#59 Sing to the Choir

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Timothy: Let’s consider the fact that Jesus is not in your church.

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Video: Second Chronicles chapter 15 verse 6, one nation is being crushed by another and one city by another because God is troubling them with every kind of distress. God has had enough. God is beginning to separate chaff from wheat. God demands the house of God repent and grow up. America is in turmoil, even stealing children. It is unsafe to travel from sea to shining sea. The legal system is crushing life and liberty. Prosperity and peace are actively threatened. Police are powerless to stand against corruption. Prosecutors salivate to enslave all behind prison walls. The Christian church is stiff necked and will not repent because of her many sins. The church is powerless to stop the encircling. The hypocrite Christian church demands all repent but themselves. “It is time for judgement to begin with the family of God.” First Peter chapter 4 verse 17. The Consider Podcast. Examining today’s wisdom, folly, and madness. www.consider.info.

Song: Times are getting bad, sing, sing to the choir, the end is at hand, sing, sing, sing to the choir. There’s so much Evil by sinners. There’s nothing good in the news. You get to know about the last days. Jesus is outside, sing, sing, sing to the choir, sing to the choir. There’s so much Evil by sinners. There’s nothing good in the news. You get to know about the last days. Jesus is outside. Sing, sing, sing to the choir, sing, sing, sing to the choir. Sing to the choir. but Jesus he’s outside, he’s outside. Outside, Jesus is out. Sing to the choir, but Jesus is outside. He’s outside, outside. Jesus is outside. Sing to the choir but Jesus is outside. Sing, sing, sing, sing to the choir, sing, sing, sing to the choir. The Jesus is outside.

Timothy: What do you think Jacob? That’s a new considered podcast song. Obviously, I’m not doing the singing but the Lord certainly had given me the words. Anything else?

Jacob: Sounds good.

Timothy: Yeah, one of my favorites. Well, we started this by saying that Jesus is not in your church. So, let’s do a pop quiz for Jacob. Jacob.

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Was Jesus in the church that I pastored? Preached at?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Wrong O. Let’s look at Hebrews chapter 13 verse 13. I can guarantee you every church certainly in America. Jesus is not in that church. You can look in the children’s room. You can look in the choir room. You can look at the baptismal. You can go through all the architectural and the nice areas and rooms and closets and you will not find Jesus Christ in that church. There’s nowhere to be found. Guaranteed. I can prove it with scripture. It’s going to be ink on paper if you will or digital on screen however you want to look at it. But Jesus is not in any church. And if we thought about that and if the church knew that, things would be radically different.

Let’s look at Hebrews chapter 13 verse 13 and that’s going to be our primary focus. We’ll keep coming back to it here and there. Go and read it Jesus–, or go ahead and read it Jacob, because that’ll tell you where Jesus is at.

Jacob: “Let us, then, go to outside the camp, bearing the disgrace he bore.”

Timothy: Outside the camp. Jesus is outside the church. He’s out there in the community, suffering disgrace. He’s out there being blasphemed. The church is to be a place to worship God, certainly to get the holy spirit, to read scripture, to be transformed, to made different and then if we want to find Jesus. If we want to find Jesus, where is he at Jacob?

Jacob: Outside the camp.

Timothy: If you’re out there and you’re saying to yourself, I just don’t, Jesus just doesn’t feel as close as I would like him to or maybe not at all or whatever. But you won’t find him in church. You will not be able to go down to the aisle there, bend your knees. I don’t know if they even still have those anymore, because he’s not there. He’s outside and that’s where we’re are to go. Let me rephrase that, in accordance with the song here Jacob, pop quiz. You may not have picked up on this, so you may have to really think this through. Are things pretty bad out there?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: You said that pretty quick. Are you pretty confident? Are you sure?

Jacob: Yeah, I’m sure.

Timothy: Are there any news sites or you know ministries talking about the end of the world?

Jacob: Oh yeah.

Timothy: Really?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: They’re discussing all of this.

Jacob: Well, they’re not discussing Hebrews 13:13 Now they’re talking about the end of the world.

Timothy: You’re jumping ahead alright. So, what we have going, okay. Let me slow down. What we have going on is a constant preaching to the choir. We’re not getting outside the camp to face disgrace, and sacrifice and suffering. There are a few people kind of doing that, but if the church really believed if the pastor was preaching this Sunday and said, you know what? Jesus Christ isn’t here. We haven’t been meeting with him because none of us are out there suffering disgrace. So, you take a congregation to save 200 people. You mean to tell me 200 people are outside the camp suffering disgrace. No, it’s all we’re huddling together inside the and we’re huddling inside the church and we’re trying to save America by changing the political landscape, right?

We’re trying to save our lives. We’re not called to save America; we’re called to save people from America. Come out and be separate. The reason we don’t do that of course is we’re going to have to go to the outside of the camp and out there is a rough cross to really engage in the suffering. One reason I have so much persecution, opposition. Everyone look at it over the decades is because I’ve always been outside the camp. It’s always about confronting, moving forward with the gospel. Never, right Jacob? My life is not one of like content to sit in the church building and do a little preaching and go home and direct and do whatever.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: So, I’m preaching from experience at we can get into all that later on. Now, I want to make any comments on that before we kind of I want to do a little warning here in just a moment as I normally do.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Let’s go second Timothy chapter 1 verse 8, because there’s a problem here. There are a lot of quote conservative Christians, podcasts, news shows, books, all kinds of stuff about. I mean we’re going to get to here in a moment but if we really want revival, if we really want to quote unquote save some people from America. You know what we need to do? We need to stop all the news reporting. And I’ll get to that in a moment. We need to stop all the worship. And go outside the camp and everybody get busy and those that aren’t, but let me give a warning here.

Number one, and I don’t have time to explore it too much. You have to be sure that you’re preaching the whole gospel message. I think one reason among many why people don’t go out and outside the camp to preach Jesus. They really don’t have any depth or belief about what they believe because if you did, it’s just a compelling thing. If you have a whole gospel that applies to every aspect of a man both in body and soul and spirit and everything else. You can’t help be in a position where you just want to tell everybody because it’s good news. It’s a very exciting news. Instead, this Jesus that we’ve been presented, this smiling jack Jesus is about saving our life, putting our life together. So, everybody huddles together in the church building or in retreats or reading books about the, how many more books do we need Jacob about the fact that we live in the end times?

Jacob: I don’t think we need anymore.

Timothy: How many more Pastors do we need saying, I think this current trouble over in Israel could possibly be the arm again in the world? How many times do we have to be told that?

Jacob: We’ve already heard it.

Timothy: This is like the church that building’s on fire. You yell it’s on fire and they just sit there and then you go hey it’s on fire. It’s on fire. Yeah, we know and you just keep talking what kind of fire? What kind of flame? What’s going on? Is it pretty? Does it smell? What’s it doing? Is there toxic gas? You get my point, right? Well, we don’t need another podcast. We don’t need another social commentary. We don’t need some conservative watching a YouTube video and sneering and looking and laughing or commenting. We’ve got it, but I’m ahead of myself a whole lot.

Number two, you can’t just be a troublemaker. Be very very fearful of going outside the camp with your religious viewpoint and what you think you’re right on and you stir up trouble that’s not of Jesus Christ. Don’t be a troublemaker or somebody trying to prove a religious point and go outside the camp. You deserve all the hostility you get. There’s something much deeper here that we have to seek. So, let’s go to second Timothy chapter 1 verse 8. Jacob, go ahead and read second Timothy 1:8.

Jacob: “So do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord, or ashamed of me his prisoner. But join with me in suffering for the gospel by the power of God.”

Timothy: Verse 8, there last 3 or 5 words are the most important that we’re looking at today. “By the power of God.” It has to be Jesus Christ’s work, his sufferings. It’s when he calls us outside the camp. And to the sufferings that he has chosen for us to endure and where we should go. And of course, one reason people don’t do it is if you really come to Jesus Christ and you do as Roman 12:1 and you offer your body as a living sacrifice and everything you own and family and your life and your career and everything and you go, okay Lord, what do you want me to suffer with and disgrace outside the camp? Do you not think he’s going to take you serious?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: Of course, we know he’s going to take it serious. And the other part is we’ve lost control, because we have no clue where that’s going to go and where that’s going to happen. Certainly, when I was ran out of the town of Enumclaw, I knew trouble was coming. But I didn’t know what direction. But I knew trouble was coming decades ago because there was little tiny sufferings of Jesus Christ that were up to that major point. We have to be trained. We have to be dead to self. We have to know what are the sufferings of Jesus Christ versus our own stupidity in when our suffering. There’s a whole lesson that God has to teach us. All you have to do is look at how Jesus discipled the apostles, right?

He would send them out knowing they’re totally going to butchered it, make a lot of mistakes. Yeah, welcome to the club on that one, and then when you go back in before Jesus and you’re patting yourself on the back and you’re going, we cast out demons and we raise the dead we heal people and Jesus being the loving guy is turns and says, oh, don’t rejoice in those things. I mean talk about a deflation. There’s a lot of self that has to be put to death by the power of God before we’re fit to suffer as Jesus Christ would have us suffer outside the camp. We’re talking about following Jesus Christ outside the camp.

You can’t just go pick your, I mean the Pharisees what battle the and it wasn’t until Jesus came on the scene, they both kind of united together under one cause. Any comments on that yet Jacob?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Here’s another key element. Verse 8, again Paul will write and say, “Do not be ashamed to testify our about our Lord.” And then look at this next part, “Or ashamed of me his prisoner.” We don’t want to associate in our sinful nature or unrefined nature or old nature with people who are suffering as Jesus is the sufferings. One of the signs that you’re really being dead to self, picking up your cross, hating your own life, and following Jesus Christ and suffering is you will fellowship by nature with those who are doing the same thing. People that are just causing trouble on a religious point of view or whatever, they’re in their own little world, right? They’re doing their little business thing or they’re doing their little ministry thing. They’re each in their own little, what am I trying to say? Club, group, church, right?

Jacob: Yeah. There’s their own little bubble.

Timothy: But to walk over to somebody that’s being led by the Holy Spirit whose life not involves a just suffering in terms of persecution but death to self. You got to put your armor around that person and say, okay, I join with you in this suffering, in this suffering over here. The rest of the church is just ashamed. That’s what he says, “Or ashamed of me his prisoner. But join with me,” Paul says, “In suffering for the gospel.” Nobody’s going to force you to do this. Let me repeat that. God’s not going to force you to do this. This is you volunteer for this. You surrender. It’s a Romans 12:1 or it’s nothing. “But join with me in suffering for the gospel.” And you have to be sure you’re not just suffering for the gospel. Doesn’t the political group suffer for the gospel, Jacob?

Jacob: Yes.

Timothy: What are some of the political, I don’t know, mostly Save America. Can you think of any of the names anymore?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: No. They’re probably.

Jacob: Noting to mind. Although I would say, I think that your question was do they suffer for the gospel? I don’t know if they suffer for the gospel. They’re just suffering to hopefully have a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe. Even if you could categorize what they go through as suffering but…

Timothy: Correct. They by asking the question you just answered my question. I was asking do they suffer for the gospel. The answer is no.

Jacob: No. Well because originally, I said yes but then.

Timothy: No, problem. I don’t think anybody’s taking those deeper notes.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Join with me in suffering for the gospel. They’re not suffering for the gospel. They’re suffering for viewpoint. They’re suffering for their sarcasm. Uh they’re suffering for their humor. They’re suffering because of their music. They’re suffering because they put up a Christmas tree or they tack on Jesus to something and so society has a backlash with that but that’s not the same thing as suffering for the gospel. It has to be suffering for the whole message, the message of the cross of hating your own life and you can’t just have that. You can’t just walk around and go, okay, well here’s a track about the whole gospel or listen to this podcast about the whole gospel and that’s what I believe. That’s not enough either.

You can just lay that stuff out there. It has to be by the power of God before it matters and those that are doing second Timothy 1:8, will naturally fellowship together. Let’s go ahead and read on. Second Timothy 1:9. It says, “Who has saved us.” Most people would stop right there, wouldn’t they Jacob? He saved us. Don’t have to do anything. I won’t bore everybody with the details again and what does it say?

Jacob: “Called us to a holy life.”

Timothy: Called us to a holy life. We’re going to get into it here in a moment that if the church and the Christians and the United States really want revival. If they want the land healed and made well then, they’re going to have to pursue holiness instead of right now they’re highly opposed to it. Then he goes on to say, “Not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace.” Again, it comes back to God working the suffering. God working the life. “This grace was given to us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time.” So, God has the sufferings that he has for Timothy Williams to go live. And that’s what I had to pursue. I can make up my own sufferings or I could say, well Lord, why don’t I go suffer over here, or why don’t I give this over here or keep this or whatever it is I want to do? None of that will be of any value. In fact, it’s in the way of Jesus Christ.

“The grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time.” God does not need my suggestions on what to do with a ministry work. Verse 10, “But it has now been revealed through the appearing of our savior, Jesus Christ, who has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.” It is good news. He’s willing to suffer. That if people would just surrender to the whole message of their excitement and their joy and their sufferings would all increase because it is so powerful, so life giving, it humbles, it breaks, it lifts up, it protects. You have all of those at the same time. Verse 11, “And of this gospel,” Paul says, “I was appointed a herald and an apostle and a teacher.” A lot of things going on there. And a lot of people like to say oh I’m a herald or I’m an apostle or I’m a teacher or I’m a prophet. Right Jacob

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: I have yet to see them say point to me the sufferings of Jesus Christ in terms of the full gospel. Verse 12, “That is why I’m suffering as I am.” If Paul hadn’t lived a holy life, he had to strive for that then The suffering means nothing. It is only in the context of surrender and holiness that any suffering means anything. You should be able to say at the end of the day, the reason why I am suffering is because I preach the whole gospel. The reason that I am suffering is because God by his power of holy spirit is crucifying my sinful nature, my wicked heart, he’s cleansing my life, the conviction’s constant, the conviction’s deep. It’s holy, it’s digging up, it’s light shining into darkness, it’s going into ground that hasn’t been plowed, and plowing in new ways is taking an old man at this point and seeing how much more God can crush me in lots of different ways. Make sense Jacob? That’s why I’m suffering, that’s why everybody should say they are suffering. Most people are suffering because of political viewpoint and an opinion or just because now the antichrist is moving forward to get rid of all religion, because he will declare himself to be God. I think we’ve kind of heard that, right? We’ve solved that problem we are know the antichrist is coming.

Timothy: Yes. Verse 12 says, Paul says, I am not ashamed of this because I know whom I believe. That’s a likable legalism and people say it but not within the context of the whole message and what we’re reading here, right?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: “I am convinced that he’s able to guard what I’ve entrusted for him for that day.” When we see our weaknesses, when God comes in with conviction, when the deep power of God is seeking to make us holy, not just in terms of the appearance of man. In fact, he’ll do away with that whole business, but in terms of purifying our heart, making our spirits holy. Everything about our life he just keeps going at it. Who of us can wake up one morning and go, okay, I’m holy and like there’s nothing else to change, really? Anybody, well I know some people that claim that but you think it would be true Jacob?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Alright. Again, we’re back to fellowship. Look at second Timothy chapter 1 verse 13. Go ahead and read that Jacob.

Jacob: “What you heard from me, keep as the pattern of sound teaching, with faith and love in Christ Jesus.”

Timothy: What you heard from me, keep as a pattern of sound teaching, with faith and love in Jesus Christ.” The persecution that we so often endured or endure really has one goal, and that was to divide fellowship between me and other people. That was really the ultimate goal. Remember that? Remember all the person we go through? The goal was bitter roots. The bitter role was to keep people from the, hey, don’t keep your arm around Timothy and what he’s suffering or this message. You just have to understand and be willing to accept the fact, isn’t Paul and the message kind of one and the same?

Jacob: Yeah.

Mid Point

Timothy: Yeah, Paul doesn’t claim to be Jesus Christ, but they’re tied together. It’s not like you could go, well Paul, I embrace the whole message over here but I don’t hug you. They’re tied together and what Satan seeks to do with every power he can is to divide that relationship between. If we have fellowship with one another, we walk in the light, right? And so, what he wants to do is break that fellowship and he’s got many tricks up his sleeve to do that. Just think of prosecutors, what do they try to do? The first thing they do is try separate everybody, get everybody fighting for each other, get everybody trying to survive, right?

I mean the whole goal first of all, I don’t want to deviate too much was when the prosecutors came into action, their goal was to destroy the business, to destroy the church, and to scatter everybody. That’s what their goal was. Then, they would talk about a trial. Then, they would talk about a plea bargain, but their main goal to start with to begin with was the absolute destruction of fellowship between each other. In fact, the detective that was in charge, the first thing he emailed like they hadn’t already talked. But he emailed over to the prosecutors was, yeah, the secret to case is the church. In other words, taking the church down and that’s not exact quote. That’s just what he wrote. One line sentence and so the prosecutors of King County wrote and said, well, send this over everything you have on the church.

As you can imagine, the everything that was sent over was not everything. It was everything that could be twisted and it was everything that was perverted but it wasn’t everything otherwise they just, well, I don’t know if they saw clearly not to proceed and I doubt it. So, I deviate a little bit any thoughts on that, Jacob.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Verse 14, “Guard the good deposit that was entrusted you– guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.” And then we go into verse 15. It’s just what we’re talking about here. “You know that everyone in the providence of Asia has deserted me.” We’re talking about the sufferings of Christ, where finding people willing to fellowship with you and to join with you in the sufferings. You understand Paul isn’t doing the usual Pastor thing today. He’s on TV going, join with me in the victory. Join with me in the blessing. God wants you healthy, wants you having money. And some people don’t go all the way to the money but God wants to bless you in all kinds of way, right? So, the whole emphasis is on what, Jacob? You getting blessed.

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Whereas Paul is saying, join with me in suffering. You’d love a huge seminar and you just everybody out here, 2000 people, let’s just go crazy. Join with me in suffering for the gospel. How much work do you actually think would get done in Jesus Christ if all those people said, yeah, I’m going to join with you in that and they’re actively doing something besides I don’t know, praying for somebody. How about just actually going out? But see, you might lose your job, you might lose your freedom. That’s coming anyway, but right now you see the point. If you’re going to preach the full gospel, if you’re going to live the whole gospel, if you’re going to be made holy, guess what? You’re going to be joining in the sufferings of Jesus Christ. That’s what Paul talks about. The blessings are in embracing the sufferings.

Any church that is getting the blessings without the same measure or more than in the sufferings is not preaching the gospel. It could be logically sound; it could be sound doctrine in terms of ink on paper but it is not the gospel. It is not the whole message. “You know, Paul says, that everyone in the providence of Asia has exerted me.” Including the Phygelus and Hermogenies.” Now verse 16 he goes on to talk about there’s always those few people that are actually faithful in Jesus Christ, that are beyond the news, beyond singing to the choir. They’re actually doing the work. Says, “May the Lord show mercy to the household and give it to the whole household of Onesiphorus, because he often refreshed me and was not ashamed of my chains.” Are we getting a pattern here? Not to be ashamed of those who are actually in chains and preaching the gospel, the whole message. “On the contrary,” he says, Paul says, “When he was in Rome, he searched hard for me until he found me.” Talk about embracing the sufferings. You follow what’s happening here?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: He’s in chains. He’s got sufferings going on but isn’t going, well, I couldn’t really find Paul and so you just kind of skip town, right?

Jacob: Send him a letter.

Timothy: Send him a letter, a donation maybe.

Jacob: Donation maybe. No, he hunted him down.

Timothy: He hunted him down. He made sure he was going to share in the fellowship. See, the goal is not some prideful thing about, oh I suffer in Jesus or I share. No, it’s really about love and fellowship and out of the love and fellowship, we just know as a fact that we’re going to suffer, right? That’s just part of it. Everybody else wants to avoid fellowshipping with those kinds of people because they’re going to wind up suffering and so the suffering does a good stuff. It keeps people who are lukewarm or playing at it away. You really have to if you want God, Romans 12:1, “Offer your body as a living sacrifice and just prepare for God to bring it all together.” Alright, I’ll let you read verse 18 there second Timothy 1 Jacob.

Jacob: “May the Lord grant that he will find mercy from the Lord on that day! you know very well and how many ways he has helped me in Ephesus.”

Timothy: Paul believed and once said always saved he wouldn’t write that sentence. “May the Lord grant that he will find mercy from the Lord in that day!” We’re all working at our salvation with fear and trembling and it’s reflected in so many verses, so many aspects of scripture. Anything on that Jacob? I’m just kind of a sub point.

Jacob: No, Amen.

Timothy: It all came down to actions. Not a bunch of words, “You know very well how many ways he helped me.” It had to do with action. Obedience, loving one another, fellowshipping with one another. Alright let’s go a little bit deeper because what the song is talking about is the fact that we’re just constantly singing to the choir. Remember what were the words of the song there Jacob? Do you remember that? Let me go back up and let’s kind of go over that remind people. Goes, “Times are getting bad. Sing to the choir. The end is at hand. Sing, sing, sing to the choir.” Right? Everybody knows this.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Do we really need some club ministry telling us that the end of the world might be happening soon?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Do we need televised anything on any level telling us the economy could go south? We’re losing our freedoms. I mean any really, I need somebody to tell me I’m losing my freedom.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Anybody serving Jesus Christ you don’t have to be told these things. Like is this the end days? It’s kind of mute. If you’re involved in the sufferings of Jesus Christ what different? You’re busy? You’re busy actually doing work. These people that are singing in the choir. Oh, listen to the choir. It sings beautiful. It sounds good. It’s telling us we want to hear, right? Alrighty. Well, let’s go to a Likable Legalism moment and those who’ve listening to the broadcast will know exactly what I’m talking about. Read second Chronicles chapter 7 verse 14. I don’t know about you Jacob but I’ve heard this scripture quoted decade after decade, after decade. And everybody thinks the new political elections going to change things. Based on just my lifespan and people saying, oh yeah, this scripture’s true and if this’ll happen, we’re on the very things ought to be really rosy about now, right?

Jacob: Correct.

Timothy: Alright. Likeable Legalism. Second Chronicles 7:14. Jacob read us what everybody likes.

Jacob: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Timothy: Quoted everywhere, I think you could probably buy this on paintings and magnets, right?

Jacob: Yep.

Timothy: Certainly, many ministry has built a church on this particular thing and donations have been brought in by all kinds of stuff. Okay, this has been going on. I’m repeating the obvious before we go to the next level here. Anything change things better or worse Jacob?

Jacob: Oh, it’s worse. Yeah. If supposedly the people in the 80s that quoted this and then the nineties that quoted this in the early 2000s that have all quoted this, right? Well, then clearly, they haven’t repented because the land has not been healed.

Timothy: And you’re making me feel old because I got to go back to the 60s and 70s.

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Yeah, not a problem. I feel my own age enough. Yeah, all thing we ought to be in paradise. Pretty close to it, right?

Jacob: Yeah, for taking this for preach.

Timothy: The gospel should have covered the earth like four or five times over. So clearly the quoting of the scripture the reading it in churches right is not working.

Jacob: It’s not working. Yeah.

Timothy: Something’s wrong somewhere.

Jacob: Something’s off.

Timothy: Alright. Well, I’ve got the answer. Says, Jesus isn’t in church, let’s go outside the church, right?

Jacob: Yeah.

Timothy: Then and obviously I’m not trying to start a movement here. This is not going to be marketed. It’s not going to be advertised.

Jacob: Oh, the unchurched movement. Everyone should just leave. Everyone should not go to church

Timothy: Well whatever bother to give a label to this thing. It’s got, because what I’m about to say is that’s not possible. Just not possible. First of all, let me clarify here. Suppose what I’m about to say actually took place, right? And God healed the land. What that would mean is you’d have a bunch of people preaching to United States to repent as it prepares for its doom. You’d understand what God is working here. We’re not going to save America. We’re not going to save our hunting rights or our gun rights or our money or anything else. We’re talking about following Jesus Christ as the camp in terms of the cross, poverty, shame, and the whole bit. But you’d have a powerful, powerful impact on the nation. You wouldn’t have news things trying to change anything. That stuff’s it’s in the way. It’s in the way.

Alright. Let’s go to Joel chapter 2 verse 15. This is how if we wanted to repent, we would repent. The first thing you would do and of course most of the, you know there’ll be a revival meeting next week and I mean I don’t know how people can break the Holy Ghost but whatever. “Blow the trumpet in Zion.” They announce this thing and what we’re going to announce is every church stop meeting. Every conservative Christian news website podcast shuts down. Anything that’s remotely related, claiming to Jesus Christ, ministry, any action, giving to the poor, everything stops and everybody leaves the church.

“Blow the trumpet in Zion, declare a holy fast.” So, we’re going to fast from our ministry works to find out what’s of God and what isn’t. We’re going to fast at our doctrines that are worthless. We’re going to fast in terms of our entertainment, our cellphones. Going to, again this is not legit but you get where I’m going with this, right? “Call a sacred assembly.” A holy one. We’re not going to have entertainment. By the way, it’s a little sub note. If you look in the book of Genesis, the musicians were always in the front of the army. They weren’t turned around facing the army providing entertainment. They’re marching forward. That’s just a very good example what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about going outside the camp into a fasting situation, a sacred assembly. Look at verse 16, “Gather the people.” Okay, let’s all get together. Personally, we’re going to do this as downtown Seattle and do they have a stadium like we could possibly be rejected on a repent or rent, Jacob?

Jacob: In Seattle?

Timothy: Yeah.

Jacob: Sure. They got a couple options, I think, baseball field.

Timothy: Oh, let’s do them all because we got the giant TV, so everybody can see what’s being said, right? “Gather the people.” Church is shut down and we’re going to do this for should we make this easy. How about 3 months? Because a lot of people just quit going to church. A lot of people just fall away. That’s exactly what we need. Church needs to be cleaned up. A lot of people shouldn’t even be allowed back in because they’re not even Christians. They’re not pursuing holiness. It says, “Consecrate the assembly.” Jacob, read those first two lines so people know I’m not making this up. Joel chapter 2 verse 16.

Jacob: “Gather the people consecrate the assembly.”

Timothy: “Bring together the elders, gather the children, those nursing at the breast. Let the bridegroom leave his room and the bride her chamber.” You get the idea like hey let’s just stop everything. So, if all these decades of saying, oh, I’ll heal your land did we ever see this going on.

Jacob: No.

Timothy: No, what we found is that people like to have that Likable Legalism that they pull in or how about a pleasing promise where you take it totally for selfish reasons. You pull it in and you get what you want from God and everybody’s just kind of playing at it. There’s no message of the cross. “Gather the people, consecrate the assembly.” There would be a purification even as this came together. This isn’t like, this is not a hype thing. First thing I’m going to do is get rid of all the coaches. You’re not going to be part of this thing and anybody that’s in the media is not going to be a part of promoting the thing. It’s going to be we are now it. It’s out there. We’re going to rent. It’s going to flood in the money. God will provide with all the because everybody’s going to come together in fasting and praying. Forget the entertainment. It’s going to be about going outside the camp and suffering. What do you think? I can get 10 people to show up.

Jacob: Maybe.

Timothy: I don’t think I can get Tim. “Bring together the elders, gather the children, those nursing at the breast. Let the bridegroom leave his room in the bride her chamber.” Wow. There goes the whole family idolatry right out the window right away. Stop what you’re doing and get Before the Lord. Verse 17, “Let the priest, who minister before the Lord, weep between the temple porch and the altar. Let them say, “Spare your people, O Lord.” Everybody knows Christians are under attack, right? But we don’t see this response. It’s really weird to watch this in all of the Old Testament when you had bad government or people being enslaved, right? What did they do? They at least thought about repenting. They at least I mean, I’m not saying they repented but they knew that that would be the solution.

What we find is all of these terrible things are happening and it’s as if in the Old Testament was saying, be sure you vote for the right Roman emperor this time, or you vote for King so and so over here. We think that’s reform. We think that’s repentance. We think that’s holiness? “Let the priest, who minister before Lord, weep between the temple porch and the altar. Let them say, “Spare your people, O Lord. Do not make your inheritance an object of scorn, a byword among the nations.” Look, for all the books about the end days and all the podcasts and all. I read all that news stuff. Man, it’s nothing, it’s absolutely not. It’s in the way the humor, the sarcasm, the music. It’s all in the way would all have to be cleaned up, if you actually want to make an impact for Jesus Christ.

“Why should they say among the peoples, ‘Where is their God?’” Right now, in the United States our government shows total contempt for anybody with the name Christian, right? Well, this because the church is under judgement. They have no fear about taking us down. They have no fear coming forward. What are they afraid of? Did it? They’re not seeing God work in all these things. The full gospel’s not going out. Everybody’s trying to do. Well, I’m going to talk to you about why you believe in abortion or why you do this over here. Look, call people to repentance, resolved to know Jesus Christ and him crucified. We’re like unmarked graves. The government just marches all over. When we went through our persecution, didn’t they? Or Enumclaw there Jacob, with that prosecution, persecution, whatever you want to call it. They thought that was going to be a walk in the park.

Jacob: Sure.

Timothy: And let me read that. They thought and I don’t know if they still think it’s a walk in the park. They ain’t get all scoot free. The gospel has gone out in a lot of various ways. Verse 18, “Then the Lord will be jealous.” ‘Then’, circle that highlighted. I’ve got a yellow highlighted in my notes here, Jacob. Is it highlighted in your notes?

Jacob: Yes, it is.

Timothy: You go and read it. Joel chapter 2 verse 18.

Jacob: “Then the Lord will be jealous for his land and take pity on his people.”

Timothy: ‘Then’, says, “Then the Lord will reply when he sees all these things.” Verse 15, 16, 17 of chapter 2 taking place. ‘Then’, it’s a promise. He says, “If you’ll do these things, then I’ll answer.” Now obviously what’s going to be purified is why are we there before the Lord. Are we saying Lord save our own lives, save America, make America great again, let it Judeo Christian values, let Godly principles go forward? I don’t think so. All that’s going to fall to the wayside as sinful junk before you even talk about purification. Then, we got to move into the holiness of Jesus Christ really making us holy.

The Lord will reply to them: “I am sending you grain, new wine and oil, enough to satisfy you fully; never again will I make you an object of scorn to the nations.” If you want to be filled up with joy and the power then fill yourself up by surrendering to God to experience the sufferings of Jesus Christ outside the camp. Anything on that Jacob?

Jacob: No.

Timothy: Go ahead and play the video again on “Sing to the Choir,” and take us out of here.

Song: Times are getting bad, sing, sing to the choir, the end is at hand, sing, sing, sing to the choir. There’s so much Evil by sinners. There’s nothing good in the news. You get to know about the last days. Jesus is outside, sing, sing, sing to the choir, sing to the choir. There’s so much Evil by sinners. There’s nothing good in the news. You get to know about the last days. Jesus is outside. Sing, sing, sing to the choir, sing, sing, sing to the choir. Sing to the choir. but Jesus he’s outside, he’s outside. Outside, Jesus is out. Sing to the choir, but Jesus is outside. He’s outside, outside. Jesus is outside. Sing to the choir but Jesus is outside. Sing, sing, sing, sing to the choir, sing, sing, sing to the choir. The Jesus is outside.

Outro: This has been the Consider Podcast at www.consider.info where yesterday’s folly is today’s madness. In the beginning, the unrepentant sinners words are folly. At the end, they are wicked madness. Ecclesiastes 10:13. Judgement begins with the house of God. Therefore, let everyone who loves the Lord with an undying love pick up their cross and walk the talk. As Peter the wrote. “Therefore, prepare your minds for action. Be self-controlled”. First Peter 1:13-14. The Considered Podcast, examining today’s events and Paulorrow’s realities. www.consider.info.


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