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May 29 2023

Rejected! Bible Jacket

sit down bible blog

Rejected Sit Down Bible Jacket Decades ago I ordered custom printed Bible jackets. Covers designed. Check made out for payment. Mailed everything in to await our Bibles with this cover. Months went by - no word. After prodding received a Rejection letter, monies returned and a clear "no go" message…Read More

April 28 2023

Whole Gospel Message

whole msg jars

The Whole Gospel Message is a hunger and thirst for righteousness by accepting all of Scripture with obedience through the crucified life. Whole Gospel Message  "Go, stand in the temple courts," he said, "and tell the people the whole message of this new life." (Acts 5:20) Quick Definition The Whole…Read More

April 2 2023

Video: Hate Crime Overview Legal Corruptions

judge beth andrus

Summary Seattle, Washington State, King County, City of Enumclaw, Sanctioned Hate Crime, King County Prosecutors Support City of Enumclaw Police Scripting Out Accusations! 2011 saw the conspired beginnings of a full-scale hate crime. It was a multi-level, layer upon layer of orchestrated hatred cumulating in a shock and awe sexual…Read More

March 26 2023

The Eichmann Excuse

Adolf Eichmann

"The Eichmann excuse went out with the first trainload of Jews to be gassed."  I informed the Prosecutor Association of Texas. "I took an oath." "I was told to do it." "I am just doing my job." "I do not make the rules." "I am just following the law." "I…Read More

March 25 2023

Prosecutor, Police Cover-ups How Far?

changeling screen

Prosecutor, Police Cover-ups How Far? The movie Changeling starring Angelina Jolie that was directed by Clint Eastwood, is a true story. Police, Prosecutors and Judges have had decades of practice and new laws in which to hide their perversions of Jurisprudence (1 Timothy 1:8-11). Therefore, look for the worst and…Read More

March 20 2023

Washington State Attorney General Fentanyl (Bob) Ferguson, Pt 1

wasington state attorney general bob ferguson shop

  Ferguson's Lie In "Misinformation" Washington State Attorney General Fentanyl (Bob) Ferguson flat-out lies on his website. Such extreme misinformation, legal violence against the elderly cannot be tolerated by the State of Washington. [1] Arleen's Flower Shop always "provided" flowers. Surely, this will…Read More

March 15 2023

Perverts of Jurisprudence

perverts of jurisprudence

  On The Consider Podcast we will be discussing the pervert Judges, Police, Prosecutors and their minions that refuse to repent of their legal perversions. Also see Jurisprudence. Perverts of Jurisprudence (1 Timothy 1:8-11) We know that the law is good if one uses it properly. We also know that…Read More

March 6 2023

Repentance Without Risk

Repentance Without Risk

Repentance without risk is idolatry. The individual who attempts to repent without risk is striving to create a Jesus they will like. Jesus then becomes an idol in their "Christianity". Like the defendant in a criminal case, they declare themselves "not-guilty" when they are, in fact, guilty of crimes. They…Read More

January 13 2023

WinePress “Not Stolen”

WinePress “Not Stolen”

WinePress Not Stolen Transcript Jan: I’m here for one purpose and one purpose only this is what I have to say, Timothy Williams did not, did not steal WinePress. There’s been this rumor going around for years saying that he stole WinePress, it’s not true, in fact it’s absurd. Timothy’s…Read More

1. Washington HB1333 Establishing the domestic violent extremism commission.
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