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Tucker Carlson: We can’t know whether there’ll be an indictment or what’s in it but from the leaks that you have read and say the New York Times, how do you assess this case?

Mr. Costello: Weak to say the least. I just spent two hours or so testifying before the grand jury did in downtown Manhattan and I got my point across although it was clear to me that the Manhattan DA’s office did not want to get to the truth. I need to explain that a little bit. I called them up after I saw Michael Cohn on TV stating things that he said he was going to tell the grand jury and had told the grand jury that were contrary to what he told us when we first represented him in April of 2018.

So, I’m sitting at home watching these lies and I said, ‘I’ve got to do something about it. I don’t represent Donald Trump but I do stand for justice and I think I have a legal obligation to inform both sides.’ So, that’s what I did. I had a ton of documents that I had prepared back in 2019 for the Department of Justice. The US Attorney’s Office called me up and said, ‘Mister Costello, we would like to talk to you about your representation of Michael Cohn.’ I laughed and said, ‘Can I presume you have a waiver of this of the attorney client privilege?’ And they said, ‘You presumed correctly.’ I said, ‘Fine, send it over, I’ll be delighted to talk to you.’ That waiver is very clear. And once we had that I prepared 330 emails a bunch of text messages.

I prepared a contemporaneous report of our first meeting with Michael Cohn at the Regency Hotel in Manhattan as well as contemporaneous notes of the interview I had for two hours with the US attorney’s office in the Southern District of York. As well as contemporaneous notes of an interview by the House Committee on Intelligence who sent three investigators to my office. One of whom is now Dan Goldman, a congressman here in York. So, I had all of this material ready. I sent it to Donald Trump’s lawyer and I sent it to the Manhattan DA’s office. And I contacted the Manhattan DA’s office and I asked could we meet with Alvin Bragg because I wanted to present this to Alvin Bragg as I had presented it to the Southern District.

I wanted him to look me in the eye and assess my credibility. Did I have more credibility than Michael Cohn? Because Michael Cohn in my opinion was lying about just about everything. I specifically told them there were two main points that I wanted to make clear that Cohn had told us that when we first met him that he was suicidal. Why is that important? Because when you’re suicidal thinking that that’s the only way out of your legal mess and you’re presented with the following options that you could cooperate against Donald Trump and provide information that would get you out of jail free card and you respond to us, I do not have any information on Donald Trump. And he said, it many times during that two-hour meeting. I swear to God Bob I don’t have anything on Donald Trump. And I had my law partner who knew Michael Cohn for 10 years on Columbia Grammar and Prep School here in Manhattan because Cohn was on the board of directors.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Mr. Costello: And when I heard him say that he was suicidal the weekend before standing on the roof of the Regency Hotel. I didn’t know whether he was a drama queen or telling the truth. So, I looked at my partner and he shook his head and nodded. I think he telling the truth and later on we got that corroborated by the reverend Jerry Falwell and his wife who had dinner with Michael Cohen who’s told him the same thing. Why is that important? Because when you’re willing to give up your life in order to avoid these legal troubles when they’re insurmountable to you and you’re offered a way out. So, all you have to do is cooperate on Donald Trump. Do you have anything on Donald Trump? And he says, no repeatedly, I swear to God Bob, I don’t have anything. Then you know that you’ve got guy who probably doesn’t have anything. It’s certainly easier to give up information on Donald Trump than it is to kill yourself.

On top of that, while he’s making these speeches during our period, he’s marching up and down on the other side of the conference table like a tiger in the zoo, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. He looked like he hadn’t slept in 5 days. He looked like somebody who was suicidal and every once in a while, he would stop and point at us. When I say once in a while, he this at least 20 times and said, guys, I want you to know I will do whatever the F I have to do I will never spend one day in jail. Now what he’s saying is, I’ll lie cheat steal shoot somebody, I will not spend a day in jail. Do you think a guy whose mentality is that is going to not admit that he has information on Donald Trump? But having said that, the DA’s office didn’t ask me questions to bring that up and I brought it up anyway. I ignored their questions and simply gave them the information. I’m hearing rap in my ear left and right. I’ll continue if you want.

Tucker Carlson: Well, let me just ask you one final question if it’s okay, Mr. Costello.

Mr. Costello: Sure.

Tucker Carlson: If you were the DA, if you were a prosecutor and you were trying to be fair and honest and serve the law rather than a political agenda. You’d want to know that wouldn’t you?

Mr. Costello: Absolutely. And I told them and told the grand jury today I was deputy of the criminal division of the US Attorneys for the Southern District. I said, I wouldn’t touch a witness like Michael Cohn for any amount of money. You simply cannot rely upon this guy and tonight he was on another station denying that he waived the attorney client privilege. Here it is in writing.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah.

Mr. Costello: And that’s his signature on the second page.

Tucker Carlson: That’s unbelievable.

Mr. Costello: So, I guess he didn’t know that and the district attorney didn’t know that and I told them, Michael Cohn has been in your office 20 times and twice in the grand jury. And he forgot to tell you that he waived the attorney client privilege 22 times. I mean really, is this the kind of witness you want to ride to the finish line? Not my words.

Tucker Carlson: I think all they care about is the finish line. But I sure appreciate the information that you brought us tonight. You are quite welcome. Thank you.

Mr. Costello: You’re welcome. Thank you.

Tucker Carlson: Harmeet Dillon is the founder and managing partner of Dome Law Group, she joined.


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