Malcolm Fraser’s Pardon

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Arrest Governor Jay Inslee

If Governor Jay Inslee seeks to pardon Malcolm Fraser, then he should be arrested immediately.1

Such a legal move is to obstruct justice, cover up crimes, and solidify the deprivation of honest services by the State of Washington. Such is a Federal crime, just to name one.

By pardoning Malcolm Fraser, Governor Jay Inslee is providing a dark pathway for guilty parties to never be called to justice in this world.

Such a slimy move allows the State of Washington and King County Courts to lie by acknowledging irregularities took place, but not declare Malcolm Fraser innocent.


Deprivation of Honest Services Federal Law

Washington State Pardons

Fraser Reject Pardon

There was, is, no agreement not to communicate with Mr. Fraser. The Lord just led me for, layers of wisdom, to cease communication towards or with Mr. Fraser over a decade ago. One layer of wisdom is because King County Prosecutors were so lynch-mob cult-slander-emotionally-strung-out-on-a-self-righteous-power-high that any actions would have been throwing pearls to pigs.4

I have not communicated on any level, nor sent messages of any kind through anyone else, to Malcolm Fraser. Starting weeks before he was sent to prison because of the setup crime by Detective Grant McCall and conspirators all communication on any level ceased. 3

The reason for zero communication has a depth of godly wisdom behind it. I have learned that the Living God often does, or does not move to act, for a depth of reasons.3

If I were in communication with Malcolm Fraser, I would recommend he refuse any type of pardon – short of a pardon declaring him innocent.

However, pardons do not declare that a person is innocent and such an action would allow the State of Washington to cover up corruptions.

In addition, Mr. Fraser will never be safe in society if he is just pardoned.

Knowing the hate crime individuals associated with this lawfare Mr. Fraser will be hounded and pounded.2

Besides with Fentanyl Bob Ferguson of Washington State, who is a sane border crusher, grandma destroyer, free speech oppressor, user of the poor, being posed to be elected as governor, prison and bankruptcy is where all righteous moral, law-abiding individuals are being hearded into.

Good old Bob and his minions were instrumental is ignoring the hate crime and took serious actions to ensure that no truth of innocence would come to the surface.

No Outside Knowledge

I have no outside knowledge that Malcolm Fraser is being considered for a pardon.

However, I have watched the corruptions of King County Prosecutors and their associated bad actors contrive many a wicked scheme.

If you give Prosecutors, Police and Judges the choice of honesty or a scheme, they will greedly, happily grab onto the evil scheme.

If an honest way things could be done, prosecutors will reject it out-of-hand and choose a crooked scheme instead because they live for the high they recieve from their abuses of power.

Schemes are the drug of choice when shooting up for a high from power.

Whereas with Judges and Prosecutors honesty will cause serious withdrawals if the drug for power is not obtianed.

Had anyone acted with humble honesty and integrity this matter would have been resolved long ago.

Bad Actors List

Unrepentant Principal Bad Actors List

Had any one of these individuals actually done their job, the active hate crime would have been exposed quickly and efficiently.

Instead, each participated in ignoring evidence, corruption, and facts to protect their positions. All these individuals below were confronted clearly with truthful evidence but chose to continue the hate crime and corruption institutionalized within the Washington State legal system.

Those who used the government to wage lawfare using lies. See Matthew 27:62

Government employees who turn a blind eye to full-scale legal corruption. See history.

Note: This is by no means a complete list of those who are in desperate need of repentance.

(Acts 2:40) With many other words he warned them; and he pleaded with them, "Save yourselves from this corrupt generation."

City of Enumclaw, Washington State
Mayor Liz Reynolds
Mayor Jan Molinaro
City Administrator Mike Thomas
City Administrator Chris Searcy
Beau Chevassus and City Council (past and present)

Enumclaw Police Department
Chief of Police Jim Zoll
Chief of Police Tim Floyd
Commander Tony Ryan
Detective Sergeant Grant McCall

King County Prosecutors
Prosecutor Dan Satterberg
Prosecutor David Seaver
Prosecutor Jason Simmons, who is afraid of the police
Prosecutor Lisa Johnson
Prosecutor Nicole Weston
Prosecutor Rich Anderson
Prosecutor Paul G. Sewell
Prosecutor Mark Larson, who claims a "holy mission"
King County Prosecutor Leesa Manion brags she is a woman while carrying on the corruption of King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg
King County Deputy Chief of Staff Ian Goodhew

King County and Washington State Courts and Judges
King County Superior Court
Judge Lori K. Smith
Judge Beth Andrus
Washington State Court of Appeals
Judge Marlin J. Appelwick
Judge Ronald E. Cox,
Judge Stephen J. Dwyer
Washington State Supreme Court
Justice Charles Wiggins
Justice Barbara Madsen
Justice Charles Johnson
Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud

Attorney General Bob Ferguson Washington State
Governor Jay Inslee

Washington State Bar Association
Enumclaw City Attorneys

State Representatives and Senator
Representative Christopher Hurst
Representative Cathy Dahlquist
Senator Pam Roach

For more details, see:


State of Washington, Plaintiff, V. Malcolm Fraser, Defendant Cause No. 12-1-01886-0


Enumclaw Police Detective Grant McCall created and conspired with others to form a hate crime. The setup employed a scripted-out false accusation of a crime to use as a cover to destroy perfectly Constitutionally legal religious beliefs and activities of a church McCall vehemently rejected.

Grant McCall of the Enumclaw Police made himself a magnet for liars and false witnesses, refusing to investigate on any honest level because he was instigating, promoting and conspiring with others to create a false accusation of a crime.

Being a policeman, McCall and lying witnesses knew exactly what corruptions to employ so that Seattle, King County Washington State Prosecutors and Judges would enhance his hate crime.

Fact: The 28-day trial that we video recorded did not present evidence of the accused crime but was used to make legal Christian activities sinister. All know how anti-Christian Seattle and Washington State is.

The proof of these facts are overwhelming. In short, this was an ideological prosecution and persecution by the Washington State Court system.

Basic Information

Judge and Police Corruption
King County Court Ideology Prosecutions

Seattle Washington
City of Enumclaw Police
King County Prosecutors
Roughly 2010 Frame Up

Enumclaw Police
Chief Judge Beth M. Andrus
Chief Judge Lori K. Smith
Detective Grant McCall
King County Prosecutors

Judge Beth Andrews whitewashed the crimes of Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, setting into motion the whitewashing of the City of Enumclaw’s criminal activities.

Judge Lori K. Smith purposely created a "family court" in a criminal trial. In other words, Judge Lori K. Smith, because of her prejudicial mindset, threw out the concept of evidence and rights of the accused.

Judge Smith, being raised to her position by prosecutors and as reflected on her website, is so narrowly focused on her agenda that aspects of criminal law are undermined.

Judge Beth Andrews and Judge Lori K. Smith created the lawlessness inherent in the Family Court with a criminal trial. Combined with Seattle’s police prosecutor corruption, the ideology-driven trial of Detective McCall’s foolish religious beliefs and police power abuse was steamrolled ahead.

Thus, prosecutors were enabled to rid the jury pool of anyone who believed in evidence. Literally, King County Prosecutors asked potential jurors if anyone thought that evidence was necessary for a criminal trial. Such were sent packing.

The city of Enumclaw Police backed Baptist "Detective" Grant McCall’s contradictory, self-righteous religious beliefs with abusive police tactics to support Mr. McCall’s criminal hate crime activities.

The City of Enumclaw Police was thus able to frame an innocent man with zero evidence because Detective McCall was creating a crime that did not and was impossible to commit.

Fact is, had any authority done their job, the criminal activity of Grant McCall would have been quickly revealed.

More information is located at:


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1 King County Superior Court, State of Washington, Plaintiff, V. Malcolm Fraser, Defendant Cause No. 12-1-01886-0 Knt
2 Matthew 27:1-2, True disciples of Jesus often suffer under lawfare. Where religious hatred uses governing authorities to strike.
3 There was, is, no agreement not to communicate. The Lord just led me for layers of wisdom as to why, to stop communicating.
4 "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces. (Matthew 7:6)