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The Setup

Judge Lori K. Smith, a persecutor judge in the extreme maneuvered a lynch-mob for King County Prosecutors which had produced ZERO evidence.
It is that simple.

King County Superior Court
State of Washington, Plaintiff, v. Malcolm Fraser, Defendant
Cause No. 12-1-01886-0 KNT

King County Court of Appeals
State of Washington, Respondent, v. Malcolm Fraser, Appellant
Cause No. 70702-7-1


First Note

Facebook Post of the Conspiracy

Athena Dean Holtz / Enumclaw Police / King County Prosecutors

Athena Dean Holtz Conspiring With Enumclaw Police Grant McCall
Facebook Post Before Enumclaw Police Grant McCall had interviewed or investigated Malcolm Fraser.

“She will be ready to talk early next week, but in the meantime, we need to have a total shut down of communication about this issue. The officer does not want Malcolm getting wind of this at all, and I completely agree.
So, please, if you have told anyone about this, let them know this information and please don’t talk any more about it until I let you know that Malcolm has been arrested. Then you can say whatever you like, and rejoice with me that justice is coming soon.”
Athena Dean Holtz / Grant McCall Enumclaw Police / Prosecutor Dan Satterberg

From: “!” Corruption Gets A Promotion “!”

Note the control of the frenzy exhibited by Athena Dean Holtz and Grant McCall
Note the coordination of the attack constructed by Athena Dean Holtz and Enumclaw Police Grant McCall.
Note the foregone conclusion agreed up by Enumclaw Police Grant McCall before the False Accuser had even given her statement.
This is one reason the False Accuser sat alone with Enumclaw Police Grant McCall that he shut the recorder on and off. The False Accuser was not communicating the conspired upon accusations.
Athena Dean Holtz had been grooming individuals and authorities for some time and Enumclaw Police Grant McCall was more than eager to take down a church he vehemently hated.

Athena Dean Holtz – Enumclaw Police Grant McCall – False Accusations

1. “She will be ready to talk next week.”

2. “We need a total shut down of communication”

3. Grant McCall “does not want it getting out.”

4. Athena Dean Holtz “agrees” with Detective McCall

5. Athena Dean Holtz will let everyone know when to “start” talking.

Athena Dean Holtz Facebook Post


Judge Lori K. Smith’s Corruption of Law to Enable Prosecutors
Came Down to 6 Points

“Judge Lori K. Smith reluctantly ordered a whopping 30 minutes to question the False Accuser.

King County Prosecutors especially Dan Satterberg knew they could just ignore, as they did many other mandates of the law, to obstruct justice and an investigation.

King County Prosecutor David Seaver thus bowing down to injustice made up the most ludicrous of excuses.

That an “adult could not be found” to bring the False Accuser in for the interview Judge Lori K. Smith had ordered.”

King County, Washington State Prosecutors Destroyed WinePress Publishing

Athena Dean Holtz Self-Confessed
The City of Enumclaw, King County Prosecutors of Washington State found the marketed hate crime of Athena Dean Holtz who self-confessed that she is “a bully, a manipulator, a liar, a user,…” very useful.
Very, very useful.

God talking through a “Fortune Cookie” to Athena Dean Holtz was employed by the Team of King County Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson for self-advancement.

Fortune Cookie Radio Show

“Ok God” looking at a fortune cookie paper printout.

This was Athena Dean Holtz response to having opened her Chinese fortune cookie as if the Living God was speaking to her at the end of her meal.


God Talking Through Fortune Cookie

Enumclaw Washington, Detective Grant McCall

Enumclaw Detective McCall – Turned Audio Recorder On and Off at Will

No wonder to it that King County Prosecutors approved of Enumclaw Detective, whom Athena Dean Holtz conspired with, of sitting alone with the False Accuser turning on and off the voice recorder at will.

Athena Dean Holtz sat outside the Enumclaw Police Station while Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall directed the false accusation.

Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall literally performed a fill in the blank setup of false accusations. Detective McCall would state,

Then he ____________ answer: u-huh
Then he _____________ answer: yeah
Then he ______________ answer: etc., etc.
Then he ______________
Then he ______________
Then he ______________
Then he ______________
Then he ______________
Then he ______________
Then he ______________
Then he ____________________ while turning on and off the record throughout the whole manufactured interview.

It doesn’t take an expert, though one at great cost was provided to Judge Lori K. Smith that the whole interview was “worthless.” That the officer, that is, Detective McCall, of Enumclaw Washington presented every thought “first” was very useful to King County Courts.

Manufacturing lies and marketing such lies are multi-level-marketing at it’s sinful, criminal worse.

The reader can fill in the blank with the nasty details as it would be shameful to even state ugly thoughts. Details that are not logically connected, coherent or sane.

Clearly, this is the nature of the manufactured evidence that King County Courts, most notably, King County Prosecutors create otherwise the system would not have rolled over Constitutional Right and measure of logic to stampede the rush to crush Sound Doctrine Church, aka, Timothy Williams.

Authorities stomped on multiple laws and rights in order to inflame, reinforce and manufacture hatred of a lynch-mob for various nefarious reasons of their own.
King County Prosecutor David Seavers would later inform the appeals court to cover-up all the corruption associated with King County Prosecutors.

King County Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson

Destroyed “What Are You Going To Do”

King County Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson Endorsed A Hate Crime To Destroy A Christian Church .ie. Sound Doctrine Church, The Salt Shaker Bookstore
  • WinePress Publishing does not exist, was destroyed.
  • Sound Doctrine Church does not exist, was also destroyed.
  • The Salt Shaker Christian bookstore does not exist, was also destroyed – along with many innocent individuals.

As is self-evident from the evidence on proves, there is no miracle to the hate crime endorsed and protected by Washington State, King County Prosecutors.

Athena Dean Holtz, Redemption Press, See Infogram Below


King County Court Injustice Methodology

A poor man’s field may produce abundant food, but injustice sweeps it away. (Proverbs 13:23)

Among the innocent destroyed by Washington State Prosecutors was Carla Williams.
Carla was swept away by injustice in September of 2013 and perished.

Timothy Williams, Carla Williams, Carla Perished in September 2013, just after King County Prosecutors Finished Their Injustice.

The real target of destruction was Timothy Williams. Thus, King County Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson in the last 3 minutes of closing arguments before the jury ensured that the name of Timothy Williams was specifically targeted for total destruction.

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg of Seattle Washington calculated the anti-Christian bigotry and, as he stated in a letter, assigned the Prosecutor Nicole Weston, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson and team leader Prosecutor Mark Larson to the marketed hate crime activities of Athena Dean Holtz.
Enumclaw Police legal adviser, a large landowner in the City of Enumclaw, and past landlord of WinePress Publishing, but current landlord for Redemption Press, stated many times that “only gays and minorities” are provided rights.

Indeed, under the bad influence of King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Seattle, Washington State, King County Prosecutors are well known for their anti-Christian bigotry.
Facts are the Seattle Police gun totting political activist for gay activities with their selective “Safe Zone” of special rights gay stickers, this is well understood.
No hate crime, let alone one of this magnitude marketed by Athena Dean Holtz would be tolerated, let alone enhanced by King County Prosecutors and the Enumclaw Police with it was a gay church.
According To City of Enumclaw Detective’s Bible

Playing on the bigotry of King County Courts Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall and Athena Dean Holtz brought to a prepared news media a marketed hate crime. Everything was set up to destroy the Constitutional rights of Timothy Williams, (Sound Doctrine Church, The Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore, and WinePress Publishing)

Everything was set up to destroy the Constitutional rights of Timothy Williams, (Sound Doctrine Church, The Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore, and WinePress Publishing)

King County Courts Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall Bible Version Was Hate Crimed Against Sound Doctrine Church

Until unethical lawyers spiced up Enumclaw Detective Grant McCalls second court testimony at this first hearing Detective McCall claimed that only “30%” of his Bible doctrines agreed with Sound Doctrine Church. There is an extremely notable difference between Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall testimony at the first hearing versus the ones that followed. All individuals are entitled to a defense but not a defense that is a lie.

All individuals are entitled to a defense but not a defense that is a lie. Such lawyers who arrange a defense that is a lie should never have been granted a license to practice law let alone be permitted to continue in such occupations.

King County Courts giving,  as always, what King County Prosecutors desired, a hate crime activity against Christians moved this frame-up forward with increasing intensity. (See Judge Susan Craighead)
King County Court Testimony Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall Audio Statement

Creating A Scandal / Ponzi Scheme of Hate
Athena Dean Holtz used her previous complex fraud activities experience to market a hate crime for King County Prosecutors. See also Consumed By Success for self-confessions of Athena Dean Holtz.

Athena Dean Holtz Uses Past Frauds To Market Hate Crime Against Timothy Williams Spokane Chronicle, January 22, 1986


The “scandal” about Winepress Publishing, Sound Doctrine Church, Salt Shaker Christian bookstore was a manufactured self-fulfilling scandal. The fact that Timothy Williams had preached the Full Truth of the Gospel, that cut across denominational lines, offending both sides of the church aisle was inflamed unto hate crime activity.

The un-tolerated, illegal and unConstitutional rejecting of what offends was promoted to and by Prosecutors in King County Washington State. From the City of Enumclaw to the downtown Seattle King County Prosecutors the hate crime was fueled with a marketed slue of slander and venom.

Athena Dean Holtz charity trash bag fraud and decades of multi-level marketing were employed to sell hatred.

Athena Dean Holtz, and the gang, would either file bogus complaints or get others lynch-mobbed up to do so, then state everywhere that “many complaints” had been filed. Every avenue was enraged to create and sow the seeds for a self-re-creating “scandal.”

Every avenue was enraged to create and sow the seeds for a self-re-creating “scandal.”

Family Member Jessica Gambill (mother of the False Accuser) and Athena Dean Holtz (married 4 times and worked with False Accuser) Video here harassing Sound Doctrine Church members as Enumclaw Police stood by – protecting the hate crime.

Athena Dean Holtz used the sin of evil suspicions, slander, and disagreements to build a crime wave of hate. For example, all you have to do is report a couple false complaints to the BBB, get a few others to do the same, then you can spread the rumor on the Internet that there have been serious complaints about such and such.

Much more than panic, or join in the hatred and file empty complaints, cancel contracts and the hate crime builds in intensity

Then Ms. Holtz could state people were canceling their contracts and thus the slander mill spun with great speed and intensity day after day.

The sinister motivation for the marketed hate crime is understood from the self-confession of Athena Dean Holtz in her many publications.

Athena Dean Holtz Hating – A Hate King County Prosecutors Stated Did Not Exists

King County Prosecutors Promoted This Hatred

Sound Doctrine Church

Prosecutor Jason Simmons and Prosecutor Mark Larson Team, seized upon the perfect storm occurring during the Gay rights buy-a-state-approved-cake to lynch-mob a Christian Church.
The fact there are always disagreeing, and disagreeable individuals lynch-mobbing is second nature to King County Prosecutors and the Enumclaw Police.

It would be akin to picking a jury pool to try a Republican accused by choosing individuals from the National Democratic Convention. Then making politics the front and center discussion. It is not hard to determine the outcome of a jury verdict, no matter the facts, evidence, and logic presented by the defense. Indeed, King County Prosecutors present ZERO evidence a crime had been committed.

This is why Judge Lori K. Smith and Prosecutor Jason Simmons kicked off anyone in the jury pool who believed that evidence was required. Literally, they asked the jury pool if there was anyone who believed “evidence” was required. The Prosecutor got to double-dip jury rejection by having home-grown Judge Lori K. Smith also choose who to send home.

Hatred Was Inflamed By Authorities In The City of Enumclaw

Since there was zero proof a crime had been committed the jury had to be flipped so that they pronounced guilty based on emotion alone.
Fact is King County Prosecutors and the Enumclaw Police had to spend all their time blocking the evidence of the hate crime and ensuring an investigation into that evidence never took place. Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall never went to the house supposed crime scene and King County Prosecutors blocked such investigations from ever taking place. Land’s sake, King County Prosecutors, and Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall refused to surf the web and examine the evidence. This, again, is why Prosecutor David Seavers demanded the appeals court block a re-trial.

Weird that there was zero evidence that the crime King County Prosecutors forced into court, yet, laying out in the open, overwhelming proof, self-confession by Athena Dean Holtz, past frauds, legal paperwork, proof of destruction, proof upon proof was literally everywhere on every level – but King County Prosecutors fought with great zeal not to see.
Weirder still King County Prosecutors would let children be beaten up, good stolen, contracts were broken, lies emboldened, evidence buried, witnesses intimidated, business destroyed, evidence delayed, Enumclaw Police evidence deleted, rights denied, block the interview of the False Accuser, go after Timothy Williams, lie, perjury, …just to name a few. All part of the “Expert” Prosecutor Mark Larson touch.

Prosecutor Rich Anderson ensured that issues like hell and judgment, which of course never causes anyone to dislike that kind of discussion, were shoved in the courtroom to make the jury bitter towards the evidence of truth.


Mike Reynolds

Mike Reynolds – lawyer for City of Enumclaw and Landowner

Mike Reynolds / City of Enumclaw Attorney / Police Advisor and massive landowner in the City of Enumclaw stated the following…

  • “Only gays and minorities receive any rights” down at the King County Courthouse
    Mike Reynolds City of Enumclaw Attorney and Enumclaw Police Adviser


  • “She is a crazy lady.” yet gained all WinePress Property after Mr Mike Reynolds had cancelled all Athena Dean Holtz’s debts and obligations.

Naturally Mike Reynolds cancelled no else’s debts and obligations.
Attorney Mike Reynolds is a maneuvered landlord for Athena Dean Holtz’s Redemption Press
(formerly WinePress building under City of Enumclaw Attorney …yep you guessed it… Mike Reynolds).

WinePress – Redemption Press Infogram

  • Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson of King County Washington. Judge Lori K. Smith working for the prosecution of Washington State.
  • Athena Dean Holtz, Jessica Gambill (mother of the accuser) – (all are related family members)
  • Redemption Press, City of Enumclaw Police lawyer and Landlord from WinePress Publishing to Redemption Press photo day.


Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Police Chief Jim Zoll, Enumclaw Police, Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, Malcolm Fraser, Timothy Williams, Carla Williams, Sound Doctrine Church, Winepress Publishing, Salt Shaker Bookstore, Athena Dean Holtz, The Summit Church, King County Committee, King County Courts, King County PAO Nicole Quick, Judge Lori K. Smith, Prosecutor David Seaver, Prosecutor Nicole Weston, Enumclaw City Counsel, Attorney Mike Reynolds, Redemption Press,, 

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