Hate Crime: Carla Speaks

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Overview Police Hate-Crime

Washington State’s court corruptions enforced City of Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall’s and co-conspirator’s religious hate crime. Detective Grant McCall is a self-righteous, radicalized Baptist King James Bible-only cop.1

Combining the built-in arrogance of police and prosecutors and over-weaning pride, his religious beliefs were the measurement of Washington State Judges. A perfect storm of hatred was enflamed so that facts, evidence and reality were ignored and / or twisted beyond description. Go so far as to script out false accusations, memory plant, delete evidence and wipe his dirty feet on the word "detective."

Forensic Psychologist

"Every allegation comes first from the Detective." “If you wanted to interview to make suggestions to a complainant, this is how you do it." Dr. John Yuille Forensic Psychologist, Ph.D. R. Psych

King County Prosecutors, Seattle, Washington Enumclaw Detective Sergeant Grant McCall’s Set-up Methodology Dr. Yuille helped design King County Systems procedures, which Enumclaw Police, King Couty Prosecutors and Judge Lori K. Smith completely corrupted at trial by ignoring evidence.

City of Enumclaw, Enumclaw Police, Scripting Accusations

What follows is just a small measure of the evidence that criminal activity was engaged in by the police and co-conspirator. It has become self-evident that Prosecutors have so corrupted "the law" that ideological, Stalanist-style court oppression has become normalized.

Carla Speaks


Carla was dying of a brain tumor, Glioblastoma, during the hate-crime. She was the wife of Timothy Williams for almost 38 years.

There are far too many lies and twisting of the truth that can be addressed here, but one among many Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall enflamed was that the church did not talk to families. (As if this were somehow his bussiness and was something he considered illegal!) Fact is City of Enumclaw Police were activetly involved in shutting down family discussions.

Carla Speaks Out

Carla Williams: So, the next year when she and I were coming together we try to make a point to go see her mom. I really encourage her let’s go see your mom for just a little while, because she got you don’t get to normally see her. So, let’s make sure we see her while you’re there. And she was kind of reluctant because it’s kind of hard. Her mom, her dad was gone and she didn’t know how her mom would react and the dad had passed away. So, we tried to get in. I’m not sure there’s one time we went and we messed up on, she messed up on the rental car, so we couldn’t go. We couldn’t go see her, because we couldn’t get a rental car to go see her. The other time we got in a rental car ahead of time, so we had a rental car all during the week. Then we knew we had the car and we went and saw her.

And at that point, her mom was really getting senile or I don’t want to say how Alzheimer’s. I don’t think she had Alzheimer’s because she seemed to know where she was at and who she was talking to. But she repeated things over and over and over again. It was driving Athena crazy. I just thought well that’s normal. I’d work with enough people like that. I knew that was normal. Just you know love her and be patient. And her mom just love the fact that she was there. She could tell her mom was eating up the attention from Athena. She really was glad to see Athena, and her mom to me was really sweet little woman and her house was beautiful. You could tell they lived really well and the house was beautiful, had these beautiful paintings. And then the toilet wasn’t working I remember fixing the toilet for, the chain on the toilet and telling her how to, tell the next person, tell her son how to fix him.

At this point, I think the brother was in had already moved to Texas or was in Texas. And so, there was talk about the mom moving to Texas with her. So, one thing I thought was really strange was this really neat picture of Athena in a wedding picture and a wedding gown and it was a beautiful picture of her in a wedding gown. And I think 1970s type picture. And I said, well, who’s the guy? Because it’s not Chuck and I remember some pictures of Erin’s dad. I said, no, that’s my first husband. But I said, that marriage was an old. How can you have a wedding picture of an old marriage? My mom liked the picture and she paid for the dress and everything, so she wanted that.

So, I thought that was kind of strange, kind of funny that she kept a picture of a marriage that never happened really. And she just liked the picture of having a wedding gown with her daughter, because the other ones didn’t she didn’t have any other pictures like that.

It’s like I believe it’s 2010 Athena was going to go to ICRS with us in Saint Louis, but she had messed up again with some authors and there’s a big problem, a lot of chaos. So, she had to stay behind in order to clean up this mess she made with some authors and things like that. Her probably some usual promises that she makes authors and cause probably some chaos and I’d have to go back and really look at the records to see what kept her behind, but she didn’t go to Saint Louis with us that year. And that’s actually the last time she ever was going to go to ICRS, because we kept having to pull her back and pull her back and said, no, you’re messing up with authors. So, we couldn’t trust her to do what was right and kind of in those big events, those big areas.

So, that year 2010, we had a ticket for ICRS which have been July. And we offered that ticket to her to go see her mom, because this ticket had her name on it and we weren’t going to turn it over. We had a year and we offered it to her to go see her mom in Texas. By this time, her mom had been transfer to Texas with the brother. I said, why don’t you go there and see her, and you can just use that ticket. Because ICRS wasn’t, she wasn’t going there we weren’t going any other conferences. So, it was a gift from WinePress and from us just to say, okay, why don’t you go see your mom. Because she has a whole lot of time left, if your brother’s pulling her out from Chicago in Sydney or he to live with him, he’s concerned for him.

But she never give us a date, never give us date. She give our account in a day for a minute and then she change it, no, I can’t go then. And she never gave a date to where the ticket expired and we kept asking her, okay, this is running out, you got to go see your mom, you really need to go see your mom. And because your mom’s like be around. I never met her dad because he died before I met, before she took me to meet her mom. She told me a lot about her dad on the way back from meeting her mom and told me more about what happened when he died and things like that, but I just never met him.

So here she was she had a chance to be with her mom. She was with her dad when and he was in the hospital so but she had the same chance to be with her mom at the end and she didn’t want to be. Now her mom’s still around as far as I know, but here she was being given a chance to see her mom and be with her mom. And we were encouraging to and she just, she’s obviously didn’t want to. She didn’t reach that ticket and then so we ended up just wasting that ticket.

Oh, I remember her dad was dying. She went and saw him. And spent some time there at the hospital. And so, her I don’t think her, I don’t know if her mom was there or not. I can’t really call she told me she was or not. But she spent some time with her dad. Talking to her dad and trying to work things out with her dad because he’d been, and his mistress was there. So, there’s this mistress that he’d had for 30 some years. So, she said, she spent time with her and talking with her, and sharing the gospel with her.

So that and I don’t know any whole lot of details but she’s shared a lot with me about that and how her and the mistress now were. There’s open communication between them and the mistress was happy that they had talked and that type of thing. And she did not, she left the dad was still not had not gone on yet, but she left. And then when he died, she didn’t want to go to the funeral. I said, well, if you got something going on with the mistress and you got something going as far as open communication and something with her brother that she got to talk with him some, then maybe it is a good chance for you to go and show love and be there. But she opted not to. And so, that was her choice and we encouraged her to go to it and continued plowing with what she’d already started plowing.

Enumclaw City Continuing Story

On-going video evidence is still being presented at www.enumclaw.com 

Video Evidence


Washington State is infamous for bias and corruption in its court systems. The City of Enumclaw Police, for decades, because of the prideful prejudice of a radicalized Baptist policeman, had backhandedly slapped Sound Doctrine Church, WinePress Publishing, and pastor Timothy Williams.

Around 2011, an individual decided to multilevel market a hate crime with co-conspirator City of Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall. Seizing on the natural animosity of those who reject or have turned away from following Jesus, combined with the law enforcement corruption in Washington State, created an enflamed lynch mob. Every lie was employed, and every avenue of marketing the hate crime was enflamed to red-hot hatred. Washington State, Seattle, and King County Prosecutors, blind to their arrogant corruptions, were eager to promote themselves through selfish ambition to groom further a False Accuser for their prosecution.

Though Timothy Williams was never charged with a crime, the stated goal by the Enumclaw Police and Prosecutors was the destruction of Sound Doctrine Church, WinePress Publishing, ending with forcing Timothy Williams out of the City of Enumclaw. In short, another innocent person was charged with a crime so that Timothy Williams could be destroyed by association. The level of proof I have at my disposal is both overwhelming and unrefutable at least for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear reality. – Timothy Williams


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