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Instead of copying and remembering long web addresses to a post you can enter in the Post Number to be displayed.

On The Consider Podcast you may hear a post number mentioned, this is where those posts can be called up.

This is also an easy way to communciate to others about a particular post or topic.

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Post #: 6665

Promise For A False Witness

Post #: 6644

Bad Fruit Audiobook

Post #: 6531

Liar’s Court Clip: Entire Revolves Around – Not

Post #: 6508

Questions, Comments, Points, Tips

Post #: 6382

Hate Crime: Police Toxic Magnet For Liars

Post #: 6422

Legal: Prosecutor Taking The 5th

Post #: 6360

Hate Crime: Carla Speaks

Post #: 6323

#71, Jury Manipulation, 2nd Admendment, Wrap-Up

Post #: 6313

#70, Jury Manipulation, pt 3

Post #: 6276

Book: Insanity In The Church

Post #: 6264

Post ID

Post #: 6225

#69, Jury Manipulation Part 2

Post #: 6155

Stronger Men’s Conference Pole

Post #: 6021

“Time Of The Month”

Post #: 6081

Unrepentant Judge Susan J. Craighead