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Tucker Carlson: It’s debate night but we’re not at the Reagan Library. We are undisclosed with mister Bill O’Reilly.

Bill O’Reilly: Against my will.

Tucker Carlson: Bill O’Reilly, what a pleasure this is. Thank you for doing it.

Bill O’Reilly: I have one question before we begin.

Tucker Carlson: You do, okay.

Bill O’Reilly: How long is this going to last?

Tucker Carlson: Quite some time.

Bill O’Reilly: Oh, I know these ex-things and they like some 4 days.

Tucker Carlson: They go on forever.

Bill O’Reilly: Yeah.

Tucker Carlson: That’s like a deposition.

Bill O’Reilly: Shave in the middle.

Tucker Carlson: With no lawyers.

Bill O’Reilly: Right.

Tucker Carlson: So, you got canned exactly 6 years before I did almost to the day from Fox. How’s your life? Well, first of all, what was that like and how’s your life been since?

Bill O’Reilly: Well, I don’t see it as getting canned. I got furloughed.

Tucker Carlson: You furloughed?

Bill O’Reilly: I like that word. It’s furlough. See, I’ve been in this business almost 50 years and I’ve worked for CBS, ABC, King World, Inside Edition, and now Fox and then I do all local stuff. I work local. So, I understood what most television news people don’t that you are expendable.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: I’m sorry that Sylvester Stallone, but you’re expendable, okay? And so, when bad things happen I kind of expect that even though I was the ratings leader and all that once the boss at Fox News Roger Ales left the operation everything changed. And when everything changes, then anything could happen.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: So, it wasn’t like Thunder’s Bolt like you out of the blue what the deuce is this, okay. And so, what I did was basically accept it right away like I would accept a car accident or something like that.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: There’s nothing I can do about it. There’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. We got my people, my lawyers, managers. We had a nice conversation with News Corp. They fulfill their contractual obligations to me, every bit of it, and we said, see you later. That’s what happened.

Tucker Carlson: So, but you said the predicate to all of this happening was Roger Ales leaving.

Bill O’Reilly: Right.

Tucker Carlson: What was that exactly?

Bill O’Reilly: I don’t know. I made it my business to stay out of the corporate politics at Fox.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: So, in 20 years plus that I was working there. I saw Rupert Murdoch seven times.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: In 20 years. That’s it. I didn’t have anything to do with that side of the business. Now Ales would call and yell at me from time to time that I said something stupid and I would say to him if you’re going to call and yell me when I say something stupid, that’s going to take up most of your day every day, alright? So, why don’t you just pick your spots here, you know? I didn’t have any kind of corporate relationship. So, I didn’t know.

Tucker Carlson: Even with Ales.

Bill O’Reilly: Oh, the Ales was news analysis relationship.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: A news gathering.

Tucker Carlson: Did you respect him?

Bill O’Reilly: The guy was a giant.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: Oh, he could he knew what was going on. He was a great talent evaluator.

Tucker Carlson: Yes.

Bill O’Reilly: He knew who’s good on TV and who wasn’t, okay? He’s a no BS guy. I asked him a question. I got an answer. How rare that is in the media to ask somebody a question, get an honest answer.

Tucker Carlson: Never happens.

Bill O’Reilly: It happened twice to me. Peter Jennings and Roger Ales. Those were the guys. Let me ask him a question. I get an honest answer.

Tucker Carlson: Both self-made guys.

Bill O’Reilly: Whatever it was but here’s what people don’t understand about television news. It’s like football, the NFL. If you are a talent, both Carlson and I are talent. That’s the what they call us because we’re on television. You have to beat the shows that are up against you, right?

Tucker Carlson: Right.

Bill O’Reilly: So, when I was an inside edition, I had to beat wheel of fortune or whoever I was competing in, okay?

Tucker Carlson: Right.

Bill O’Reilly: Or at least come close. You have to beat the other team and if you do meet them like you did and I did, then, you’re rewarded with money, not love, not loyalty, money. It’s a pure play. So, when personnel changes, then, it’s all thrown into chaos so Tom Brady leaves the New England Patriots, right?

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: The entire dynamic of the organization changes. Now some might say for the better, some might say for the worst, but it’s totally different without Tom Brady.

Tucker Carlson: But here’s where the analogy breaks down. The Patriots didn’t fire Tom Brady the minute he won the Super Bowl and then denounce him as a sex criminal or a racist. So, why would you fire the guy in your case, for example who had dominated the space was continuing still number one. Like that just seem acting against interest like why would you ever fire the top guy?

Bill O’Reilly: Matt Lauer actually asked me that question.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah, good question.

Bill O’Reilly: Okay, and he asked me it on the Today Show in a kind of haughty way. I said was business.

Tucker Carlson: Pride goes before the fall.

Bill O’Reilly: So, I never asked them why they did what they did. Ever.

Tucker Carlson: But why attack?

Bill O’Reilly: But listen to me, this is important?

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: I never asked them why they did what they did. I accepted it. Okay, and then I said, we got the contracts in order. But at the time, they were trying to buy Sky News and the Sky Operation runs all the soccer in Europe. Huge money making.

Tucker Carlson: Oh, yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: Alright. News Corp trying to buy them. The British regulators were giving them an awful hard time for a number of reasons and in my mind, I thought that might have something to do with it but I have to tell you this honestly, I didn’t care. I had been there for 20 years. I was time for a change. When I started cable news, it was nothing but I knew it was going to be huge. And then I said, you know what’s going to be the next huge? Alternative independent media?

Tucker Carlson: Yes.

Bill O’Reilly: And I just scampered on over to it I think there was a week, only a week before I started “BillO’Reilly.com”. We already ended up and running as a news operation. I took a number of people from Fox with me. Good people, and to this day been six and a half years. It’s the most successful independent New Jersey agency in the world.

Tucker Carlson: But see you didn’t spend any time locked in your bedroom with a bottle of vodka at all.

Bill O’Reilly: No, I don’t drink. I’m too boring to drink. That’s why I don’t drink. I don’t think feeling sorry for yourself is a good use of anybody’s time.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: I accepted this situation which is a key to life. I knew I wasn’t going to change it, right? Maybe a decision and made a decision. So why am I going to brood about it? I mean a lot of Irish guys brood.

Tucker Carlson: Yes. It’s a brooding island.

Bill O’Reilly: It is. But I’m not really a brooder. I’m like, okay that happened. The concern I was for my children. I protected my children as best I could and I succeeded on that, I think. But for me, it was now we’re going to do this. And we’re going to make this sing. And we have.

Tucker Carlson: Amazing. So, you lost no time.

Bill O’Reilly: None. In fact, I was writing books. I was doing radio. I mean, my radio franchise stayed right where it was. Nothing happened there at all. Nothing happened in publishing. I mean, Killing the Witches is the 13th killing book. There was no interruption in that. The only interruption was on cable news and so I went to another news form.

Tucker Carlson: How did you keep yourself from getting bitter though?

Bill O’Reilly: I’m just bitter about everything anyway. So, yeah, I was like, oh, how much more bitter can I get? I’m just bitter 24/7. I haven’t what they call an edge to me alright and so but again…

Tucker Carlson: Where’s that from?

Bill O’Reilly: Levittown after World War II, the baby boomers, 100 kids and if you didn’t like you it was like, okay here we go. No kicking though that we had rules at Levittown.

Tucker Carlson: No kicking.

Bill O’Reilly: Brawling couldn’t kick.

Tucker Carlson: So, it’s pre-UFC.

Bill O’Reilly: Yeah. No tattoos at that time. But anyway, I have a philosophy for life that I’ve developed and I to it. In that discipline, I don’t go to a psychiatrist because why drive them crazy? That’s not fair to the psychiatrist. If I would walk in, I don’t do any of that. I think I’m here for a reason, put on the planet for a reason. I’m trying to be an honest guy and I make everybody that I work for money, but you know what the greatest thing is? I’ll never work for anybody again. I run my own show now.

Tucker Carlson: So, is that the future? I mean, what is it? You said, you worked everywhere in television.

Bill O’Reilly: Right.

Tucker Carlson: Like what is the future of cable news? What is the future of news?

Bill O’Reilly: Cable news will be there.

Tucker Carlson: Yep.

Bill O’Reilly: But it’s like the network news. When was the last time you said, you heard somebody say wow did you see that on Nora O’Donnell? When’s the last time you heard somebody say that?

Tucker Carlson: I don’t think I ever have.

Bill O’Reilly: No.

Tucker Carlson: No.

Bill O’Reilly: But when Cronkite was there, and rather and Broca and Jennings there was juice.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah, it was a real thing.

Bill O’Reilly: So, cable stay where it is and Fox will win by the way, because Fox has better talent. Fox wins not because of this ideological, although they have an advantage because traditional Americans have nowhere else to go except Newsmax. But Fox has better talent. The town’s better and that’s it. So, people gravitate toward talent. I train Waters. Jesse Waters. I trained him. Okay? So, whether you like him or not, he’s talented.

Tucker Carlson: For sure.

Bill O’Reilly: Hannah’s talent. Hannah and he’s talented. He can deliver a broadcast.

Tucker Carlson: Did you give Jesse advice before he started?

Bill O’Reilly: I only give advice when people ask me.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: So, you yourself have never asked me for advice.

Tucker Carlson: That’s totally false. Yes, I slept to your up. No, that is totally what I took over bread of ancestors. I waited in the anti-room of your office. Yes, I did. In fact, Ale’s told me go kiss O’Reilly’s . That’s the first thing I did. A man never stands so tall is when he stoops to kiss an

Bill O’Reilly: What? What did I tell you?

Tucker Carlson: You said, it’s a very treacherous business. Mind your own business. Stay in your own lane. Do your thing.

Tucker Carlson: Okay. I thought that.

Bill O’Reilly: That was good advice.

Tucker Carlson: Yes, it was.

Bill O’Reilly: Okay. I’m sorry but I’m old now. So, I forget things. Right? What’s your name again?

Tucker Carlson: Jen Griffin. I have to act. I can’t resist and I don’t mean this as a criticism because I actually love it, but the most famous video on the internet is you. Shot off camera in a previous job before Fox.

Bill O’Reilly: What am I doing? Going live?

Video: You’re going live. You do it live. Okay. We’ll do it live. it. Do it live. I can go, I’ll write it and we’ll do it live. thing sucks.

Bill O’Reilly: I was in Iceland and I had some gnome come up to me and go you’re the going live guy. I said what? I’m in Iceland.

Tucker Carlson: That was in Reiki Vik?

Bill O’Reilly: Yeah. And it’s all over the world. I mean there are Japanese guys going, there’re no live guy. I’m just ridiculous. So, I’m on Inside Edition and they can’t tape it every 2 minutes. They go, oh we didn’t get the audio. Oh, you’re at frame. Oh, there’s a giant glob on your ear. And they couldn’t get it taped. So finally Irish guy went.

Video: We’ll do it live. it. Do it live. I can go, I’ll write it and we’ll do it live. thing sucks.

Bill O’Reilly: Yeah, and there it goes everywhere. Exactly what happened.

Tucker Carlson: Thank you.

Bill O’Reilly: You’re welcome.

Tucker Carlson: I’ve wondered about that. So how did you, okay. How did you come up with in in the 13th in the series “Witches”.

Bill O’Reilly: Okay, so the killing series the bestselling non-fiction book series of all time by the way. Did you know that?

Tucker Carlson: No, I had no idea.

Bill O’Reilly: You can do your research. 19 million copies of my books and print. So, my I’m a former high school teacher, history teacher. And the way that I entertain the urchins in Opal Lock of Florida, a slum of Miami was I told them stories about the people that we were talking about. I wasn’t like Mister Hand in Fast Times original, okay? Nobody would order pizza in my class but I’m telling stories, personal stories and make these people come alive. So that’s what I did in the Killing Series. So, “The Witches,” we start with the Mayflower. People coming over from England, Puritans, who the king hates, wants to get rid of them, 66 days on this boat and what happens on that boat is unbelievable. Everybody thinks, oh, the pilgrims, I have another drumstick. This was brutal, okay?

Tucker Carlson: Oh yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: That’s where we start. Then, they land in Massachusetts that we wanted to go to Virginia but they’re a little off course in Cape Cod and they finally wind up in the Plymouth area of what Massachusetts is now. But they’re fighting among themselves. They’re not getting along, everybody’s hating everybody and so a bunch of them move up to Salem. There was no Boston at that time, and they get it to Salem and they’re all loons. They’re all crazy clerics, alright? And demanding, they have to go to church like 8 hours on Wednesday. I mean, I don’t know how they watch prime time TV. They’re always in church. So, in Europe they routinely burned witches, okay?

Tucker Carlson: Yes.

Bill O’Reilly: But it was usually done in a political way. So, this king doesn’t like the Protestants the Protestants are all witches will set them on fire and vice versa. We don’t like the Catholics and we’re going to burn Jonah of Ark. In Salem, that superstition took root and it was driven by the kids, the little kids who would go, oh, that came to me in a night and told me to go and do the devil’s do and all of that. And then the adults went, alright I will hang them. 20 people executed. So, the story is beyond fascinating.

Tucker Carlson: And real.

Bill O’Reilly: And it led to the way we live today in America as far as our religious freedom is concerned and that’s the center of the book. The first part of the book is how they crossed and got here and the witches went out of control. And then a young boy in Boston, Benjamin Franklin, gets on to this witch’s thing, and he visits the top witch hunter, Cotton Mather. Visits him, goes to his house in Boston. Has this long conversation which we tell you about. Franklin never forgot the brutality of what the clerics did in Salem and brought it to Philadelphia, where there was a hellacious fight between Patrick Henry and Roger Sherman who wanted the United States to be a theocracy. Wanted to be a Christian nation, we have to put that in the constitution.

Franklin Madison Jefferson who didn’t want any part of that. They were with a brawl and we discussed that, alright? That’s the center part of it. The last part of the book is “Demonic Possession. Which people go, oh. Listen, when I put you on the set of the movie The Exorcist, okay? While it was being shot by Director William Friedkin who was a pagan, okay? The stuff that happened during that movie and it’s based on a real story. It wasn’t a girl, it was a boy, a teenage boy in Maryland who was possessed. We got all the diaries of the 8 exorcists that dealt with this boy, three months. It’s a sitting there going, oh. So, all in all…

Tucker Carlson: We’re sitting there going what? So, demonic possession is real.

Bill O’Reilly: To the Jesuits in the Catholic church, it is.

Tucker Carlson: What do you think?

Bill O’Reilly: I think there’s an act of evil. I think it probably runs a television industry in America right now.

Tucker Carlson: Without question.

Bill O’Reilly: Without question. No. So, it’s not fair to ask me and you about demonic possession because we’ve just seen too much. But I’m a Roman Catholic and I believe there is an act of evil. And what we uncovered in “Killing the Witches”, as far as now. I mean I got to tell you when I’m reading these diaries written by the Jesuit priest who worked on this boy to try to get him somewhat under control, because he was bleeding and screaming and talking in languages. And they recorded it. They recorded the Aramaic. He’s a 13-year-old boy in Maryland speaking of Aramaic. I mean, it’s so.

Tucker Carlson: And they didn’t teach Aramaic in Bethesda.

Bill O’Reilly: I don’t think there’s. although, the University of Maryland. They may have an elective.

Tucker Carlson: Wait, so that’s okay. So, but did that make you think, you conclude the book in modern day America but it did it make you wonder if maybe there was a witch or two in Salem?

Bill O’Reilly: No, because that was so crazy, because every word of the testimony in Salem in 1692 and 1963 was written down. Every word was written down. The written scribes writing all the testimony down and it’s up in New England in museums. We got it all. That was so insane what they were doing up there and a lot of it had to do with money. They were hanging wealthy land owners so they could seize the land. That was part of the con up there. But when you see little girls turning on their parents, one little girl was driven out of her mind. Two dogs were deemed to be witches and executed.

Tucker Carlson: Okay, I draw the line there.

Bill O’Reilly: I know.

Tucker Carlson: No killing the dog.

Bill O’Reilly: That’s how crazy it was.

Tucker Carlson: Yes.

Bill O’Reilly: But it had a fragmentation effect that is in play in our society today. And then the last thing I do is in the afterward, we have Witch Hunters in America now. They’re just different kind of witch hunts. We have cancelled culture. But you accusation you’re guilty. You know who they are?

Tucker Carlson: Of course.

Bill O’Reilly: And I mean that’s just…

Tucker Carlson: Driven by young people.

Bill O’Reilly: That’s malignant. That’s evil. An accusation you’re guilty. No due process. No anything.

Tucker Carlson: We see it every day.

Bill O’Reilly: Every blank-in day.

Tucker Carlson: But there Was a period between, I mean so the crucible the famous play by Arthur Miller about the Salem Witches Trails, came out I think in the 50s or early 60s. And there was a period the bulk of your life, mine too where that was considered terrible. The Salem Witch Trials were a model for what you didn’t want your society to become. And then within about three years we wound up in the middle of Salem. Like how did that happen?

Bill O’Reilly: Well, what we found really interesting was two things. It was two keys. The Benjamin Franklin teenager and the guy was a genius actually getting involved with this thing and then bringing it into the constitution. That was beyond fascinating. The second thing is now Salem makes millions and millions of dollars marketing witches. It’s witch city Salem Massachusetts. So, when we called up the mayor to ask a few questions about, hey, there are 20 people hang by the neck until dead, but you’re making millions off these people. Nobody would talk to us. In Salem, they wouldn’t talk to us. Because it’s uneasy.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: They’re making big money off the bodies of these innocent people who were strung up by these crazy clerics.

Tucker Carlson: Amazing. So, I got to ask you about a previous book in your series about the murder of JFK. So, at the time I remember you were attacked from being like a conspiracy knot for suggesting the Warren Commission wasn’t fully accurate. Do you feel vindicated, however many years later?

Bill O’Reilly: We did so much meticulous research on killing Kennedy and we got with the first time the FBI reports about what actually happened. So many people have made so much money off this assassination by saying, oh, is this and it was a grassy knoll and then it was Fidel Castro and then they kind of. We basically just went right down the line, but I couldn’t answer one question and to this day it drives me crazy. Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy, okay?

Tucker Carlson: Right.

Bill O’Reilly: He did it. But one of the guys who was friends with Lee Harvey Oswald was George de Mohrenschildt.

Tucker Carlson: Exactly.

Bill O’Reilly: A CIA operative, not an agent De Mohrenschildt was a Russian, living in America. And he taught at Bishop College, a black college in Dallas. And De Mohrenschildt, Lee Harvey Oswald was a crude, uneducated man.

Tucker Carlson: Yes.

Bill O’Reilly: He’d barely put sentences together. De Mohrenschildt was an aristocrat.

Tucker Carlson: White Russian.

Bill O’Reilly: Right. Why was he hanging around with Lee Harvey Oswald? Wow.

Tucker Carlson: Like the second he and Marina came to the United States he was connected with.

Bill O’Reilly: Boom. Now there was a Russian expat society in Dallas.

Tucker Carlson: Yes.

Bill O’Reilly: It’s true. And you would say, okay, hi, how are you? Maybe you have a little supper on May Day, whatever they’re doing, okay? But this guy was hanging with Oswald and I can’t find out and then the Mohrenschildt commits suicide.

Tucker Carlson: Yes.

Bill O’Reilly: When the church committee investigators approach his home in Palm Beach, Florida. Blows his brains out. His daughter is still alive. I’m not going to say where she is but we know where she is. I have done everything in my power to try to get that woman to tell me what the hell George De Mohrenschildt doing with her father. It’s the one piece I can’t put together.

Tucker Carlson: So, the various last several administrations have kept classified thousands of pages.

Bill O’Reilly: Right.

Tucker Carlson: CIA documents related to the assassination. Seems pretty clear CI had a much larger role in this than they admitted publicly.

Bill O’Reilly: Well, they were tracking Lee Harvey Oswald and they picked him up in Mexico City when he tried to get a visa to go to Havana. They knew him. There’s no doubt about that. That the CIA, he was on our radar scope. But to take it further you need more hard evidence and the only guy who had that other than maybe CIA guys are all deceased. You know Mister Mohrenschildt.

Tucker Carlson: What do you make of Jack Ruby the lone gunman who killed the lone gunman?

Bill O’Reilly: Ruby was knew he was going to die. He had cancer.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: So, he wanted to go out in the [INAUDIBLE 24:38]. That’s the kind of nutty guy he was. So, he knew all the cops in Dallas, and he was around so they let him waltz right in to the police station. Didn’t pat him down or anything. [INAUDIBLE 24:52]. He just wanted to go down in history as being a big shot.

Tucker Carlson: So, you don’t think he was part of any larger network?

Bill O’Reilly: No. Nope. He’s a low-level mob guy. He is a local thug ran strippers that’s what he did.

Tucker Carlson: Do you, I mean that whole period 63-68, saw three big political assassinations and we haven’t seen one in the year since. Do you worry that given the volatility of American politics that we’re going to enter a period of that kind of behavior again?

Bill O’Reilly: I think we’re way behind that now. We’re in, here’s what we’re in with Joe Biden’s administration, the second worst president in American history.

Tucker Carlson: Who’d be the first?

Bill O’Reilly: James Buchanan. And I know you know, James Buchanan allowed the Civil War to happen, okay?

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: Four years he sat on his butt. He didn’t do anything. The people in the south were attacking federal agents, burning down depots, stealing guns. He didn’t do a thing. Worst president by far. We’re in the age disorder now. America has entered the age of disorder. And it’s because of the progressive movement. President Biden in my opinion is diminished mentally.

Tucker Carlson: Yes.

Bill O’Reilly: Doesn’t know what he’s really doing from day to day. And you can see that in his public state.

Tucker Carlson: Pretty evident.

Bill O’Reilly: Right. The progressives like that. Because the people who control him inside the White House can tell him anything and he’ll do it.

Tucker Carlson: Who are they by the way?

Bill O’Reilly: Well, Clain and Rice were the two in the beginning. And then their assistants have taken over. Names escape me at the minute. You’ll never see them ever, ever. But they basically tell Joe what to do and say. So, this open border policy which is insane. Literally insane, okay? This has led to massive death with the fentanyl problem. Destruction of cities like El Paso. Whole cities evaporated. Chaos in New York where you’ve got buses of migrants being attacked by citizens who don’t want to move in into their neighborhoods. There isn’t anything good about this. And immigration law says this should not be happening, but Biden won’t enforce the law because the progressives don’t.

George Soros’ main thing for almost his whole life is no borders anywhere. Everybody comes and goes out there and he pumps hundreds of millions of dollars into the progressive cause and they finally got their guy. Everybody thought Obama, Obama, Obama. Obama didn’t go that far.

Tucker Carlson: No.

Bill O’Reilly: Biden, age of disorder. Black Lives Matter, no police, nobody’s punished for crimes, tax people up to here so they don’t have any assets. The more money you take from people, the less power they have. And the progressives want to run everything including telling your children what to think when they’re five years old. And most Americans don’t get it. Because the press is working with the progressive movement and suppresses all this. So, they don’t know that we’re in the age of disorder and we are. Everywhere, from Seattle to Key West, everywhere. And we got to snap back or we’re going to lose we have here.

Tucker Carlson: But I mean we’re in a presidential season now where the Biden administration has indicted their opponent the front runner in the race. Trump’s leading the polls four times, and they’re going to try and convict him and send him to jail before the election and take his name off the ballot. So, I mean if you’re willing to do that and just end democracy then I mean what aren’t you willing to do?

Bill O’Reilly: But thank God, you can’t do it. So, number one he’s not going to be taken off the ballot. There’s no constitutional order that would allow that to happen. Number two, he’s not going to prison because even if he’s convicted, none of the things that he’s charged with would warrant prison and the Supreme Court would rule if it ever gets up there that he’d be in home in confinement where he could run the government if he wanted to. If he wins, he’ll be confined at the White House or whatever but none of that’s going to happen. So, the American people understand what this is and they understand that the documents in Mar-a-Lago basement parallel the documents in Joe Biden’s garage.

Tucker Carlson: Yes.

Bill O’Reilly: It’s the same thing. But one guy gets raided and charged and the other guy real quick. Who’s a special prosecutor looking into the Biden documents.

Tucker Carlson: I can’t remember.

Bill O’Reilly: Robert Herr, and you a skilled newsman don’t know his name.

Tucker Carlson: No.

Bill O’Reilly: You know why? Because he’s in Tierra Del Fuego’s own place. He’s God. Oh, he’s going to investigate. See ya, I’m going to Sri Lanka. Nobody’s here to worry about him. Does it really take 9 months to figure out why Joe Biden illegally because he’s vice president and no right to take anything had documents in his garage? Does it take 9 months to do that?

Tucker Carlson: No.

Bill O’Reilly: No. Has Joe Biden been interviewed? No. Has Joe Biden been interviewed? No. I think they should interview Hunter Biden because Hunter Biden probably tried to sell the documents to someone. That’s a joke. That’s a Jess for you Media Matters people watching that, okay? So, American people know the fix is in. Now that doesn’t excuse Donald Trump for taking the documents. I don’t know why he took the documents. He’s never going to read the documents. Why did you take them? And when they ask for them back, why didn’t you just give them back? Just make a copy of them if you want to write a book or whatever and give them by the archives.

Tucker Carlson: Annoyed. It didn’t feel like it, yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: I don’t know. I don’t know.

Tucker Carlson: So, what happens? I mean Trump gets elected?

Bill O’Reilly: Trump could get elected? Sure. Absolutely.

Tucker Carlson: But the system the entire federal bureaucracy the biggest system in human history has decided we’re ejecting this organ. We don’t want this.

Bill O’Reilly: So, they decided that in 2016.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah exactly. And look what happened.

Bill O’Reilly: But see that’s the diminishment you asked about cable news earlier in the interview. And I said it’s still going to be there. But it’s not going to be what it was.

Tucker Carlson: Right.

Bill O’Reilly: We’re not going to have the influence that it had. Okay? It’s the same thing with federal government. Going to be there, but now if you’re indicted people look at the indictment, they go, we know why this is happening. Most people do. And so, in the looks like Trump’s going to walk into that Republican nomination with no problem at all. That’s what it looks like right now.

Tucker Carlson: Do you think you’ll be ready killing Trump at some point?

Bill O’Reilly: I wrote it, “The United States of Trump,” and I wrote that book if you really want to know who he is and how he got that way.

Tucker Carlson: Right.

Bill O’Reilly: You read, “The United States of Trump.”

Tucker Carlson: But so, you don’t think we run a risk of entering like an actual period of chaos.

Bill O’Reilly: We are in the chaos now?

Tucker Carlson: Yeah, it seems that way. It seems that way.

Bill O’Reilly: We’re there.

Tucker Carlson: But do you think if Trump gets elected that he’ll be able to stand in Washington on January 20th, 2025 and accept the presidency?

Bill O’Reilly: Look, Trump will do what’s best for Trump. I’ve known him more than 30 years. That’s what he’s going to do. So, if it’s best for Trump to stand there an inauguration day and give a speech he’ll do it. But what Trump can do if he’s elected is stop the age of disorder.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: He can stop it. You could close the border tomorrow. All you have to do is write an executive order that says we are suspending all request for asylum for 6 months.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: So, we can get this thing under control.

Tucker Carlson: Put some troops down.

Bill O’Reilly: So, we’re not taking anymore. We can do that tomorrow. Trump knocked it down about 80%. The migration across by making a deal with Obrador and I know this because I was in on that deal. I said that Trump and I’ve never said this before, but Carlson’s kind of like a hypnotist. He looks at you and he and you get hypnotized, hypnotized. So, I’m going to tell you something. That’s interesting. I never call Donald Trump but I’m he’s a friend of mine. But I never call him. But he calls me occasionally when he wants some comic relief. And he knows that the border thing is big with me.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: He knows. And the cartels are super big. So, I wrote a book called, “Killing the Killers,” and in the book, we chronicle how Obama and Trump assassinated the worst jihadist on the planet. We take it step by step by step. And the reason they’re allowed to do that is because they declare the revolutionary guard of Iran a terrorist group. So, they whack Soleimani the head of it. And if you read “Killing the Killers”, we have every second of what happened, alright? Okay, so Trump gets win to the book. I don’t know if you read it or not, but we’re talking about it and I said, “Why don’t you do that with the cartels? Just desert denim terror groups that killing more Americans than these jihadis ever killed.”

Tucker Carlson: They were killed in Vietnam every year.

Bill O’Reilly: Right. I said, just slap the designation on them and then you can wax them from space with the drones and send special forces into Acapulco and cut their heads off, okay? And what are the Mexicans going to do about it? Nothing. So, we the negotiation started, okay And Obrador went nuts, the president of Mexicans. He’s, no you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you ruin my administration. So, Trump is want makes a deal with Obrador. Obrador promises to put Mexican army on a border with Guatemala and on the border with the United States. Which he does. Cuts the migrants down 80%.

Also, he gives Trump all kinds of trade preferences. That helps the economy. Remember inflation when Trump left was 1.4%. And it was that way because the imports coming in from Mexico and China and other places were so low. It drove down all the prices. Trump did that. Trump did that. Because everything with Trump is a deal. It’s always a deal. So, I said to him, “So, you gave up the designation of terror group for that.” He goes, “yeah.” I said, “We won’t do it if you do X Y and Z.” I couldn’t argue with it. Helps the economy in the United States. Drops migration 80% in his last year. He was an effective president. Not an ideologue, doesn’t believe he’s a populist, not a conservative, doesn’t have any of that stuff going on.

Tucker Carlson: No.

Bill O’Reilly: It’s deal after deal after deal after deal. That’s how he controls Putin. But he won’t tell me what he has on Putin. But I know he has some.

Tucker Carlson: Why do they hate him so much in Washington?

Bill O’Reilly: What?

Tucker Carlson: Why do they hate Trump so much in Washington?

Bill O’Reilly: Because Trump doesn’t respect them. He’s not in awe of them. Washington as you know because you live there is all about the cocktail parties. It’s all about the social invitations mingling with the powerful. Going here, going there, Cafe Milano. I had dinner with Senator so and so tonight, that’s what it’s all about. Trump didn’t fear about those people at all, and he wasn’t respectful to them.

Tucker Carlson: No.

Bill O’Reilly: I mean he looked at the FBI and the CIA. He didn’t fear or respect them and they didn’t like it. That’s what it’s all about.

Tucker Carlson: You said that you’ve been in this business for almost 50 years?

Bill O’Reilly: Started when I was 7 years old.

Tucker Carlson: How long are you going to do it?

Bill O’Reilly: I don’t know. That’s a good question. I work way too hard for my age. Most of my friends are riding around the villages in a little golf court. I mean, and I’m looking at, it’s not too bad. They’re out on the beach. I’m working my butt off every day and I’m like, why am I doing this?

Tucker Carlson: Why are you doing?

Bill O’Reilly: I don’t know. I mean, I have a mission. I said earlier that I’m put on a planet for a reason. I know I was and that’s why you have to accept bad things that happen to you because they happen to every human being. There’s a reason. That happened. You don’t know the reason but there’s a reason. So, I’ll do this as long as I feel that I’m doing good. Let me give you an example. So, on “BillO’Reilly.com” which is our nexus. That’s where we live. We have all kinds of stuff going on there. And people should check that out. We have a concierge membership. You pay a little money but not a lot. You get direct access to me. You can email me anything you want. In Including problems, bad things that are happening to you.

Tucker Carlson: Do you get weird emails?

Bill O’Reilly: Well, I have a staff that sets the weird air mails on fire. I don’t see the rugged air mails, okay? That’s a rule. But I help those people when they need help, because most people have no blank and clue how to negotiate the system. I know how. So, we get some heartbreaking letters. People have cancer and they did. The children are doing this or that and I can usually guide them to a place and in some cases, we intervene to help them. That to me is why I do this. So, we have…

Tucker Carlson: Wait people can email you directly with their personal problems?

Bill O’Reilly: That’s right. And I can’t tell you.

Tucker Carlson: So, what if you learned from that? I mean the nature of people’s problems changing?

Bill O’Reilly: Well.

Tucker Carlson: You must learn a lot about people.

Bill O’Reilly: You’re quoted at one time and Carlson and I never really knew each other that well, because he was in DC. I’m in New York. But you were quoted it and I don’t know if it’s an accurate quote or not because 90% of the stuff written about you and me is not true. But it was like O’Reilly’s a populist. But if it ever comes out that he’s an elitist masquerading as a populist, his career will be over. That’s what you were saying to your staff according to one dispatch.

Tucker Carlson: Untrue.

Bill O’Reilly: But it is true. If you didn’t say it, that’s fine. But if you had said it, I wouldn’t be mad because it’s absolutely true. I made my whole success looking out for the folks. That’s what I do. I couldn’t care less about going to the parties or any of that. So, the point is that we’ve developed a program to help individuals on “BillO’Reilly.com”, concerts membership and we do help them. So, that’s a worthy for me to stay in the game.

Tucker Carlson: That’s amazing.

Bill O’Reilly: No, it’s not. It was…

Tucker Carlson: What are people’s biggest problems? Health, money, sex, job.

Bill O’Reilly: It’s, they don’t know how to negotiate life. They’re not taught in school or by their parents. In life in America, particularly in the age of disorder where we are now, you need three things. Have to have them. Number one, a doctor who wants to keep you alive, who will answer your calls and emails. You need a doctor that you know personally, okay? You need a lawyer. Again, someone who get on the line, it’s going to talk to you straight about whatever legalism because you’re going to have them. And the third is you need a trusted financial adviser. To lay out what your situation is and what your options are to increase your wealth or protect yourself in your old age. If you don’t have those three, you’re going to get host.

Tucker Carlson: Interesting.

Bill O’Reilly: I’m fascinating Carlson.

Tucker Carlson: Well, that is interesting. I mean…

Bill O’Reilly: That’s why you ask me to come here.

Tucker Carlson: I’ve got some problems that I may email you about on “BillO’Reilly.com.”

Bill O’Reilly: You got to pay 100 bucks on.

Tucker Carlson: Do people not have a doctor, lawyer, financial advisor?

Bill O’Reilly: They don’t have anything. They don’t have anything and they don’t have a lot of assets.

Tucker Carlson: But how do you find it just on the doctor thing, I’ve got a lawyer because I have no choice. financial, I guess. But I don’t trust doctors.

Bill O’Reilly: Okay, but you know someone I’m sure who had a medical faculty and who doctor came through and you do it by referrals. I have the greatest doctor on the planet. Woman cares about me, cares about my children.

Tucker Carlson: Do you trust her?

Bill O’Reilly: Yeah, because they’re friends, they’re blood. But it took me a while to find that person. Just doesn’t magically appear. I’ve had my finance guys for 40 years. I inherited them from my father and attorneys, I got way too many of them because believe me, mess with us we’re coming, we’re coming at you. We’re not taking it, that’s over. But it was a lot of research, a lot of trial and error. I had to fire some people. I had to walk away from some people, but loyalty is very important to me. Loyalty, and I give it back by the way. Any of these people that are helping me, will help them if they ever need it.

Tucker Carlson: Last question, and I appreciate this. Last question. So, everybody hates the media and that hatred I think is well deserved. But since you spent your life in the media, who are, name a couple people who you think are the good guys? Well-known people everyone’s familiar with, who you’ve come across during your life and career who actually were decent people. Are there any?

Bill O’Reilly: Yeah, there’s tons of them. Two days ago, I went to a Billy Joel concert. I grew up with him, with Billy Joel and he is a megastar and he’s the same guy. We have a bunch of laughs backstage and stuff like that. I mean, there are so many.

Tucker Carlson: Wow.

Bill O’Reilly: One of the good things about my career is I know everybody. I know everybody and I’m not a schmoozer and all that. I mean but there are a lot of good people. There are people but, in the media, today, the problem is they’re all afraid.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: See, the reason that you were successful and that I was successful is very simple. At 8 o’clock on the Fox News Channel, nobody knew what we were going to say. To whether they liked us or they hated us or didn’t matter. Yeah, that son of a bitch, I want to find out what he’s going to say tonight. That was it. Now talents frayed across the board. They say the wrong thing. They did this. Did that. And the bad guys know that. The media matters people. They know it. Goes viral like that. You know what CNN did to me on Friday? Right after Murdoch announced that he was stepping down as his chairman CNN ran a montage. And the montage was designed to have their audience believe that Fox News is racist. Okay?

Tucker Carlson: Racist. Racist.

Bill O’Reilly: You were in the montage.

Tucker Carlson: I’m proud.

Bill O’Reilly: Okay. So, what they did was they took a bunch of clips, maybe 10 clips. And one of the clips was me. Saying that slaves were well fed and had decent housing. That’s all they use.

Tucker Carlson: O’Reilly endorses slavery.

Bill O’Reilly: It’s all they use.

Tucker Carlson: That’s stupid.

Bill O’Reilly: This is prime time CNN. It’s all they that’s it. You know what that discussion was about? Michelle Obama gave a lecture saying that slaves built the White House. Okay? And it got a lot of controversy. I went on a factor and this is in 2016 and said, she’s right. Slaves were employed by the federal government. They were well housed. They were well fed because they had to work to build the White House free. They weren’t paid a salary. So, Michelle Obama is right. That’s what I said. And these sons of bitches at CNN took that 8-seconds where I said, slaves were well fed and housed, out of that whole thing put it on their air. How evil is that trying to have people who don’t know they don’t remember what I said think that I’m a proponent as you just said of slavery. How blank and evil is that, and you know what? Happens every single day in this country. And then the websites pick it up, right? They dry it on out there and you’re defenseless. So, that’s the age we live in right now.

Tucker Carlson: How long’s it going to continue?

Bill O’Reilly: I think in the media shot. I think as we talked about earlier the independent agency is what you’re doing on, it’s X right? It’s X.

Tucker Carlson: That’s what we’re calling it. Twitter that’s what we’re calling. I thought Twitter kind of outdated.

Bill O’Reilly: I’m kind of…

Tucker Carlson: I call it X.

Bill O’Reilly: Whatever it is. You’ll be successful. I’m sure I’m already very successful. And that’s the future, and we don’t have to answer to anybody. I don’t know about it. Musk calls you up in the middle of the night, but nobody’s calling me up in the middle of the night. Nobody likes me anyway. They wouldn’t, but I don’t have to deal with this corporate crap anymore.

Tucker Carlson: It’s liberation. Bill O’Reilly that was a genuine pleasure. I appreciate it.

Bill O’Reilly: It’s very kind of you to have it.

Tucker Carlson: I loved it.

Bill O’Reilly: And I’m glad you read “Killing the Witches”. It’s a good Halloween.

Tucker Carlson: I still think there were some witches. But yeah.

Bill O’Reilly: Would you should do is instead of giving candy out at the Carlson household, give him a copy of the book to the urchins. Hey, it’s still witches around. Read this thing.

Tucker Carlson: Thank you.


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