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Political: Grandmaster Bob Ferguson

Only a fool would vote for a radicalized opponent of free speech, freedom of religion, a grandma crusher, hate crime protector, lawless border personality that thinks everyone is a grandmaster chess event to crush an opponent for votes. See: Proverbs 1:22, Ecclesiastes 9:17grand master

In the last two WA gubernatorial elections without an incumbent, the average margin of victory was just 1.5%. We can’t take anything for granted. If you’re with me, chip in today to make sure we have the resources to win. Bob Ferguson


Any, and all, political points communicated on The Consider Podcast have zero to do with attempting to influence votes and legislation. Instead, the listener is highly encouraged to walk on water with Jesus. To walk above today’s wild foaming political waves until God’s government takes control. For more information, read John 6:19 and Isaiah 9:6.

walk on water

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