Jury Jot: Emotional Angel

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Jury Jot
Emotional Angel

If I were seated on the jury such would incurr a solid "not guilty" no matter the crime. Prosecutors and Police will never reform until justice alone enters the courtroom.

Nasty Individuals

It is has become self-evident that Prosecutors, Police and Judges are unrepentant nasty people. Be warned intersecting justice alone within the lawless legal system is not taken kindly by such a pack of dogs.

Jury Jot: Emotional Angel

Justice demands a rejection of the Emotional Angel Manipulation.

"They were such a good person!"
"They did not deserve this."
"They had so much to live for."
"They were brainwashed."
"They are an oppressed minority."
"They were manipulated out of their innocence."

The above comments should be only at sentencing after someone has been found guilty of a reasonable illegal crime. It is a complete violation of all that is lawful when it comes to prosecutions to convict based upon the quality, or lack of quality, of the victim. Such a wicked tactic is the very definition of a lynch mob and Stalinist ideology witch-hunts.

  • Remember, Prosecutors and Judges refuse, flat-out refuse, to prosecute anyone who lies for them. Such makes Prosecutors conspiring to obstruct justice on a massive scale.

Since Prosecutors, Judge and Police no longer use honest evidence, along with reasonable logic to reveal crimes we witness hyper-bowl emotionals play stir-up twisted jury manipulations. If I were seated on the jury such would incurr a solid "not guilty" no matter the crime. Prosecutors and Police will never reform until justice alone enters the courtroom.

All Lives

Good or bad the Accussed deserves to only be tried based on that which is specifically spelled out as illegal.

Remember the pressure ploy of the Prosecutor’s Office is to bankrupt the accused financially and emotionally. In short, Prosecutors seek to win by their lawless power corruptions rather than by the truth of justice.

All lives deserve the benefit of reasonable, morally good laws. Say a Police Officer is accused of shooting a suspect it matters not whether the suspect is a career criminal or a young man destroyed by drugs that Fentanyl Ferguson Bob of Washington State incurred by destroying secure borders. All lives are, or should be of equal concern under the law. Since the accused is innocent until proven guilty, it should be of zero concern to the court whether the alleged victim was a good or bad person.

Besides, what do you really expect individuals, friends or family to say? "Oh, my son was a bad person and deserved to be shot at by police?"

Wake up and smell the lynch-mob Emotional Angel manipulation enflamed by Prosecutors, Police and Judges. To say noting of the utter hypocrisy of Fentanyl Ferguson Bob of Washington State and "his legal team" that helped to flood drugs into the home.

Expressly Illegal

The only thing that should be permitted in a courtroom is what is expressly illegal. All court corruption we are forced to witness is a result of the violation of this first law of prosecutions.


The Consider Podcast attempts to express opinions through God’s holiness. Nothing concerning justice or injustice should be taken as legal advice or a call to action. There is no political agenda. There is no individual moral life advice. Indeed, each person is solely responsible before God and man for their actions or inactions. The Consider Podcast is narrowly focused on one thing, and only one thing – the need for all to surrender to a life of repentance according to the whole gospel.

The Consider Podcast
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