to fool the select jury, where those who believe in evidence have been sent home, than to tout oneself as an expert.

prosecutor mark larson

Prosecutor Mark Larson Used This Police “Work”

Methods of Prosecutors

It is hard for normal folks, or even those actually guilty to believe but “Expert” Mark Larson and team do not give one-iota about evidence. Here is what they do care about. (Not to be taken as legal advice.)

1. Expert Mark Larson and team only care if they can frame an emotional “believable” story-event to a jury. Truth, lies and evidence are completely irrelevant to their department – they are not even thinking about facts during the prosecutor wear-down procedures.

2. Since most cases do not go to trial the prosecutors only goal is to wear you down by first bankrupting you. As difficult as it appears even to crooks one must really tell themselves – these folks do not concern themselves with evidence except for one exception. How you see police accused of crimes is what rights everyone should be given down at Prosecutor Satterberg’s Office. Fact is, it use to be that all individuals, not just police were treated with a measure of law and evidence. Now it is only if you are in law enforcement does evidence and truth become involved. It is then, and only then that laws are rationally applied.

3. Your defense attorney knows it is only about the money to him or her – how much can you afford before you cop a plea deal. Your defense attorney has a mental graph of your money and when the lines cross at a specific moment to either accept a plea deal or go to trial they will put the pressure on if it looks like you will run out of money to accept the “deal.” Conclusion, save your money, act like you are going to accept the plea deal, skip the lie detector tests as they are meaningless to King County Prosecutors and then press the matter all the way to trial to the shock of your defense attorney. Getting a lie detector tests only informs King County Prosecutors of your defense arguments and they will take that information and guide accusers on how to better frame their story set up. Facts are your defense attorney and related organizations owe you  free lost cause objections because they have been making too fine a living off injustice far, far too long.

4. If you are serious about going to trial save your money for the end of the wear-down ordeal put on by these shameful prosecutors and use it for your court trial. By all means, again as a suggestion stay as far away from any lawyer that ever worked in the prosecutors office as they inherently are afraid of the prosecutors office. As such they will take your money more easily for they have an insider understanding of that “sweet” moment between your wallet and a pressured plea deal. If there is ever such as thing as “insider-trading” it is a defense attorney that at one time worked in the prosecutors office.

5. Guilty – then by all means, as a suggestion, take the plea deal as it is the innocent, or those who actually demand prosecutors earn a living by going to court that are punished by Expert Prosecutor Mark Larson and team.

6. Lie detectors are a trap for if you pass unethical prosecutors couldn’t care less as a defendant is not permitted to present such evidence into court. Of course accusations alone, without one shred of evidence are fine, just not lie detector tests. And if you fail a lie detector test then the prosecutors and your defense attorney will use that failure to wear you down to accept the used-car deal mentality of a plea deal. Either way the prosecution has achieved it’s goal to dangle the word “co-operation” in front of you so as to waste your energy and wear you down emotionally.

Just The Issue of Lie Detectors

If all was just a matter of lie detector tests, perhaps, and perhaps there may have been some method to the madness. However, in this situation it was a flat-out obstruction to discover the truth of the hate crime by Athena Dean Holtz and gang. Indeed, to “Expert” Prosecutor Mark Larson even facts of physical handicaps and the impossibility of the crime being able to be committed because of the house layout were not enough to stop the train wreck for just a moment to investigate the possibility of a hate crime. Provide King County Courts with a hate crime they can use, and employ they will.

Mark Larson not only ignored lie detector results (and these were AAA lie detector tests) that Malcolm Fraser passed according to the experts but also the expert who testified to Detective McCall’s set-up testimony that he and Athena Dean had groomed for the False Accuser.

“Expert” Larson cannot even read a calendar that the accused did not even live there at the time and the time-frame was proven to be a huge lie. To be sure, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and Mark Larson enjoy the innovating manner and “specialized” way they frame those charged with a crime – it’s called entrapment.

Remember Mark Larson is part of the “team” that informed the Enumclaw Police to laugh and boast that Malcolm Fraser was “loosing half” his defense. It is emotionalism, not professionalism that is the mark of Mark Larson and King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg that is why Prosecutor David Seavers cites the news in legal briefs.

Were Mark Larson a preacher that abuses such emotions God would call him a false prophet. This team* was just flat out disgusting to watch them do their “expert” dirty work. What more can you expect from a team that values winning so much they put an innocent man in prison, destroy families, lives, businesses and a church while blessing Detective Grant McCall and those openly engaged in a hate crime

That the hate crime has been inflamed to further action is understandable considering that Satterberg’s “expert-ism” is a cover for persecution, not prosecutions. Why, “Expert” Prosecutor Mark Larson will not even figure out hate crime evidence, let alone lie detector tests if it does not suit their needs. As, Prosecutor Mike Reynolds for the Enumclaw Police, and now landlord to Athena Dean, stated many times, “only gays and minorities” receive “any justice” in the King County Courthouse – thus the lynch mob and officials acted upon this repeated truism.

Prosecutor Mark Larson

This is who Prosecutor Mark Larson found “believable.” Detective Grant McCall worked with Athena Dean Holtz and Jessica Gambill (mother of false accuser).

Prosecutor Mark Larson upon learning of the video below redoubled the Prosecutors Office efforts to enhance the hate crime against Timothy Williams. Indeed, the misconduct of Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, and much more, were whitewashed by Prosecutor Mark Larson and Team.
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