U.S. Senator Patty Murray : Where Is The Help?

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No Drip Laws

Hey Ms Murray

No hotlines for men.

No help with equal arrest opportunities towards women who provoke violence.

Having worked with abused husbands (and women) until Washington State, Seattle, King County Prosecutors objected to good deeds one only finds "legal" hostility towards men in "the law."

Stop abuse before it happens.

Time to pass: No Drip Laws

Slap The Bitch

I have learned that behind the dark doors of the prosecutor offices they referr to some prosecutions of men as "Slap the bitch prosecutions." 1

"Slap the bitch prosecutions" referrs to the fact that prosecutors know that often times women provoke, incite and push to the point of no return a man.

Should a man ever hit a woman? No.

Should a woman ever provoke a man to violence or verbal abuse? No.

Should both face, in equal protion arrest? Yes indeed.

So, United States Senator Patty Murry where are the hotlines, the funds and the laws so that a man who is being abused can call for an arrest and seek help against a drip?

  • Where are the prevent abuse posters in doctor offices, state office building, college campuses and in the halls of injustce for men?

Listen in on The Consider Podcast as we discuss the injustice Patty Murray has instituded into "the law."

Bias Background Information

Biography – Senator Patty Murray

About Patty Patty was born and raised in Bothell, Washington where she grew up with her parents and six siblings-including a twin sister. Her father managed a Main Street 5 and 10 cent store, where she worked growing up and first learned the value of a strong work ethic.

Senator Patty Murray

In the world of politics, Senator Patty Murray has made a name for herself as a fierce advocate for healthcare, education, and women’s rights. With her unwavering commitment to public service, Murray has established herself as a powerful force in the United States Senate.

Early life and education
Patty Murray was born on October 11, 1950, in Bothell, Washington. Growing up in a working-class family, she learned the values of hard work and determination from an early age. Murray attended Washington State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education. She later went on to earn a Master’s degree in Education from the same university.

Political career and accomplishments
Senator Murray’s political career began in 1988 when she was elected to the Washington State Senate. During her time in the state legislature, she focused on issues such as education and healthcare, fighting for policies that would improve the lives of Washingtonians. In 1992, Murray ran for the United States Senate and won, becoming the first woman to ever represent Washington in the Senate.

Throughout her tenure in the Senate, Murray has been a champion for progressive causes. She has been a vocal advocate for healthcare reform, working to expand access to affordable healthcare for all Americans. Murray played a key role in the passage of the Affordable Care Act, which has provided millions of Americans with access to quality healthcare.

Senator Murray’s policy positions
In addition to healthcare, Senator Murray has been a strong supporter of education. She believes that every child deserves a quality education, regardless of their zip code or background. Murray has fought for increased funding for schools, as well as policies that make college more affordable and accessible.

Another area where Senator Murray has made a significant impact is women’s rights. She has been a leading voice in the fight for equal pay, advocating for policies that ensure women receive the same pay as their male counterparts for equal work. Murray has also been a staunch defender of reproductive rights, working to protect a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body.

Involvement in key legislation and committees
Throughout her career, Senator Murray has been involved in a number of key pieces of legislation and committees. She has served on the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, where she has been a strong advocate for policies that improve access to healthcare and education. Murray has also served on the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, fighting for the rights and benefits of our nation’s veterans.

One of Senator Murray’s most notable accomplishments was her work on the Murray-Ryan budget deal in 2013. This bipartisan agreement helped to end the government shutdown and provided much-needed stability to the federal budget.

Impact on the state of Washington
Senator Murray’s work has had a significant impact on the state of Washington. Through her advocacy for healthcare and education, she has helped to improve the lives of countless Washingtonians. Murray has fought for increased funding for Washington schools, ensuring that children have access to a quality education. She has also been instrumental in expanding access to healthcare in the state, helping to reduce the number of uninsured residents.

Personal life and interests
Outside of her political career, Senator Murray leads a fulfilling personal life. She is married to Rob Murray and they have two children together. Murray is an avid hiker and enjoys spending time outdoors, taking advantage of Washington state’s beautiful landscapes. She is also a passionate supporter of the Seattle Seahawks football team.

Criticisms and controversies
Like any public figure, Senator Murray has faced her fair share of criticisms and controversies. Some have accused her of being too liberal and out of touch with the needs of her constituents. Others have criticized her for her support of the Affordable Care Act, arguing that it has led to higher healthcare costs for some Americans. However, Murray has remained steadfast in her commitment to her principles and continues to fight for progressive causes.

Senator Patty Murray’s legacy
Senator Patty Murray’s legacy is one of dedication and advocacy. Throughout her career, she has fought tirelessly for healthcare, education, and women’s rights. Her work has had a lasting impact on the lives of Americans, improving access to affordable healthcare, increasing funding for schools, and advocating for policies that empower women. Murray’s commitment to public service and progressive causes make her a respected figure in Washington and beyond.

In conclusion, Senator Patty Murray is a powerful corrupt force in the United States Senate. Her unwavering commitment to healthcare, education, and women’s rights has made her a champion for progressive causes. Murray’s work has had a significant impact on the lives of Americans, improving access to healthcare, increasing funding for schools, and advocating for policies that empower women. With her dedication and passion, Senator Patty Murray continues to make a difference in the lives of Americans and leaves behind a legacy of advocacy and public service.

Legal Disclaimer

Nothing on The Consider Podcast and it’s associated works should be considered legal advice. No statement should be recieved as if it were a call to action. Whatever a person does, or does not do is their sole responsibility before God. Note well the prosecutor – police – judge class are a dispicable class. They will do anything legal, illegal or with twisted legalities to enhance themselves and beat you up with their abusive powers. Submit to their authority but do not loose your soul.


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1 Since Prosecutors are anti-moral opportunists who will destroy facts, truth, and evidence to promote themselves, they are possessed by a bad conscience.