Steven Crowder Divorce

(1 Timothy 4:16) Watch your life and doctrine closely.

As detailed elsewhere on The Consider Podcast Mr. Crowder’s rejection of the complete gospel message is one source of the turmoil.

Disturbing moment YouTube star Steven Crowder is caught on Ring footage berating his heavily-pregnant wife for not ‘performing her wifely duties’ – Daily Mail

steven crowder divorce

On June 29, 2021, a Ring doorbell camera captured a disturbing video of Crowder berating his heavily-pregnant wife for not “performing her wifely duties.” In the video, Crowder can be heard shouting at his wife, “I’m the breadwinner, I’m the one who’s responsible for everything, and you’re not doing anything.” He also tells her that she should have sex with him and accuses her of being lazy.

Crowder, for his part, initially dismissed the video as a “private moment.” However, he later issued an apology on his YouTube channel, stating that he was “ashamed” of his behavior and that he was seeking help for his anger issues.



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