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Jessica Gambill / Led Uprising

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Dean – Gambill Family

“You aren’t going to show any videos,” in court?
Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Mark Larson Team

Na, why would any evidence be allowed in court – or even go to the house and examine the layout when a lynch mob is so much easier. Lies are far more efficient to use in political promoting prosecutions than going after con-artists, excited mobs and hate-crime advocates. Although having all the evidence at hand the hate-crime against Christianity just is not part of King County’s protected class.

Prosecutor Mark Larson

Jessica Gambill has a long history of troublemaking.

With Athena Dean Holtz on her 4th marriage it is difficult to keep track of who is related to whom – but Jessica Gambill (accusers mother) and Athena Dean are related. Just the kind of reliable witnesses King County Satterberg has in mind to put to his use. The only concern, and I do mean only concern Prosecutor Jason Simmons had was if “any” videos were going to be shown in court by the defense. The zeal and effort by Mark Larson and team to bury evidence, twist and pervert cold-hard-fact forces the mind to reel in upon itself.

Athena Dean Holtz and Jessica Gambill began this hate crime in November of 2011.

Long before the arrest of Malcolm Fraser, destruction of Winepress Publishing, Salt Shaker Bookstore, Sound Doctrine Church and other families the hate crime comes into focus in this video for most individuals.


Jessica Gambill Related To Athena Dean

Reform Schools

Reform schools exist for one reason—to change behavior of rebellious troubled teens so they will stop destroying themselves and others around them. In order to avoid further abuse from their child, or to help them before they start a cycle of illegal activity and arrests, many parents find themselves calling out to any one of the numerous reform schools in the United States. Many families have seen great success and have been blessed as a result of sending their child to reform schools. For Jessica Gambill and her family, however, not even a strict reform school environment could change her ingrained bullying, rebellious, manipulative personality.

The eldest of four children, Jessica Gambill was born in October 1974 to a large Scandinavian-American family. The childhood that belonged to Jessica was far from idyllic. Her biological father’s suspicious disappearance turned Jessica’s mom into a young widow over night. She was left to care and provide for four young children with no hope of her husband returning. Although Jessica’s father may have dabbled in drugs and hung out with a bad crowd no one knows for sure if he met with an unfortunate accident or was murdered.

Growing up, Jessica was close to her two sisters and one brother. Each child had their own personality conflicts with each other and their mother as they grew up. For Jessica, however, the conflicts were continual and more and more intense as she entered into her teenage years. An angry bully of a girl, she found ways to hurt her mother by smoking, sneaking out with boys, staying out late, getting bad grades, yelling, cursing and arguing.

In the early 90’s, as Jessica entered high school, her rebellion came to a breaking point. Each time her mother confronted Jessica, it would only lead to violent, loud, uncontrollable arguments. As these increased it became apparent that there was nothing her mother could do. There was only one way to stop Jessica’s rapid downward spiral of rebellion—reform school.

At some point during her high school years Jessica was sent out into Idaho’s dry, rugged wilderness to an all-girl reform school. The structure at this school was the equivalent to military school. Yelling, cursing, and disrespectful attitudes were punished. Personal items were not encouraged, and all the girls were constantly inspected for contraband. Bed times, meal times, and study times were all strictly enforced. All rooms were kept inspection ready, with no mess allowed at any time. The structure of the school day did not leave any time for idleness. Doors were locked and the keys secured at night or when that area was no longer in use.

Bullied Anorexic Girl

The rebellion in Jessica ran very deep as she fought every day against the authority of the school and those who ran it. She took pride in the fact that they could not control her. She took on a leadership role among a small group of girls and convinced this group not to give in to authority as well. To prove the school could not successfully reform her and to get back at her mother for sending her away, she came up with a plan to break into the school cafeteria at night to get a snack. She bullied the group of girls with her to steal the keys and together they successfully broke into the school’s kitchen. As they ate, Jessica bullied an anorexic girl to eat with them. Before long the counselors at the school figured out what was going on and caught the girls eating food that was supposed to be for mealtimes. Not only did Jessica get other girls in trouble but she was also responsible for compromising the food for the rest of the school.

Soon after, Jessica was sent home. The school would not allow her to finish out the school year. This reform school would rather lose money by sending one girl home than keep her there and run the risk of her negative influence on others. The faculty at this reform school stood up to Jessica and did not back down on any occasion. Because of this, Jessica only laughs each time as she relays her experience at this reform school. Her excuse for leading a group of girls to break in and steal food was that they were all hungry and she was just helping them. The weight of the fact that she destroyed any good work the reform school produced in other girls never crossed her mind. The fact that a reform school gave up on her because of her continual strife and her refusal to change never bothered her in the least.

King County Prosecutor Lisa Johnson

And this is who King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg finds as creditable, or as Prosecutor Lisa Johonson stated “believable”.  Seems as if not all hypocrites go to church that are willing to believe anything if it gives them what they want.


Athena Dean Holtz, Married 4th Time Pastor Holtz of The Summit, Jessica Gambill all were attending the church when the hate crime was set into motion.


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