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“He wrote the books!”
King County Prosecutors & Enumclaw Police

The clear message sent by King County Prosecutors after endless days of attacking and vilifying the church was to enflame the jury to shut down Timothy Williams by convicting M.F. The following quote is from the last few minutes closing arguments. This corruption began with Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall decades before and ended with King County Prosecutors Dan Satterberg and Mark Larson making this the beginning and end-goal.

The church will live on if M.F. is lost.
The head of the church is Timothy Williams.
He is the one that wrote the books.
He is the one that has the teachings not M.F.

King County Prosecutors Using Slander as “Evidence”


Team: Prosecutor Dan Satterberg specifically assigned as was stated with his official letterhead: uh-shucks Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor David Seaver, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, Prosecutor Nicole Weston, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, King County’s Own Ian Goodhew, assigned Judge Lori K. Smith, to name a few.

Prosecutor Jason Simmons legal rant because he had no evidence went even further to degrade the concept of The Law into prosecution by unproven slander. This “style” of lawlessness is what King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg has now set up as routine. Seattle’s courts are now lawlessness political standing courts. If you fit a specific political standing you are shown favoritism. If not then like Sound Doctrine Church and Timothy Williams proof is not required for a prosecution. Fact is, Satterberg and Larson will obstruct any calls and attempts to seek out the truth by way of evidence.

Specially Chosen Words For Conviction

King County Prosecutors in closing arguments, just before the final words are spoken wanted to ensure that Timothy Williams was tied directly to the proxy-prosecution of a defendant noosed with a sensational crime.

Without exaggeration M.F. is in prison because a jury was told “Timothy Williams” “wrote the books.”

Prosecutors do not waste words and they would not have wasted words at the end of the trial with useless banter.

King County Prosecutors blocked all calls for an investigation, presented ZERO evidence that charges could have happened and merely told the jury to just say “So what” to the defense points.

The whole King County Prosecution was based on “So what” ….BUT …Timothy Williams WRITES THE BOOKS!

Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall highly objected to Even The Demons Believe King County Prosecutor Mark Larson’s Team objected to any sound doctrine.

Both groups claiming to be Christian abused their secular power to destroy Timothy Williams.

Year 2005
“I am very familiar with the book.”
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall disdain for the book
Even The Demons Believe by Timothy Williams

Year 2013
“He, Timothy Williams, writes the books!”
King County Prosecutors closing arguments.
Using the conviction of another person to destroy Timothy Williams.

Enumclaw Police constant harassments of Sound Doctrine Church as influenced by bigoted Baptist Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall who made himself a magnet for anyone annoyed by the preaching of Timothy Williams.

Indeed King County Prosecutors presented zero evidence to support the charges, but Timothy Williams, or Sound Doctrine Church was attacked from start to finish.

It began in 2005 with Enumclaw Baptist Detective Grant McCall’s heavy handed opposition to Even the Demons Believe and ended with King County Prosecutor Mark Larson’s Team enraging a jury against the books of Timothy Williams in 2013 to be sure he would be destroyed.

The title of those books can be found by clicking here.

The video of Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall’s sinful influence is found below.

The charges against M.F. were the mechanism that Baptist bigot Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall and Prosecutor Mark Larson used attack the church.

The evidence for this is overwhelming for which a very small sliver of such proofs are detailed on various web sites I manage. 

Some of my sermons and other materials, along with a massive amount of slander were pass around to King County Prosecutors by those engaged in a hate crime. Like Family Court and other nationwide corruptions these officials are eager for lies they can covet and abuse for their self-righteous happy pleasures. Indeed, current events in the news have proven these assertions true to even the most doubtful.

City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds stated many times, “only gays and minorities have any rights”

I warned the Enumclaw Pastors Association at the time of this ordeal but they choose to commit the same sins as the officials in Succoth. Judges 8:6 Now the judicial corruption is being unleashed on everyone not as, City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds stated many times, “only gays and minorities have any rights” down at Seattle’s King County Courthouse.

At the time impure legal perversions were being unleashed upon Sound Doctrine Church no one dare thought the coming lawless destruction now happening in Seattle was possible. But they were warned.

Thus the end focal point of the ends-justify-the-means prosecution though an endorsed hate-crime in Washington State was reaching its conclusion these were their words of choice. These are the  words King County Prosecutors considered the most valuable for gaining a conviction.

The words to the jury that Timothy Williams writes the books by King County Prosecutor Mark Larson’s team were the the coupe de gaus from all the abuse of power to destroy Sound Doctrine Church, aka, Timothy Williams. 

This bitter root accusation achieved its unholy purpose and this is why King County Prosecutors waited until just the correct moment to inflame the hatred of jury with the words Timothy Williams writes the book and is the one that teaches. 

Naturally bitter root convictions work once such hatred is spread in a self-serving court system that whitewashes the deeds of Washington State officials. (See Judge Lori K. Smith) See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many. (Hebrews 12:15)

Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall and King County Prosecutors abandoning all procedures and The Law to frameup a baseless prosecution. Judge Lori K. Smith was specifically chosen as she is a prosecutor judge at every level.

Indeed, Judge Lori K. Smith brought over the defilement inherent lawlessness at Family Court into a criminal prosecution – which was why Satterberg’s office chose Ms. Smith. 


Backstory of Slander
King County Prosecutors Consider Slander “Evidence”

Another person is charged with a hideous crime but the focus is Timothy Williams who never testified.

Enumclaw Police through Detective Grant McCall were called in because this person’s religious beliefs did not accord with the City of Enumclaw Baptist doctrines.

“Wow! I was told not to come into the Salt Shaker Bookstore
by my Enumclaw pastor. I am glad I checked it out.”

Many individuals over the years were shocked
to discover the evil slander were complete lies.

Year 2005
“I am very familiar with the book.”
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall Disdain for the book
Even The Demons Believe by Timothy Williams

Year 2013
“He, Timothy Williams, writes the books!”
King County Prosecutors closing arguments before a jury attempting
using the conviction of another person to attack Timothy Williams.

“Does Timothy have a special relationship with God?”
King County Prosecutors, Mark Larson’s Team
Try reading Insanity in the Church – gesh!
My offer to pray still stands if you need proof of true humility.

Enumclaw Police Called In To Bully Belief Grant McCall’s Baptist Doctrine

Video testifies to the fact Enumclaw Police were called in to bully pulpit Baptist doctrine!

Everyone knew that if you did not like Sound Doctrine Church, aka, Timothy Williams or heard a rumor that offended you to call the Enumclaw Police. This is how these parents knew to call Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall who is now promoted and training other Enumclaw Police.

The whole court trial was video recorded and other aspects of this abuse of power can be seen by clicking here. 


Decades of opposition from Baptist Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall helped fuel the unholy fires for King County Prosecutors.

Many of the King County Prosecutors claim to be Christian while employing all the tools that one would expect from the ungodly.

To make a long story short the book Even the Demons Believe was mightily hated by Enumclaw Police Detective Grant McCall as King County Prosecutors were enraged by the offensive message of Jesus.

It was classic Pharisee and Sadducee, the lawyers in the days of Jesus, seeking out false accusations to destroy the message of Jesus is s.o.p.

This is exactly why King County Prosecutors asked, “What are you going to do when your church can no longer meet?” 

Every means was employed to destroy Sound Doctrine Church and eventually King County Prosecutor Mark Laron’s team did destroy and drive Timothy Williams from the City of Enumclaw.

He Writes The Books!

Year after year for several decades the church in the City of Enumclaw told their members not to come it the bookstore because the Salt Shaker Bookstore only sold Timothy Williams’ books.

Thus, King County Prosecutors opposed any investigation for facts of evidence and repeated to jury that “I, Timothy Williams write the books.” 

Those who did examine the facts for themselves by coming into the Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore in Enumclaw Washington were literally shocked to discover that hundreds of books were on display and thousands could be ordered.

The joke really is, I am not a writer, it was my then wife Carla, who King County Prosecutors were and I quote, “happy” to discover was dying of cancer and could not testify for the defense was the writer of many books.  As City of Enumclaw Mike Reynolds informed me in a frantic tone as he might loose some rent for the WinePress Publishing and Salt Shaker Bookstore buildings, that King County Prosecutors were “happy” the accused was “loosing a 1/3 of his defense team.” As King County Mark Larson’s teams consider themselves, and again I quote, on a “holy mission” their holiness is defined by depriving the ability of the defense to put up a defense. In reality King County Prosecutors: who say, ‘Keep away; don’t come near me, for I am too sacred for you!’ Such people are smoke in my nostrils, a fire that keeps burning all day. (Isaiah 65:5)

When I did some work for the publishing world I removed my books, except of Gossip and the Gospel from print so that there would be no conflict of interests. The books are slowly being restored.

Letter from Enumclaw Pastors Association

Before you take a look at the Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore for yourself note the free rack.

Not only was the free stuff slandered by a current City of Enumclaw Counsel Member but I have a letter from the Enumclaw Pastor’s Association challenging me to post my beliefs publicly.

The slander and lies were so absurd one does not know where to begin. To suggest, to remotely contemplate that somehow I do not publicly declare my beliefs borderlines on mindless craziness.

If you had actually come into the Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore you could have got your slander firsthand! Alas, like King County Prosecutors evidence is not required to prosecute or persecute.

The Salt Shaker Bookstore

The Salt Shaker Bookstore was destroyed by Seattle’s and the City of Enumclaw’s perversion of the law.



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"He wrote the books!" King County Prosecutors - The " Consider" Podcast

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“He wrote the books!” King County Prosecutors

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