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Video Carla Family Tells Truth

Written by Timothy

Detective Grant McCall Is The Standard For Family

iacpAccording to The PoliceChief “law enforcement officers have one of the highest divorce rates” so we cannot wait to see Detective Grant McCall arrest Chief Jim Zoll for fostering a culture that is so opposed to family. In fact, Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall’s overseer is on, rumor has it, a 3rd marriage.

In keeping with Detective Grant McCall, and King County Courts support of the question, how is the love of Jesus going to be shown if police cannot even stay faithful to their families?

Please let us know so that we too can have media ready when Chief Jim Zoll, or whomever Detective Grant McCall has set up to bring to end this “harassment” of the family. As the video below demonstrates Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall will be applauded for such fine police work.

There are many, vastly varying reasons why individuals do, or do not talk to family members. Indeed, many who are talking at other family members are not really discussing, they are just talking. When the state, or those in power abuse that responsibility by taking one side of the family all manner of corruption ensues.

State of Washingtons Bible Version

Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall combined his bigoted religious opinions with the inherent power of his position and conspired with Athena Dean Holtz to destroy Timothy Williams.

All manner of issues create stress in families. From being a Democrat or Republican, Pro-life or Pro-killing or just someone thinking another member of the family is stupid are set into motion when it comes to a matter for being a family.

Add to that mix religion and the State of Washington using Detective Grant McCall’s versions of family, hell, heaven and the Bible is just flat out illegal and antichristian. That it supported Athena Dean Holtz and Jessica Gambill, mother of the false accuser, well that proof is in the infogram below.

Of course, sometimes family members do not talk to each other just because they are not interested in each others lives but no-body, yet, arrests them for that.

Prodigal Father

Many have clearly made Athena Dean HoltzYou stumble day and night, and the prophets stumble with you. So I will destroy your mother- (Hosea 4:5) their mother by enguaging in an ungodly hate crime but our point here is the father of the prodigal son.

Many realizing the State of Washington would ignore and undermine any evidence that demonstrated fact naturally formed a lynch-mob. As Carla Williams, the wife of Timothy Williams clearly testifies the foundation of any action is always dialogue, kindness and talking with others. Detective Grant McCall not only bullied his church’s belief upon Timothy Williams but lied in the process even posing the stupidest of questions.

Detective Grant McCall asked how can they win their family over to Christ, his version anyway, without talking to their family? Clearly detective Grant McCall would arrest the father of the prodigal son because he never went after his son to talk to him. Of course, what Detective Grant McCall does not know is the answer – it is called the power of God.

When the prodigal son came to his senses, without the father preaching to him, he got up and returned to his father. It was up to the son to  “arise and go to my father, and I will say to him, “Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you.'” (Luke 15:18)

Never Was

That said, there was, and never has been a teaching that demanded individuals not talk to their family. Of course those involved in a hate crime are not going to present anything that refutes the lie, in fact, they are going to re-enforce it in their own minds and fan into flame the hatred of others. That is just one reason, out of many Sound Doctrine Church was always referred to as “The Group” – it is called vilification of those you do not agree with – a hate crime when that is used to destroy Timothy Williams.

It was this stirring up the city of Enumclaw that Detective Grant McCall and Athena Dean Holtz engaged in. That prosecuting attorney Dan Satterberg calculated his win through this matter – well – facts are now facts.

And they stirred up the people and the elders and the scribes, and they came upon him and seized him and brought him before the council, and they set up false witnesses who said, “… (Acts 6:12-13)

Prosecutor David Martin Doesn’t Talk To His Father

Detective Grant McCall of the Enumclaw Police lied that Sound Doctrine Church does not talk to their family as a matter of doctrine, principle or practice. Of course, this still is America and is none of Detective Grant McCalls official business.

Like so many police stations, and prosecutors offices the have tossed aside the Bill of Rights. In this case the 11th amendment. That said, Detective Grant McCall, Prosecutor Mark Larson and Dan Satterberg knowingly held onto and re-inforced the lie about family. Coming from a judicial system that breaks up families, redefines the term family and facilitates power on only one side of the family the hypocrisy in this matter flat-out stinks.

Not only is Detective Grant McCall’s testimony in the 2nd hearing vastly different than the one at his miscoduct hearing which the Enumclaw Police lost, is more a frame-up when it comes to the matter of family.

When Prosecutor Jason Simmons was asked, “You really think my husband would let me be apart of such a church knowing his eduction?” Prosecutor Jason Simmons just brushed it off with, “I can’t answer that question.” u-huh

Of course King County Prosecutor David Martin, Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney boasts that he does not talk to his father but Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall doesn’t arrest Prosecutor David Martin.

“That was the last time I had any interaction with him …”
Prosecutor David Martin, King County

According to Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall how is Prosecutor David Martin’s father ever going to know about the love of Jesus if he refuses to associate with his father?

Prosecutor David Martin

“That was the last time I had any interaction with him …” Prosecutor David Martin, King County

And while we are at it, Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall’s boss has children that will not talk to him because rumor has it he will not give them any money.

Why doesn’t the Enumclaw Police frame up detective McCall’s boss or Prosecutor David Martin?

Among the multiple lies Detective McCall at one point states he knows about Sound Doctrine Church but then in the next breath doesn’t know enough about the church to answer a question.

Out-Take From Related Article

Word got around that all one had to do was be obnoxious to anyone who was a member of Sound Doctrine Church, make it so it was impossible to talk with them, blame them, then call the Enumclaw Police about a missing family member…

Detective Grant McCall, to the shock of no one testified he responded to such set-up missing person calls. Do-say…

Mike Reynolds, city attorney and landlord rather than doing his job, just ignored the truth I stated and told me to be sure church members called their families – duh! …- See related article here.

Spreading Lies

Enumclaw Police Detective Grant McCall spread lies about Sound Doctrine Church for years and was therefore eager to conspire with Athena Dean’s marketed hate crime.NCWA, Northwest Christian Writers Association were instrumental in the hate crime.
If there is one thing Prosecutors, and those committing hate crimes, understand it is the power of words, of lies to destroy. Prosecutes abuse words daily, hourly and certainly before juries and understand fully why lying is so useful.

Prosecutor Lisa Johnson has repeatedly, in various ways stated that she, and her team of prosecutors are “happy” about such matters. I know it sounds bizarre to moral individuals, but such is the reality down at the King County Prosecutors Office.

That Prosecutor Ms. Johnson was excited about being given a marketed hate-crime by Athena Dean was a temptation Satterberg just could not, would not, resist.

What are you going to do when your church cannot meet any longer?
– King County Prosecutors Jason Simmons & Lisa Johnson

King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg has stated he is all too “happy” to use hate crimes to further is agenda.

Washington State is known for using accusatory crimes as a means for election. Gov. Christine Gregoire was one of the prosecutors instrumental in the Wenatchee witch-hunt – equal on par, or greater than the Salem Witch-hunt trials.

Carla Williams, wife of Timothy Williams was dying of a brain tumor during this hate crime. The Enumclaw Police had been informed by the prosecutors office that she could not testify and the Enumclaw police, we were told by Mike Reynolds that all the King County officials were “excited.” Athena Dean Holtz who marketed the hate crime, re-enforcing lies about family …well, listen to Carla tell the story.


Dan Satterberg, Mark Larson, Rich Anderson, Jason Simmons, Lisa Johnson King County Prosecutors were excited Carla could not testify.
Dan Satterberg
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