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Larson’s Liars

Written by AT Cross

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Corruption never stays static; it always increases without internal checks by quality individuals.

King County Prosecutors have a long history of self-serving corruption which will not be fully detailed here at this time. It is enough to state that this is why they never prosecutor liars and corrupt cops who give them what they want, they unholy bless.

You can follow the links below for the hard truth of King County Court Corruptions.

  1. Larson & Satterberg refuse to prosecute liars thus attracting more liars.
  2. Larson & Satterberg actually encourage lying because such is easier than analyzing facts for evidence!
  3. Larson & Satterberg fully support police who will script out accusations to fit their selfish needs as is self-evident. See,
  4. Larson & Satterberg will add lies to a false witness statements thus debasing justice and abusing innocent victims by their corruptions.
  5. Larson & Satterberg fully expect and have received protection from King County Judges as is easily documented through court records.
  6. Larson & Satterberg are so unreasonable they will object to abuse prevention programs to win a prosecution. (Lying about facts.)
  7. Larson & Satterberg fill themselves and officials with lies to the point they believe their lies about themselves. If a ruler listens to lies, all his officials become wicked. (Proverbs 29:12)
  8. etc. etc. etc. So justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter. (Isaiah 59:14)

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and his favorite stepchild Prosecutor Mark Larson have reveled in manipulating, cultivating and enhancing liars that will allow them to steamroll their prosecutions. Indeed, King County Prosecutors video record some of their witness to help increase the emotional, rather than factual, presentations of false witnesses in their trials by ordeal.

Officer Jeff Nelson being the most current play-for-the-public-prosecution by King County Prosecutors.

The evidence is solid that King County Prosecutors have been manipulating False Witnesses for quite some time.

Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall literally scripted out accusations for a False Accuser word-for-word with the full, protective and hostile to lawfulness of King County Prosecutors.  Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall set-up lies because he knows King County Prosecutors would approve! *

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Dan Satterberg Specifically Assigned Mark Larson To This Take-Down



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