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Satterberg's Cult?

Written by Timothy

Badge-Bias is the legal system supporting at all costs, protecting police misconduct and perverting the laws of Washington to benefit those who serve prosecutors while wearing a badge. It is the widespread corrupt attitude in Washington State of Judges to be sycophant on behalf of police and prosecutors.
Police departments who defend all manner of misconduct, cutting corners, setups, lies, and incompetence in order to protect their “family” of fellow policepersons.
To midgate wrongs, enhance personal biases, coverup bad actions and strike-at those accused or in opposition to the State of Washington so as to benefit the police; to fulfill power and self-righteous lusts.

King County Prosecutors Enable Corruption To Get a Promotion –

King County Prosecutors
Seattle Washington
Dan Satterberg Cult?


Prosecutor Jason Simmons & Rich Anderson King County Washington

If we are going to play the Who Is A Cult game it is King County Prosecutors, of Seattle in Washington State that belongs to the Satterberg Cult.
Sound Doctrine Church Not A Cult
Remember Jesus said:
  • Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also.’ John 15:20

Those inciting Seattle’s King County Prosecutors, folks in the City of Enumclaw and the Internet at large knew exactly what to slander with in order to stir up trouble for Timothy Williams, (Sound Doctrine Church) It’s an old-old story of sinners opposing saints.
That such activities are highly illegal goes without saying, but if such hatred fits King County Prosecutors of Seattle selfish lusts – persecute they will.

  •  We have, in fact, found this man a pestilent fellow, an agitator among all the Jews throughout the world, and a ringleader of the sect (cult) of the Nazarenes.  He even tried to profane the temple, and so we seized him.  By examining him yourself you will be able to learn from him concerning everything of which we accuse him.”  The Jews also joined in the charge by asserting that all this was true. Acts 24:8-9

You are being conned if it is said Sound Doctrine, or Timothy Williams, was cult-like on any level.
There are always individuals that stirrup government officials, town leaders, and religious folk. Such individuals tailor their lies and the sin of evil-suspicions according to each situation.

  • But the Jews incited the devout women of high standing and the leading men of the city, and stirred up persecution against Paul and Barnabas, and drove them out of their region. Acts 13:50

Sound Doctrine Church, The Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore, WinePress Publishing or Timothy and Carla Williams are the complete opposite of what is often thought of as a cult.*
Indeed, such activities and Timothy Williams pursued holiness, protection of others and selfless love by the power of the Holy Spirit.
The reason for the persecution is because Timothy Williams both lives and preaches holiness in all things. A surrender to God’s will and purity at all times no matter the cost. One example: See Athena Dean’s Last Letter.

  •  The arrogant have forged a lie against me; Psalm 119:69

Be warned the lie(s) are “forged” by changing, adapting and shifting in order to stir your emotions. One reason the lies are many, loud and varied is presciely because Sound Doctrine Church, aka, Timothy Williams is the total opposite of a cult. Most individuals want to be told what to do, what to think and what to be but Timothy Williams taught, preached and demanded holiness unto God alone. Such surrender to the Living God, of presenting one’s very life to the will of God is seldom sought by few.

  • I appeal to you therefore, brothers and sisters, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Romans 12:1

* Sound Doctrine Church, The Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore, WinePress Publishing and Carla Williams are all dead.
Big Boys & Girls
Big boys, and girls don’t use the word “cult” because the word is almost psycho-babble. Short of voodoo, chicken heads cut off the abuse of the word “cult” to mean anyone you don’t like or agree with is used to inflame the emotions rather than making sound judgments. Weird as it sounds some ignorant individuals consider The Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore downtown Enumclaw Washington to be a cult.
The short of it Sound Doctrine Church was completely the opposite of a cult to the point of 120% the opposite. It was impossible for Sound Doctrine Church to be a cult because of the message, the leadership, and soundness of doctrine.
Professionals certainly do not employ the word “cult” but those involved in a hate crime, or a losing argument abuse the word.

  • “We heard it was a cult.” – Prosecutor Rich Anderson stated from day 1 (he wears the tennis shoes in the courtroom)

Prosecutor Dan Satterberg has declared it “takes a village” to do his job. Really? Whose village? Whose ideology? Whose church?
Funny, one always thought the prosecutor’s office was to enforce all the laws so that different cultural, differing viewpoints and differing churches would have to get along. But for Prosecutor Dan Satterberg it is one village, one ideology and most of all one church – his church. It goes without saying I am personally opposed to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s village with its drug use, womanizing, anti-christian attitude and wanton self-centeredness but let us take a look at Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s endorsement of the village.Prosecutor Dan Satterberg
Let us play some word games with Prosecutor Rich Anderson and Mark Larson’s Team and apply the concept of “cult” to their nice little village and see how things come out. After all, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg objected to Sound Doctrine Church’s abuse prevention programs so it is his village and his society that all must bow down towards.

  • They say it takes a village… – Prosecutor Dan Satterberg

Let’s take a look at Satterberg’s prosecution village because Lord knows society is being forced to join with every conceivable authoritarian mechanism he can come up with to join the P.V.. And want a grand village this, P.V. is turning out to be across America! No one is free, no one is safe, and the lynch-mobs get to influence and run the courts. Fast goes the destruction and freedom to be safe the more power Prosecutor Dan Satterberg manipulates his way.
Little back-story first: Prosecutor Dan Satterberg sent a formal letter assigning, as he calls him, “Expert” Prosecutor Mark Larson to go manipulate Athena Dean Holtz’s hate crime.
This is why Ian Goodhew stated categorically there would be no investigation into this hate crime.

The Word Cult
The word cult is not found in any legal code because the word is almost devoid of any real meaning.
The word cult only refers to a sect, group or those devoted to a particular cause. This is why the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and a few other legal documents were created.
Documents that legal Expert Prosecutor Mark Larson should hone up on.
Documents that demand the active protection of others religion. Prosecutor Mark Larson is free to follow his guru Dan Satterberg, but some of us just do not want to join his, to quote Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, “g-r-o-u-p.”
After all it is far too easy to inflame hatred just by slinging the mud word “cult” around.
That there is proof Athena Dean Holtz marketed with malice, conspiring with Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, – well – there is so much evidence that the reader understands exactly why Prosecutor Dan Satterberg obstructed every call for an investigation.
So let us play Satterberg’s cult word game and see how it plays out.
Here… we… go…
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall was testifying on behalf of the Satterberg Cult for Prosecutor Mark Larson and Team.

My Boss Is In A Cult
Rich Anderson: “we heard it was a cult”
Boss Prosecutor Mark Larson

…because no one wants to follow a boss that might be in a cult.

Prosecutor Mark Larson, Jason Simmons, Rich Anderson and Team, appointed by King County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg relished the hatred in Wa. vs Malcolm Fraser that his church might be called a “cult.” That they, the Prosecutors, had “heard” it was a “cult.” Athena Dean Holtz from Enumclaw Washington certainly did join a cult – the Satterberg cult.
Down at the King County Prosecutors Office, some hate crimes are endorsed by Mr. Satterberg for all the wrong reasons.

Dan Satterberg

For Satterberg

To King County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg things are so out-of-hand the attitude is “So what” to evidence if the hate crime fits his agenda. That this hate crime allowed the stealing of a business, destruction of a church and tearing apart of families were the rewards given by King County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg to those who gave him a winnable court case. Anything for Satterberg’s cult receives awards, advancement, and profit. Even liars will be given free legal help if it serves the Lawyer Cult.
Satterberg’s office was given overwhelming proof in 2011 that Athena Dean and Jessica Gambill (accusers mother) were stealing Winepress Publishing and committing a hate crime – but the response was “So what.” (In-depth Link)

Satterberg’s office was given overwhelming proof in 2011 that Athena Dean and Jessica Gambill (accusers mother) were stealing Winepress Publishing and committing a hate crime – but the response was “So what.”

Just for fun, just this once, let us examine the evidence to see if Expert Prosecutor Mark Larson is in a “cult.” Prosecutor Mark Larson must be referred to as an “expert” because King County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg wrote that is what they “enjoy” being known for around the country – experts. Pride is always associated with cults, especially in the cult leaders.
Since being a “cult” is so important to Satterberg’s Office let us do an expert examination and see if Prosecutor Anderson, or Larson might be in a cult because no one wants to follow a boss that might be in a cult.

Dan Satterberg
Lawbotomy The Brainwashing Method

an educational operation involving the overtaking of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex of the brain; thus to remove the law student of independent thought; make all thought process subservient to a legal system, division or person of such entity; to blindly follow a book of law; brainwash the mind rendering it “so what” to facts of evidence. -noun

Brainwashing is the first thing that comes to mind, excuse the pun, when thinking about the word “cult.” Brainwashing being the state where one is not allowed, or cannot think on their own. Their brain is washed clean of original thought, clarity and above all moral judgments. Such individuals just do or enjoy doing as they are told until un-brainwashed.
Normally we think of such individuals as being delivered from their brain fog and at last are able to agree with others around them. For example, those that did not hate the Jews in Nazi Germany were considered brainwashed until the Nazi’s were defeated and the excuse was promoted that they had been brainwashed to hate the Jews. Thus the term denazification. It may be time for some deprosecutoration as the abuse of the Lawyer Cult is reaching epidemic proportions.
Expert Prosecutor Mark Larson enjoys the loosy-goosy aspects of the law because he is able to more easily brainwash a jury to hang-em re-regardless of the facts. Swagger the word “cult” and the jury will be brainwashed for the prosecution.
When someone goes to law school, the understanding is that the brainwashing begins early and by the time a law student has graduated they are given a lawbotomy. Personally, I find such removable of the free-will repulsive but that is nothing compared to the fact God considers it a damnable sin worthy of the fires of hell.
Thus it follows Prosecutor Anderson has already had his lawbotomy. This helps explain why associate Prosecutor Simmons would so stupidly state that a Doctor has “never” seen a penis – they are in a cult where their minds are numbed to anything but the desires of their leaders. Like any cult fanatic, they will declare anything if it pleases the cult leader.
Expert Prosecutor Mark Larson’s team displayed all the holier-than-thou of the Grand Inquisition wherein pride and arrogance the most absurd cult-mongering words were chanted in court- that a doctor had “never” examined a penis being but one amazing piece of evidence. That police, law enforcement, and advisers were enabled to engage in corruption pales to the statements uttered in the name of justice by Larson’s cult group.


“From King County Prosecutors of Seattle Washington to the general population there is an itch in the ears that is so strong they will go to irrational lengths to hear what they want to hear.
King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg along with King County Prosecutors desired to hear that Sound Doctrine Church, (aka Timothy Williams) was a “cult” so they lust-ally scratched their itch. In short, they would not endure hearing the truth.”

Signs of The L.C. Cult
(Lawyer Cult)

Every thought, word and action must conform to their book that a person in a black robe will force on all who dare not believe the book.

The Cult Is Forced To Follow The Code
Those in the cult have to move exactly as someone in the cult dictates. These cult leaders make everyone rise and give them special homage when they come into a room. It is a disgusting cult practice. Everyone has to follow The Book and the book states no one is permitted to remotely think on their own. Every thought, word, and action must conform to their book that a person in a black robe will force on all who dare not obey the book.
Cult Excludes / Rejects / Fires

Again, Rich Anderson is most assuredly in a cult because any prosecutor who dares to state someone might be innocent is summarily kicked out of their legal meditation “prayer” group called the Bar Association or Prosecutor Cult.
Anyone really doing their honest job can, are and will be excluded from the Lawyer Cult.
Cult Must Follow The Contradictions of the Code

This cult’s books are loaded with contradictions, mistakes and just stupid statements that are hard to believe. However, everyone in the Law Cult will be forced by the High-priest Prosecutor authority to follow every contradiction, mistake, and stupid statement. Facts are, many of their members, i.e., lawyers, will say they know the system is corrupt but then blindly follow along because they can profit from the cult organization’s power.
Cult Members Are Never Fully Right
Adding to this misery is the fact Prosecutor Rich Anderson, for example, can never be right in this cult’s eyes except when locking others up in prison. Judges are always criticizing to the point prosecutors have some of the highest levels of divorce and suicide in the nation. It is not uncommon to hear of their fellow members have used prostitutes, bribery and lying about situations just to please the Supreme Cult Leader. Just days ago one of the high priest (Judge) physically assaulted a fellow cult member that was defending some accused by the Prosecutor Cult.
Cult Members Will Protect The Leader No Matter What
Say, a quasi-member of this cult tells a prosecutor they have to follow the laws in the book, fellow prosecutors will rally around the head Prosecutor so that he/she does not have to obey the rules. Everything done by the mindless minions is to ultimately protect the head guru prosecutor. These selfish cult leaders and members will do anything to protect their position and serve themselves. All thinking is subservient to the leaders in place.
Cult Will Make You Homeless Over $6.00 Due Them

Expert Prosecutor Mark Larson’s cult will leave widows homeless over the matter of $6.00.
Didn’t pay a $6.00 bill on your home, even being a widow, Rich Anderson’s cult will take the house because the book and black-robed priest declare it should be done. So brainwashed is Rich Anderson that he lied about Sound Doctrine Church leaving a woman with only $10 without ever noticing his cult leaders do exactly that daily. Such is the power of the brainwashing in the Legal Prosecutor Cult. This cult demands you think their rules down to the tenth degree or it is out on the street.
Cult Demands Money For Everything
Want information about the cult, discuss the cult or even question some of the cult beliefs – you gotta pay’em. And pay-up big time. In short, the cult requires everyone to pay just to think. The classic sign of brainwashing. The Lawyer Cult even requires you to pay if you want to think about filing a complaint against them.
Cult Has A Cold-Hearted Sense of Humor

Facts are the Lawyer Cult jokes about making Mother Teresa look criminal. This cult and its members have been known to laugh or mock the death of family members if it helps their cause. The Prosecutor Cult has told their workers (police) to shoot family dogs on sight so that no non-members will rise up to disrupt the organization. Cults often become cold-hearted, embittered, self-absorbed groups because the leaders only work for themselves. Even the cult’s thinking on what is funny is perverse.
Cult Is About Power, Money, and Servitude
Prosecutor Rich Anderson is most assuredly in a cult as they divorce individuals without any contest, take the money, land and wreak havoc among many who are innocent. If anyone has ever attempted to pay a fellow cult member’s, i.e. attorney’s bill, they know the first thing this cult is about is taking your money.
Why there are even reports of Defense Attorneys dropping a client accused by the Lawyer Cult because they run out of money. Must be why Prosecutor Anderson’s cult applies pressure to force anyone accused by the cult leaders to become first bankrupt then cop a plea – whether guilty or not.
The Lawyer Cult first makes the codes, forces everyone at gunpoint to obey those rules and if those rules are broken, it can cost $300 to $600 an hour just to explain yourself. Naturally explaining yourself to the cult is only according to their rules. It sure is looking like Prosecutor Satterberg who is, and I quote, “happy” to “threaten” prosecution if it will force individuals into his church (therapy group) is a primary cult leader. Quite the way to gain members and make them pay dues to the cult.

Satterberg admits these and other recent King County programs show his office is happy to use the threat of prosecution…, April 8, 2014

Trials that make the police prove their case, where Satterberg’s Prosecutors actually have to think and present evidence, sign paperwork and rationally deal with the facts – that’s just not King County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg’s cultish ways. It is all about the happiness Satterberg gets from threatening – which will be seen below had disasters consequences for many innocent families and children who do not want to be apart of his church.
Cults Never Admit Mistakes

Prosecutor Rich Anderson must be in a cult as the Mississippi division took 147 years to ratify the 13th amendment that ended slavery. Whenever this cult thinks about themselves the fact they could be wrong just isn’t part of the equation. The only time they think about being wrong is when it will make them appear right. Twisted thinking is at the heart of the Lawyer Cult.
Prosecutor Mark Larson’s Cult Is Known For Lying
Those in a cult cower toward the special authority figure-heads that everyone must obey and dare not speak up for the truth. In the cult’s courts, great effort is forced to limit discussion, block facts and keep secret evidence. In the cult’s thinking, it is centered around contemplating how to formulate lies to appear as truth.
This locking up of facts and relevant truths is done by first forcing everyone to swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth – then – telling them to shut up if they do attempt to keep that oath. This cult is very tricky and sinister on every level using all of it’s thinking ability to stop rational thought.
That you can go to prison for not declaring the whole truth as they muzzle that truth in your mouth before it gets out – well – that is part of the happiness that cult leader King County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg derives pleasure from threatening a person till they cop a plea for mercy. Cults are like that.
So absurd is this strangling of the truth that Prosecutors in the cult, like Simmons, will object to someone stating that a store “makes a good cup of coffee.”
As many know, having suffered under the Lawyer Cult’s abuse, the Prosecutor Office wrote the book on how to lie. (See Liars Reference Guide)
Cult High Rate of Suicide

This Lawyer Cult, (L.C.) produces destroyed marriages, destitution and even ranks number 4 for suicides among its members. Talk about destruction! The L.C. (Lawyer Cult) needs to be driven out of town today. The cult’s thoughts are one of destruction, not construction. Thus society is driven suicidal like many in their group.
All The Work Is For The Cult
All the benefits of that hard work done for individuals in sinister black uniforms go to benefit the leadership. The Police do all the hard work, take the risks, sacrifice their families, put their lives on the line just to benefit the highest Cult Prosecutor. It is a deplorable condition, this Lawyers Cult that serves only the Cult Prosecutor Leadership as black-robed Cult Judges sit there day after day passing judgment on others while planning their next vacation. All the thinking, all the actions are centered around one thing – what will the leaders in black say about this.
Cults Think They Are The Only True Ones
King County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg tells everyone else “So what” to their points, so it is clear he thinks he is the only one going to heaven. As with any cult zealot, King County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg refuses to meet with anyone not in favor of his cult. Special cult followers get to wear special clothing, in Rich Anderson’s case it is jeans and tennis shoes to work – but that is because he will do exactly as cult leader Satterberg demands.
The Supreme Cult Group Keeps Non-members Out
The supreme cult group, the Supreme Court that wears cultist black robes exclude all non-cult members from even talking to them. A non-cult member, by this Supreme Court Cult, locks the doors to non-members. All their brainwashing is done behind closed does and often in closed session.
The Lawyer Cult Insights Hatred
The lawyer cult gets everyone’s mind pitted against others, even inviting those who are willing to lie about a group or person they hate so as to win one for their cult.
Lawyer Cult Well Known For Destroying Marriages & Families

This cult wants everyone brainwashed using the Lawyer Cult’s spin cycle.

Mark Larson’s Lawyer Cult separates married individuals, redefines marriage and by force will take the children from families on the slightest pretext. The Prosecutor Cult assuredly is destroying family after family and often meets in secret to keep their sinister activities hidden. Mr. Larson’s cult member forces others to accept their definition of marriage to the point they will force those who do not agree into re-thinking treatment masked as toleration groups. This cult wants everyone brainwashed using the Lawyer Cult’s spin cycle.
Those in the L.C., or Lawyers Cult, are special, above the law and this cult has a long history of destruction. In fact, Mr. Anderson is part of a group that has pushed Washington State to be number 10 in the destruction of marriages.
Facts are, Rich Anderson’s cult causes almost a 75% divorce rate among those who work for the cult in the law enforcement end of things. The Lawyers Cult demands that those who work for them give enormous amounts of their time – thus destroying their home life. Satterberg’s little cult group enjoys the lies that accuse others of destroying families because it keeps him in power to reap the profit for his home life. It is all about King County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg.
The Evidence Is Solid: King County Prosecutor’s Office Is A Cult

Most assuredly, Prosecutor Mark Larson and Team are in a cult, and we have only, excuse the pun, thought about the brainwashing aspect. It is time King County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg step down from his exalted Cult Leader position for the safety of families in Washington State.

Let us switch gears now, and we will examine how the real cult, the Lawyer Cult, committed a self-righteous trial by ordeal. This matter of cult hysteria was not only present with the jury but Prosecutor Simmons was so full of the he-bee-gbees that he was spooked that a “cult” member might be passing secret eye codes. Satterberg let his favorite expert team get emotionally out of control – even rabid in this case of attacking Timothy Williams – a supposed cult leader.

…so full of the he-bee-gbees that he was spooked that a “cult” member might be passing secret eye codes (see video)

Heard It Was A Cult
“We heard it is a cult.” King County Prosecutor Rich Anderson from day 1 pounced upon defense attorney behind closed doors. It was not that Mr. Fraser was guilty, but that it was a Christian church being called a “cult.” That Timothy Williams, not Fraser might be “special”, “write the books” and be a leader of a “cult” that had Expert Prosecutor Mark Larson salivating. This is why Mr. Larson protected the shaker and maker of the hate crime, Athena Dean, with all his official powers.
Satterberg assigned Prosecutor Mark Larson to the case because those who marketed the accusations had media all ready to go and that had to be controlled to his benefit. The demands for a proper investigation were stonewalled until the evidence grew cold and the criminals doing work for the prosecution protected.
From the on-set, an obstruction was set into motion. Why do you ask? Because they “heard it was a cult” and that could be used with a cute little, “believable” false accuser.
However, like the Wenatchee child abuse witch-hunt trial, there was simply no evidence. In Wa. Vs. Malcolm Fraser what massive evidence does exist proves there was, and still is a hate crime progressing, so Prosecutors Mark Larson, Lisa Johnson, Rich Anderson, Jason Simmons began the shakedown process to ensure the truth was buried deep in the court system.

In the first days Prosecutor Rich Anderson stated to Malcolm Fraser’s attorney, “We heard it was a cult.”

Prosecutor Jason Simmons and his team understood from the get-go that they were attacking a Christian church not prosecuting someone accused of abuse. In the first days, Prosecutor Rich Anderson stated to Malcolm Fraser’s attorney, “We heard it was a cult.”
Naturally, those marketing a hate crime wouldn’t have stated anything less. These lying accusers, months before the arrest, understood all too well that Washington State is notorious for “the worst example ever of mental health services being abused by a state” in the Wenatchee child abuse fiasco. The very individuals Washington State law was designed to protect others from the King County Prosecutors are using for their selfish agenda.
Setting people up is what Prosecutors in Washington State are known for – thus to hear Prosecutor Rich Anderson relished the word “cult” in the backdrop is no shock in the frame-up of Malcolm Fraser vs. Wa.
The mother of the False Accuser, when recorded on video inflaming the hatred, her and Athena Dean had been on, long before the charges were brought by Satterberg, stated it was “all” lies.
The False Accusers’ mother stated that the video on which she is recorded was “all lies.”
Caught on video inflaming, stealing, committing a hate crime, lied, that the video was “all lies” – and Satterberg’s office duly remained ever silent – accepting the lie about the video – then protecting such blatant frame-ups.

– then protecting such blatant frame-ups.

All through history the easiest crimes to frame someone with is emotionally charged child-abuse accusations. Even Queen Marie Antoinette was charged with incest by her prosecutors. Athena Dean knew exactly what hatred to market and everyone was warned in 2011.
In months leading up to the arrest, the rumblings of those who were spreading hate crime slander were inciting crowds against Sound Doctrine Church and Winepress Publishing. King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg was fully aware of this and therefore assigned his special “expert” team to handle the situation ensuring it was used to his maximum advantage. Plus there was always the danger the truth would come to the surface.
Malcolm Fraser was just the scapegoat for a self-righteous Prosecution team bent on guiding bigotry before a jury. As you watch Prosecutor Jason Simmons inflame the hatred, it is notable to see he never completes a thought or sentence. For those who are Christians, it is called a bitter root; for those in the legal system, it is a crime – malicious prosecution. An illegal, immoral and unethical abuse of the courts.
Twisted Accusations / Group Lies / Cult Contortions

Watch the trial of Malcolm Fraser, and you will be shocked to see over 80% of what is testified to has nothing, zero, to do with the charges. Satterberg priding himself on the millions in resources brought not a single expert into the courtroom – all the testimony was inflammatory and did not concur with the proven facts. Prosecutor Mark Larson’s team presented a fully loaded emotional trial without a single thread of evidence related to the accusation.

Prosecutor Mark Larson’s team presented a fully loaded emotional trial without a single thread of evidence related to the accusation.

Athena Dean and Detective McCall used the contrived hatred of those who did not like a church to feed the word “cult” to the all too willing King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s Office which has grown so far out of control that evidence is meaningless to their goals. What King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s Office did was take a mudslide of lies, pick through the silt what could be misconstrued at a trial. Even with that, if one were to attempt to line-out the facts, it becomes an effort that is fully ludicrous.
Literally, the False Accusers accusations can be seen from going through this process. She, the False Accusers makes the shortest, wide opened statement of abuse, then Detective McCall and Prosecutors filled in the blanks for the accusers.
There was no way Malcolm Fraser could win the trial because the accusations were based only on irrational, fluid, ever-changing concepts that were changed hourly by the prosecution against the backdrop called a “cult.”
The twisted slander dumping by Athena Dean provided Prosecutors Mark Larson, Lisa Johnson, Rich Anderson, Jason Simmons allowed them to fabricate a lying story-line any way the trial went. Try defending yourself to accusations that are changed at a whim and see if you could win. There was no way Malcolm Fraser could win the trial because the accusations were based only on irrational, fluid, ever-changing concepts that were changed hourly by the prosecution against the backdrop called a “cult.” At least not with your normal jury of folks seated, and unseated from Washington State’s jury pool. (See video: Jury Seat Belt) It was a lynch-mob dressed up as professionalism, all the tell-tale signs of Expert Mark Larson.
So “cultish” had Prosecutor Mark Larson’s attacks become that his team objected before the jury to the fact the church had an abuse prevention program in place for decades. Best to let that sink in …if your church has an abuse program in place to Satterberg’s office that is proof that abuse must be going on. Observing that such statements of evidence are contorted in upon itself is to apply logic and reason to what is already an insane position. It is tantamount to first agreeing that the world is flat then arguing it looks round.
Each knowingly protected and enhanced an on-going hate crime – turning a blind eye at their crimes to achieve an unsavory purpose. Either that or one has to believe they are incompetent as basic human beings and have brain damage. What Prosecutors would normally ensure was investigated among their elite, they blocked and sub-planted because they savored a Christian church being called a “cult.” Prosecutor Jason Simmon’s well understood this so brazenly asked, “What are you going to do when your church cannot meet anymore?” to those being framed by Satterberg’s office.

So “cultish” had Prosecutor Mark Larson’s attacks become that his team objected before the jury to the fact the church had abuse prevention program in place for decades.

Last 3 Minutes of Jury Summation

Jury Stats:
Prosecutor Simmons: 30-minute summation
:at 26 minutes 42 seconds, 10:26 am, on May 28, 2013,
it is “Timothy Williams” name that is focused on.
Roughly 3 minutes later Prosecutor Simmons shuts up.

The last 3 minutes of jury summation by Prosecutor Jason Simmons…

  • …months of waiting to go to trial
  • …dirty cops and officials exposed and jockeying for position
  • …prosecution eating up 20 days of hate-filled testimony
  • …Malcolm Fraser arrested at Winepress Publishing by Detective McCall
  • …last 3 minutes, the most important words, to Prosecutor Larson, are not Malcolm Fraser
  • …3 minutes remaining and it is Timothy Williams’ name that is vomited out to the jury
  • …Timothy Williams writes the books…
  • …Timothy Williams does the preaching…
  • …Timothy Williams will have the church go on…

Timothy Williams, Timothy Williams, Timothy Williams… was the cult mongering emotions sent to the jury. The message sent by Expert Prosecutor Mark Larson’s leadership was clear – get the rope.
Throwing gasoline on the fire Satterberg had lit, the hatred was inflamed to a hot fever pitch. Find Malcolm Fraser guilty or the church Timothy Williams runs “will go on” came through loud and clear.
Prosecutor Satterberg wins his case, and those involved in the hate crime can profit later by stealing Winepress Publishing and driving a church out of Enumclaw. All of this is the publicly stated goal and the reward for giving Satterberg’s office the lies his office needed to win.
From the first days of the marketed hate-crime by the Prosecutors office, it was, “Heard it was a cult.” Then as the days numbered up through Prosecutor delays Prosecutor Simmons sought to inflame the hatred further by badgering others with the question, “Is Timothy Williams someone special?”

…was the one arrested, in the courtroom, and on trial, but it is Timothy Williams that is the focus of Prosecutors

The reader must keep in mind that Malcolm Fraser was the one arrested, in the courtroom, and on trial, but it is Timothy Williams that is the focus of Prosecutors. Timothy Williams never testified one time in court. The reason: because those involved in the hate crime were using the Prosecutors Office for their devilish ends to beat-up on Timothy Williams while the Prosecutors Office was using that hatred to win a trial.

Timothy Williams never testified one time in court.

The reason: because those involved in the hate crime were using the Prosecutors Office for their devilish ends while the Prosecutors Office was using their hatred to win a trial.
Finally, in the last 3 minutes of closing arguments, Prosecutor Jason Simmons exposed himself. “Timothy Williams writes the books…” Simmons belched out-loud.
The message was sent to the jury, shut the cult down, lynch them because “it just has to be” for the False Accuser is accusing, and the church will “continue on” because “Timothy Williams writes the books.”
Thus the jury returned guilty upon Malcolm Fraser while the hate crime criminals were protected by Prosecutor Mark Larson and Team. The drama of evidence months before the arrest and after the sentencing proves beyond any doubt this is a full-blown hate crime. Problem is it is a hate crime King County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg found useful to the court system.
Satterberg gave his highest award to the jury returning guilty upon Malcolm Fraser while the hate crime criminals were protected by Prosecutor Mark Larson and the team.
Thus the jury returned guilty upon Malcolm Fraser while the hate crime criminals were protected by Prosecutor Mark Larson and the team.
Had Sound Doctrine Church been a gay church, or Muslim, this stunt would never have been pulled by King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s office.
Had I been gay enough Malcolm Fraser would be free today and Athena Dean, just to name one, would rightly be in prison.
Everyone Knows Inflame Authorities

  • Grandma doesn’t like homeschooling – call Social Services.
    Don’t like your neighbor – report an anonymous tip.
    Hate their religion – call the Enumclaw cops. (Police don’t fall for such chump accusations.)

Everyone knows that if you disagree, or don’t like a church, just call the cops and use the word “cult.” This had already been going on with the Enumclaw Cops for years, and they did nothing to ensure my right to worship and preach. Notably because a self-righteous cop, Detective Grant McCall had for years been undermining my safety – Athena Dean just gave him the moment to pounce, and he duly led the False Accuser through every word, step, and planting of an accusation.  Fact is Athena Dean Holtz and then Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall knew exactly what the False Accuser was to say and McCall was prodding the False Accuser to finish the agreed-upon accusation.
Need it to be said my demands for an independent investigation were attacked, vilified and at the end buried by the authorities in Enumclaw.
Anyone opposing someone understands how to “takedown” an opponent by slinging the word “cult” or “abuse” around. Only those in the Lawyer Cult, those being blessed by their leaders will not admit this truth. That for the sake of the cult innocent individuals must go to prison and businesses pillaged is just “So what” to King County Prosecutor Satterberg.
Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Simmon’s first boss, might be in a cult – that is what the old-fashioned thing called evidence has expressed.
Real professionals don’t go around using the word “cult” for the word is used only by those trapped in losing arguments or actively engaging in hate crimes.**

Real professionals don’t go around using the word “cult” …

I should know because I am the supposed professional cult leader, Timothy Williams, and though having never taken the stand was the one vilified by Prosecutor Mark Larson, the King County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg’s team.
It is about time King County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg show some of his advertised humility, turn course, do the right thing, shut up about cults, arrest those engaged in this hate crime and put a couple of officials who did not stop this from happening very early on in prison.
Ready when you are King County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg to be professional about the law and justice.
**The word cult is not found in any legal code because the word is almost devoid of any real meaning. The word cult only refers to a sect, group or those devoted to a particular cause. This is why the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and a few other legal documents that Expert Mark Larson should hone up on demands the protection of one’s religion as it is far too easy to inflame hatred just by slinging the mud word “cult” at someone. Example: The Cult of Mac
No wonder Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall could delete and destroy evidence with impunity, stating in court he did just that without any repercussions – he is part of the Prosecutor Cult.
City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds who has a stranglehold on the City of Enumclaw is a very large landholder, landlord, Police Advisory, City Counsel “Advisor” and so on, told me concerning his now partner Athena Dean Holtz that “she cannot touch me I am a Federal Prosecutor.”

If one is not part of, or supportive of the Prosecutor Cult, as Mike Reynolds also states, “Only gays and minorities have rights” down at the King County Courts, you will be unlawfully destroyed while Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall will be guided to promotion by City Attorney Mike Reynolds.

Officer Grant McCall was recently promoted to Patrol Sergeant!…

He is a great addition to the supervisory staff at Enumclaw Police Department!

– Commander Tim Floyd Enumclaw Police –

Land’s sake then Detective, but now Sargeant Grant McCall did not and refused to go examine the house where the alleged crime took place.
Of course Sargeant McCall may have gone to the house and then deleted the fact he did examine the bedroom. Had that one thing investigated it would have proven that the False Accuser was lying and both McCall and Athena Dean Holtz knew that was the truth. McCall testified he did delete evidence and still King County Prosecutors blocked every call for an investigation.
Alas, King County Prosecutors, and King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg along with Judge Lori K. Smith ensured that no reasonable defense was able to be presented in the King County Courtroom. Indeed, at one point the accusation was that Sound Doctrine Church did not go visit an individual in the hospitial. Say what has this got to do with crime? Exactly, but this trial by ordeal was not about the crime alleged it was about getting Timothy Williams a Christian preacher of holiness.
The most ironic aspect of the hosptial testmony was that the person testifying was lying about not visiting an individual in the hospital. That individual was with the my wife who visiting the person in the hospital!  Little did I know that I should have recorded every good deed, every hospital visit to refute King County Prosecutors lurcidious charges.
So it went, day, after day, after day…
What Enumclaw Detective and the King County Prosecutors did was gather together all who were willing to slander in the most ludicrous Bible tabloid fashion Timothy Williams. For example the person Athena Dean Holtz admits to “totally destroying” testified and accused the defendent of …are you ready …of the crime of being self-righteousness!
So it went, day, after day, after day…
Amazing a confessed liar is given a front row seat for King County Prosecutors, but for those who tell the truth King County Courts cover the butts of their Prosecutors and refuse to investigate.
In the background City of Enumclaw Attorney, crafter of the City of the Enumclaw, land baron of the city of Enumclaw Mike Reynolds was doing what he does best.
Oh well, as King County Prosecutors with the blessing of King County Judges like to info the jury, evidence is al a matter of  “so what!” for those part of their cult.

Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg - all of whom have not repented of their sinful crimes; see hate crime against holiness at
Part of the legal corrupting process down at the King County Prosecutor’s Office is the prosecutorial committee. By attacking with committees the Prosecutor’s Office can hide each perversion of the law by deflecting to the other prosecutors. This blunt-force battering ram against a defendant further weakens the ability to present the truth in court. This is why Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, of King County Washington, specifically assigned his expert Prosecutor Mark Larson and team to head up the debar of Athena Dean Holtz’s hate crime against Timothy Williams – Sound Doctrine Church, Salt Shaker Bookstore and Winepress Publishing. These King County Prosecutors are Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, Prosecutor David Seaver all of who in the last 3 minutes of closing arguments against Malcolm Fraser placed the name Timothy Williams front and center to the jury because he was the real target. Enumclaw Police, Chief Jim Zoll and Detective Grant McCall, Mike Reynolds City Attorney Enumclaw Wa. Prosecutor Lisa Johnson had no problems with Enumclaw Courier-Herald helping with the set-up, but objected to The Discerning Times Newspaper. Judge Lori K. Smith protected Satterberg’s hate crime trial.
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