Wa. Republicans Deserve To Lose

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Critics of the bill, such as Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen (R-Puyallup) and Rep. Jim Walsh (R-Aberdeen), argue that the legislation could potentially infringe on free speech rights by policing thought and speech rather than actions. The Gateway Pundit

Republicans Deserve To Lose

Washington State Republicans deserve to lose all elections in Washington State.

Washington State Republicans are whiny babies with no vision while promoting stale concepts of "law and order" and the old status quo.

Such responses by Republicans to outrageous Democratic debased legislation and the destruction of the court system can only be described as "milk toast."

Seriously Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen (R-Puyallup) and Rep. Jim Walsh (R-Aberdeen), ya think!? Really, it "might potentially infringe on free speech rights." You two Republicans deserve to lose.

Thoroughly Corrupted Law & Order

I will not explain what could be done as I have witnessed firsthand that when such corruptions are pointed out, the only thing that happens is whitewash and greater darkness. In short, they do not change the corruption; they hide it.

There is nothing to vote for when it comes to Republicans. Thinking voters who are still left in Washington State that have not been dumbed down by the compromises of the Republican Party have no valid response vote as milk toast is a pathetic soggy meal choice.


The Washington State Republicans are visionless, lukewarm, who think people are just going to wake up and vote for them.

Gesh! Wake up ever since Prosecutor Dan Satterberg was able to maskerade as a Republican in your ranks things have only become more debased and corrupt. The people are never going to "wake up" that Demoncrats are so bad as to vote for you because your milk toast responses and vision are permiting the government to further create fool voters.

In case you haven’t noticed, Democrats, Prosecutors, and Judges are throughly dumbing down, driving out and demoralizing any hope of Republicans being voted in. Indeed, even if Republicans would win, nothing would change as it is the law and order corruptions of the past that are enabling future oppression. Where "ya think" will allow Demoncrats to place you Republicans on a list. A list for which there is no return.

Need Ideas

Need ideas? I have a slew based on experience, oppression and research – but this is not some political game – this is a solid rebuke to the Republican Party in Washington State for their milk-toast response to Democrats debasing Washington State. A debasing for which you are accountable because of Republican milk-toast.

If the City of Enumclaw Police, King County Prosecution in Judge Lori K. Smith’s Washington State sponsored hatecrime courtroom is not enough to wake you up to the very real danger of ideological prosecutions then you fully deserve to lose.

Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen R-Puyallup

Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen, 25th District

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Rep. Jim Walsh (R-Aberdeen)

Rep. Jim Walsh, 19th District

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Washington State Governor Plans to Outlaw Free Speech – Gov. Inslee to Enact Legislation Permitting Reporting of ‘Prejudiced’ Speech Targeting Anyone, Even Loved Ones Image of Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA) The governor of Washington state, Jay Inslee (D-WA).
The controversial legislation, known as Substitute Senate Bill 5427, which is aimed at addressing hate crimes and bias incidents in Washington state, is anticipated to be signed by Governor Jay Inslee (D-WA). The proposed legislation has incited a contentious discussion regarding the potential consequences of making free speech a criminal offense. The proposed legislation that was approved by the Washington state legislature aims to establish a "bias incident hotline" that will be overseen by the State Attorney General’s Office. The stated objective is to assist individuals who have been the target of hate crimes and monitor instances of prejudice. The hotline for hate crimes and bias incidents, which is operated by the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) during business hours, is responsible for assisting individuals who have been targeted or affected by such incidents. According to the final bill, the hotline should be available for Washington residents regardless of language proficiency, and should offer victim-focused, culturally sensitive, and trauma-informed information and referrals within the limits of funding. As per the bill, a “bias incident” is defined as an individual’s hostile display of hostility towards another person, based on the other person’s real or perceived characteristics such as race, color, ethnicity, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or mental, physical, or sensory disability. A bias incident is considered to be non-criminal in nature and does not cover expressions of backing or disapproval for a government’s protected policies or actions under the right to free speech. According to critics, including Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen (R-Puyallup) and Rep. Jim Walsh (R-Aberdeen), the bill has the potential to violate freedom of speech by regulating thoughts and words rather than actions. They express worries about the subjective nature of determining intent and the repercussions of reporting an individual for a supposed bias-related incident. According to an article from Liberty Nation, Governor Jay Inslee of Washington is prepared to eliminate the right to free speech. The purpose of this measure is not solely to target individuals accused of committing physical "hate crimes" but also to address reported incidents of "hostile expression" towards another person based on their perceived characteristics. This hotline allows people to report individuals who may have committed "thought crimes" or "speech crimes" according to others. However, the bill clarifies that expressing support or opposition for a government’s actions or policies, protected under free speech, is not considered a "bias incident." Therefore, criticizing an elected official is still allowed, but any expression deemed offensive towards an individual’s characteristics could result in being targeted by the Attorney General. This could potentially limit free speech, particularly in the three Washington counties where this program will be implemented. If one is unable to express their opinions without fear of being reported to the authorities, then their constitutionally protected right to freedom of speech is at risk. Some may argue that this measure does not come from the US Congress and therefore cannot be deemed unconstitutional. However, the Washington Constitution also protects free speech in Article I, Section 5, stating that individuals have the right to speak freely on all subjects, while being held accountable for any abuse of that right. Apart from the unsettling aspect of individuals being reported to the authorities for expressing their opinions, Representative Cyndy Jacobsen (R-Puyallup) pointed out the problematic flaw in this bill, stating that it is difficult to legislate based on an individual’s intent rather than their actions. Representative Jim Walsh (R-Aberdeen) agrees, adding that if a crime has been committed, the appropriate course of action is to contact law enforcement for justice. The bill was widely backed in the legislative branch, garnering approval with votes of 30-18 in the Senate and 56-39 in the House for its final passage. The governor is currently in possession of the bill, and if approved, it will become effective on January 1, 2025. The program for a pilot hotline in specific counties will begin on July 1, 2025, followed by its implementation statewide on January 1, 2027.


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