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Police Nonsense “What was in his mind.” Blendon Township Ohio

police nonsense "what was in his mind."
Written by Timothy

News Item

Footage from body-worn camera shows a pregnant woman asking police, “What, are you going to shoot me?” seconds before an officer fatally shot her outside a grocery store. – Columbus and central Ohio news, Blendon Township, 6350 S. Hempstead Road Westerville, OH 43081.

No one should care what was in the policeman’s mind as they can make up, and do make up lies to excuse every act of lawlessness.

Note how the police are mind-manipulating a false justification. Brian Steel, Executive Vice President is providing a false suggested statement, then commenting we must investigate. Just exactly what do you expect the policeman to state now?  FOP Vice President Brian Steel responds to the police shooting.

Three questions need to be asked:

1: What if they would have let her go? It is easy enough to get the license plate number or call for backup to surround the vehicle.

2: How come the police and prosecutor class never ask, “What was in the person’s mind who was confronted by police?” Any reasonable person should be very afraid of the police and flee.

3:  Why was the tire not shot to deflate. ?

Bottom Line:

Should she have fled? No, but she had every excuse to do so.

Should the police have fired their weapon, absolutely not – there is no excuse for this over a shoplifting accusation. However, do not blame the police, blame the prosecutors.

Remember this if you show up for jury duty.

Blendon Township is one of the seventeen townships of Franklin County, Ohio, United States. The 2020 census found 10,152 people in the township.

Ohio cops release bodycam vid of officer shooting dead pregnant driver Ta’Kiya Young– NYP

Jury Duty


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“Every church should have a ministry that teaches how to not bow down to the legal system. To serve justice and just alone.” – T. Williams

Listen to The Consider Podcast as we discuss before a Holy God, jury duty.

The legal system attempts to only have fools for the State seated in the jury box. The vast amount of tools and power the State abuses almost ensures that most of the time fools will find for the State. Do not be a fool.

The wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways, but the folly of fools is deception. (Proverbs 14:8)


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