“Historic” Loss For Bob Ferguson’s Team

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“Historic” Loss For Bob Ferguson

Tacoma police Trail – Manuel Ellis – Pierce County Sheriff

Attorney General Fentanyl Ferguson Bob understood that "his team of lawyers" softball "prosecution" was exactly what he and Judge Bryan Chuchcoff wanted.

Judge Bryan Chuchcoff Manipulates "The Law" For Desired Outcome

Fentanyl Ferguson Bob of Wa. State sane border crusher, grandma destroyer, free speech oppressor, user of the poor understood that "his team of lawyers" softball "prosecution" was exactly what he and Judge Bryan Chuchcoff wanted.

  • "The historic police accountability trial, now in its eighth week, is being shaped by rulings from Pierce County Superior Court Judge Bryan Chushcoff that have often benefited the three charged officers and have left Ellis’ family scratching their heads." ⟦Here’s what jurors in the Tacoma police trial aren’t being told – The Columbian

Reason 1

Bob Ferguson is guilty of the exact same crime – thus does not have any moral goodness or grace of God in his life and team to actually win according to the Truth.

The Arlene’s Flowers and Gifts Shop extortion case is just one of many examples of Bob Ferguson’s complete defilement and clearly criminal love of himself thus abusing the Attorney General’s Office in Washington State. 1 To say nothing of exactly who destroyed border security so that fentanyl has overwhelmed Washington State? Indeed, when I contacted "his team of lawyers" about the hate crime in the City of Enumclaw Washington – lets just say for now – it was "get lost."

Reason 2

From Chief Judge Beth M. Andrus to Chief Judge Lori K. Smith inch by inch, small degree by degree justice is corrupted. This was the exact same situation with the City of Enumclaw Police corruption except Prosecutors and Judges had to fully ignore in-your-face-corruption. 2 See www. enumclaw.com

Easy Guilty Verdict

Coming to a conclusion of guilt would have been easy in this case.

1: Did the officers remove their knees and pressure as quick as possible?
2: Did the officers immediately remove the pressure once he stated "I can’t breath."?

If the answer is "No" to question 1 then their is guilt.
If the answer is "No" to question 2 then the guilt is greater.

Let none of the officers, prosecutors or judges be self-righteously delusional that this situation can be written off as just "unfortunate" when giving an account to a Holy God. All involved need to repent before the opportunity to repent is gone.

  • It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Hebrews 10:31

No Expert Witnesses Needed

This is a "duh" trial and it is only because the State of Washington and Prosecutor / Judges sift out all thinking jurors than they can use smoke and mirrors for a desired outcome.

This allows Judges and Prosecutors to corrupt, softball, or hardball trials as the Prosecution desires. Washington State sycophant Judges duly, always comply even if City of Enumclaw Police script out accusations and engaged in a wanton Detective Grant McCall hate-crime.


Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer who admitted to lying about a gun and someone delivering newspapers was found "not guilty." This contary to the fact Sheriff Ed Troyer admitted to lying. You see, Judges and Prosecutors are skilled in mainipulation to make it look like they are prosecuting Sheriff Ed Troyer without actually reaching a guilty verdict. Sheriff Faces Charges Stemming from Confrontation With Black Newspaper Carrier After all, Sheriff Ed Troyer knew how and when to lie that someone had a gun in order to sling in every sheriff car from miles around.


The Consider Podcast
Jury Duty, Part 1

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Jury Duty, Part 2

Sheriff Troyer Backstory
Black Newspaper Carrier Confrontation Leads to Charges Against Sheriff

In Washington state, a sheriff who has been in office for a long time has never faced a complaint of racial bias. However, this changed on Tuesday when he was charged with two misdemeanors following a confrontation with a Black newspaper carrier.

On January 27, while Sedrick Altheimer was conducting his usual delivery route, he was being followed by Troyer in an unmarked personal SUV. This was due to Troyer’s suspicion that Altheimer may have been taking packages from people’s porches.

At approximately 2 a.m., Troyer contacted a dispatcher through a non-emergency line for officers, reporting that Altheimer had made threats to harm him and had a gun. Later Sheriff Troyer had to admit there was no gun. And of course, a large number of units quickly responded to the location.

According to a probable cause statement, Troyer admitted to a responding officer that Altheimer, aged 24, did not pose any threat towards him. Altheimer refuted the claim of making any threats and stated that Troyer did not disclose his identity as a sheriff or law enforcement officer.

According to the attorney general, Troyer is required to address two accusations: a charge of falsifying a report and a charge of providing a deceitful statement to a government employee.

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