Auburn Police Officer Jeffrey Nelson Trial

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Updated: June.Thursday.26.2024

Auburn Police Officer Jeffrey Nelson found guilty but he is a guilty scapegoat as these kinds of crimes are a result of Judges, Prosecutors, and Police not doing their jobs.

Hold in great suspicion those who testified against Officer Nelson as they lie, fabricate, and tolerate "small" injustice all-the-time. In short, such probably, most likely lied for the Prosecution.

Otherwise Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall would never have been tolerated or allowed into a King County Courtroom. Period.

If Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall can get by with pulling a shotgun on other officers in anger and creating a hate crime, grooming an accuser, conspiring with others to frame, then who else is guilty besides Officer Jeffrey Nelson in his department or the Prosecutors’ office, who permits these criminal activities to build up and occurr? See www.

Updated: May.Thursday.19.2024

Defective Detective Grant McCall’s relentless lying, contradictions, and frame-up activities. All King County Prosecutor and Judge approved!!

Place this at the forefront of your mind.
King County Prosecutors, King County Judges, and their pimped-out prosecutors will never condemn police that lie for them.

Attention Pimped-Out Lawyers: since you boast that you do pro-bono work, here you go, an extremely easy prosecution is availble by bringing to justice Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall. Just do not expect any help from King County Prosecutors and Judges – they lust too much for their liars.

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Updated: Saturday, April 20, 2024

Naturally, the Judge is willing to hide in darkness from the Jury that King County Prosecutors have pimped-out the prosecution. Right now to the evil tune of $2,000,000! 4

Do not be a fool manipulated by Prosecutors and Judges.

Listen to The Consider Podcast as we shine the Light on the corrupt darkness in Seattle’s King County Courtrooms.

Updated: Thursday, April 11, 2024

Interview Dog & Pony

67, Interview Dog – Pony Show Podcast

Listen in as Jacob interviews the lady who was told jury duty is just a " dog and pony show" for prosecutors in Washington State.

Friday April 12 2024 the Judge is suppose to rule on Prosecutors attempt to hide in darkness their nefarious activities with monies and pimping-out King County Prosecutions.

Much more as we update court case situations and connect the dots. Click on the grahic below or [ click here. ]

Also See: King County Prosecutors Object, yes object, to Abuse Prevention.

Note: Police trials are a whole different animal than you, as an oppressed Washington State citizen, would experience. Police have rights you used to have, and thus, such trials seem reasonable. To say nothing of Police Bias that continues to increase the lying, corruption, and oppression.

Updates and Reminders

If the Prosecutors bring in or mention in the courtroom anything legal, I would find the defendant "not guilty." Such are nasty ploys to play on emotions and quasi-bias-beliefs that are entirely irrelevant on every level. 3

For example: Find "not guilty" if the Prosecution discusses how such a good person was injured, feelings on relationships, race relations, gender issues – etc. etc.. Combined with all the other corruption in the prosecutor’s Office, justice should penalize the Prosecutors and find "not guilty."

4 Types of Jurors

Pimped-Out $2,000,000

So far the pimped-out Prosecution has involved two million, that is $2,000,000!

April 21, 2024 last day for Judge and pimped-out Prosecutors to manipulate the jury. Backstory coming soon. In short, King County Prosecutors will whitewash the fact jury selection is a " dog and pony show" and that they will ensure the lies of Police are front and center. See Enumclaw Police, Detective McCall for a solid evidence-filled example.

Reasonable jurors could only find Police Officer Jeffrey Nelson not guilty.

April Jury Manipulation Month
Will be interesting to examine which way this Judge manipulates the jury for the Prosecution. Remember Paul Sewell calls jury selection a “ dog and pony show.” Indeed, when corruption was brought to Prosecutor Sewell’s attention, he, like Prosecutor Mark Larson just ingored it and moved on with their careers.

Auburn Police Officer Jeffrey Nelson Trial
Case #20-1-06432-3

Older Post

Some of the following is an older post.
Many of the leading trial players and dates have significantly changed.
Updates and specific facts will follow.

Dog & Pony Show Jury Selection

According to King County Prosecutors, the most notable Paul Sewell jury selection for the State of Washington is just a " dog and pony show."

Current Court Dates

Auburn Washington
Police Officer Jeffrey Nelson Trail
Current Trial Date: April 22, 2024
Jury Questionnaire to be filed with the court: March 18, 2024
Final Jury Manipulation Date: April 22, 2024

Reasonable Verdict of "Not Guilty"

Reasonable jurors could only find Police Officer Jeffrey Nelson not guilty. 1

First: The major reason of fact is that the wrong individual(s) responsible is on trial.

Two: King County Court and Police Corruption have reached the tipping point, making any testimony by Police deceptive accusations.

See: 5 Federal Judges Rebuke Seattle Prosecutors Using Liars

More evidence to follow.

Defense & Prosecutor Will Be Arguing The Same Points

"Do you approve of City of Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall’s scripting out accusations, turning the recorder on and off at will, sitting alone with a minor, deleting evidence, refusing to investigate the accused crime, abusing police power to promote his religious bigotry, lying on a massive scale, unquestioning liars, grooming a false accuser, co-conspirator to create a hate-crime, corrupting Constitutional rights of religion, association, vilifying what was clearly reasonable, etc. etc. and then being promoted?"

This should prove to be an interesting trial as both the Defense and the Prosecution will be arguing the same point that it was corruption that led to the shooting. Both will be arguing and quickly proving that it was the corrupted outcome institutionalized by those in authority who are responsible. Indeed, looking forward to the objections by the Defense that the monies used to hire outside prosecutors is both a fraudulent use of funds and unconstitutional.

Both sides no doubt will be putting Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall’s corruptions on the stand and simply asking, "Do you approve of Detective McCall’s scripting out accusations, turning the recorder on and off at will, sitting alone with a minor, deleting evidence, etc. etc. and then being promoted?"

Both sides, Defense and Prosecution, will be showing that it is the corruption that led to the shooting. Again, it should be interesting, to say the least.

More to follow at a later time.

One Example: Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall

No doubt, the Defense and Prosecution will be bringing front and center the rewarded corruption of City of Enumclaw Police Corruption as proof that Officer Nelson is not the guilty party.

Not one policeperson, prosecutor, or judge has ever objected to Enumclaw Police scripting out accusations, deleting evidence and forming a lynch mob of a hate crime. This pattern of using liars has corrupted the King County Prosecutor’s office – and they refuse to repent!

All the police individuals have spent decades giving King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg what the prosecutors desire. These police individuals in the Jeff Nelson case have spent their lives being sycophants to the prosecutor’s office and now we are to believe they are independent thinking policepersons that will go against King County Prosecutors?! With the completely rational individuals having stayed home, only a select group of individuals where the left-over smart individuals are weeded out would believe such nonsense. That is a jury.

This is why even though Enumclaw Police Grant McCall was found with misconduct, who sat alone with a false accuser, shutting the recorder on and off at will while attempting to script out accusations and planting false memories was promoted by the City of Enumclaw Police. Now Sargent-Detective Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall is training other detectives to provide King County Prosecutors with just the eyewitnesses Dan Satterberg, Mark Larson and King County Prosecutors can manipulate to advance themselves.

Consider that King County Prosecutor Mark Larson and Dan Satterberg had absolutely zero problems with Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall deleting evidence, scripting out accusations, conspiring with individuals to destroy a person he did not personally like, enlisting liars, gossip, and slander as "evidence." Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall with full approval from King County Prosecutors, did zero investigation into the crime, zero checking on the validity of statements he knew would meet the approval of Mark Larson and Satterberg. Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall knew exactly what lies to provide King County Prosecutors through his personally rounded-up "eyewitnesses."

Consider that King County Prosecutor Mark Larson prides himself and teaching classes on eyewitness identification concerning crimes. It is clear from the evidence such knowledge is not being used to identify those who identify the wrong individual but is being used to manipulate a desired outcome for the Prosecution. See next proof.

Consider that in closing arguments King County Prosecutors, for which Dan Satterberg specially assigned Mark Larson lied, flat-out lied for the false accuser. (This is just one of hundreds of examples that are easily proven)

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg announced Thursday that his office is charging Auburn police officer Jeff Nelson with second-degree murder and assault from a May 2019 fatal shooting. King County Prosecutor charges Auburn police officer with second-degree murder.

Evidence Links & Summary Hate Crime

Enumclaw Police Detective Grant McCall created and conspired with others to form a hate crime. The setup employed a scripted-out false accusation of a crime to use as a cover to destroy perfectly Constitutionally legal religious beliefs and activities of a church McCall vehemently rejected.

Grant McCall of the Enumclaw Police made himself a magnet for liars and false witnesses, refusing to investigate on any honest level because he was instigating, promoting and conspiring with others to create a false accusation of a crime.

Being a policeman, McCall and lying witnesses knew exactly what corruptions to employ so that Seattle, King County Washington State Prosecutors and Judges would enhance his hate crime.

Fact: The 28-day trial that we video recorded did not present evidence of the accused crime but was used to make legal Christian activities sinister. All know how anti-Christian Seattle and Washington State is.

The proof of these facts are overwhelming. In short, this was an ideological prosecution and persecution by the Washinton State Court system.

Index Hate Crime

Click here for a short Index of the Hate Crime King County Prosecutors used for their own selfish ends.

Voiding Reality

From: Prosecutors Ignore Reality

When reality is overridden by "the law" we live in a Washington State of total law corruption.

Seattle’s King County Prosecutors and Judges have so violated "the law" that they refuse to investigate reality when considering prosecutions. One primary example is that Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall and conspirators groomed a False Accuser, and the house where the alleged crime was to have taken place was never investigated. Had the house been examined, reality would have overcome the accusations because reality made the crime impossible. Footnote: Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall lied repeatedly on so many levels it is difficult to believe, as he testified, that he did not go to the house to investigate. I suspect he did go to the house, saw the crime was impossible and thus lied.

Leesa Manion Carrying Corrupt Satterberg Torch

  • Prosecuting Attorney Office: Miss Leesa Manion brags, boasts and marches in pride that she is a woman holding power. No man can expect a fair judgment as she adds to the corruption of Dan Satterberg and Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall in leaps and bounds. With a nonsense boast about being a woman so too just as Satan fell from heaven because he was full of pride about himself he then became the father of lies. See John 8:44

CASE #20-1-06432-3 KNT
Filed August 20, 2022
Murder in the Second Degree
Assault in the First Degree

Initial Court and Legal Team
Judge – Veronica Galvan (sent to the back of the classroom to be taught not to go against Prosecutor Mark Larson and team.)
Prosecutors – Mark Larson, Kathy Van Olst, and Ian Ith
Defense Attorney – Alan Harvey, Northwest Legal Advocates, LLC

Current Court and Legal Team
Judge – Nicole Gaines Phelps
Under the supervision of the King County Prosecutor Designated Attorney Daniel Clark
Private Attorneys Hired 12/8/22
Patty Eakes
Angelo Calfo

Officer Jeff Nelson Guilty?

Whether Officer Jeff Nelson is guilty or not, couldn’t really say at this point. Until the corruption in the King County Prosecutors Office is seriously addressed Officer Nelson should not even be put on trial. The whole corrupting influence of King County Prosecutors needs to be reformed so that the Police culture can be change. Until then, no officer should be dragged into a court of law for Prosecution in King County Washington State. Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall should be on trial in Federal Court.

Mr. Nelson may be guilty, may even be found guilty, but you can be sure King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and Mark Larson have nothing in common with justice. The tools they use are crooked tools.

Indeed, any guilty verdict will be the bitter fruit of corruption. In no manner, way or level should King County Prosecutor Mark Larson and Dan Satterberg ever be thanked as they are wolves in sheep’s clothing using others for their self-advancement. Both are one primary reason Seattle burns.

According to Satterberg’s judge friend, Judge Susan Craighead, I am too white to understand matters of justice. Well, pooie on Judge Susan Craighead’s bigotry, the following is a matter of transparent justice.

Just based on the mouth-off-publicity-stunt of King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Mark Larson, and Prosecutor Kathy Van Olst, they had better come up with a whole lot more evidence than what they have floated in the public arena so far. A Governor Jay Inslee save-a-whale kind of a lot more evidence related to the actual crime!

What you can be sure of King County Prosecutors, most notably King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and witness manipulator Prosecutor Mark Larson, are up to their dirty tricks.

While King County Dan Satterberg will do anything for votes and Prosecutor Mark Larson proved decades ago that he will turn a blind eye to prosecutor corruption …here we go.

King County Prosecutors Mark Larson a self-declared eye witness expert is manipulating witnesses to lie, see below. King County Prosecutor Mark Larson abuses his knowledge as an expert in eye witness prosecutions to manipulate, fabricate and indoctrinate his witnesses.

However, like Prosecutor Mark Larson’s False Christianity, the proof is never a top-draw issue with him on any matter. You can watch the video where King County Prosecutors only, repeat only, statement concerning evidence of innocence was "So what!".

Grooming Liars King County Prosecutors Method of Choice

Satterberg said an eyewitness to the shooting proved crucial to the investigation.

This is why King County Prosecutor Satterberg favors Mark Larson, who is a self-appointed expert on witness identification and testimony. Prosecutor Mark Larson and Dan Satterberg have been manipulating witnesses for lying to the point 5 Federal Judges caught wind of such wickedness.

Just as King County Prosecutors and Dan Satterberg are manipulating the public by mouthing off evidence in a public forum by now that "Crucial" "Eyewitness" has been thoroughly indoctrinated to lie against Officer Jeff Nelson.

Therefore, because the public mood has changed concerning the Police we now get "an eyewitness to the shooting proved crucial" to promoting King County Prosecutors to the front of the class. You can watch the video yourself of King County Prosecutors and Enumclaw Police scripting out accusations for the Prosecution.

Liars, whether Police or witnesses against Police are always rewarded by King County Prosecutors if it fits their self-serving goals. See Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall.

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg threw Republicans under the bus when they were of no use to him, then he threw the Democrat party under the bus in order to win and keep his position, and he will think nothing of destroying Police if he has too. While the Police have enjoyed Satterberg and King County Prosecutors throwing justice under the bus for them, he will in the end think nothing of throwing all Police under the bus to keep his power position. See the Seattle riots and now the case against Office Jeff Nelson.

Of this, you can be sure Officer Jeff Nelson will not receive a just trial. But that may be exactly what his defense attorney is hoping for. Satterberg and Larson will attempt a double-minded prosecution to keep fulfilling their lust for power. Note this well, that with King County Prosecutors facts and evidence have absolutely nothing to do with this case.

If Officer Jeff Nelson wants justice he had better get the case out of King County ASAP. However, Officer Nelson does run a risk because King County Dan Satterberg and Larson will strive to appear tough to the public but even right now are doing everything in their power to lose the case in such a way so as to still support the Police. Officer Nelson might have a better chance of walking free if he endures the play-act Prosecution put on by King County Prosecutors.

Either way, under the influence-peddling done by King County Prosecutors, justice always loses.

Proof King County Prosecutors Have No Real Proof

Satterberg said an eyewitness to the shooting proved crucial to the investigation.

The reason Prosecutors Mark Larson, Kathy Van Olst, and Dan Satterberg stated it came down to an "eye witness" is because all the experts below did not come to a definitive set of evidence that really could be used to justify an arrest let alone a trial.

Prosecutor Mark Larson is a prosecutor that is an expert on how weak eyewitness testimony is and thus uses that inherent weakness to win false convictions not based on facts and evidence.

The experts’ King County Dan Satterberg hired all the other police departments that "investigated" will do the exact same thing that protected the crimes of Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall — they will give King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg what he wants to hear.

Funny, while I could not get anyone to investigate anything somehow, when it comes to prosecuting a fellow officer, every police department and paid legal hack is pulled out from every corner to tout a self-promoted win-win for Satterberg.

Read this from the Seattle Times, this is hilarious when compared to the City of Enumclaw Hate Crime for which King County Prosecutor Mark Larson blocked and refused to investigate.
Read the following and then laugh out loud at the lie that Satterberg is doing nothing out of public opinion.

Clearly King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s case must be weak in the extreme to require this many investigations to use in court.

Of course, King County Prosecutors learned from the witch-hunt prosecution that drove me out of the City of Enumclaw when you do not have any evidence, real evidence, hardcore solid evidence, a smack of evidence, just pack King County Courts with repeating nay-sayers. It is called the sin of mocking. [footnote]The ruthless will vanish, the mockers will disappear, and all who have an eye for evil will be cut down- those who with a word, make a man out to be guilty, who ensnare the defender in court and with false testimony deprive the innocent of justice. (Isaiah 29:20-21)

If you need evidence that King County Prosecutors have no real proof solid enough for an honest prosecution to convict Officer Jeff Nelson, and that this is about a public-opinion voting prosecution, the paragraph below shouts that fact.

Any guilty verdict obtained by King County Prosecutors and the team of Mark Larson will be a sham, and this packing the court proves that point way beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a PR stunt for the Police to whitewash their past sins and the sins of King County Prosecutors over the decades. "[footnote] ‘Because they lead my people astray, saying, "Peace," when there is no peace, and because, when a flimsy wall is built, they cover it with whitewash, therefore tell those who cover it with whitewash that it is going to fall. Rain will come in torrents, and I will send hailstones hurtling down, and violent winds will burst forth. When the wall collapses, will people not ask you, "Where is the whitewash you covered it with?" "’Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says: In my wrath, I will unleash a violent wind, and in my anger hailstones and torrents of rain will fall with destructive fury. I will tear down the wall you have covered with whitewash and will level it to the ground so that its foundation will be laid bare. When it falls, you will be destroyed in it; and you will know that I am the Lord . So I will spend my wrath against the wall and against those who covered it with whitewash. I will say to you, "The wall is gone and so are those who whitewashed it, (Ezekiel 13:10-15)[/footnote]

Lie: Valley Independent Investigation

Where was the "Valley Independent Investigation Team" when I demanded an investigation?

Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall knew that if you give King County Prosecutors what they want to hear, they will protect any method, any lie, and any corruption as long as public opinion is in the favor. King County Prosecutors reward liars whether that be Police that lie or witnesses that lie. [ See King County Prosecutor David Seaver ]

If not, King County Prosecutors pour contempt on any expert that does not give them the desired results that they lust for. Badge Bias is alive and well.

Expert Sycophant Police

Not to mention that all of the police individuals chosen to represent King County Prosecutors have for decades been giving prosecutors exactly what they want. The most unreliable witnesses King County Prosecutors are putting forth are the Police.

Unless, of course, you can send me proof of all the times these Police went contrary to the prosecutors. Proof of actually rebuking them for overstepping the bounds and touching upon correction.

Lol – who you didn’t enlist the dog catcher for his, or her, opinion? And to think with Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, Enumclaw Hate Crime, you

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1 Naturally this is my personal opinion. Duh to all the lawyers and judges out there.
3 King County Prosecutor Designated Patty Eakes, Angelo Eakes, Daniel Clark 1301 Second Ave., Suite 3000 Seattle, WA 98101, Morgan Lewis Firm, Seattle, King County Prosecutor Leesa Manion Auburn Police Officer Jeffrey Nelson Trial
4 The defense was also enabled to hide from the jury its source of funding. The defense should be allowed to protect it's source of financle help, because of Prosecutor power embalances and corruptions the jury should be fully informed. In short, the Defense owes the State zero information, whereas the State owes us taxpaying Jurors 100% of the information.