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Athena Dean Uses God To Void Contracts

Written by Timothy

 Athena Dean Holtz Jessica Gambill

1986 – Charity Trash Bag Fraud – Athena Dean Holtz

Forward 2011

In God’s Name Athena Dean Holtz Shatters Contracts


2011 – Athena Dean Holtz with Jessica Gambill Set Out To Destroy – Breaking Contracts

That King County Prosecutors and Judge Lori K. Smith found Athena Dean Holtz and the resulting hate crime useful – well the news is just chock full of Prosecutor abuse.
Pictured Athena Dean, Jessica Gambill attended same church. Athena Dean, Jessica Gambill joined the same church where Pastor Holtz, whom for the 4th time Athena Dean married, as the hate crime began. Pastor Holtz had forbidden his church members to enter the Salt Shaker Bookstore for over a decade. Counselors also came from The Summit Church. Athena Dean Holtz and Jessica Gambill are related. Ian Goodwin, Deputy for Dan Satterberg’s Office though familiar deplored any call for an investigation.
Later Athena Dean Holtz and Jessica Gambill are associated with Redemption Press. Enumclaw City Attorney landlord Mike Reynolds – see info-gram below. Enumclaw Police Chief Jim Zoll, Enumclaw detective Grant McCall, Enumclaw Police Officer Tony Ryan, etc. etc. – further information can be see in the video below.
Business contracts, lease agreements, verbal agreements, any agreements all are broken in God’s name and God speaking through fortune cookies.

In God’s Name I Break My Word – Athena Dean Holtz
Breaking Contracts / Setting Others Up For Legal Trouble
King County Prosecutor Jason Simmons reaction: “So what!”

Athena Dean Holtz, of Redemption Press and The Summit Church voided, calling upon God’s name to justify every contract, word and anything she no longer wanted to keep her word about written contracts – not too mention verbal agreements. None should expect otherwise as Athena Dean Holtz, along with Jessica Gambill stole roommates household goods – with Ms. Holtz even charity and trash bags are not above her nefarious actions.

athena dean holtz rent

Athean Dean says come on and get your stuff – then calls the Enumclaw Police.

Prosecutor Mark Larson

Enumclaw Police help Athena Dean Holtz break her word so Jessica Gambill and Ms. Holtz moved on to greater destruction.
Prosecutor Mark Larson – Found Athean Dean Holtz Userful

King Count Prosecutors Office

Amazing again – but King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg Office destroyed the evidence of those who had evidence while embracing a self-confessed liar. It is more telling who Satterberg really is than who Athena Dean claims to be. The Team of Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson.

Anyone who believes Athena is going through some sort of spiritual recovery program is being grievously deceived.

“Yep, I signed the Non compete and Confidentiality Agreement and No Gossip Policy, and I am righteously violating all, in Jesus’ Name.” (Athena Dean, 2/15/2012)

The agreements Athena signed were both morally and legally binding, and they were established for very good reasons – as her own actions now prove. She has publicly and proudly announced she is deliberately violating them, on a pretense of “righteousness” that directly contradicts the Bible. And this is what she has done to those with whom she lived and worked and fellowshipped closely for 12 years. You would do well to ask what will happen when she repeats the cycle, as she always does. You may end up being the victim.

“I was not even allowed to or encouraged to have another attorney review the documents before the sale was consummated.” (Athena Dean, 2/15/2012)

Another lie. Here’s a direct quote from a letter sent by our attorney and signed by Athena on 3/26/2010.

I wish to express to you that you have the option to seek outside legal counsel to advise you on choosing to employ me for this task given my dual role, and that you will suffer no repercussions from me in any way for choosing to do so. (Tom Osinski, 3/25/2010)


Athena herself openly boasted about hiring a “bulldog” attorney in the hopes of suing Sound Doctrine Church out of business, ministry, money, and even homes (literally) – but, at the same time, she falsely accused our attorney of being a “bully” for doing his job to represent his clients and uphold the law.

Athena went so far as to file a complaint against our attorney with the Washington State Bar Association. Naturally, it was summarily dismissed.

For the record, as you can see above, our attorney has always conducted himself with the utmost professionalism and ethics during his long association with us.

He has given his permission to post these details. They clearly demonstrate the lengths of falsity and malfeasance Athena is prepared to go to in her personal vendetta against Sound Doctrine Church, WinePress Publishing, and anyone who dares to support us.

Athena’s accusations against our attorney can be summarized as:

  1. He approved and participated in the “fraudulent” sale of WinePress Publishing to Athena’s church.
  2. He advised the church to have Athena sign an unfair Non-Compete Agreement.
  3. He allows his client to write “threatening, intimidating, and verbally abusive letters,” to which he simply adds his letterhead and signs his name.


To be clear, the WSBA did not even ask our attorney for a response, as they found no basis for any complaint. However, to put the truth on the record:

  1. There was no fraud involved in the sale of WinePress Publishing – unless it was Athena’s fraud in staying with the company for 18 months after the sale, until all the debts had been transferred out of her name, and then conveniently deciding to leave and start a massive slander campaign.
  2. Our attorney was not even involved in the Non-Compete Agreement. It was drafted separately, and modified (by Athena, personally) after advice from our CPA. Athena’s attempts to claim it was somehow unfair – and so justify the fact she is ignoring it – are pure sophistry.
  3. The “example letter” provided by Athena …

…was written entirely by our attorney. It is not in any way “abusive” or “threatening” – but is intended to protect the legal rights of two church members who were being harassed by Athena’s “friend,” Jessica Gambill, while attempting to recover over $20,000 worth of personal belongings being deliberately withheld from them by Athena.

Again, the falsity of Athena’s accusations are demonstrable and provable. Yet, that did not stop her from filing them with the following declaration:

The inevitable dismissal from the WSBA is attached below.

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Timothy Williams
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